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Anatomy of Onepage Website and How To Make A Perfect One with Onepage Joomla Templates

Anatomy of Onepage Website and How To Make A Perfect One with Onepage Joomla Templates
Md. Iqbal Hasan

13 mins

Onepage website helps you cleverly represents a particular product information within one page with its meaningfully decorated homepage layout arrangements.

About 15% to 27% of all websites exist, are onepage websites, and the ratio, as well as popularity, are gradually increasing for its simplicity and usability.

Rapidly, individual product landing pages to small startup portfolio websites are building with different onepage templates according to their best suites.

There is absolutely no complication with dealing multiple pages for the individual navigation menu. It combines all in one page in such a way that a visitor never feels bored since it provides all the information s/he needs instead of redirects him/her many other pages.

Now, probably a sort of questions have already arisen in your mind. No worries, I'm making those clear one by one.

When You Need a Onepage Site?

Now, let me pointing out the most fitted criteria when you need a one page website instead of multi-page.

  • Sales page
  • Product page
  • Course page
  • App page
  • Resume page
  • Event page
  • Service/Agency website
  • Pre-launched website

Besides, you should know a few things about a onepage website. It doesn't usually take times to load a section while a multi-page website takes a minimum time to load a particular page. So, that can be a reason to choose a onepage template instead of multi-page.

It provides the complete information by dealing with the possibly less description or elaboration. As there is no multiple pages but single page (about, contact, sitemap) to represent all required information in a particular order, it should be neat and clean instead of being messed up arranging information in a discrete way.

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful– John Maeda

If you want to build a website in possibly the less time including all the information be there in the order you want, its the best solution for you to choose. Showcasing agency's works, drum up any upcoming events information are the good practice through a onepage website.

Moreover, from the mobile devices, as per getting a particular information, going through different pages is a problematic task. Specially, it is a blessing for them who has not thin fingers.

So, if you don't want to send your visitors to different pages for the purpose and want to make theme get all information from one place, there is none other solution but building a onepage website.

Here, I'm going to mention some onepage websites for examples that may help you to better understand how amazingly they fit in a landing page website.

SEO factors you must keep in mind

There is a common question about the onepage site that most of the people ask; Are they Good for SEO?. I'll elaborately mention all the pros and cons of a onepage site by SEO Factors.

According to SearchEngineJournal;

Typically, Single Page Sites Provide a Better Mobile Experience and Targeting a Specific Audience is quite easy through it.

They also mentioned, most of the web search are performed from mobile devices and therefore having a onepage website is an advantage to generate a massive traffic and helps to get ranked by Google concurrently.

Its easy to target a specific audience through a onepage site whereas multipage sites are compared lag behind. Even the targeted audience behavior can be the control on a onepage site. You can steer your audiences in a specific direction to provide them a particular user experience.

Since, in a onepage site, information are sorted in a single page in particular order, there needs one keyword, and that can be very much helpful according to SEO terms.

Links are the another most important SEO factors as well. In a onepage site, links are used on one page. Therefore they are pointed to the main URL, and that helps the site to get ranked on Google quickly compared to multipage websites.

Make sure that all the information you provided represent a value before the visitors and are well arranged as well. Don't put the information in an undisciplined way that your visitor get confused.

Besides all its advantages, it does have some drawbacks too. As it only focuses on a particular concept and thus represents a flow, sometimes the content is not enough to get ranked by search engines. Whereas, multi-page websites are more easily get themselves ranked by the search engines.

Even, the single page websites don't support sort of advanced SEO strategies and the reason why they are one step behind compare to multi-page sites. So, if you are thinking to have a significant amount of traffic from Google on your site than its better to make a multi-page site as mentioned in's blog article regarding Single Page Website SEO Compatability.

What are the Key Elements for a onepage site?

Regarding this topic, we have a broad and elaborative blog post that also can help you a lot.

For the sake of you, again I'm letting you know about the core mandatory things supposed to be considered while building a single page website.

