Disable Module Height Calculation

Expose has a built-in module height calculation feature. It calculate maximum height of module on given position and assign the height to all modules on that position. This is a very useful feature styling, however some of your project might need to turned it off completely or for specific position.

Before doing any modification copy the file equalheight.php form libraries/expose/widgets to your templates/widgets folder.

Turned off completely

Open equalheight.php file and add this code to line#19

protected $enabled = 0;

For specific position

Example, you want to disable height calculation of Top module position.
Find this line:

$js .= "jQuery('#top .column').equalHeight('.block');";

Comment this line by just adding // prefix and it will look like:

// $js .= "jQuery('#top .column').equalHeight('.block');";

Following this method you can turn off height calculation as many position you want.

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