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Your Guide To Choosing Awesome Domain Names

Uzzal Raz Bongshi

13 mins

Did you decided to create your website and do not know what name to use? The choice of domain is the first step for your site to approach new customers or keep you in touch with the current ones.

The domain is the name that identifies your company, if the domain name is not appropriate, you will lose traffic on your website and visits from potential customers on the Internet, although it does not necessarily coincide directly with the name of your company or brand.

It is not enough that the name pleases you: choosing it correctly is essential so that your clients, current and potential, can find you in the big network. 

Choosing the domain name of your blog is a sensitive issue because you know that:

  • It is the name to which your brand and your business will be associated for a long time.
  • It will influence your positioning on the Internet since it is one of the factors that Google will value to show you in searches.
  • And not only do you want Google to listen to you, but you want people to remember your blog.
  • And being so delicate, you may have very clear the steps to do when you have your blog, but you have been stuck indefinitely in the choice of your domain for fear of messing up.

Well with this post I want to solve all your doubts about it and after reading it you will have a clear idea, what your domain name will be.

 Anatomy of a Bad Domain

 This is what you should avoid if you do not want to choose a domain:

  • No special characters such as accents or numbers: although they sell them to you, Google does not manage these domains.
  • Contains characters that generate confusion such as hyphens (regular or low), numbers, double consonants, etc.
  • It is not a .com, nor a .net or .org domains. It only serves if the scope of action is local today and tomorrow (think of a store or a restaurant).
  • It is not easy to remember.
  • It does not transmit an idea.
  • It has equivocal spelling: avoid abbreviations or the new "spelling" of the SMS, unless you are 100% sure that your audience will understand without problems.
  • It is a registered trademark: if you are not the owner or if you do not have an explicit written agreement of this trademark, it is illegal to use a domain with a registered trademark.
  • If you have something similar now as a domain for your blog, I sincerely believe that you should consider changing your domain as soon as possible.
It is essential that you understand that the success of your project is based on getting different from others. It is not about being one more in the market, but about being the one that stands out in this niche. 
If you have not interacted in the niche before and you buy the domain almost on impulse, very quickly, you probably have no idea how to achieve this differentiation.

9 Errors that You Cannot Commit when Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is essential when starting a blog, and yet you are not usually given the importance it has. Sometimes it's because of ignorance, and that's why in this article I'm going to show you the mistakes you should not make when choosing the domain name for your blog.

What Errors You Should Not Commit?

  • Error 1: Design your corporate image before choosing a domain name
  • Error 2: Do not give importance to the last name
  • Error 3: Too long
  • Error 4: Difficult to pronounce or write
  • Error 5: Difficult to remember
  • Error 6: Spelling errors
  • Error 7: Choose a domain name similar to another brand
  • Error 8: Use hyphens or numbers
  • Error 9: Paralysis by analysis

Error 1: Design Your Corporate Image before Choosing a Domain Name

I remember once that an acquaintance came to show me his business cards, which had a spectacular design for my taste. The truth is that aesthetically they were beautiful.

The problem came when I searched Google for its brand name, and another competing company appeared that already had that domain registered.

At first, this person did not give much importance until it came to their ears that some of the potential clients he visited ended up closing agreements with this competing company. Why? Well, because they searched on Google, they found that company and thought they were the same.

So first of all, in this provider, you can check if the domain name you like is taken or not. And you can also buy it at a very competitive price.

Error 2: Don't Give Importance to the Last Name

The best domains are in this order the .com, .net, .org. I have no idea why, but when choosing a domain name, you should keep it in mind because they position much better than other extensions.

A few months ago I was talking to an SEO consultant, and it seems that search engines penalize specific extensions because at the time they were economic options that were used for bad practices.

Error 3: Too Long

A name that is too long can be the online equivalent of committing suicide because no one is going to make such a critical mental effort for you.

Also, the longer the length, the more likely it is that they misspell it.

Error 4: Difficult to Pronounce or Write

When choosing a domain name, one factor you should keep in mind about almost everyone is not to put your audience in a hurry when writing it. Try to make it a name that is written as it sounds, and let it seem like it is written.

Sometimes we make mental straws and intend to invent a very cool international mega-nom when your market is local. Look at your market when choosing a domain name and adapt it to your culture.

Error 5: Difficult to Remember

Your domain name must be memorable and reproducible. Rememberable for the user to retain it, and repeatable so that it can be transmitted to others (word of mouth effect).

Another essential characteristic is that it is related to what you do. Can you imagine a reformed company with a name like Twitter?

Error 6: Spelling Errors
It is obvious, but don't make spelling mistakes when choosing your domain. Mainly because when you realize you will have to buy a correct domain name, and therefore an extra expense that you can avoid.

Error 7: Choose a Domain Name Similar to Another Brand

Whenever possible, you should choose a domain name that is unique, that does not use generic terms, and that is short and catchy, like the title of the summer song.

Of course, keep in mind that if you choose a name that is similar to a leading brand, it is possible that you will start by mistake of excess email or phone (if you provide it). Maybe that's not the best thing if you're starting, and you have little structure.

Error 8: Use Hyphens and Numbers

Your domain must be a word or a set of words. Don't go around or try to invent hot water.

It doesn't matter how tempting a domain name may be that is already booked and got hyphens or numbers to it. Don't name with hyphens or numbers.

It is difficult to verbally communicate a domain name that has a hyphen or a number. When someone hears one of these domain names, it is possible to doubt if a script is required and if the numbers are written with words or numbers.

Error 8: Use Hyphens and Numbers

Your domain must be a word or a set of words. Don't go around or try to invent hot water.