Heading & Sub-heading : This is the most important thing you should keep in mind while building a onepage website. The heading and sub-heading should be clear and so able to provide the main information about your entire site in short.

Make as short as possible but ensure that, it don't make confusion which may be the reason behind unable to convert the visitor into user or customer.

Sticky Nav : Its very essential to have a sticky navigation menu in a onepage website as it consists of only a single page. All the contents are on the same page and reason why user need to scroll down to view the whole page. Often s/he may feel to jump into a different section without waiting even a bit, and in that criteria, the sticky navigation menu can help him/her.

A sticky nav-bar stays at the top of the site even while the user scrolls down the page. S/he can choose any navigation menu option any time even during his/her scrolling period. This a good thing for a onepage site, indeed.

Wisely use Navigation : Cleverly create the navigation menu so that the visitors can find a total overview just by having a look on the navigation menu. Besides, clear words should be chosen as nav-menu. Remember that, navigation menu should not appear with so more items or so fewer items as well.

Contact Info and Location : Valid contact information and location should be available in a section because most of the visitors come in a onepage site (regarding a particular product landing page) to know the contact information. Email address, cell number, location, google map, and other detail contact information should be included in that section.

Well-written Summary of your Business : Its vital criteria for Search Engine Optimizations. Focus on your content, and reassemble the whole idea in such a way that anybody can get it just by landing on your site. A well-written summary about your single-page site mostly helps to get itself ranked by Search Engines.

Think a bit to make it Different : Keep it mind that, it should be a bit different looking compared to other traditional sites as the layout makes the first impression on visitor's mind.

Standard Coding : You should pay attention to the details as your experience is very important. Try to make the code neat and clean so that it can be understood easily further even by an amateur level of a coder. Links color, behavior, page scrolling, navigation arrangement all those things should be considered with much more attention to making them a cool look.

First, fix keywords for each main section and assign the section to the nav-menu with obviously give a potted menu name that can represent the whole content of that assigned section. Thus you complete assigning the rest of the sections with nav menus.

There are another thing to remember, don't use any external link into the navigation menu. Visitors must not like this so I. For this reason, the visitor might not come back on your site anymore.

Make it Live : Try not to make it bored, make it live by adding some animations. It would help to keep your visitor's attention. Language like jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript can be used to create moving animations those can be easily used in websites to give life in it.

Impressum : For a onepage internet site, according to EU German Law, its mandatory to have an Impressum page. Basically, it defines and legalizes the authorship or ownership of the site and all its contents.

Impressum is a Latin word, alternately, the term is also known as Imprint in the USA.

You can find more detail information in WebDesignerDepot's blog post about the key elements of a onepage site.

This blog post also may help you to get better understanding.

But, do you have any broad idea about why onepage templates are more suitable for building a particular product landing page?. Hence, I mention the major reasons in the different point of view.

How to make onepage website faster

Well, for your clarification, I'm going to share a couple of reasons why it is more compatible, compared to multi-pages traditional web-templates. Let's take a peek.

  • In onepage templates, you'll find a flow in arranging all the required information of particular product within one page exactly what it is supposed to be, and you'll find much comfort for sure.
  • It'll navigate you to different sections within the page simply by clicking on your desired nav-menu. Its very fast just takes the twinkle of an eye, and you get your information in front of you while in a multi-page template, clicking on a navigation menu for information, it will load a new page that will obviously take a minimum time. The time may vary according to your internet speed for multi-page templates. On the other hand, for a onepage template, as there is no hassle to load a new page for showing particular information, it's tremendously fast.

  • Onepage templates are the best suite representing information in a flow. You can effortlessly find the information you want through the whole page may a bit long, you need not worry about it. Leave it to the theme's functionality itself to handle this. You just need to put your mouse cursor on your desired nav-menu and hit it, and you're done making the information itself appeared before your eyes. Alternately, easy scrolling ability gives you the comfort to smoothly scroll down to find the information as well.

