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10 Minutes Site - The Power of Quix : Create Business Website in Just 10 Minutes

Uzzal Raz Bongshi

5 mins

Hello guys!! Hope you are already informed about the series post to show the Capabilities of quix. Currently we are running a campaign to make websites under 10 minutes with power of quix.

This is the second post of the series and it will cover- simple approach to make a business website in 10 minutes. In previous post we have shown to create personal portfolio site within 10 minutes.

Let's talk no more and start making own business site. 


 You will need a couple of stuffs for this purpose. Find the list of required components from below.

  • Quix Pagebuilder
  • Any Joomla Template(ex. Biznes)
  • T3 Framework

Step 1: Download

In very beginning you must download all the required files. Links are provided below, so just follow the link and download at once. 

Step 2: Unpublishing Previous Modules

Before you start it is important to unpublish any previous modules or else it might conflict with new modules.

  • Go to Extensions > Modules
  • Now select on all modules and click on Unpublish.

Step 3: Installation

After Download completed you have to install the template and other components in regular process.

  • Go to Extensions > Manage > Install and Upload Package File.

Now activate the template by making it default from

  • Extensions > Templates > Styles
If you stuck installing quix or need any help you can always check the documentation​ and ask help from support team. 

Step 4: Home Page Creation

It's time to create the homepage of the site. Quix has made page building so much easy, all you need to do is dragging and dropping.

  • Go to Quix > Pages > New.
  • Give title of your home page.
  • Click on Save & Close

For adding contents in the pages you have two ways. Either you can Use ADD FROM TEMPLATE button or use ADD NEW SECTION ​button. ​ 

Step 5: Blocks Creation

Now lets add some contents to your empty page and make it look business ready. You can add as much as blocks you want.

With Quix you have sky limit possibilities with you. With this 50+ elements, customize the page in your way and find the creativity inside you. For learning more you can check the video tutorial page. 

But for now I am adding About, What We Do, Team, Partner block in my home page one by one. 

  • Click ADD NEW SECTION button.
  • Click on Add Columns and select the number of columns you want to take.
  • I am taking one column.
  • Now click on Add Elements. 

As soon as you click, a list of all quix element is loaded and you can add any element from the list.

  • I am taking Slider Pro element.
  • Choose the image, height and save.
  • You can add more elements and customize yourself in the way you want with Quix.
  • Add more sections / blocks using your preferred combination of quix elements. 

A business site can be built in any way you like. It might confuse you a little to choose which blocks to create. To help you out I am providing some suggestions:

What We Do SectionSection Title, Text, Blurb, Image.

Recent Work: Section Title, Filterable Gallery.

Team : Section title, Person.

About Us: Image, Section title, Text, Button.

After putting all blocks together, it will look like above.

Wait a minute. Your site doesn't looks like this? Don't worry, it is not necessary to look your site exactly like this.

Find the creativity inside you and make the site even better. 

Step 6: Labeling Sections

Each time you make a new section, an id for the section is automatically generated. You can use a specific id for reusing same section, but it is difficult to remember the auto generated id. When the section or block creation is finished take a note of the blocks, for which you want to create navigation menu.

  • Go to Quix > Pages
  • Select your homepage.
  • Scroll to section, on which you want to give label and click on purple colored settings icon.
  • Now under Advanced tab give your preferred ID and save it.

Similarly label all the sections you want to assign on the navigation menu. 

Step 7: Creating Navigation Menu

It's time to create the Navigation menu on top of the site. Navigation menu helps you to navigate to different sections and pages. Lets find how to create it. 

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item
  • From Details tab select Menu Item Type as Quix > Page.
  • On Select the page option choose your homepage.
  • Check if the parent item is Menu Item Root.
  • Press Save & Close.

Step 8: Assigning Certain Sections with Menus

Now let's put the blocks under specific section. So when you will click on the menu item, it will take you to that specific section of the home page.

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item
  • From Details tab select Menu Item Type as System Links > URL.
  • Now give the menu title.
  • On the Link field, type the ID of the specific section that you want to place on the Menu.
  • Do not forget to place "#" before your link.
  • Save & Close.

In this way assign all the sections with the specific menu.

Step 9: Footer Customization

Footer can be customized with any elements or modules. It can be customized creatively. At here I am showing to create copyright information on the footer. 

  • First create a new section.
  • Add the number of column.
  • Take a text element and write your information.
  • Save & Close.

I have taken one column and text element. 

Step 10: Save and Close

After every editing always remember to click on save and close. Without saving, none of your changes will be made. You can easily save with green save button or by pressing "Win + S" (Windows) or "Command + S" (Mac).


I hope you have quite got it- how easy to create a business site with quix. If you wish to build your own template then check out this post - A Complete Guide to Create Marketplace Ready Onepage Joomla Template. If you need any help or have any queries you can comment at below. Be smart, be Quix.
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