By Uzzal Raz Bongshi on Monday, 11 September 2017
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Here Is The First Joomla Hosting Template That Comes With WHMCS Layouts

        Hosting spec is already crowded and being a new player here means, you have to face a lot of competition and challenges. One of the important challenges is; earning trust on the first impression. If a visitor trust you ended up being a customer.<br><br>In our research, we found many entrepreneurs and developer use cms template such as WordPress and Joomla for their marketing website. Most of these templates do not come with WHMCS integration which is the primary software for hosting billings and customer management.<br><br>As a result, a visitor sees no visual connection between your marketing site and check out/billing portal. It decreases their trust and reliability.<br><br>For solving this issue, we have created a Joomla hosting template with WHMCS style integrated. We are proud to say, JoomHost is the first Joomla hosting template in the market that comes with WHMCS integration, and it looks so good inside-out.<br>        
<span>What is WHMCS?</span></h2>        WHMCS is a complete solution pack for client management, billing, and support for your online business. It is a very powerful automation tool that handles everything by itself.<br><br>WHMCS provides you the facility of setting up hosting packages, billing, payment gateways, server provisioning APIs, fraud protection and domain registration services in one place.<br><br>Through WHMCS you can send high-quality invoices. A PDF version of the bill is also attached to the invoice that is sent over email.<br><br>Let's take a look at the features of WHMCS<br><br><ul><li>​<span>The creation, suspension, and termination of any account are maintained automatically.</span><br></li><li>The user can generate the statistical report of any period.<br></li><li>Keeping records and taxation support.<br></li><li>The look of the WHMCS panel can be changed using themes.<br></li><li>WHMCS provides multi language support for email and control panel.<br></li><li>Provides extra and other services for the customer.<br></li></ul><div><br></div>If you want to know more about WHMCS you can always look at the <a href="/" title="" class="">official site</a>.
        <h2>How JoomHost Looks Good With WHMCS</h2>     
        <h3>Homepage</h3>       <amp-img width="1345" height="630" layout="responsive" src=""></amp-img><p>​<span>JoomHost comes with stunning, minimalistic and clean material design. It provides ajax domain search, 7 header variation, distinct team page and other features. Keeping your business importance in mind, we have designed every page of JoomHost in an organized way.</span></p>
        <h3>Domain Registration Page</h3>       <amp-img width="1348" height="549" layout="responsive" src=""></amp-img><p>Using JoomHost template, you get full support to use WHMCS. At register page, customer search for the domain name he is wanting. Search results show information about the domain if it's available. The client can also pick up any name from the suggestions.<br><br>WHMCS enables you to generate the bill according to the domain automatically.<br></p>
        <h3>Domains Configuration Page</h3>     <amp-img width="1047" height="617" layout="responsive" src=""></amp-img><p>After choosing the domain, the client is redirected to the configuration page. From this page, the client adds hosting and sets nameservers. Nameserver interconnects domain and hosting.<br></p>
        <h3>Checkout Page</h3>      <amp-img width="1076" height="553" layout="responsive" src=""></amp-img><p>A client can check and edit his cart anytime he wants. Once he is confirmed, he can proceed to payment options.<br></p>
        <h3>Payment Details Page</h3>       <amp-img width="1063" height="580" layout="responsive" src=""></amp-img><p>WHMCS provides auto user registration, suspend and termination. After completing the checkout details, the client will be charged for the product. When payment is completed, the client gets full invoice auto generated via WHMCS along with a PDF file.<br></p>
        <h2>Conclusion</h2>     <p>JoomHost template provides you the perfect professional look on your websites.<br><br>We have an extensive<a href="" title="" class=""> documentation</a> at your disposal, where you will learn how to install and use WHMCS. For further support and inquiries you can always contact with our support and we will be happy to serve you as a customer.<br><br>If you have any suggestion or idea, you are just a comment box away.<br></p><p><button class="btn-eb"><a href=""><span>Explore JoomHost</span></a></button></p>
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