  • Almost in all onepage templates, the sticky navigation menu is used therefore you'll find the menu items still at the top of the screen to click and navigate to another section withing the split of a second. Additionally, with the help of back to top button (is also used in almost all onepage template), you can come back at the top of the page even in less than one second.

  • The orientation and information arrangements in a onepage template are too easy to understand just by the first look. So, it's totally meaningful capability in providing information to its users. Besides, there are much more things that you can't just ignore, and forcefully it'll make you fall in love with it.

Now, after found why onepage templates are the great fit for your site,you may want to have some suggestions? Here, my recommendation about 3 best fitting onepage templates that can be the kickstarting for your site. Let's have a look.

Top 3 onepage Joomla Templates


Marvel is one of the most stunning, fully responsive, cutting edge, onepage Joomla multipurpose templates with absolutely well-decorated layout specially for the purpose of a corporate business, agency or a specific product landing page and portfolio website as well.

The most recent trendiness homepage designed makes itself sleek, neat & clean and a fresh evergreen look. The theme package comes with three different homepages including all necessary pages as well plugins pre-build, and that is the best fit for your website, no matter what type of business you're running.

It's capable of handle providing all the information from one page without making its visitors bored a bit, tremendously works with every type of business as well as startup websites. This awesome Joomla template released by ThemeXpert and from the time it released, it robbed thousands of people's heart by its interactive, marvelous layout including multiple homepage variations and its functionalities. Marvel theme has the following listed key features that obviously meet your all criteria.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Fast Loading
  • Stunning Layout
  • Device Friendly
  • SEO Optimized by Quix's enhanced SEO
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • Multiple Home Variations
  • Corporate Landing Page
  • Specific Product Landing Page
  • Quick Social Sharing
  • Multiple Social Commenting
  • Built with T3 Framework
  • Quix - Drag & Drop page builder
  • Full Features Blog
  • RTL Support and much more.

Explore Marvel View Live Demo


Unity is device friendly, responsive, SEO optimized multipurpose onepage Joomla template with a clearly noticeable artistic look in its layout. Its color harmony and the combination of colors in its different sections will definitely mesmerize you.

Therefore, you can't but satisfy in your first look. Sticky navigation menu helps you to navigate any section even while you are scrolling in another section and it is absolutely effortless.

With the help of its responsive image gallery, your product's images can have a perfect look to represent themselves in a stunning way that a visitor can't just ignore without having a deep look to the entire template. Clean and fresh individual section design makes itself a perfect fit for any website, specially for the portfolio as well small to medium business websites.

This stunning onepage Joomla template built with the revolutionary Drag and Drop page builder Quix and the following properties will be found in the template package.

  • Sticky Navigation Bar
  • SEO optimized
  • Device Friendly
  • Integrated with Revolution Slider
  • Interactive Individual Section Design
  • Responsive Image Gallery
  • Good looking Client Testimonial
  • Fresh looking Contact us section
  • Built With Cutting-edge Technology
  • Smooth Collapsing effect
  • Quix Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Well decorated
  • The meaningful color combination and much more.

Explore Unity View Live Demo


BizCorp is a multipurpose Joomla One page template with multiple pages as well as section variations including awesome in its front-end well-decorated layout. Typography is its one of the main key frame to catch visitor's attention in first visits.

Its completely responsive based on different devices size, SEO optimized and user-friendly as well. Integrated revolution slider helps you to create your own stylish slider. The sticky navigation bar, Off-canvas Menu, Stylish Megamenu and arrangements of different section information make itself competitive in its category that can be found on the internet.

This premium theme package, you'll find the theme with the following listed properties.

  • Device Friendly therefore 100% Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Revolution Slider Integration
  • Responsive Image Gallery
  • Stunning Client's Testimonial Section
  • Sticky Navigation
  • K2 Integrated Full Featured Blog
  • Stylish Megamenu
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Build with T3 framework -RTL Supported and much more.

Explore BizCorp View Live Demo

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