By Uzzal Raz Bongshi on Friday, 27 October 2017
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Introducing Meteor The Biggest News Magazine Joomla Template of All Time

First of all, pardon us for taking so long. We always try to give you something amazing, with more and improved functionalities so that you enjoy using it.

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        <p>After releasing <a href="">Fitness,</a> we received so many positive responses from our user community that we got inspired to give you something amazing. For that reason, we worked so hard with proper dedication to developing this product.</p><p>Today we present you our first ever newspaper template <a href="">Meteor</a>. Meteor is a full-fledged Joomla 3.7+ template suitable for any news, magazine and all other relevant sites.</p><p>With the release of Meteor, we are also releasing 5 new elements of Quix. We have used these elements almost everywhere in Meteor.</p><p><span>Let's check out the features of Meteor.</span>&nbsp;</p>      
<span>5 Stylish Home Layouts</span></h2>        
        <p>Personalize your homepage with 5 stylish home layouts. Choose the one fits you most. &nbsp;</p>      
        <p>Classic layout is built with a combination of sophisticated article grid style, social share button and including meteor date element on the top. </p>       
        <p>A perfect layout for showing fashion related news. Its modern layout catches the eyesight of the visitor as soon as he lands on your website. </p>       
        <p>In this layout, different grid styles are combined with appropriate placement for advertisements. Show top news at the middle in a highlighted way with custom styling in Mosaic&nbsp;layout. </p>       
        <p>Football, Cricket, NBA, NFL does not matter which sport, show top sports news in front with the focused sponsored article.  </p>     
        <p>Magazine definitely needs more attention than other layouts, viewer's eye searches for exciting contents on a magazine page.Therefore this layout is crafted with unique typography and specific magazine related designs that make it best for magazines.&nbsp;</p>     
<span>5 New Quix Elements</span></h2>       
<span>Meteor Article</span></h3>        
        <p>The most powerful element specially made for Meteor. Everything you find in the front in of Meteor is generated and managed with Meteor Article element. It is an element that includes full Joomla article element and additional 8 layouts. </p>       
        <p>Popular listing style with headlines in the preview. All contents are organized in a well-furnished way in this layout. At the time of hovering in an image, the viewer gets a special effect on the image.   </p>       
<span>Stack List</span></h4>        
        <p>A Custom list layout that shows highlighted news at the top with a big preview and other news at below with list ordering.  </p>     
<span>Stack List Column</span></h4>     
        <p>Create stylish 3 in 1 layout with this style. Show sponsored news in the highlighted area advertises in the column and other news in list area.  </p>        
<span>Column List</span></h4>       
        <p>Organize your content with both list and column style at once with this layout. We have created this layout by blending column and list together.   </p>     
<span>List Carousel</span></h4>     
        <p>The default carousel styling combined with list order that goes and comes back in a loop. The viewer will get the option to choose a news item from a moving list.  </p>     
        <p>Predefined original Grid layout for that standard view you want on your site. In grid layout, every element is perfectly positioned at a specific place.  </p>       
<span>Stack Grid</span></h4>        
        <p>A unique grid style that replaces regular grid with its eye-catching look. Grid size is a little bit bigger and better than original grid layout.  </p>      
        <h4><span>Slider Banner</span></h4>     
        <p>A custom slider with the banner that shows news previews in a different style. Put the hot news on top with big previews and popular news below.  </p>       
<span>Date Element</span></h3>      
        <p>The date is an unavoidable element of any news site. In Meteor you can show current time and date anywhere on the front end with Date element. </p><p>That's not it! You can also modify the date element to give your custom look.</p>      
<span>News Ticker</span></h3>       
        <p>Looking for an option to show the latest news? Don't worry; you can show any breaking or trending news on anywhere in your website with this element. There are also different customization options like title dividers, content dividers, global dividers, and animations in this element.</p><p>You can customize the News Ticker in your own way to show the trending news and attract eyesight of the visitors.&nbsp;</p>       
        <h3>Meteor Social Icon</h3>     
        <p>Meteor comes with the new social icon that comes with gradient box styling. The exclusive look of the icon describes everything about it. You can customize the icon like the way you want and can also use for different purposes.</p><p>You can directly share your social media link with these.&nbsp;</p>        
<span>Weather Element</span></h3>       
        <p>Let the user know the current weather from your frontend without letting him go to another place. Decorate your page with beautiful weather element and various configurations. </p><p>You can customize the weather element the way you like with different color, font, margin padding, and animations. The smart weather element lets you show the weather of any place just in a flash.&nbsp;</p>        
<span>AMP Support</span></h2>       
        <p>Meteor instantly load on any desktop or laptops, so why not on mobile devices? Some of the traffic comes from smartphone devices. Therefore we have to give AMP support with Meteor so that all the contents load instantly on any sized mobile devices. </p><p>AMP support provides users a smooth experience and allows users to decide how to present their content.&nbsp;</p>        
<span>Mobile Responsive</span></h2>     
        <p>Do you like to view a website that varies the look from its web version to mobile version? Definitely not; we all want the same website look on every device. In Meteor we developed every single page in a fully responsive way. </p><p>Any sized display or smartphone devices can easily adapt the Meteor with proper alignment with regular manner.&nbsp;</p>        
<span>Cross Browser Compatibility</span></h2>       
        <p>The browser is not an issue for Meteor. The cross-browser compatibility lets it run on any browser, so it does not matter if you are using Safari or Chrome. Meteor will just look same, as it looks on every browser. </p>      
<span>Multiple Post Formats</span></h2>     
        <p>Now creating different types of post format is a very easy task.You can create your desired formats post in minutes. Just define the type of post you want and fill the content field area, then you are good to go. </p>        
<span>Instant Article Preview</span></h2>       
        <p>We know what it feels when anyone visits a website and wait for loading the page. Therefore we have come with Instant Article preview. Its extensive capability lets you get rid of waiting from loading. </p><p>All the articles load up at an instant, immediately after you land on the site.&nbsp;</p>       
        <h2>3rd Party Extension Integration</h2>        
        <p>For most flexible web experience we have integrated the most popular Joomla components like Easy Article, Easy Social and J2Store with Meteor. So now a question might arise in your mind that "what will I do if I need any additional extensions?"</p><p>Well due to this reason we have added the support to install any 3rd party extensions.&nbsp;</p>      
<span>Key Features</span></h2>      
        <div class="row" data-responsive="400,300,200,100">
<div class="col col-md-6" data-size="6">

