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Shape Divider

Shape Divider simply allows you to divide the section your page with designed shapes. This feature enhances the designs of the sections. Adding a different style to the section will make your site look more bold and beautiful.

To add a shape divider in a section, follow these steps.

  • Go to section settings
  • Select Styles
  • Select Divider Top if you wanna put in on top
  • Select Divider Bottom if you wanna put in on Bottom

DIvider has the following contents in them

  • Divider Stye - Divider style is the field where a list of styles are represented in a drop-down option. Here 22 designs are given from where you can choose the one that suits your site design.
  • Color - A color pallet is given to color the dividers. You can choose any color from preset colors or give one of your own.
  • Height - A scroll bar of height is given to adjust the height of the divider. You can scroll the bar or insert digits in the digit field.
  • Flip - A flip option is provided for the divider. Enabling it will flip the divider in another side.
  • Bring it to Front - This option will allow you to choose to set the divider in front or back of the section.

Shape Divider

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