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Xpert Contact

Download & Installation

  • First, download the extension from your site.
  • Go to Extensions> Manage> Install

  • Under Upload Package File tab, select the downloaded extension and click on Upload and Install.

Enable & Configuration

  • Go to Extensions> Modules
  • Find the Xpert Gallery and click the pointed area like screenshot below in order to enable it.

  • Now, click on it then a configuration module will appear.

  • Enabled Debug : Enabling this option to show the message describing the exact problem me
  • Email To : Define the email address to where you want your user's email will be sent.
  • Success Message : Define the message that you want to show when user's email will successfully send.
  • Fail Message : Define the message that you want to show when user's email will fail to send.
  • Enable Captcha : Allows enabling or disabling captcha.

  • Set the module position.

Ensure that the status is set Published

  • Under the Menu Assignment tab, select the page where you want to show the module.

Front-end appearance:

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