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5 Quick Ways to Optimized Your WordPress Site and Reduce Bounce Rate

5 Quick Ways to Optimized Your WordPress Site and Reduce Bounce Rate

Before we enter the details, let us first cover the definition of the term ‘Bounce Rate’.

Bounce Rate refers the measure of the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing their current page without checking out other pages. The sooner they move from your site, the more negative bounce rate you get.

To know your current bounce rate use Google Analytics, it helps you to track your bounce rate, page views, and so forth that determine the health of your website. 

Ideally, If your bounce rate is below 50%, this indicates that your site is safe, if your bounce rate exceeds 60%, you should get worried, and if your bounce rate is over 80%, you are in serious trouble.

Numerous factors can be responsible for raising bounce rate of your site, and there are fruitful methods which should be applied to reduce it.

Below, We’ll show you how to reduce bounce rate on your WordPress site with five practical techniques that work.

 #1 Create Useful Content for Your Audience

Without any doubt, everyone agreed that - Content is the King. Improving content should be the first and long term strategy you take towards reducing bounce rate.

When you produce useful content for your audience, you can naturally make visitors stay longer on your website. Providing poor content increase the bounce rate on your site and at the same time, you lose the confidence and trust from your users.

It is your liability to follow through and give the people what they want whether that be a must have a product, a special giveaway, helpful tips, or anything else.

#2 Interlink Your Posts

Internal links are keeping people to navigating around your website as well as boost your SEO and your page views. You can use them to reduce your bounce rate and help users find what they are looking for without searching, by interlinking relevant topics post.

Instead of linking to a previous post with an anchor text like ‘read here’ or ‘click here,’ try to use a correct anchor text, that shows a keyword phrase on your post.

Keep in mind the fact when you are interlinking your previous posts about the proper anchor text. It gives your reader some idea about the topic you are linking to, and at the same time promote them to click and read that post. 

#3 Optimize Page Loading Times

Nowadays, you could not show any excuse for a slow-loading website. Your visitors want your site should load in 2 seconds or less, otherwise, they attempt to leave your site. If you do not know the loading time of your site, you can check it by using the online tools GTmetrix or Pingdom.

Your web hosting plays the key role in term of optimizing page loads time, choose a good web hosting for best performance. You may check this post about How to Select Best Web Hosting - A Comprehensive Guideline.

There are some other ways to improve website load speed that include; caching, slicing images, using CDN (Content Delivery Network), and among others. You also find several WordPress plugins that can help you to improve this issues as well as speed up your site. Following are the best one you should use.

Achieving a good load speed on your website, drastically reduce the bounce rate of your site.  

#4 Prioritize Responsive Design

We arrive in a world, where more and more people are accessing the web via smartphones and tablets. That means, to best support their experience, your site must work well regardless of which device they use.

You should ensure you use or develop a responsive design, at the time of building your WordPress site. A responsive website means a site which constructed so that all of the content, images, layouts and structure of a website remains the same on every device.

It helps reduce bounce rate from mobile users. If you can not afford a paid responsive theme, don't need to worry. There are lots of free WordPress themes that are responsive and ready for use.

#5 External Links Should be Open in a New Tab

When you are linking to an external website, you should be careful not to lose your visitors by opening the link in the same tab or window. Make sure you have open all external links in new tabs or windows instead of redirecting the user from your site.

The best to do this is to add target="_blank" into the link’s tag.


Your Anchor Text Goes Here


Generally speaking, the lower your bounce rate will, the more successful your website will. It is not possible to reduce your bounce rate within a night. It is a consistent gradual process and applying the five tips above; you can able to reduce your bounce rate.

If there are some other ways, you have used for reducing bounce rates; Please share using the comments section below.


10 Secret Ways to Secure Your WordPress Websites

10 Secret Ways to Secure Your WordPress Websites

WordPress website security is the single and most prioritized concern, that keeps every webmaster and website owner zoned out scanning for security flaws in their website. To keep their websites away from unexpected hacking, some site owners appoint ethical hacker and some develop custom CMS. But both solutions are costlier, simultaneously time consuming, but above all risk remain unchanged.

According to Forbes, about 30,000 websites around the web are hacked every day. But the interesting fact is all of them are not WordPress websites.The number is miscellaneous in total. But what’s happened if your WordPress website is hacked or injected with the malicious code or malware. I bet it costs a lot of money, traffic and couple of unrest days to undo whole website. We had our demo server hacked last year because of a plugin created security leakage, that cost us loss of customers, time, money and traffic.

