By Ahmed Eshaan (Faysal) on Sunday, 08 November 2015
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Be The First To Get! Pre-Order Is Now Available

Themexpert understands the importance of new innovation. Something different, more dynamic, more energetic, more UI and UX friendly templates are in the pipeline for production. We want new things to get on stock, and who knows it better than our regular customers.

To mix some spice in our lives Themexpert presents:
You can now “pre-order” templates, stay trendy and 100 steps ahead than others.

How it benefits the customer?

HeY, we are not allowing pre-order just to increase sales and peach a marketing value to the product. The idea has not been innovated rather it has been given by you, our customers and our well wishers.

These are the reasons:

Most importantly!! 50% DISCOUNT on every purchase.

Besides, there is no reason to worry about the one year time you are awarded for unlimited downloads, because the time will start once the template is launched and downloaded.

You shall also be notified about your product and its progress time to time without any delay. Trusting can be an issue for our new customers and there is nothing which can deny this fact. For our new customers: We are not a faceless corporation, we are reputed, and operative for last 5 years and so. Your pre-order refund policy stays the same.

So don’t be late. :)

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