Meet The Team

Say hello to the ThemeXpert team. A team that works from all around the globe.

Parvez Akther
Parvez has been working with Joomla! since 2006 and he has developed 100+ websites for clients. For every client he worked with, he needed to build or tweak templates. So he decided to build his own reusable toolset for template development to save development time. This toolset evolved into a template club and launched under the name ThemeXpert in July 2010

Parvez Akther

Head of Ideas

Shamim is relative newcomer to Joomla! and joined ThemeXpert in 2012. He is a self-proclaimed geek and is passionate about learning and experimentation. Along with his development work he provide ninja support to our clients. He is a family guy who loves spending his time with family. Oh, and he eats his own dog food.

Shamim Choudhury


Musa is dream boy and really crazy about his work. He is very fast learner keen minded to learn new things. He garden our themes and provide ninja support to clients. Despite working you will often found him learning or testing new technology.

Mohammad Musa

Software Engineer


Mehedi Sharif Titas

Theme Gardener


Anamoul Rouf



Faysal Ahmed

Technical Writer