Fields are the fundamental elements of Xpert Custom Fields. Here you can create and manage a variety of custom fields.

Fields List The Fields page gives you quick editorial access to your fields. This is where you can access a field's editor, delete fields, create new fields, and additional information of fields at a glance.

Adding New Fields

Buttons line on the top of the Fields administrative panel. New buttons initiate the creation of new fields.



Options Description
Label The field label is visible when entering content but is not used by the API, use capitals and spaces for a human friendly field label.
Name The field name is the computer version which should be lowercase and have no spaces / special characters. This name is used in your templates to retrieve the content / data.
Group Goup will help you to organize the fields.
Type Type will define what kind of data this field going to handle and output.
Field Instruction Provide istruction for this field and it will visible as tooltop.
Status Publishing status of this field

Fields Type

Fields Type

Options Description
Text The Text field creates a simple text input. This field is useful to store single string values.
Textarea The Textarea field creates a simple textarea. This field is useful to store simple paragraphs of text to use in your theme.
Image The Image field allows an image to be uploaded and selected. This field makes us of the native Joomla! media popup to handle the upload and selection process.
Editor The Editor field loads default editor from Global Configuration
Email The Email field is a text field of HTML5 with email validation.
Url The Url field is a text field of HTML5 with URL validation
Spacer The Spacer field is for simple spacing between fields.

These fields are available on both free and pro version. We are working on more fields that going to available on pro version only.

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