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6 Tools for Social Media Management of 2019

Uzzal Raz Bongshi

19 mins

Managing your activity on social networks requires time. Whether you are a blogger, a community manager or have a company, you need to use these platforms. And since it is impossible to be everywhere at the same time, the tools for the automation of social networks and social media, in general, have become essential.

We're not going to lie to you; we were lazy to write this article. We reviewed the best social network management tools, their characteristics, their prices, etc. It is a difficult task that we knew was going to take us quite an amount of time.

Some time ago when we thought about it, we told ourselves that there were already many articles about this on the internet, and there are always other exciting topics to write about. But a few days ago one of our readers suggested to us that we should write a post about these tools, and after thinking about it, we decided to face the task. We are sure that there are many of these tools that aren't well known, and we have no doubt that there will be some tools to automate your social networks we mentioned in this post that may spark your interest.


What is Buffer? Undoubtedly many times you have asked if there is any tool that allows you to program your publications. Especially in those times when you hardly have time for anything.

I already imagine you with your eyes wide open, rubbing your hands and asking what Buffer is and why you didn't previously know it.

Well not to make you suffer more, I'll explain what Buffer is and how it works so that you can get all the juice to this tool.

Buffer is a tool that allows you to program your publications in different social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram). In this way, it allows you to free some of the workload and plan when you want to publish, without having to be connected at that moment.

With the saved time, you can invest in other tasks that you must do and continue to have an active presence in the different social platforms. That doesn't mean that you dedicate yourself to automate all publications and don't pay attention to your followers.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to generate engagement with them and not only to publish. You must communicate with fans or customers, create conversation, listen to them, etc. Never forget that you are dealing with people.

It is a very easy to use tool, that offers you other features, besides programming, which we will see later. If you want to know a bit more about Buffer, you can do it on Wikipedia. There is also the option to download it for your smartphone in Google Play or Apple Store.

Well, we're going to dive into what you're interested in, which is to see how this tool works so you can start programming your publications.

How Buffer Works 

The first thing you should do is go to Once there, you have to log in, clicking on the option that is inside the box.

You can do it with your Twitter, Facebook, Linkediaccount or with your email. The most comfortable is to use some of the profiles that you are going to use to program, for example, usually use the Twitter one. Once done, you have to follow a series of steps to configure it:

  • It asks you if you want to add another social network.
  • You set your time zone and the format of the hours (24 hours or AM/PM).
  • If you want to propose the best times to publish or prefer to create it manually.
  • In case you want to create it manually, it asks you how many publications you want to do and which day of the week.
  • Finally, can activate the tracking of the clicks they make in your posts.

Once everything is correctly configured, it takes you to the main screen of the tool. The next time you connect and use the profile that you have already set up for it, it will take you directly to the main screen. But remember that you must have that social network open when it comes to login, though it will ask for the username and password of that network to connect.


TweetDeck is a tool to manage Twitter accounts, it will be easier for you to be a successful community manager with this tool. Being a community manager is a job that consists of many edges, it is not just about having the internet at home and being a fan of social networks. Now with all the competition that there is, it is essential to have reliable tools on which to lean on so that stress and pressure don't overtake you. And this is something that needs consideration.

Among these tools there are many promising features emerged that later eliminated or must be paid to obtain them.So today for people who are just entering the world of social media and want to become professionals, I will present TweetDeckThis is an application for effectively manage different Twitter accounts in a simple and freeway.

Steps to Use TweetDeck 

The first thing you should know is,TweetDeck will help ensure you're better organized. TweetDeck assists you so, you have control over all the Twitter accounts that you administer and from one place. Practically at the same time which makes it quite attractive. Other web applications do almost the same as this, however, none at such deep or reliable levels.

To enter TweetDeck and start enjoying your benefits, first you must have a Twitter account with which you can access the application. Once inside you will see that there are several columns: home, Notifications, Messages, and Activity. These columns can be administered by you since there is the option to add columns. There are a lot of options for you to add those that you consider necessary to be aware and interact effectively with the users you want.

Even if your preferred browser is Google Chrome, there is an extension so you can change the size of the columns, move them from a site and place them as you are more comfortable to you at the time of use.

As said before, in TweetDeck, you can manage several Twitter accounts within the same application. What you must do is to add them one by one in the option "Add Account / Add Account." There you can place the username, the password and you will have access to the same columns that you have already added.

Program Tweets and Interact from the platform: one of the most applauded features of TweetDeck is that you can program an infinite number of tweets for each of the accounts you have added, and these will be published on the date and time you choose without having to worry about it.

If you program it, be assured that your followers will be able to see it from the moment you decided, whether you are in front of the computer or not.It is taking a burden off you.

You have many options to manage everything you can imagine Twitter. From searching for tweets using keywords and filtering the results by user, content or activity, set specific notifications.

The potential of TweetDeck for managing multiple Twitter accounts is incredible. TweetDeck is also a social network that currently has a vast audience that exceeds 319 million active users, so it remains highly positioned - 11 years after its founding - as one of the most important social networks.

