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Celebrating Quix's 3rd Birthday! Interesting Things You Should Know

Uzzal Raz Bongshi

7 mins

3 Years ago, Today, three guys with name Parvez Akhter, Nadim Tuhin, and Abu Huraira Bin Aman built Quix Page builder which changed the way of page building. From this little team Quix has now turned into a representation of Joomla website development.

Day by day the features and functionalities of Quix increased and now we are proud to say, 'Yes, we build Quix.' Quix has helped so many people to build their website by their own. Its not just only a page builder, its something more than that.

The Quix you are using today, is not built overnight. It took time and a lot of hard work. We spent sleepless nights in coding and developing Quix. Now Quix turns 3! Three years have passed since Quix was launched. 

Let's see how Quix become what it is today.

The Journey of Quix v1

Quix v1.0 Initial Release

After years of research and practical experience we were determined to build something spectacular that will ease the web development. Then we come up with the Quix page builder v1.0. It was a hit in the market and people were looking something like Quix, by which they will be able to build their website in a short time with ease.

In this initial release we have introduced everyone with the backend builder by which anyone can create a webpage with simple drag & drop. Then we are trying our heart and soul to make Quix better and give you more comfort while you build your website. From then till now we are continuously coming with updates. 

Quix v1.1 - Multilingual Support, Section Stretch Mode

Quix v1.1 came with lots of changes. There were some new features (section stretch mode, element manager, asset loader, access control, keyboard shortcuts, column visibility, heartbeat api for session, multilingual support) came along with lots of improvements. After almost two month this version was released.

Every change were made based on customer needs and so that you can work better. 

Quix v1.2 - RTL Support to Elements, New Fonts

Elements were ready and then we choose to make it ready for everyone. Therefore we bring the RTL support to elements. Anyone can create site with Quix in his native language. Besides RTL, there was virtuemart component support, new google fonts, and bug fixes.

Quix v1.3 - Asset Rendering, Custom Code Option

Every device are not the same therefore it is not necessary to load all assets in every device. Quix v1.3 makes sure that assets are loaded according to devices. One of the major features of this version is custom code, that means you can add any extra work through coding.

Quix v1.4 - New Integrations, New Elements

A brand new layout of integration is done in this version with new ecommerce integrations(zoo, hikashop, j2store). To do more new elements were added and these are modal pop, soundcloud, google plus, flikr icon, alert, date picker, time picker.

Quix v1.5 - New User Interface

The user interface changed a lot with version this version. Some settings were also modified.

Quix v1.6 - Parallax Background, Animation Controls

Parallax always brings a wow word on your clients mouth. Quix v1.6 brings the parallax background that enhances the beauty of your site. To increase the beauty more, different hover animations are included. You have full control over this animations.

Quix v1.7 - Onboarding system, J2store Support

In this version many improvements and new features were included but the highlighted ones are onboarding system and J2store Support. This onboarding system help you get started faster with 2 buttons. The J2store support allows you to sell your goodies from your online shop.

Quix v1.8 - New Module With Responsive Field Settings

Quix v1.8 was one of the big updates. It came with new responsive field settings, nested column restructure, quix module, SEO meta tag options and other improvements.

Quix v1.9 - Video Background, Shape Divider for Section

Video tells a thousand words in a short moment. With Quix v1.9 video background for section is added, that means you can add your .mp4, webm and .ogg files as the video background. Another interesting feature of this version is shape divider. A total of 22 new shape dividers were introduced in this version.

The Journey of Quix v2

Quix v2.0 - Visual Page Builder Release

After a very long research and experience we decided to take Quix to next level. Therefore we have introduced Quix 2.0 visual builder. With this version you can develop your site visually by dragging elements. You can check every change instantly in front of your eyes.

Not only visual builder but this version also brought new media manager, template manager, copy-paste feature, SVG icon feature, portability, shape divider, destruction free mode, customizable section, height, row & flexbox and a lot other features.

Quix v2.0 changed the way you used to create your pages.

Quix v2.1 - Classic Builder Support, Unsplash Integration, Form Builder, 30+ New Elements

After releasing the new visual builder our clients insisted to keep the old classical builder, therefore with Quix 2.1 we provided support for classic builder. You can use whichever you like. If you are used to with old one use classic builder else use the visual builder.

Picking images from outside the builder and then inserting into page, costs a huge amount of time. In Quix v2.1 we have brought the unsplash integration so that you can insert high resolution photos directly to your page. In this version we have introduced form builder and you can create any type of form with this element.

That's not all! In this version 18 Free element and 12 Pro element were included so that you can develop what you want.

Quix v2.2 - New Column Layout, Performance Optimization

Quix 2.2 was released with a lot of improvements and bugfixes. These improvements and bug fixes were very much necessary, so that our clients can work better with Quix. In this release we introduced column layout.

Quix v2.3 - QuixRank (Optimize All Your Pages Within The Builder)

Developing a website is not sufficient for your business if your website doesn't rank well. With Quix 2.3 we have introduced the most needy feature for everyone, its nothing else but QuixRank(SEO optimization). QuixRank analyzes your website with 30+ assessment rules and lets you update your SEO score

You don't need to hire anyone or be a SEO guru, only QuixRank is enough to handle the SEO of your entire site.

Quix v2.4 - New Dashboard, QuixOptimize, ACL

In recent version we have introduced more amazing features and functionalities, which makes Quix unbeatable. These features cannot be found on any other page builder. QuixOptimize is one of these unique feature, it optimizes all of your images with a single click. Your site will load very much faster with optimized images and you do not need to go outside the builder to optimize.

Quix 2.4 introduced new dashboard where you can see all of your pages, SEO score, page image optimization state, templates, etc. Besides new dashboard, ACL was also introduced. Acl allows you to show specific contents to specific group of persons.

Future Target

We have come this far, yet we have a lot to go. In future we plan to make quix more feature and functionality rich without compromising the quality. So that everyone can build his website by himself. We will make sure that you get the best value of your time and money.

Last Words

Neither we could have moved this much far nor Quix would reach at this position without your help. Thanks for being with us and being a part of our family. Hope we will bring more awesome features and functionalities in Quix, so that you can work in a more easier way.

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