Adding New Widget

In the Expose framework, we use the term Widget to mean a specific bit of functionality. Widgets are flexible enough that they can be used to perform almost any type of logic you would need. The base ExposeWidget class contains methods that can be implemented to control how your widget functions. Those methods are:


By default, this gets its state from the enabled toggle in the admin. You can override this to force the enabling of a feature without any UI interaction.
Returns boolean [true or false]
This gets its position from the position element in the admin by default. Again, you can override this to force a position without any UI interaction.
Returns string [position name]
This is a method to determine if the widget is located in a specified position.
Returns string [position name]
get($param [, $default = NULL])
This gets a param from the widget's configuration. It can also take a prefix for more specificity.
Argument string [filed name]
Argument[optional] string [default value]
Returns mixed [current value of the field]
Empty by default. It's the first method called on initialization of a widget. Used for setup or initialization
This is used to render output in a particular position. It is empty by default.

New Social Widget

Open templateDetails.xml, scroll down to widgets settings and search for the following line

<field name="spacer-social" type="spacer" text="SPACER_SOCIAL_WIDGET_LABEL" description="SPACER_SOCIAL_WIDGET_DESC" />

Here copy and paste any of the social-twitter, social-facebook and make required changes for your social media.

Copy social.php from libraries => expose => widgets Paste it into template’s widget folder. Open it, copy & paste any of the li and make required changes.

Upload image for your social media into templates images folder => social-icons Go to templates folder => less => widgets.less open it and scroll down to social section. Now add code to link the image you’ve uploaded.

Now login to your admin panel and go to Template’s settings => Developer => Compile Less Enable this option, now the changes you’ve made into widgets.less will be compiled into CSS.

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