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Introducing Full Page Typography Control, Style control, My Elements & Much more…

Shamima Nasrin

6 mins

Our vision for Quix is to help you to build website faster and smoother with Joomla. The purpose is to make you comfortable working with Quix. The more features added in Quix, the more flexible it will be.

Quix Joomla page builder is developed to make your website more easy and flexible. It will help you to design a website beautifully within minutes. And every functionality of every element will help you to build highly effective website.

Day by day, we are implementing new features and elements only to give you the best updated flexible working tools. And today, we are here to inaugurate two new features.

My Elements and Page Styles and Typography settings are two brand new features that are included in Quix 2.2.0. These two features of Quix are implemented only to ease your workflow. Both of them are made to give you the best experience of Quix.

Let's get to know them and their advantages in details. 

My Elements

Did this ever happen to you?

You created a slider or testimonial carousel with the perfect animation and designs. Later, you had to go through all the troubles again to make the exact same element.

It was past when you had copy-paste the backend codes to recreate the exact same element. But now, you can copy-paste or duplicate that element in different section or column by one click. This is completely fine when you're working within a single page.

But what if you want to reuse that element in ANOTHER PAGE?

In this situation, My Elements feature will help you out. My element is designed in such a manner that you can store as much as customized elements to it and reuse it later in another page. And the best part is, these elements will remain in the database unless you delete them.

You'll find this feature right next to the other tabs of element list modal

Advantages of My Elements

Every element has its own advantages. These advantages will help you to know, why this element is important and why should you use it.

  • You can save your own designed element
  • Reuse whenever, wherever you want
  • Save as much as customized element you want
  • Save time and effort

Page Styles and Typography Settings

Page Styles and Typography settings is the new feature you'd really love. The function of this feature is to change the designs and fonts of same tag or class globally. This means now you can change the fonts and add CSS styles to the tags laying in any section without changing individually which takes a lot of time.

Now, why is this needed?

Posit you inserted 5 different elements of H3 tag in one page. And you want to show them all in the exact same style. What will you do?

Would you change the styles individually? or would you duplicate the same element and use them? You can duplicate OR copy-paste the same element. But here we are talking about different elements with the same tag or class.

Like if you have inserted one heading element of h2 tag and another text element and changed the text tag from p to h2 tag. Now, how will you customize them in the same style. You can do it manually by individually styling them.

Changing similar tags manually will take time and make you frustrating. So, to relieve you from that trouble, we designed page styles and typography settings. Now all you need to do is, select the h2 from page settings and style it. You'll see the changes on both of them instantly.

Once you change the settings of a tag from page settings, it will be applied on every element of same tag unless you change it locally for individual element. And if you change the element locally, it will override the global setting.

You can even style the tags globally. Just set the tag and select custom CSS. now all you need to do is set the CSS code in the empty field and save it. It will be applied on different elements but same tags.

Advantages of Page Styles and Typography Settings

The advantages of this setting is listed below. This list will help you to know, why this feature was established.

  • Set typography globally
  • Style tags or classes of every page in the same style
  • No need to style each tag manually every time
  • Save time and effort
  • Override the style if you find necessary


Quix 2.2.0 comes with a lot more improvements. Most of them are based on testing, user feedback and client suggestions.

  • In case of system error message exception, 404 error is set
  • GetTemplates API security updated
  • Fixed file manager file path that was missing in subdomain
  • Button element alignment fixed and icon added
  • Builder toolbar/icons UI issue fixed
  • Style tab of Heading element > all items closed issues are fixed
  • Quix help menu are updated with more direct docs link
  • Admin toolbar updated for better UI
  • Element module list has been given new api for realtime module list while each page loads
  • Elements configuration back for v1 and fixed saving bug and cache issue
  • Image elements are set to default pixel unit
  • Added person elements help text for alignment control to avoid confusion

See, how your suggestions and advices helped us? 


We have big dreams with Quix. And gradually, we'll include some more exciting and appealing elements and features that you can hardly resist. We have big plans, from UI to backend development, we'll make Quix much more compatible and alluring.

Here is a small sneak peek of the upcoming elements and features.

  • Element repeater fields Drag-drop serial : With this, you can easily drag the repeater fields and set them in the according serial you want.
  • Front-end optimization: This function will make your preview page loading much faster. You don't have to wait for a long time.
  • New Joomla Article Element: A new element named Joomla Article will be implemented that will interact with Joomla panel articles and make article insertion much easier. 


Quix page builder did not get build by overnight. It took plenty of time, loads of effort, hard work of day and night. And all the troubles were taken only to give you the best quality Joomla page builder that will make your website building and template making easy.

We are determined to make Quix better than the best. So, in future, we will bring a lot more surprises regarding new elements and features. Stay connected to us and let us know how you feel about this article in the comment box.

Your support and suggestions are precious to us. So, if you got any advice, do not hesitate to spill the beans. Till then take care. Bye.
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