Account FAQ's

What this membership means

Themexpert offers Club membership packages for users. Within the membership period our users will get complete access to our entire product catalog for the platform they are subscribed to. This includes templates and extensions we have created over the years, in addition to any we create during subscription period.

Benefits of Club membership

Our Club members receive a variety of products and services, in addition to our templates/themes/styles. All our members receive unlimited domain licenses which allow them to install ThemeXpert products on multiple individual sites. Members also get full access to our extensive collection of efficient extensions.

Though our forum is open for anyone but to us Club members are first priority. Our around-the-clock support team, helpful community and growing resources of documentation are standing beside you to get you out of your problem. Also there is a Quick Support plan for free members to get premium support. You may visit our Support policy page for more information.

Will my membership extend automatically

No, your membership will not be extended automatically. You will be notified by email prior to your memberships expiration. That way you are able to purchase a renewal if you'd like to.

How can I renew and reactivate my account

If you want to renew login to our site and just pick a membership, so the new membership gets added to your existing account.

Can I upgrade my membership

Yes sure, we offer upgrades to our memberships. For upgrade, please login to our site just pick an upgrade subscrption and follow our normal checkout process to complete the membership upgrade.

Is it allowed to use templates on clients' site

Yes, after buying our membership you are free to use our any products in any site no matter it's your personal site or clients' site. Also we don't have any type of domain restriction, you can use our products as many sites as you want. Only these membership packages works with certain period of time. Within membership period we are committed to provide you full access to our products and services.

Reselling Themexpert product

It is strictly prohibited to resell all or part of our Joomla templates or extensions. Please take a look at our Terms of Use. But you may sell your completed projects which are based on our products to your clients as a completed website.

When membership ends can I use your products

After your membership period you'll not be able to download any of your premium product. But you can use your previous downloaded product as many days as you want, there is no restriction at all. Though you'll be unable to download any template update from our site as you'll not get access to our download section whenever your membership expired.

I bought membership but can't download anything

Usually, our system activate the account immediately after payment completes. If your account has not activated then there may have been issues with the payment. So please don't be panic! contact us via our Contact Us page and our support team is always there to assist you.

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