Border in web design is like a frame. An image or text box surrounded by a fine line or double. Here, border stands for the edge of section, row, column and element. Using border in a section not only modifies the look but makes it separate from other content.


This feature is added in the settings options of section, row, column and element. To use this feature follow these steps.

  • Go to settings option where you want to put the border
  • Search for - Border & Box Shadow

This feature has the following settings in it.

  • Border Width - Border width allows you to set the the width of the border by inserting digits in pixel and EM’s. As the numbers increase to a higher digit, the more the border gets thicker. There are four fields- top, right, bottom and left.
  • Border Type - Border type will allow you to choose what type of border you want to set. Currently there are four option available right now - solid single line, double line, dotted and dashed. You can use any of them in bold colors and give you section a bold look.
  • Border Color - Border color will allow you to set colors. Currently there is option for only using solid colors. You can choose from the preset options or choose one of your own.
  • Border Radius - Border radius gives the corners of a border a round shape. If you want you can make the sharp corners a smooth round shape by inserting digits in four fields- top, right, bottom and left that is available both in percentage and pixel.
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