Now the question how to keep our WordPress website away from unexpected hackin? Site hacking is not confined to some countable numbers, the reason could be unknown or many. Sometime it's becomes difficult to find where to start or what works well to enhance your site security. You might be thinking WordPress is itself vulnerable, right? No, WordPress core is secured and WordPress Codex provides numerous effective tips to make a WordPress website more secured.


But on top that there are a lot more steps should be taken to improve the security of your WordPress website. It means the more you take measures to secure your WordPress websites, the more you can put strong defence against the hacking. Here are 10 steps, you should take while your WordPress site installation.

01. Use Themes and Plugins from Trusted Source

Over the web you’ll found an abundant source of WordPress themes and plugins. If you are accustomed to picking up them from random source, your site security will be at stake. Do you know why? Because anyone can make themes and plugins without having knowledge of security best practices of WordPress and ship them at your reach anytime.

Now the concern is how do we select right themes for our site, right? It’s simple, find a reliable theme provider widely appreciated by their clients around the world like ThemeXpert. We sell premium WordPress themes appreciated by about 70,000 client worldwide. If you’ve tight budget for WordPress themes & budget, you can head for WordPress themes and Plugin directory. Here can find quality FREE WordPress themes and plugins. You can use them and customize them for extensive usage.

But before downloading, look for the template update record, rating and review. otherwise let it goes. Because these themes and plugins are reviewed by volunteers. Who only check for best practices and security flaws initially, but they never check for malicious or sloppy codes again when a new update for themes or plugins is provided.

02. Use Strong Administrative Password

Having WordPress themes & plugins from trusted source is not enough to secure your WordPress websites from hackers. You site could be hacked because your weak password selection for WordPress administrative account. Now the question is - what denotes weak password.

Weak passwords refer to any password that can be easy to guess and find out. According to SplashData, the most common passwords for both 2013 and 2014 were “123456” and the runner up was “password,”

If you’ve select password like, hackers may be able to sign into your website and take complete control of it. such an hacking can easily avoided by using a strong password incorporated with both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation. You can also go the random string unreadable for humans.

Suppose, you’re going select a memorable password such as “My name is Ahmed Eshaan & I am working as application developer at ThemeXpert since 2014” turn it password as “MniAE&IawaadaTs2014”. Now tell me, can you guess my password without my reference given before? I guess, you won’t and probably hackers will not. My personal recommendation would be to install security plugins like Wordfence Security, Bulletproof Security, Ithemes Security and more. Because such a security application alerts you to takes effective measures to secure your site.

03. Keep your WordPress Version Updated

WordPress has immense contributor community, contributing to enhance WordPress everyday. As a result WordPress brings out newer version regularly, that packed with important security updates, new feature, fix for bugs and so on. If you forget to apply those updates into your existing WordPress site, that includes the latest security fixes, it means you are attracting hacker to hack your site.

To update your WordPress version, head over to Dashboard >> Updates, and update WordPress version, theme and plugins.

04. Change the Default Admin Username:

When you setup your WordPress website first time, you’ll find admin would have been set as username by default. If you run your website without change default username, it means hackers have only to guess your site password.

So, change the default username immediately just after your kickstart. If you do change it, it means you’ll be one step safer and hacker will be one step away from your site hacking.

05. Check your File Permission

Servers play important role to secured websites from hacking. There are various types of server out there in the market like managed server and unmanaged server. Manage server is managed by hosting provider and you don’t need worry about file permission. If you’re using unmanaged server like Linux or Unix server, you’ve manage it on your own with full access to your folder and file permission,, which either provides or limits access based on the settings you choose.

If you inadvertently make your website files and folders access level too permissive, anyone can access your site important files and documents anytime. If don’t know the details of file and folder permission of your website, here WordPress Codex created an in-depth guide on file permission.

06.Keep Regular Site backup

The possibilities of your being hacked is numerous, If you keep proper backup of your website files and databases. you can safely undo the rest of the hacked site without any hassle. The process of keeping backed of a website is simple and there are some free and premium useful WordPress plugin available in the market like VaultPress, BackBuddy, blogVault and a more. If you want to scan those backup further more, Here we have created a details guideline.

Make sure you're running your site having backup regularly. But it could be varied from site to site, and number of changes your make daily or weekly basis. It depends on you. If you’ve site like enterprise level, I not only recommend you to keep regular update but also save the multiple updated copy in different servers in different location. In your website or your couple of servers are hacked, your can recover everything without losing anything.

