We made Quix the best free page builder for Joomla users. To get Quix installed, it has some system requirements. You need to install them first.

Joomla Version

This documentation is based on the stable version of Joomla 3.5. Quix will only function properly on Joomla 3.4.2 and above.

PHP 5.6.31+

If your site is not php 5.6.31+ then you might face some vulnerabilities. We made quix accessible to this version. Please get installed this version before you go for quix installation. You can download php version from here.

PHP extension : cURL enabled

Client URL(cURL) allows you to get get connected to other URLs and use their response in your code. Basically it’s one important requirement for quix. Without it quix won’t get installed.

PHP extension : ctype enabled

Ctype extension provides the functions to check the characters in a string are of a correct type. It is also necessary for quix.

Maximum Size

Both post_max_size & max_upload_size are greater than 5MB.

Browser Requirements

Preferred requirements for the back-end administration of Quix are-

  • Google Chrome 41+
  • Firefox 36+
  • Safari 8+
  • Opera 28+

MySQL 5.6 or above

Quix 2.0 works on MySQL 5.6. So you gotta check if this version is installed or not.

Memory Limit

Memory limit to run a Joomla site is 128 MB. But sites using lots of extension and high memory pages


Right now, you need to use desktop for intalling and editing. You can not do it on mobile phones or tablets.

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