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9 Best Joomla News Templates For News Portals

Uzzal Raz Bongshi

18 mins

 Today I have come up with a list of some amazing Joomla news templates for news & magazine websites. I know many of you guys spent your valuable time searching for an ideal template which will be perfect for your requirements. But in the end of the day, you might not find the perfect template that you were searching for.

As there are lots of news template available, it becomes very hard to choose the right one. By considering your problem, in this post, we have aggregated the best Joomla news templates. These templates were not chosen just because of name and popularity. 

But we compared and tested this templates with others using criteria features, functionalities, popularity, price and support.

Let's dig out and check the details. 


 Meteor is a full-fledged Joomla 3.7+ template that is suitable to develop any news, magazine and all relevant websites. If you value for your time and money than grab meteor without hesitation. Meteor comes with a minimal prize and lets you develop your required website by yourself while saving the development cost.

 5 Stylish Layouts with 8 Article Layouts

Meteor comes with five different homepage layouts; each layout is designed with expert designers. These layouts are lifestyle, fashion news, world news, sports news, and magazine layout. Each & every layout is different and comes unique styles.

Lifestyle layout comes with a combination of the popular post, article grid styles, and social share button with date element at the top. Fashion news layout gives you featured article with smart gradient mixed grid styles. The World news layout is made with various grid styles with proper placement.

The other two layouts name describe itself, Sports news layout is designed to make the best sports news portal, and Magazine layout comes with unique typography and layout combination which makes it best fit for magazine.

Meteor template doesn't keep you limited with fixed layouts. Along with meteor article element in your hand, you have eight different built-in styles. These are list, grid, list stack, grid stack, list column, stack list, list carousel, and slider banner. 

Highly Clean Codes with AMP Support

Clean codes is one of the vital things that themexpert considered while building the meteor template. The developers have 9 years of experience, so there is no chance of bad codes inside the meteor template.

Along with clean codes meteor also makes sure that your site loads instantly on any devices in blazing fast speed. Therefore AMP support comes with this Joomla news template. Therefore from now, you won't be missing any traffic on your site. 

Device Responsive & SEO Optimized

Responsive is contained in every potion of meteor Joomla magazine template. It doesn't matter which device your user uses to visit your site; it will always look great on every device. Meteor will never fail to create attraction and impression on the mind of your visitors.

We know the value of your site and the importance of ranking. Meteor comes with SEO optimization that helps your site to indexed quickly to all popular search engines. It helps your site to appear in the front page of search results and getting more targeted traffic from the internet. 

Drag & Drop Page Builder Quix

The Meteor template comes with World's number 1 drag & drop page builder Quix. With meteor template, you can give any look to your site as quix comes integrated with the template. With Quix no coding knowledge is needed to develop your website, only drag & drop is required.

You can make sections exactly like demo in the shortest time. Drag the element and customize a little and your section is ready within minutes. Quix gives you 50+ responsive elements that make everything happen.

Imagine anything and built it with Quix Page builder. 

Custom Elements

Meteor offers you custom elements to do more that just default. You get Meteor article element, news ticker, video element, weather element and date element with Meteor template.

Meteor article element is specially made for Joomla news magazine template meteor. These elements extensible capability lets you define article layout from an array of presets. It lets you handle every single thing in the way you like.

News Ticker element shows the latest news in a highlighted way and catches the eyesight of the visitor instantly. This element lets you show breaking/trending news anywhere you like.

Messages visually affect more, and a video makes it very easier for a user to understand the message that lies beneath the video. With video element of the meteor, you can do it easily by inputting videos from multiple sources like Vimeo and Youtube.

Weather element and Date element magnificently shows weather and date on the top bar of your site. 


  • 100% Responsive Layouts
  • AMP Support
  • Seo Optimized
  • Minimal coding
  • Elgant Designs


  •  No cons reported by users


Newskit is one the very popular Joomla 3.7+ news template by JoomShaper. It lets you create any news, magazine publishing and review websites. Newskit is designed in a way that it gives instant and easy solution for everyone who wants to create professional online news site.

This is a very stylish and modern Joomla news template that lets you highlight your important contents at first or in the area you want. Templates demo layout is very intuitive, and you can customize it in the way you want. Give whatever shape you want to your website with the help of Newskit and SP page builder. 