On the other hand, if you are starting, and you want to become a professional community manager, am sure that these strategies to optimize your social networks will also work for you to continue taking steps in favor of your learning.This will translate into income for you as for the owners of the accounts you manage.


Ware going to talk about a tool that hides under an unpronounceable name such as Socialoomph, but that is very good for you to manage your Facebook and Tweeter accounts associated with your online store in a very efficient, fast and straightforward way. With it, you will achieve higher productivity.

This tool, like most of those with similar missions, has a free version and a Premium version. must say that the Premium is something more expensive even than the famous Hootsuite, but it has many other strong points relating to it.

The first thing should highlight about Hootsuite is that it allows you to program your tweets in a group. You already know that in Hootsuite you need to have a CSV file ready. In Socialoomph you can load them from a Word document. That makes the job easier.

If you look at the section of Analytics, the tool that we are presenting offers more details and information, especially if what you try is to analyze several accounts. All statistics can be exported to Excel. You can select the dates that you want to analyze manually.

When we talk about social action, and we talk about automating our operations, we always doubt the efficiency of this action. However, the use of the tool allows us to organize all our tweets but also, it will follow everyone who follows us and will send a private welcome message. It also allows us to track the keywords that interest us most, which is a powerful ally of our process of knowledge and interaction with our target.

Remember that the community manager is a link between the online world and the offline world. Thanks to his new opinion leader that the client - internal and external - is linked to the brand in a strong and reliable way, which allows the efficient action of the work teams and, as a cause-effect relationship, the organic growth of our brands.

When a community manager manages to convey the message of the brand with each of its social actions, contents or debates when a community manager finds a way to highlight the terms with which the company is defined to perfection. There is no doubt that you are achieving the exposure of a brand, with the added value of your message.

The resources and tools that the network gives us are designed to optimize our actions and to allow us to take advantage of the ubiquity that the system provides us today.

 Friends + Me

Some of us who usually use Google Plus habitually, we have known Friends + Me for a long time. But as Google's social platform (social layer) is still the great unknown of social media marketing, imagine that many companies and professionals have no idea of the existence of this tool.

 What is Friends + Me for Google+

Friends + Me is a social media tool straightforward to use, which is mainly designed to promote your work in Google plus. It allows us to share with other social networks, almost at the same time and automatically, any content that we publish in Google+ just using a few simple Hashtags (#TLF).

Friends + Me is valid for both profiles and business pages in Google+. This online tool has a free version and Premium version, the most significant difference between the two is the number of networks/profiles with which we can is linked and some extra configuration options.

The only drawback is that what you share in other networks will be as you have done in Google plus and with an extra link that leads to your original publication, except for Twitter (for the 140 characters).

Friends + Me - Premium 

In short: the post, photos, videos, etc. that you publish in Google plus automatically shares them in your profile, page or group of other social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr), all this happens according to the previous configuration you made in the application.

Social Pilot 

This tool is one of the most famous kits for social media management; this might be the best amongst all we have in this list. Social pilot ensures that many social media client profiles all at one go and still have features like bulk message scheduling, team member collaboration, client management. This tool has both free and premium aspects which cover for those with low budget.

Zoho Social

The cornerstone of all social media accounts, of course, are the publications they make. Therefore, it is essential to building such a smart publishing tool that takes care of almost everything. With that goal in mind, a couple of things have been done. Here are some of Zoho's features:


Zoho Social always had SmartQ, an intelligent function that predicts the best time for you to publish the publications, this, together with the publication calendar, made Zoho Social a highly useful publication tool. However, you want to give more control over your publishing schedule.

The CustomQ feature is particularly useful if you want to maintain a consistent publication calendar on social channels, this will allow the audience to see the content on a regular basis, and you can also be sure that there is no overlap of material.


While the zShare extension has always been had, it has taken some time to improve even more so that you have the best possible experience. Now it is possible to edit content for different channels when the extension is utilized. This is particularly useful for two reasons: one, you can choose a copy of fewer than 280 characters for Twitter, and a longer copy for other networks and two, you can want to use a more professional tone on LinkedIn, while using a different sound in other networks

Oh, and that's not all. When the publications are made, you will also see that you can now add videos and that emojis can be added directly. Now you can fix the content and make it much more attractive.

Final Words 

Exhausted, we have finished writing this, but wthink it has been worth it.

You have already seen that there are social media management tools of all kinds; some cover a broader range, others more limited; some are paid, others have free functions; some are more suitable for bloggers and others are more focused for large and small companies, etc.

We hope that among all of them you have found the ones that best suit your needs.

If you can't spend money, you always have the option to take advantage of several of them in your free plan for all to implement your strategy in social networks without paying anything.

Did you know all these tools to automate your social networks? Which one is your favorite or do you usually use? We hope that this post has been of interest to you and we would appreciate it if you leave us your comment and of course, that you share this post through the social buttons.

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