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Parvez Akther

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2012 the year, start with sorrow and end with joy! Yes, this is the year we started with some pain and it affect our release schedule but we pick the train and released 2 templates per month to fill the gap. We've learned a lot of things, improved quality of our products and expanded our team.

We are about to enter in 2013 and we are preparing for a fresh start based on the lesson we've learned from past few years. We've set our product line up and some cool new product is coming this year! We've partnered with some Industry leaders to bring some good quality product for our clients ( i'm not allowed to disclose it now ).



Everyone love statistics right? we also love it because it allow us to analys how we are doing and what to improve. Here are some statistics:


Template released: 16. Almost 1.33 template per month among them 2 are FREE.

Extensions: 7 brand new extensions and some are still in incubator and we are doing rapid testing.

Expose Framework: Expose 3 and 4 released on same year with adoption of new technology and responsive madness.

Extension Framework: We developed an extension framework for our internal need and most of our extension has already ported to it. It boost up our development 2x and maintenance is HELL easier then before.

Upcoming changes

Brand new ThemeXpert

We are working on a brand new ThemeXpert site. Its been 2 years since we redesigned and current site served us well. Technology is evolving so fast and we should keep ourself on track, also we love to eat our own dog food. I'm really excited to make our site based on Expose Framework!

If you have installed our latest version of our extensions and templates you might have seen a new logo on the installer! YES, we redesigned it too :) We are hoping to launch our new site middle of January or end of it. In my upcoming post about redesign i'll describe what we have used and what is new.


Its been 2 years we didn't changed our price and we think this is the right time to increase the price a bit. As you know everything is getting costly day by day and we are expanding our team to provide better support which cost more. So here is the latest price structure which will be applied with our new site:

Basic : $49

Standard : $69

Classic : $99

Pro : $199

Template release schedule

From 2013 we'll try our best to release a new template first week of every month. We adopted the philosophy 'Quality over quantity' so we'll release 1 major template each month. There is some exceptions and we may release a FREE or Bonus template which will be released 3rd week of the month.

New support system and policy

We can't think about a product without support and to give a better consistent support to our paid client we decided to shut down the FREE support for our free products. However all documentations and forum thread can be accessible so you can easily fix your problem reading the doc or listening to others.

We moved from traditional forum system to Question Answer based system like StackOverflow. So it will be very easy to find the right answer of a question.

Lesson we learned

You might have known that we get hacked this September and we learned how to survive and secure the website. We migrated a more secured web host and implemented some strict security measures.

Also we learned that, instead of having too many site for different service 1 site can do a lot better. Like we have separate site for Documentation and Forum on same server. If any of them get compromised our main site get affected too. So in our upcoming change section i'll describe what we are going to do.

I wish everyone a very Happy new year!
Parvez Akther
Head of Ideas

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