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Why do you need WebP?

Webp is a next generation image format developed by google. The webp format provides 28% compression over jpeg. if your image size 100 kb in jpeg, it'll be ~72kb in webp format.

WebP only works on Chrome and Opera. Quix has fallback support for Mozilla and other non supported browser. When WebP failed to load Quix will automatically load the jpeg version.

WebP doesn't load on Chrome!

Make sure your server is fully configured for WebP support. To configure WebP please consult with your hosting provider.

Guideline that you can use when you will talk with your server administrator.

  1. WebP needs PHP GD library, But the problem is default GD library won't come with WebP support.
  2. For my webpage and better seo rank, you need to install PHP with WebP enabled.
  3. Here's the resource I found on internet :

Yum php-gd lib installer ( )

PHP source to binary ( )

PHP docs ( )