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5 Ways to Supercharge Your eStore Sales Right Away

5 Ways to Supercharge Your eStore Sales Right Away
Ahmed Eshaan (Faysal)

4 mins

There is nothing worth exciting when you're sales wheel keeps moving in a handsome pace. Your sales ratio is constantly breaking all previous record and hitting all goal set month after month. But forgot to add, your revenue is still defeating your expectation. even sometimes it touches the ground. The strategy and tactics were effective for the previous years but not adding new number to the revenue figure.

If your marketing pitches and techniques have really become outdated to the current trend, and your competitor publishing case study leave your frustrated a lot. It’s high time to rethink the way you do sell. To comprehend the sales boost up tectics, I personally found many entrepreneurs declared unredeemed rewards on the fulfillment of the ambition set. and other hire new head to strengthen sales team. Combining all the strength, when sales statistics always kisses the surface wall, the situation really becomes alarming.

So, if you really want to supercharge your eShop sales ratio and want to gain strong standing in the current market, you have to deploy all your time, money and creativity to think differently from others. Look on 5 tips i have created to get you stand out right away.


1. Feel Customer Need

Your product might have ruled the market for past couple of years. but today it may not kick in. The reason you might be failing to draw exact need of customers. So, lock your office, meet your clients on dinner and give yourself change to directly listen their needs. You can also ask them for some suggestion for your products and tactics for defeating competitors, these suggestion are considered more valuable than online or offline survey.

2. Keep Eyes On Customer New Habits

Habits and trends are interconnected dynamic concern that holds key of sales ratio. If your target customer are youths, keep eyes on their habit and the trend they follow. we all know about Instagram and aware of it 182% growth rate. Couple of the days ago one. I read a casestudy on Urban Truth (a clothing brand and a venture of Pride Group). Urban Truth successfully employed Instagram as marketing medium through customer generated reviews and contents. The consequence they are succeeded to created a sense of community among their customers and made them fell in love with the brand!

3, Target the biggest religious and shopping festival

Either it’s a religious festival or shopping holiday people trend to wait those occasion to buy bagful of products availing a exponential competitive discount offered. You might have noticed we give you time to discount our Joomla templates in different occasion like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving and so on. You guys enjoy best best products saving a lot of money whereas we enjoy significantly record selling in those campaigns. Don’t believe in this idea. Let me give a real and viral example.

We all know about the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and it record breaking sales which brought the company $14.3 billion in total sales volume during china’s shopping holiday, “SIngles Day”. So, set your marketing campaign targeting shopping events and religious festivals. It has statistically proven that maximum startups or established companies earn more than 50 % of their total yearly revenue from shopping day and religious sales.

04, Keep doing market research and survey

Your team members are hard worker and they love to work dedicatedly for your company. But the progress is still standstill because you're following the market research completed on company inception or following your intuition. Don’t forget, survey defeats intuition. Keep doing it, and it’s results can give you such an important information about your customer, that you never imagined before.

05, Add Tweak in Business Model

Sometime a simple teak in business mode can pull your sales ratio at peak, It’s important because, you are selling something that won’t prompt people to buy it, or your product or price does not fit the market the way it used to. So, direct your team to investigate the market and figure out where problem lies. If you are succeeded, at the end of the day, you will have customers knocking at your door as they did before.

But twerking business model brings site owner a new inconvenience like eCommerce component doesn't support functionality you look for new business model. So, we crafted a best eCommerce extension for Joomla, DigiCom. Now we can sell single and bundle products seamlessly

Depending on target customer and business models strategies could be different, even overall country environment can give birth new strategy and pitches. If i missed any important point, feel free add in comment.

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