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11 Trending Email Template Styles in 2019

Asaduzzaman Abir

13 mins

Email is a fundamental pillar within the digital marketing toolbox, but both professionals and companies that use this channel need to evolve and update their tactics if they want to serve an increasingly changing and demanding audience. In this post, we will leap into the future considering the trends of email marketing, the evolution of subscribers' habits and the inclination towards segmented and personalized shipments.

As we would have never imagined, digital marketing presents the opportunity to approach an unusually high number of consumers. However, just as the possibilities are immense, there are also risks and new challenges that brands must face if they want to make good use of online tools and channels.

In the first instance, it is vital that you understand that the platforms have evolved along with the new technologies and how we communicate not only as consumers but as a society in general. In other words, users and buyers no longer behave passively, they are not mere recipients of a unidirectional communication nor are they willing to interact with a piece as massive as empty of specific content.

In this framework of technological versatility and increasingly demanding user demands, the key to your company's ability to expand its horizons and achieve its commercial objectives is to take advantage of all the benefits and opportunities of e-mail following the trends of email marketing.

For some time now (and more pronounced last year) the automation of marketing has become a beneficial and coveted action for the immediate benefits that it provides. The subscriber can receive in his inbox the emails that are conditional with their interests and activities, improving not only the metrics and analytics but also the effectiveness of the messages to be intelligently segmented.

If your goal is to personalize seasonal campaigns, monthly newsletters, transactional shipments, informative emails or promotional templates, first you need to think about the subscriber and then your needs. How to adjust each of the templates to this new dynamic? Do not move from the chair because these secrets are what we reveal to you next!

Why Use the Most Converting Templates for Email Marketing?


Users receive dozens of emails a day. From similar offers to better ones. That is a problem for brands, as they have to compete continuously. At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity to launch the most creative strategies and create the most converting templates for email marketing.

In this way, designers and advertisers have the opportunity to stand out from the competition and create unique designs and strategies. Closer to the audience. Also, do not forget the content of the template itself. After all, the packaging is what attracts the audience, but the content is what makes it stay. Therefore, it would be a great mistake to neglect the content in favor of the form.

Trending Email Template Styles in 2019


​Email marketing meets all the requirements for your company to succeed. Because of its interaction and integration with other platforms, the low capital investment it requires, the positive return on investment, even the flexibility to all types of businesses, this tool is ideal to move forward successfully throughout 2019. To do this, you should be aware of their progress and adjust your practices accordingly.

Bold Typography

In the era of personalization, emails must be adapted to the tastes of consumers. We do not communicate the same with a baby boomer as with a millennial. Maybe one prefers flat text, other gifs, and emoji's. Redefining a design style for each type of user will help companies to better connect with their audience.

This was a trend last year, and it is also a top trend to look out for this 2019. This trend is applied by most companies to emphasize critical phrases or to attract interest to their slogan.

Note: that it is not recommended to write all the texts in bold, this is one-way traffic to a messy HTML email template.

Highlighting Phrases

​This is another trend to attract our recipients' mindfulness to the main message. A typical example of a company doing this is Salesforce. The use of this trick in emails for event reminders or event invitation emails. Highlighting key phrases ensures that our email recipients understand or grab the most important information, or develop the curiosity to know more.

Humanize Your Emails

The marketing field is becoming more and more crowded, and the competition keeps growing. Customer loyalty is becoming an increasingly important priority for companies, and humanizing your email is essential today.

While in another time, price and supply would have been enough to win and retain customers, a loyal consumer base today means that businesses today have to work hard to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Creating an emotional connection between the brand and its customers is the key to strengthening the relationship with them.

Throughout 2018, some brands have already begun to talk much more about what makes them unique and to present their values as a way to bond with their customers.

This 2019, it will be critical to have a positive impact and to tell your story conclusively, as consumers today are more cautious and less driven by aggressive selling points.

Instead, they will be much more open to brand storytelling and brand values. Take advantage of this.

Infographics Delivers

A good opening of emails with infographics can make the subscribers smile. That is to say, that brands can leave a good memory in the imaginary of the users presenting an image language of the users.

In this way, brands join an increasingly growing trend among users at the same time that they have the opportunity to be closer. And the use of infographics in the email body has proven to have very positive aspects for companies. The infographics in emails allow express the content of the subject quickly, immediately and with a higher degree of expression in addition to being an additional resource to improve commitment to the recipients.

Also, the most converted templates for email marketing incorporate infographics because they help simplify the matter.

Photos of Prominent People

The templates that convert most for email marketing are those that adapt to the areas of the brand. That is, if the advertiser works for an engine company, it must incorporate elements of that field. In this way, users are better accessed. In that sense, it is easier to attract readers and convert them.

Also, it allows a greater personification, which at the same time generates some closeness with the user. For example, in some areas, such as fashion, well-being or healthy living, there is a tendency to use influencers as an image in digital content. It is increasingly common that they appear representing a brand in advertising, networks or newsletters, and it is the influencers represent better than others the market in which they are.

Therefore, it is a wise move to incorporate influencers, as testimony or element into the templates that convert most for email marketing. However, if the representative aspects of the market are other, it would correspond to introduce them to them.

Applying GIF's in Emails

The templates that convert most for email marketing are those that know how to adapt to new trends. The trends reflect the tastes of the users. That is, what they expect to receive because they like it and therefore consume it. Succeeding with the design of the template implies taking into account the current tastes and tendencies of the users.

