By Ahmed Eshaan (Faysal) on Sunday, 13 September 2015
Category: News & Updates

Introducing Onepager - First cross platform onepage builder

​Frankly speaking, we are comparatively very new in WordPress market. When we first started to build a one page theme for WordPress, we found there are no standard for building one page themes. Everyone is busy to build with their own standard so if you change the theme the whole experience shift abruptly.

We sat together and asked ourselves, can we make something that gives customer a unified experience to both users as well as developers so they can make one page WordPress theme easily.

After 6 months of hard work, We're proudly presenting OnePager, the first cross platform one ‪‎page website builder for ‪‎WordPress and ‪Joomla(coming soon). Though we released OnePager about a month ago, didn't announce it officially from ThemeXpert blog. Because We are waiting for its stable release and valuable exposure.

We're really thankful to our developers, whose perseverance turned into stable release of OnePager for WordPress and got featured on Product Hunt. Thinking about its price, right? But let me inform you OnePager is absolutely FREE available in WordPress plugins directory. 

The  idea of OnePager comes with a single input box and evolved to a true WYSIWYG frontend editor, meaning no hassle of moving back and forth accessing the settings for building a website. You will get what you see.

We build One Pager with 90/10 rules means we have done 90% work and you need to give only 10% effort to make an eye catching website. Want to know how to make a one page website with OnePager, right? Here is a quick video to show you its excellence.  

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