It doesn't matter how tempting a domain name may be that is already booked and got hyphens or numbers to it. Don't name with hyphens or numbers.

It is difficult to verbally communicate a domain name that has a hyphen or a number. When someone hears one of these domain names, it is possible to doubt if a script is required and if the numbers are written with words or numbers.

Error 9: Paralysis by Analysis

Don't give too many laps to this. It is important, but it is more important that you take action.

Not deciding or taking too long is a grave error. You can't choose a perfect domain name. It is better to select an appropriate one.

So, How to Choose an Appropriate Domain Name?

And above all, don't get obsessed with the keywords when choosing a domain name, because the search engines don't give much importance to this topic.

Here are some practical tips:

Easy to Remember, Pronounce, Write, and Understand!

Choose the most straightforward name possible. If it's easy, people are much more likely to remember it and access your page. Ideally, when someone reads it or hears it, will be able to recognize it without problems, either to enter your site or to recommend it to someone else. You should opt for words that do not lend themselves to confusion.

The Brand or Keywords?

The brand or name of the company can be used directly as a domain, primarily if they are already settled in the minds of customers. Regarding web positioning, it is more beneficial if the domain contains "keywords," for example, "auto" if it is a car dealership or "rent" in the case of a real estate. These words achieve the positioning (the location) in the search engines, although they don't directly represent your "brand."

No to Special Characters!

Scripts, numbers, limited use letters, abbreviations, foreign words should be omitted in your domain name. The objective is always that the clients remember you easily, creating domains with these characteristics will only bring confusion! 

Was it a medium or low script? Customers don't know where to put the symbol or do not remember if it is there or not. Is it written three or 3? The number is advisable to use it only when it is very representative of the brand, for example in Also, avoid using words with "ñ"; Although it is already admitted, people tend to get confused and can complicate the access of foreigners.

The Shorter, The Better

  In practice, long domains can be registered. The domains allow up to 19 characters some international ones even more. But always keep in mind: the goal is remembering, and a long name is harder to remember. The general recommendation is not to exceed 12 characters and, ideally, to consist of a single word or, at best, two. ( is more memorable than

Registration of Similar Domains 

Salome, salomes? Perhaps it suits you to register both domains, singular, and plural; that allows you to have control, always redirecting traffic to the correct page. It is also ideal to register domains with the most common typographical or orthographic errors or overlapping letters as in The same happens with the genres. 

Keep in mind that a typing error can lead your client to a different page, and even to one of your competitors.

Registration of Several Extensions 

.Com,, .net, .org? The .com is already installed in the minds of people (that's why it's more than convenient to take it into account), but there are many extensions available. Different pages may have the same domain, but with different extensions: and turn out to be different sites. 

Therefore, it is best to register your domain, in the various extensions in which you qualify, for redirections then to the main extension. The idea is to prevent your customers from getting lost along the way.

Register It As Soon As Possible!

Finding a name that suits you may not be an easy task since many domains have been registered, even when there are no associated sites. When you decide on an option, and it is available, register it right away.

What are the Best Options when Choosing a Domain Name?

There are four best different options for choosing a domain name;

Option 1: Personal Brand, the Power of Your Name

 The first, and the simplest, if you bet for your personal brand thinking of positioning yourself as an expert profile in your niche, is directly your name and your surnames.

This is interesting for consultants, coaches and individual profiles who want to sound by their name.

What problem can you have?

If you have a famous name, it is possible that the domain is already reserved. In this case, it is always better to try to maintain the choice of a domain that is either .com, .net or. org and avoid special characters such as hyphens or underscores, which make it difficult to understand the domain.

It gives a little trouble like this domain is very long, as long as it perfectly reflects what your name and your surnames are.

For example,

  • It does not help the position on Google
  • It can complicate the sale or transfer of this platform, is so linked to the original owner of the project

Option 2: Branding, an Indelible Stamp

In this case -I am already thinking about a company, a center, a school or a professional that intends to scale the team - the option is to bet on the branding (the name of your brand) in your domain name

To make it work better, look for something like we've pointed out before:

  • Easy to remember
  • That transmits benefits for a collective
  • That is not too long.
  • These would be the main characteristics that you have to confer to your domain name.

It will have to do with the mission of your company, the values and surely with your unique value proposition to be able to capture, in 12 characters at the most, all your ideas in a domain that will be here to build your brand.


  • It is not explicit
  • It costs a lot of money to position a brand in the market, even if it's digital
  • It does not help to the position on Google

Option 3: Keywords, Call Things by Their Names

Another option you have is to integrate a keyword in the domain itself. It is explicit and functional. The first thing you have to do is a study of keywords, to know which would be the keyword of reference for which you want to position yourself. The most logical thing is that it is something related to your solutions, your specialty or your profession.

An example would be

And it is beneficial if your goal is to be a reference portal on a subject, or you have, for example, an online store where the keywords are even more critical.

Google increasingly gives less importance to that topic in its algorithm, but it is logical that it influences when positioning the first articles.

I'm not saying that this is done overnight because the time scale on Google is very slow. Be clear that when you launch a project, the first three months you will have to prove to Google that you are severe and meanwhile they will ignore you.

But it is true that if you use keywords in your domain, in the short and medium term, it will be noticed in the positioning.


  • Hyper-specialized names sometimes present a partial reality, since often a store sells more than one category of products
  • It sounds shabby, publicist's device or SEO: it removes credibility the reputation of the business
  • Obsolescence risk


Having your web platform is an essential aspect for every web businesses, but naming is a necessary decision for that platform. Every web designer knows the great importance of naming in other to integrate the focus of the platform in the website design. 

Domain naming should be something approached with strategic importance to avoid futures issues we have mentioned above in this article.

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