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Go to our site’s download page and download jBar


  • Go to Extensions> Manage> Install
  • Under the Upload Package File, select the downloaded extension file and click Upload & Install to install it successfully. You’ll get a successful installation message after a while if everything is done correctly.


  • Go to Extensions> Plugins
  • Find the System - jBar and click on the pointed area like the screenshot to enable it. You can use the search box, just write jbar on the box and hit enter and it'll appear.


  1. Click on the plugin then a configuration module will appear.
  2. Make sure the status is selected as Published.
  3. Configure all the follwoing fields according to your preferences.
  4. Save the settings like this using the top-left Save button.

  • Show : Define when you want to show the bar.
  • Hide : Define when you want to hide the bar.
  • Closeable : Define the bar is closeable or not.
  • Sticky Bar : Define the bar will be sticky or not.
  • Tab Display : Allows you to set the tab display on left top side or right top side on the window.
  • Link Display : Define the link displays as hyper link, button or hide instead.
  • Open link in : Define that you want to open the link in same window or another window.
  • Message : Put the message will show on the bar.
  • Link text : Put the link text.
  • Link URL : Put the URL.
  • Load jBar on : Define that the jBar will load on Homepage only or selected menu.
  • Menu ID : If you select that the bar will load selected menu only then define the menu ID here.
  • Turn off mobile : Define that the bar is for mobile to load or not.
  • Font Style : Select font style for bar text.
  • Bar Color : Define the bar color.
  • Text Color : Define the text color.
  • Link Color : Define the link color.
  • Border : Allows you to enable or disable border.
  • Border Color : Define the border color.
  • jQuery Loader : Allows you to enable or disable showing loader.

Front-end appearance:

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