By Parvez Akther on Monday, 28 November 2011
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Expose Framework - Theming is like A,B,C

Surprise! we are very proud to announce our next generation theme framework, Expose! Over the last couple of month we work hard on it and put our best effort to make a next generation theme framework. After releasing 1st version of Expose framework on April 2011 and we moved ourself to make it robust, powerful and dynamic theme framework for end-user and developers. Often people think that framework contain a lot of over bloated code and unnecessary features which slow down there site. Expose is quite opposite of that, because it based on our couple of years experience and it uses most of the best practices of web development. Its not re-inventing the wheel! it just a great toolset to develop and maintain robust themes.

Expose framework will help you to make robust, feature rich theme from scratch just like writing A,B,C! We’ll provide a series of blog post about all the features and details how Expose works.

Here is some key features:

Release Date and what next?

We aimed to release Expose version 3 in the middle of December Joomla team announced to release Joomla 2.5 on or before Dec 20th and Joomla 1.7 will end of its life so we will release the framework with our template after Dec 20th after some testing with new version of Joomla, until then we’ll keep you updated by providing series of blog posts.

You can join Expose mailing list or follow us on Twitter to get update report as soon as it arrived.

Special thanks to Jonathan Shroyer for his contribution on code and valuable suggestion.

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