Template Modification

Changing the template name

You can copy any template from Joomla admin panel. Follow these steps to copy the template

  1. Go to Template Manager, enter into Templates section.
  2. Enter into the template you want to copy.
  3. From the bottom right side of this page you will find Copy Template section. Here give the name of your template and click on the Copy template button.
  4. Now go back to template manager Styles section and here you will find the copied template.
  5. You're Done!

After copying the new template, some module positions may need to assign/configure again and also you have to re-configure template back-end options as previous.

Adding css

Our powerful Expose framework gives you the ability to add CSS from admin panel's template settings. Just go to Template Settings => Developer => Custom CSS Or you can also write css from template folder => css and edit template.css or any other css file you want.

Changing logo size

Logo size depends on your logo image size, so if you want bigger size, just upload a big logo image and it will calculate the size itself. Sometimes logo doesn't take it's full width and height. For example if you publish logo in top-1 position and you publish 3 modules in top position, from default setting all the module will take width of 4 grid each. But if the logo is bigger than the width allocated then it will not take it's full width & height. In this case you have to assign more grid to it. Go to template settings => Layouts. In this section you will be able to set the width of any module positions.

Disabling component from any page

In order to disable component from any page please go to Template Settings => Advanced => Component Disable & enable this option. Beside this option you will see a input field Component disable menu IDs here give the menu ID for that corresponding page.

Changing container width of templates

Open responsive-1200px-min.less and go to this line

// Fixed grid
#grid > .core(100px, 0px);

Change 100 to any other value you want. It will decrease or increase the width of each grid of your template.

Changing background image for different module positions

At first paste your image into template folder => images => backgrounds folder Now login to your site's admin panel, go to Template settings => Styles => Custom Style & enable it. Now bottom of it there is several option for specific module position. Select that image from Background Image dropdown. This way you can select different images for different positions.

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