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Follow fresh installation guideline if you are having problem to install template.

Complimentary Extensions
Xpert Showcase (Deprecated)

Template Settings

To load factory settings of this template please open template settings and click Configurator button. Under Load configurationbutton you will see all available settings there and choose settings named as your template name. Then press load button and you're done!

Sample Image

Homepage Settings

Parallax Homepage fully based on modules, and we turned on component disable for the Homepage, to do this go to Extensions → Template Manager → Tx_Parallax → Advance And turn on Component Disable option and enter your Home page menu id.

Component disable option

The screenshot below shows you the modules we have published on the homepage of the demo site.

Parallax homepage

Menu Explained


Along with Xpert menu system now parallax template comes with page navigation animation. You can navigate your page from the menu so you can easily make a single page beautiful website with good navigation system.

To enable page navigation you have to pass the Id name of the area on your menu and menu item type should be External URL.


Just write the section name followed by the # key. If you host your site on subdomain or subfolder then you need to pass the relative path along with the section name. Eg: If your site is hosted on a folder of root like /mysite then you need to write the /mysite on the menu item URL.

Page navigation section available in templates:

  • #ex-roof
  • #header-wrap
  • #ex-utility
  • #ex-feature
  • #ex-main-top
  • #ex-main-bottom
  • #bottom-wrap

Enable Parallax

Parallax enabled

Parallax effect need to be enabled from Widgets settings. For performance reason parallax effect is opt-out from loading all pages. Enter menu Id's on the parallax menu ids box where you want to parallax take effect.

Parallax scrolling effect

Parallax overlay

On every row there is an overlay div wrapped all inner modules. Scrolling parallax will take effect on that div. Parallax template comes with some extra field in Style settings tab called 'Overlay' where you can set background image for that area. This image will move according to your browser scrolling. All the overlay images comes from a special folder templates/tx_parallax/images/overlays Upload your images to that folder and you can see your images on Overlay image dropdown.

Parallax mouse effect

Parallax mouse

Only Utility module area has the mouse driven parallax effect. Unlike parallax scroller this parallax effect will active when you mouse over the Utility area and you can see the background movement on your mouse move.

There are 4 in-built parallax style for this area but you can make your own. Upload images to templates/tx_parallax/images/ folder and open the relavent style file you choose from backend. You will see 3 classes on the css file named layer_1, layer_2 and layer_3. Load your background images on these layer and done!

Navigation scroller

Navigation scroller

Navigation scroller enable animated navigation on template menu and sidebar navigation.

Sidebar navigation: Sidebar navigation is the site wide navigation system allow you to jump from each section to another.

Module Positions

Expose Module Positions

Slideshow settings

This module is powered by Xpert Slider and here are the settings.

xpert slider settings

Scroller settings

We used our powerful scroller module Xpert Scroller here and have a look on the settings.

xpert scroller settings

Showcase settings

This module is powered by Xpert Showcase which is deprecated now, you may use Xpert Gallery instead of it. Following are the required settings.

Xpert showcase setting

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