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Top 10 Joomla Form Builder Extensions That Makes Your Form Look Good

Forms are necessary part for any website. It delivers important informations and acts like a clue to the visitors that the webmaster is open for suggestion or conversation.

A sophisticated form always plays a vital role in any website that provides right aesthetics. Joomla Form Builder makes it easy to incorporate a form.

Probably you are you looking for a form builder for your Joomla site and not sure which one of the Joomla form builders to use.

Today, we will go through 10+ Joomla Form Extensions to Build Beautiful Form out there on the Joomla extension market.

JSN Uniform


JSN Uniform helps you to display your forms nicely and mannerly in any browsers and any devices with its responsive layout. You can also manage the forms with the effortless process. Without an extreme level of technical knowledge, anyone can build a form with this practical and sophisticated Joomla form builder.

Key Features:


RSForm helps you to design a form that will fit into any website. It includes three predefined themes to get you started. The available layouts allow you to display the information just the way you want it.

Key Features:

Xpert Contact


Xpert Contact featuring a simple contact form creation interface with fast loading functionality. You can add as many fields as possible from XML. You don't need to become a technology geek to use this. It also allows you to create multiple forms for multiple pages. You can get this Joomla form extension without cost a single penny.

Key Features:

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Breezing Forms


Breezing Forms is the most innovative and most powerful Joomla form builder extension till now. From a very basic contact form to a fully fledged form, this is the only one which will meet all your need.

Key Features:

JE Form Creator


JE Form Creator follow the MVC framework. You will find all the form fields in its library which you need to build a custom form. The built-in form layout allows to using this without any knowledge of coding.

Key Features:

Form Maker


Form Maker is the advanced and one of the most popular Joomla form builder available in Joomla extension market. The user-friendly back-end interface allows users to use it easily without any technical knowledge. The drag and drop function helps users to save lots of time from management.

Key Features:

JU Form


JU Form is a simple but powerful form builder extension for Joomla that allows to creating different kinds of form within a minute. Its built-in drag and drop function make life easy. Multiple validations keep you safe in the internet world.

Key Features:

Aikon Easy Form Builder


If you are looking for a Joomla form extension which will help you create an application form, contact form or a customer survey, then aikon Easy Form Builder is the one which you need. The easy and powerful tool helps you create a professional from with some simple clicks.

Key Features:

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The new version of Proforms is compatible with PHP 7. It is ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts. With lots of professional functionality, Proforms is very easy to use.

Key Features:

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Easy Form


If you are looking for a simple drag and drop form builder, look no further than Easy Form that helps you to create forms quickly and efficiently. This extension is compatible with external or another third party extensions.

Key Features:

You have gone through the list of best Joomla forms extensions, by this time. Which one looks most appealing to you? Let us know through the comment section. If you need any other Joomla extensions check our website.

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