Currently, advertisers must build bridges to new technologies and incorporate increasingly interactive content within emails. Video and images are safe bets in email marketing. However, you can go a step further and include, for example, moving pictures or GIF's. Why not make the entire newsletter a GIF?

Apply Videos in Emails

Among the trends of email marketing, it is increasingly fashionable to embed videos, one of the biggest players in the digital world and the king of content marketing. Besides being super attractive and captivating, they have the peculiarity of adapting to any goal you have when creating your campaign.

Among the great benefits of this content format, we can say that while a person retains 10% of what they read or hear, remember 50% of what they see. Also, and according to a study, the use of video in email marketing increases the CTR of products by up to 55 %, the subscriber's time with the piece by 44% and the chances of it 41% be shared on social networks and forwarded to acquaintances or friends.

However, there are still insurmountable technical barriers that prevent their natural use. Most standard e-mail managers do not have the possibility of running video, something that will be corrected in the future when they all allow the use of HTML5, a language that can be used display video natively.

Faced with this problem, there are alternatives for you to take advantage of the potential of a good video in a mailing campaign. Among the most used is the image capture simulating the video but it will be reproduced outside the email (you only have to insert an image with a play icon superimposed that induces the user to click on it to play it where it is hosted). You can also use an animated gif to show the first images of the video (giving the impression that it is playing but when clicking on it the real page in which it is inserted opens).

Integrating Interactive Elements

The templates that convert most for email marketing must also be original and practical. Precisely for this reason they must be responsive and adapt to the format needs of any user. Otherwise, they will not convert to leads, and they will not even attract the buyer person.

A survey ensures that more than 27% of marketers believe that interactive emails have a significant impact. Also, he affirms that users like to interact with varied contents. Among others, with images, controls, buttons, questionnaires, search bars, and surveys, among others.

The templates that convert most for email marketing are those that include a section in which the user can interact. For example, in the case of an e-commerce product sale, you can add a direct purchase option. In this way, users have the opportunity to buy what they see and what they are interested in. It responds immediately to the needs and impulses of users.

Also, to feel that the process is natural and that it does not cost effort the user will tend to become loyal. In that sense, users positively appreciate that they can unsubscribe at any time. The templates that convert most for email marketing should incorporate this type of element at the end of it.

The Ability for Customers to Share Emails

The use of master templates and email creation tools will help optimize time and resources. On the other hand, marketing specialists must work to provide greater access to their emails to promote the inclusion of people with their emails.

This trend consists of providing the design of the emails with an interactivity layer to simulate an experience more similar to the web. How? Adding Share pop-up buttons, interactive share zones or carousels, with the aim of encouraging subscribers to interact with and share the brand and its products.

Personalizing Emails

Surely you are a witness and protagonist of those emails that arrive every day bombing the box and that are automatically deleted because they have nothing to do with the intentions and habits of consumption. To personalize messages and strengthen the relationship with your subscribers, it is necessary that you depurate and know very well the lists that make up your database.

In this 2019, try to be more detailed and particular! The subscriber is not interested in receiving from you a generic message but a campaign specially designed and designed for him. Point out your emails does not mean merely use the custom fields of first and last name but segment the contacts following personal data, behavior patterns with previous shipments, demographic data and interests of users based on their activity in social networks.

And a very technical challenge but with an impressive result: you can do like Burberry that sent its subscribers an email in which they were allowed to choose a color to personalize a scarf that also bore the initials of the recipient. While this option requires mastering the coding of adaptive emails and using scripts on the server to change the initials of each subscriber's image, we encourage you to play around with Webkit-based email clients.

The email marketing automation tools go a step further with the integration of artificial intelligence. It is no longer enough to segment databases by sex or geographic area. Thanks to the AI we can provide personalized experiences through the data to communicate with consumers at a more emotional level. For example, by sending scheduled mail based on time zones, local holidays or consumer buying preferences.

Email Signatures

The best templates that convert most for email marketing take into account your audience. It is not only a question of establishing which buyer or lead person you want to reach. The demographic data are also relevant when designing the most converted templates for email marketing. However, another relevant information to know is the generation to which the users belong.

Currently, there is a relevant gap between millennials and centennials. It is about two age bands, very close, that nevertheless react differently to sending emails. Centennials use all the latest resources and technologies. That is, for example, they no longer use SMS. So carrying out an SMS marketing campaign with them would be a clear mistake.

Therefore, digital strategies that come from analog trends have no meaning with this type of audience. Email marketing for centennials should be personal and direct to them, and Email Signatures is one of them.

Final Words

All in all, in 2019, companies will work to make their e-mail communications much more effective. As e-mail grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch the user's attention.

The targeted approach of relevant messages, attractive interactive designs, and compelling brand storytelling, which presents the company as a reliable partner to the customer, are today crucial for a successful e-mail marketing strategy.

Internally, privacy will continue to impact the way companies work, as well as changes in team collaboration.

The trend towards distributed teams as well as growth in marketing departments and the involvement of external agencies require redefining the processes and finding suitable tools for team collaboration.

In the online world, new technologies emerge every day, user behavior evolves, and best practices change to achieve the best sales and loyalty results. Now that you know these top 11 trends of email marketing in 2019, you will understand that the actions change, the channels are not static, and the preferences of the users are increasingly punctual and demanding. It is up to you to take the initiative to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns by listening and complying with what your consumers ask for.
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