By Md. Iqbal Hasan on Tuesday, 25 April 2017
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Marathon Release 2 - Markdown Editor and Conf WordPress Theme

        <p>As you all are concerned about our Marathon Releasing Week is going on and today is the second day. Here we come with two more efficient products that can be beneficial for you.</p><p>So, no more waiting! Let's have a peek, what's for today.</p>        
        <h2><span>Joomla Markdown Editor (JME)<br></span>


JME is one of the tiny but smartest tools for any Joomla site. If you are a writer you definitely try Markdown today, if you haven't already. We can't even think without markdown these days and there is not good markdown editor for Joomla! Damn...

So we decided to make a beautiful markdown editor and release it for free. We found Grav Team already made an awesome editor for their CMS so instead of re-inventing the wheel, we just transform the editor for Joomla. This is the true power of open source software.

JME is a joomla plugin with almost no configuration. Install it and you are done. It that easy.

It'll tremendously help you a much faster working experience.

        <h2><br>Conf WordPress Theme<br></h2>       <amp-img width="954" height="550" layout="responsive" src=""></amp-img>
        <p>A highly responsive WordPress theme Conf, comes with the most recent trendy layout, specially crafted for event management websites. It has plenty of useful features that allows you to give your site the way you want it to be. Managing speakers, agendas and other event related tasks are absolutely mild with the help of it's wide range of customization capability.</p><p>You need not to worry about anything, itself can take the responsibility to make all your tasks done. It's completely the best suite for any type of events that definitely meet your all requirements through its existing features.</p>Besides it's these, you'll find the below characteristics on the Conf event management WordPress Theme.
        <h4><span>Key Features<br><br></span></h4>      
        <ul><li>​Completely Responsive<br></li><li>Hassle-free Schedule Management<br></li><li>Effortless Managing Speakers<br></li><li>Stunningly Modern Layout<br></li><li>Smart Countdown Timer<br></li><li>Stylish Speaker List<br></li><li>Beautiful Agenda Timeline<br></li><li>SEO Optimized<br></li><li>Standard Theme Features<br></li><li>Masonry Image Gallery<br></li><li>Multilingual Supported<br></li><li>Redux Framework Integration<br></li><li>Furnished Event Sponsor List<br></li><li>Elegant Testimonial and much more.&nbsp;</li></ul><div><br></div>     <p><button class="btn-eb"><a href=""><span>Explore Conf</span></a></button></p><p><a href="">Marathon Release 1 - Selection Share Extension and Octa WordPress Theme</a></p><p><a href="">Marathon Release 3 - Education Joomla Extension and Universidad WordPress Theme</a></p><p><a href="">Marathon Release 4 - Xpert Google Map and Orvil WordPress Theme</a></p>
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