07. Install a Security Plugin

Even since I started using WordPress security plugins, I won’t go back to not using one. When I look at the statistics, and found; how many hundreds of times in a day my sites are hit by an unexpected attack that’re also get blocked by WordPress security plugins.

Once one of my website really gets hacked and malicious code was injected which was responsible for adding backlinks on my website to the spam sites. Even I noticed when i tried to share a blog post from Facebook and twitter, the preview would replaced with the title and content with spam contents. You might be thinking why my site get hacked in spite of security plugin being enabled there, right? I forgot my WordPress admin password, tried severl attempt to login. Consequently The security plugin blocked my IP and I couldn’t get on the site anymore. So, I login the server and removed the plugin.

I had to start fresh to redo my site from scratch and enable a WordPress security plugin. Now the question is what are the best WordPress security plugins? In my opinion choose those plugins which offer offer anti-virus, firewall and anti-malware services. Some of them can even help clean up a hacked site if you still have access to install it such as Wordfence Security, which works for both single and Multi-site installs.

Here are some other plugins that can help you amp up your security:

This is just a sampling of the many out there that you can peruse at your leisure.

8. Limit login attempts

Brute-force attack is pretty common in the today's web. Where hackers and abusive bots try to crack down you login credentials by systematically checking all your possible keys or passwords until the correct match is found. In this case you didn’t limited your site login attempt, you might endanger yourself from unexpected trouble.

If you have strong credential enabled for your login verification, that would be great. But your site becomes unexpectedly slow and you may lose traffic and revenue altogether while attacking. If you thinking how to limit login attempt to be away from such hassles, that is simple because nearly all security plugin come with this feature right out of the box.

Though attackers attack a website from a large number of different IP address, but security plugins still can put strong defense as an addition precautions.

9. Disable File Editing Via The Dashboard

WordPress default installation allows administrators to edit core files of a WordPress website right from dashboard navigating Appearance > Editor area. If you have put strong defence for your site security and chances of hacking pulled down to the zero. That would be great you are the safe.

But In case hackers managed to takeover your site admin access cracking down your login credentials, you would be in trouble. They can edit your site’s core files easily and execute what code they want to. If you want to be keep your site safe a bit further, add the following code in wp-config.php file.

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

10. Avoid using Free WordPress themes

From ThemeXpert we never conformize quality and security best practices while shipping Free WordPress Themes. But generally our recommendation goes for not built websites on Free themes, if possible, especially when the themes aren’t built by renowned developers.

The main reason behind the such an recommendation is that an experiment was run over 8 out of 10 site reviewed offered free themes which contains base64 code meaning those themes can be used to insert malicious spam link into your site and cause unexpected problem that you never imagine.


I’ve only provided the tactics that I find helpful to secure WordPress powered websites. If you think I’ve missed of those you find helpful, please feel free to inform me via the following comment box. Looking forward for your valuable comments.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your eStore Sales Right Away

5 Ways to Supercharge Your eStore Sales Right Away

There is nothing worth exciting when you're sales wheel keeps moving in a handsome pace. Your sales ratio is constantly breaking all previous record and hitting all goal set month after month. But forgot to add, your revenue is still defeating your expectation. even sometimes it touches the ground. The strategy and tactics were effective for the previous years but not adding new number to the revenue figure.

If your marketing pitches and techniques have really become outdated to the current trend, and your competitor publishing case study leave your frustrated a lot. It’s high time to rethink the way you do sell. To comprehend the sales boost up tectics, I personally found many entrepreneurs declared unredeemed rewards on the fulfillment of the ambition set. and other hire new head to strengthen sales team. Combining all the strength, when sales statistics always kisses the surface wall, the situation really becomes alarming.

So, if you really want to supercharge your eShop sales ratio and want to gain strong standing in the current market, you have to deploy all your time, money and creativity to think differently from others. Look on 5 tips i have created to get you stand out right away.


1. Feel Customer Need

Your product might have ruled the market for past couple of years. but today it may not kick in. The reason you might be failing to draw exact need of customers. So, lock your office, meet your clients on dinner and give yourself change to directly listen their needs. You can also ask them for some suggestion for your products and tactics for defeating competitors, these suggestion are considered more valuable than online or offline survey.

2. Keep Eyes On Customer New Habits

Habits and trends are interconnected dynamic concern that holds key of sales ratio. If your target customer are youths, keep eyes on their habit and the trend they follow. we all know about Instagram and aware of it 182% growth rate. Couple of the days ago one. I read a casestudy on Urban Truth (a clothing brand and a venture of Pride Group). Urban Truth successfully employed Instagram as marketing medium through customer generated reviews and contents. The consequence they are succeeded to created a sense of community among their customers and made them fell in love with the brand!