        <ul><li><span>5 Stylish built-in Home layouts</span><br></li><li>Drag &amp; Drop Development<br></li><li>Cross Browser Compatibility<br></li><li>Fully Clean Codes<br></li><li>Ajax based Search<br></li><li>RTL Supported<br></li><li>SEO Optimized<br></li><li>Meteor Article Element<br></li><li>Parallax Background<br></li><li>Fast loading Speed<br></li><li>News Ticker<br></li><li>Sticky Header<br></li><li>11 Header Styles<br></li><li>Video Element<br></li><li>Lazy Load Image<br></li><li>8 Article layout<br></li><li>Social Share<br></li><li>Social Like Box<br></li><li>Transparent Header<br></li><li>Multiple Post Formats<br></li><li>Multiple Category Page Styles<br></li><li>Video Background<br></li><li>Built-in Pages<br></li></ul>      </div>
<div class="col col-md-6" data-size="6">

        <ul><li>​<span>Multiple Article Styles</span><br></li><li>Full-Width Home Variations<br></li><li>Megamenu<br></li><li>Unlimited Category Scrolling<br></li><li>Support from Developers<br></li><li>Easy Customization<br></li><li>Highlighted Sponsored Article<br></li><li>Facebook Commenting<br></li><li>3rd Party Extensions Integration<br></li><li>Smart Tab<br></li><li>Latest Post Module<br></li><li>Disqus Commenting<br></li><li>Date Element<br></li><li>Featured Article<br></li><li>Popular Post Module<br></li><li>Instant Article Preview<br></li><li>Weather Element<br></li><li>Elegant Color Gradient<br></li><li>Advertise Management<br></li><li>Mobile Responsive<br></li><li>Video Tutorials<br></li><li>Get Regular Updates<br></li><li>Enriched Documentation<span>&nbsp;</span><br></li></ul>     </div>


        <p>We believe that you will love using Meteor. If you have any suggestion regarding Meteor, you can tell us without hesitating. Share your thought with us through the comment box below.&nbsp;</p>     
        <div class="row" data-responsive="400,300,200,100">
<div class="col col-md-6" data-size="6">

<p><button class="btn-eb"><a href=""><span>View More About Meteor</span></a></button></p></div>
<div class="col col-md-6" data-size="6">

<p><button class="btn-eb"><a href=""><span>See Live Demo</span></a></button></p></div>

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