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Joomla 4.0 Untold Features & Changes

With the end of each day, Joomla is marching forward to release its ultimate version. Just a few days ago Joomla 3.8.3 has been released and now version 4 is coming. You might be thinking what's new is arriving with the upcoming version?

Well, there is a lot of features are coming with Joomla 4. There has been a significant change on the user interface, dashboard, and backend with the new update.

I have already shown how the user interface is going to look on previous post. Now let's check out what features are coming with Joomla 4. 
        <h2>Updated System Requirements</h2>        
        <p>Joomla 4 will not run on backdated systems; it must meet the following requirements:</p><ul><li>​<span>PHP7</span><br></li><li>PostgreSQL 9.2<br></li><li>MySQL 5.5.3<br></li><li>SQL Server support has been dropped.&nbsp;<br></li></ul>       <amp-img width="870" height="440" layout="responsive" src="images/easyblog_articles/519/b2ap3_large_php7.jpg"></amp-img>
        <h3>PHP 7 is a Must in Joomla 4</h3>        
        <p>Joomla 4 is coming with the latest version of PHP. By the time when Joomla 4 releases, the security support for PHP 5 will be available for less than one year. So after the release of Joomla 4, user must use PHP 7.</p><p> Besides PHP 7 has 50% better consumption of memory and so many performance improvements, that makes your Joomla site run twice as fast compared to PHP 5. </p><p>Joomla 3.x was first released in September 2012, and its support will come to an end after eight years. We are assuming that Joomla 4 will be released in 2018 and will have the similar lifetime as Joomla 3. So you can see this is a very long time to give support for a software.</p>        
        <h3>PHP MySQL Extension</h3>        
        From now on Joomla will no longer support PHP's ext/mysql driver, since it was removed on PHP 7.0. Joomla will fail to create a database connection if it cannot use mysqli extension or mysql PDO Driver which is available since PHP 5.3. <span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span>     <amp-img width="870" height="440" layout="responsive" src="images/easyblog_articles/519/b2ap3_large_package.jpg"></amp-img>
        <h3>Package Removal</h3>        
        <p>Joomla 4 comes with a fair number of refactored libraries, and for the current instance these two packages are entirely removed from the framework:</p><ul><li>​<span>Compat</span><br></li><li>Log - Instead you can use PSR-3 compatible logging package.&nbsp;<br></li></ul><p><span>There might be <a href="" class="">compatibility</a> issues with Joomla 4, so it's better to know them before Joomla 4 arrives. ​</span></p>      
        <h2>Features of Joomla</h2>     <amp-img width="870" height="440" layout="responsive" src="images/easyblog_articles/519/b2ap3_large_bootstrap-4.jpg"></amp-img>
        <h3>Integration with Bootstrap 4 in Core UI</h3>        
        Finally, it's time to say goodbye to Bootstrap version 2 and from now on Joomla will be integrated with the latest version of Bootstrap. This will help very much to build mobile responsive websites with ease. <span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span>        <amp-img width="870" height="440" layout="responsive" src="images/easyblog_articles/519/b2ap3_large_loading.jpg"></amp-img>
        <h3>Faster Page Loading Times<span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span></h3>        <p>To make Joomla more faster, Joomla developers team focuses on coding quality. Improved coding quality with modern technologies will help to enhance the page loading times of Joomla.&nbsp;</p>
        <h3>Usage of More Joomla Framework Packages<span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span></h3>     
        Joomla framework is also getting updated with the Joomla main version. In the framework, new renderer, console package has been added, and several packages have been refactored. To make Joomla more, fluent the usage of the framework has been increased. <span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>      
        <h3>Event Management System Refactored<span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span></h3>      
        New Joomla comes with more stability in event management as the developers are trying to make it better and better. <span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>       
        <h3>Introduction of a Service Container for Global Dependency Management/Injection<span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span></h3>        
        The construction and life cycle of objects can be controlled with Dependency Injection. It provides a simple IoC Container for applications. This new service container will be available with Joomla 4. <span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>        
        <h3>Removal of jQuery From Core<span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span></h3>     
        Joomla version 3.x uses jQuery JavaScript library. However, it has many issues and needs additional plugins. With Joomla 4, jQuery dependency will be completely removed from core.js. It will be converted to plain JS. <span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>      
        <h3>Introduction of Framework Agnostic Web Components<span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span></h3>     
        Till now adoption of framework agnostic web components has been very slow though it helps to reduce time and testing requirements. That's why this time <a href="">Framework agnostic web components</a> will be introduced with&nbsp;Joomla 4.&nbsp;<div>This is a collection of all the components that are used in new Joomla, and these are developed with the new W3C standard. <span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>        </div>
        <h2>Features under development in Joomla 4.0</h2>       
        <p>The following features are currently under development process:</p><ul><li><a href="">MVC layer Improvements</a><span>.</span><br></li><li><a href="" class="">Full code namespacing</a><span>.</span><br></li><li>User Interface <a href="">Backend template</a><span>, </span><a href="">Frontend Template</a><br></li><li><a href="">New Media Manager</a><br></li><li><a href="">Framework</a><span> and</span><br></li><li><a href="">General Improvements</a><br></li></ul>       <amp-img width="870" height="440" layout="responsive" src="images/easyblog_articles/519/b2ap3_large_joomla-2x.jpg"></amp-img>
        <h2>Joomla Framework 2.x</h2>       <p>Joomla framework 1.x is coming to an end with the release of framework 2.x. The new framework will introduce new library packages, remove previously deprecated functionality and raise the minimum supported PHP version to PHP 7. </p><p>Joomla 2.0 framework will be the first release of the next Joomla framework.&nbsp;</p>
        <h3>Main features of Joomla Framework 2.0</h3>      <ul><li>​<span>New rendering package providing support for rendering templates with many popular PHP libraries (including Twig, Mustache, and Blade.</span><br></li><li>New Console package for building command line applications<br></li><li>Following packages are refactored<br></li></ul><p><span>1.Session package<br></span><span>2.Router package<br></span><span>3.Dependency Injection package, including support for the PSR-11 container interface<br></span><span>4.Cache package providing support for both the PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching interfaces<br></span><span>5.HTTP package providing support for PSR-7 Requests and Responses</span></p><amp-img width="1279" height="848" layout="responsive" src="images/easyblog_articles/519/b2ap3_large_Joomla-4-user-inteface.png"></amp-img>
        <h2>Joomla 4 User Interface</h2>        Along with features, Joomla user interface has shaped to a new look also. You can peek a look at the new user interface of Joomla 4 from our post- <a href="">New Joomla 4.0 User Interface</a>. In the post, you will also be able to know every detail about the interface.<span class="redactor-invisible-space">​</span><div><br></div><div>Joomla 4 is under construction; if you have any suggestion or thoughts regarding features, User Interface or anything you can let us know through the comments section.<br><span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span><div><span class="redactor-invisible-space"><br></span></div></div>
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