3, Target the biggest religious and shopping festival

Either it’s a religious festival or shopping holiday people trend to wait those occasion to buy bagful of products availing a exponential competitive discount offered. You might have noticed we give you time to discount our Joomla templates in different occasion like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving and so on. You guys enjoy best best products saving a lot of money whereas we enjoy significantly record selling in those campaigns. Don’t believe in this idea. Let me give a real and viral example.

We all know about the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and it record breaking sales which brought the company $14.3 billion in total sales volume during china’s shopping holiday, “SIngles Day”. So, set your marketing campaign targeting shopping events and religious festivals. It has statistically proven that maximum startups or established companies earn more than 50 % of their total yearly revenue from shopping day and religious sales.

04, Keep doing market research and survey

Your team members are hard worker and they love to work dedicatedly for your company. But the progress is still standstill because you're following the market research completed on company inception or following your intuition. Don’t forget, survey defeats intuition. Keep doing it, and it’s results can give you such an important information about your customer, that you never imagined before.

05, Add Tweak in Business Model

Sometime a simple teak in business mode can pull your sales ratio at peak, It’s important because, you are selling something that won’t prompt people to buy it, or your product or price does not fit the market the way it used to. So, direct your team to investigate the market and figure out where problem lies. If you are succeeded, at the end of the day, you will have customers knocking at your door as they did before.

But twerking business model brings site owner a new inconvenience like eCommerce component doesn't support functionality you look for new business model. So, we crafted a best eCommerce extension for Joomla, DigiCom. Now we can sell single and bundle products seamlessly

Depending on target customer and business models strategies could be different, even overall country environment can give birth new strategy and pitches. If i missed any important point, feel free add in comment.

Speed Up Joomla Site in 5 Minutes - An Step by Step Guide

Speed Up Joomla Site in 5 Minutes - An Step by Step Guide

Whether you are running your personal blog or a enterprise level of Joomla eCommerce store, your heartiest exception sticks with highest pick of traffic and record breaking conversion, right?

To turn your dream into reality, there are plenty of technical aspects need to kick in along fresh and professional site contents. Without going to describe them all mediocrely, I am going to share proven tactics to speed up Joomla websites, which is considered one of the most significant ranking factors according to Google. Why speed is important?

Several studies shows that fast loading websites can significantly increase conversion and boost in sales. A couple of years ago, Walmart announced that their conversions touch the peak when site loads within 2 seconds, and it progressively drops as page loading time increases. In the following chart, you can notice how overall conversion and sales fluctuate when site speed falls from 0-1 to 3-4 seconds.


Another study by Kissmetrics shows that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. I know having read those real life example, you guys want your Joomla website should be loaded fast. For your convenience, I’m going to share some useful tips and tricks of Joomla speed optimization.

Before digging into the in-depth instructions, I recommend you to check Joomla performance or how fast your Joomla site currently loads. To check site loading speed, there are numerous tools available in the market. I have created a list of trusted by millions because the tools not only can measure site speed and overall performance, but also provides details reason that make a website slow.

Now you have clear understanding of your overall site performance and loading time. Before going to follow my instructions, take a complete backup of your Joomla website, then make step by step enhancement. After completion of every step, get back to the site front-end, and make sure every part of your website functioning accordingly.

Choose a reliable Web Host

Taking right decision while selecting best Joomla hosting is considered the key for speed up Joomla website. Thinking why? The files of your website are virtually hosted on a remote server.

When a end user hits for your site URL in the browser address bar, and If it takes time to retrieve data from server to your end clients, definitely your site loading time is going to be increased and your are going to lose a significant amount of traffic. So what would be the best solution? To cover the question, we prepared a wonderful guide to select best Joomla hosting. I would be your find them amazing, enjoy the reading.

Use updated Joomla and its extensions

Latest technologies includes new opportunity to keep your websites away from numerous limitations of past and add finest smoothness in the overall site performance. Whereas Joomla is growing everyday for open-source contribution, so the consequence presents us the frequent update of Joomla with possibilities of site speed, because each updated version comes with multiple code improvements. Same happens for 3rd party plugins, keep them updated to consolidated with your need.

Use must-have and remove unused extensions

The plugin based model for feature extension sometime loads unnecessary features and bloated codes in maximum CMS. Nothing different for Joomla. With several years of Joomla template development, I used many of tremendous Joomla extensions comes with awesome features.