Elegant HomePage Layouts with Color Presets

This elegant template comes with two different home page layouts, four preset colors and two navigation menu and header styles. Color presets of newskit changes the color taste of the whole site; you can pick any of your preferred colors to your website.

The article slider comes with the default home layout, and it allows you to display your news in a unique way. Videos and images are put in a place where it catches the attraction of your viewers most. Everything is set with aesthetic thoughts in mind.

The second home layout is totally different from the default one; it has a simple design with noticeable presentation of stories. It comes with card styled presentation where your visitors will find more comfort while surfing through different categories. The latest news is put on the left side in descending order, so that your users pay attention according to the importance of the news.

Easiest Development 

The newskit template comes with SP Page builder Pro version which lets you decorate your website in the way you want. The template is based on the Helix 3 framework, which is one of the very popular frameworks.

SP page builder offers you to develop without any kind of coding, just with drag & drop you can build the entire website. There are no complex functionalities is used in it, no matter how novice you are, you can always develop your site with SP page builder. 

SP Elements & Modules

With Newskit template you get custom elements and modules that come specifically for this template. These elements are SP Poll Component, Article Headline, article slider, and thumb gallery addon.

The poll element allows you to make different polls where users can participate and give their valuable opinion. Thumb gallery addon lets you create the showcase of your images and displays everything smartly. And the article elements helps you to organize and display articles in an elegant way.

There are two modules available of Joomshaper that comes with newskit; these are - SP tweet module and tabbed articles module. Tweet module allows you to show all the latest tweets in a specific area of your site. The tabbed article module allows you to display your articles in a tabbed way at your desired place. 

Support & Update

The joomshaper team is always ready to help you; it doesn't matter which issue you are facing.

Joomshaper team always tries to give regular updates to all of their products. In this basis, newskit is also updated along with other products. The development team assures you that newskit will not miss any functionality and feature along the way. 


  • Visual Site Building
  • Helix 3 Framework
  • Bundles with several modules


  • Doesn't support K2
  • Doesn't support Easy blog

Ja Teline V

Ja teline V is one of the best templates by Joomlart built for news and magazine sites. It helps you to develop your site within the shortest time. It doesn't come with any kind of complex settings or functionalities.

This template is fully responsible and adapts perfectly in any sized display device. No matter which device your users are using, your news site will always look exact on every device. This template offers a complete solution for your news website; you do not need any additional extensions. 

Flexible Layouts

Teline V is not only just a template it is more than that. This template offers you five exciting layouts - Magazine, events, videos, gallery and blog layout to build different sites.

Magazine layout lets you develop a full-fledged news magazine website where every news is categorized and gives reading satisfaction to every reader. A slider with highlighted newses comes at the front in this layout. If you want to make any changes to design, feel free to do it in your way with teline v template. 

Optimized Performance

In teline v you will always get the full performance from your site. Every line of code of this template is fully optimized, and there's no laggy animation or content used to slow down your site. If you check the speed of your site from google page speed test or GTmetrix or any other site, you will find your site having good speed.

Built with T3 Framework 

The core of teline v is built with T3 framework. It is one of the most popular frameworks and comes with many functionalities. You will be able to take full control of your site with the help of this framework in teline v template.


  • Flexible Layouts
  • Easy Customizable
  • Optimized Performance


  • No builtin support for dropcap
  • No comment options
  • Design is not so elegant

JSN Time 2

JSN Time 2 is one of the very popular Joomla news template developed by JoomlaShine. This template offers you smart design with front-end improvement. It comes with Kunena an K2 forum support that helps you to organize your content and look good.

Advanced JSN Sun Framework 

JSN Time 2 is built with sun framework inside the core. It has numerous functionalities and options that will allow you to take full control of your site. Within a single mouse click, you can import and export all your template settings, with which you will be able to set up multiple sites within short time easily.

This framework also helps you by leveling up your sites SEO performance with the support of microdata. JSN sun framework lets you make mega menu with very simple drag and dropping. There is also 800+ google fonts comes packed along with 670+ FontAwesome icons in this framework; therefore there will be no problem t develop your news site. 

Flexible Layout with Multiple Color Variations

JSN Time provide you entirely flexible layout with 36+ module positions and six box designs. You can design your news website in the way you want with 450 predefined icons for module styling that makes your modules look good very easily.

