Marvel build with Quix, it has few requirements to run properly. Listed below are those requirements:

Joomla: 3.4.5+ Server: PHP 5.5+


There are 2 ways you can install Marvel on your server. Its pretty simple and straight forward.

  • Quickstart Installation
  • Manual Installation

Quickstart Installation

Quickstart is a complete Joomla pre-packaged with all extensions and template configuration. This is the quickest way to up and running a website like our demo.

Please follow our Quickstart installation guide here

Manual Installation

If you already have a Joomla site and want to use Marvel then, You have to install following packages -

  • T3 Framework - Used to build the template
  • Quix - Drag & Drop page builder
  • Marvel Template
  • Xpert Contact - Ajax contact form
  • Xpert Social Links - Social links extension

All of above extensions are very easy to install and use standard Joomla installation process. Head over to Extensions > Manage > Install and upload respective extensions zip package.

Theme Setup

Logo: Go to Template settings > Theme tab. Upload your logo there.

Marvel Logo

Menu: First you have to create a new menu from Menu section and then, Go to Template settings > Navigation tab select your menu from Menu dropdown.

Marvel Menu Setting Up Onepage Nav: Go to Menu and create a new menu, Select Menu Item Type as System Links and add your section ID as link like #about_us.

To find section id, edit your quix page and and open section settings and then go to advanced tab. There is a ID field. Just write your ID name there. Like about_us

Typography: Marvel has a default font But if you want to change font then, Go to Template settings > Template Options > Enable typography and select font.

Box Layout: If you want to enable box layout then, Go to Template settings > Infinito Options > Enable box layout

Box Layout

Footer Settings: All footer content are coming from joomla custom module. You have to create a module and have to define position.

Footer Module

Homepage Setup

You can create a new page very easily using Quix. Go to Quix > New Page > Load From Collection. You will see list of pages there. Click Homepage you want and Load button and Save.

Load Collection

Link to menu: After successfully create a Quix page, You have to link that page in menu. Go to Menu > Create New Menu > Menu Item Type > Quix > Page > Select The Page > Select your Quix page and you are done.

New menu

Other Page setup

This is same process creating homepage. Just click new page and load any collection you want and link that to menu item.

Module Setup

Phone Module (footer-1)

  <img src="/images/themexpert/footer/1.png" alt=""/>
  Phone : (999) 000-122-233

Logo (footer-2)

<img src="/images/themexpert/home/logo_creative.png" alt="logo"/>



  Molestie ultricies quam. Donec at sem. Praesent pretium. Maorbi quis nulla vehicula felsd laoreet. 


  <img src="/images/themexpert/footer/2.png" alt=""/>
  123 state, South America, 205

Extra Modules

Marvel comes with few extra module developed by ThemeXpert.

  • Xpert Social Links
  • Xpert Contact

Xpert Social Links: Create a new module select Xpert Social Links add your link and publish in desired position.

Xpert Social Links

Xpert Contact: Head over to Module Manager and create a new module select Xpert Contact, add your email and other settings like image below.

DO NOT add any position for this module. We'll load this module from Quix page using Joomla Module element.

Xpert Contact

Now head over to Quix Pages > Open Page > Add Element > Joomla Module select Xpert Contact module from the list.

Xpert Contact

Some Special Section


To add this section, You have add class bordered-blurb-2 in column.

Border To add this section, You have add class bordered-counter in column.

Border To add this section, You have add class Bordered-blurb in row.


Q. Slider Not Working properly : To work slider properly you have to add slider section ID particles-animation and Also, You have to create at least one page menu with # link to avoiding javascript error.