By Ahmed Eshaan (Faysal) on Wednesday, 15 April 2015
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DigiCom Beta 2 Released

As little drops of water make the mighty ocean, on the other hand, DigiCom is growing the same as ocean every day. Our in-house developers and testing team are in hectic to make DigiCom more powerful and feature-rich. For their perseverance and your contribution, we are going to release the second beta version of DigiCom. In the second beta release, we perform a couple of tasks according to your roadmap. Here are those. 

We are really glad many of you have involved in issue submission and feature enhancement. If you are the first time here in this blog post, want to contribute in DigiCom. You are always welcome. You can join us for discussion in Gitter chatroom and report bugs on Github directly. For more details and instruction, have a look our previous article.

Chat us in Gitter   Download DigiCom
We have been repeatedly asked about DigiCom those who are newly getting added in your ThemeXpert family. So, If you are just here and curious about DigiCom. Here the couple of posts that give everything, you want to know. 
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