With this news template, you get six different color variations. Each of these color variations covers the color of the drop-down menu, main background, table's header, links, and others. This will give a unique look to your news website. Select the color that suits best to your Joomla news website. 

Advanced Customization with Typography Control

Your news site, you are the one who chooses what to show and what to customize in your News portal. You can change from a font to entire section with this template. JSN time 2 is packed with no 1 Quix Joomla page builder.

News website always require the first charm, that makes the wow effect while reading text from your site. You can easily give it to your users with Quix and JSN time template. On this template you can customize texts with changing width, height, color, margin, padding, and 1000+ google fonts. 


  • Fully RTL Ready
  • Mega menu Builder
  • Magnificent Color variations


  • Not ads ready
  • Search bar is unsmart


Dailynews is one of the finest Joomla news/magazine template developed by youjoomla. The core of this template is built on YJSG template framework. This magnificent template features five predefined color styles, flat web design, and unlimited style options which is achievable through simple parameter changes.

With this template, you get an array of Joomla extensions like - YJ title ticker, K2, Multimedia box, YH live search, Yj latest tweets, Yj newsflash, Youyork module slider, and Yj module engine. 

Built-in SEO Features

SEO helps one site to rank faster and show a website at better positions. Daily news Joomla template offers you custom rich snippets options to increase your website ranking. These settings will generate microdata code snippets in a structured way which will boost your search engine ranking.

Responsive Web Design 

The layout of dailynews Joomla template is fully responsive. It renders perfectly on any mobile, tablet, and computers. Your users will get complete satisfaction while visiting your website. Everything will look exactly as it seen other devices.

Advanced Template Admin with Mega Menu 

This template comes with an array of options combined in a magnificently styled accordion for fast editing and easy access. You will be able to control the whole site and every functionality of this template from the admin panel.

You can maximize the menu space with the help of mega meu that comes built-in with the Dailynews template. This mega menu extends the functionality of the default Joomla menu and provides additional menu options. 


  • Mega menu builder
  • Built in SEO features
  • Fully responsive


  • Mobile menu is not so good
  • Typography is not so proper
  • Not Ads ready 

JD Magazine

JD Magazine is one of the advanced newspaper magazine templates that enables bloggers/publishers to represent their content in a very attractive way. The core of this template is based on Helix ultimate framework and comes with drag & drop page builder Quix.

Quix is known as the best page builder for Joomla CMS, and it enables you to create any website within the shortest time. JD Magazine template provides you support for EasyBlog and Joomla Articles. 

Fully Responsive and SEO Optimized Layout

A big percent of users surf the internet from mobile devices, and they love to do surfing from this devices. Therefore it is very much important to make your site mobile responsive. Each and every layout of Magazine template is fully responsive. Your users can read every news from any device with with pleasure

Your news site built with JD Magazine is entirely SEO optimized and ads friendly. This template comes with a special page builder addon for displaying adds that will increase your revenue and provide you better CTR. All the codes of this template are coded in a way so that your website can rank faster. 

Built with Cutting Edge Technology

In this age of technology, JD Magazine is built by adopting the latest technologies. JD Magazine Joomla news template is built with cutting-edge technologies like Joomla 3.8, Quix Page builder, Helix Ultimate Framework, Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, and SASS.

The entire site you build with this template is cross-browser compatible. Either your client using google chrome, safari, firefox, opera or any other browser, your site will always look same and will give the same experience. 

Incredible Designs with Advanced Functionality

Designs and functionalities are the most important part of any website. The look of a website attracts the viewer's, and functionality mesmerizes them to use it. JD Magazine Joomla news template comes with different lucrative styles that give a better experience to your viewers.


  • SEO Optimized
  • Ad Optimized
  • Included JD page builder


  • No Mega menu
  • Poor typography


A Joomla 3.7+ news magazine template developed by Joomshaper. This template is developed not only for professionals but for everyone so that they can build their own news, magazine, blog, and other related sites. You can use both K2 and native Joomla articles support with this template.

Fully Responsive and RTL Ready 

News365 is 100% mobile responsive Joomla template, and it is equipped with an organized beautiful & clean design that a powerful news website needs. No matter which sized device your users use to browse your site, will always find same on every device.

News365 is entirely Retina & RTL ready; therefore you can create websites for right to left languages like Hebrew, Arabic, etc. Not only RTL languages, but you can also translate your site to any language you want. Generally, it may look a little bit complicated, but you will find it effortless with this template. 

SP Page Builder with Helix Framework

Nes365 template is developed by Joomshaper and comes with Helix 3 framework at its core. This Joomla template framework is Bootstrap based and lets you build layout very easily. Build layout with helix framework and get it worked on every device.

Helix framework lets you manage the typography of your site. You can set your desired fonts along with changing height, width, space and so on.

SP page builder is a revolutionary Joomla page builder that provides drag & drop functionality. You get this amazing page builder absolutely free with this template. Your news site will be built on in no time with the SP page builder. Both your time and money will be saved with this template. 

Joomla Articles & K2 Support

 This Joomla news template allows you to post articles with two popular methods as it comes with K2 support & Joomla articles. Both of these are very much popular; you can use any of these. You can easily add or manage your posts by using Joomla articles.

But if you do no like the Joomla articles than you can use K2. K2 is one of the very popular components to insert and manage contents over the dynamic websites. 


  • RTL & Retina Ready
  • Built with Helix framework & SP Page builder 


  • Typography is very poor
  • No homepage variation
  • 404 page design is poor

JA Focus

JA Focus is one of the best Joomla 3.7+ templates for news and magazine website. The core of this template is built with Bootstrap 3, T3 framework. The entire template is responsive with multiple content types including, category, featured, image gallery and video.

The amazing styles and section will highlight your news best that other templates. 

Flexible Layouts with Multiple Content Categories and Types

The JA Focus template gives you a fully flexible layout where you can use different categories for your content. These categories are Category, featured, video, image gallery, etc. Everything will look more decorous and your files will be well organized with this categories.

Image gallery article and video gallery articles are extended content type with additional fields. In this fields, you can add images gallery and videos to articles. Your front-end will look absolutely gorgeous with this video and image gallery. 

Powerful Megamenu

Menu helps the user to navigate on a specific page. The JA Focus template comes with the support of multiple menu systems. These are Off-canvas menu, dropdown menu, and megamenu. You can make your menu system a lot more attractive with the help of megamenu.

Fully Responsive with RTL Support

 JA Focus template provides you entirely responsive layout. Website built with this template will look good on every device, no matter its a mobile, tablet or laptop. Your site will exactly look same on each and every device.

Besides of responsive layout support, The JA Focus template also provides you RTL support. That means you will be able to translate your whole site with for special languages like Persian, Arab, etc. 


  • Entirely responsive
  • RTL support
  • Comes with mega menu


  • Typography is not so good
  • Home page is not so interactive

Notio Rocketthemes

Notio is one of the very beautiful template designed for the news magazine and other content-rich websites. It features a variety of different dynamic particles which enables you to easily

 Responsive Layouts with Multi Browser Support

The entire notio template is fully responsive which means it automatically adapts the width of viewing devices. So your site will look absolutely perfect on every device such as desktop, tablet or mobiles. The mobile mode of notio has a unique menu that aids usability. You can also use support classes of this theme to hide or display various types of content for each device.

The notio template gives you multi-browser support. Your site will be visible with every type of browser. No matter whether your visitors are using Chrome, firefox, opera or safari, they will always get the perfect site within their browser. 

Typography Control

Typography is one of the very important instruments on your website; it portrays your contents. Notio offers you a rich selection of elegant typography with options to change or adjust fonts, color, height, weight, space, margin, padding, etc. Your users will be delighted and feel comfort while he reads an article from your website build with notio template.

7 Layouts, 6 Preset Styles and Block Variations 

Notio offers you seven different preset styles, each of this will entirely change the look of your site. These layouts are - Full Width, left sidebar, right sidebar, two sidebars, two sidebars left, two sidebars right, and Rows & Columns. By default, there are six preset styles available, select that matches best with your site.

This template gives you numerous block variations; you can choose any of these and make your website. 

Gantry Framework

The core of the notio template is built with gantry framework inside. This framework provides you a lot of functionalities which will allow you to be in the control of your website. Gantry framework allows you to develop your site very easily and beautifully without compromising performance


  • One click color variation
  • Based on gantry framework
  • Video carousel


  • Low quality mega menu
  • No homepage variation


A template will lessen your hard work, so choose it wisely. Hope this article will help you to select your template according to your need. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 

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