But your site may required to use single features, but other remain unused and become reason for poor site speed and conflict. So, remove the unnecessary plugins and install lightweight and need specific Joomla extensions.

Enable Joomla Caching

When you look for a website or its content in the browser, Browser sends request to the server to serve requested contents back. If you are using Joomla website, on the every page load or request browser retrieves associated plugins, components, modules, images and other more. It’s really a weightlifting work for site database. Suppose you have a website visited by 1000 visitors at a time, I bet your site loading get down to 5 to 10 seconds. What’s the solution to comprehend this issue?

The answer is - enable joomla caching. Caching allows to present pre-generated contents to the end users without annoying server all the time and speed up Joomla site of yours. In a cache enabled websites a saved “view” is offer to browser. If any content is changed or updated by site owners, users momentarily get older version of cached information, but after a defined interval, cache version gets update automatically. Want to enable Joomla caching, just follow the beneath tutorial

To enable the Joomla caching, first head the System from Global Configuration, select ON - Conservative caching option from cache dropdown field, and select Save button. Have a look in the following image.


To ensure Joomla caching system starts working correctly, you have to check whether core Joomla 3 plugin System - Cache is published or not. To check status of the plugin, head to the Plugin Manager from Extensions menu. search for System - Cache. If the plugin is enabled that would great, but not publish it on your own. Have a look in the following image.


Congratulation, Now Joomla caching system is running successfully.

Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip is the popular tool for file compression. It lessen the file size and helps to shrink server response time.


Yahoo says “Gzip is the most popular and effective compression method currently available and generally reduces the response size by about 70%. Approximately 90% of today's Internet traffic travels through browsers that claim to support gzip,"

To enable Gzip in Joomla! CMS, head over to Global configuration > server and click on option 'Yes' for Gzip compression.

Leverage speed using CDN

Content delivery network (CDN) is an incredibly simple way to supercharge your Joomla site and Joomla performance. A CDN is an interconnected system of cache servers that use geographical proximity as a criteria for delivering Web content. If you enable a Content Delivery Network, your static files will not be served from the location of your web host, but from the global network of servers of your CDN provider.

In a CDN, multiple copy of your web contents strategically exists on disseminating servers, allow you to serve the same content to many requesting clients computing devices with high availability and high performance - even when bandwidth is limited or there are sudden spikes in demand. CDNs are especially well suited for delivering web objects (text, graphics and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks.

If you want to know which CDN provider is best suited for your Joomla website, read this detailed guide.

Optimize Images

Images Put serious value on your website. You cannot deny the role of images on your website. Images increase the load of your page and it needs more bandwidth than rest of the elements of your webpage. To ensure fast loading of webpages you must optimize images of your website.

There might be question on your mind “If I reduce the image size, will it affect the quality?” Actually there is a lot tools available in the web, you can use tinypng,, PunyPNG, etc. This tools will optimize your images losslessly, there will be no compromise with the quality of your image.

Minify HTML, CSS & JS

A Joomla Website loads its contents and it also loads CSS, JS files which may slow down the whole loading process. CSS & JS files takes a lot of time for rendering and executing. This issue can be easily resolved by:

  • Compressing CSS, JS files
  • Merging Several files into one.

If you do not know how to do it, you can do it by using extensions like JCH Optimize, JBetolo, ScriptMerge from Joomla extension directory. JCH Optimize extension also allows several functions for Joomla speed optimization.

Mobile Optimization for Joomla Website

50% of web traffic comes from mobile and tablets. If you do not want to lose half of your traffic, it is necessary to optimize your mobile pages too. You can take Mobile-Friendly test from google to check mobile friendliness of your site.


If you get a really poor score consider optimizing it. If you do not know waht to optimize, you can use the PageSpeed insights Tool by google.

Turn off leeching and hotlinking of your content

Hotlinking increases server load and makes your website slow. It means stealing your bandwidth and it occurs when any other sites uses direct link to the images on your site.

So for turning off leeching and hotlinking of your content put the below code on your root .htaccess file:

disable hotlinking of images with forbidden or custom image option RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www.)? [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www.)? [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www.)? [NC] RewriteRule .(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ – [NC,F,L]

At here I have given my feed (from Feedxpert). You have to replace it with your feed’s name or else your images might not appear correctly.

Turn On LazyLoad to your images

Lazyload helps you to speedup your page loading process. It only loads the images, above the fold load or those images which are visible to the browser window of user. When the user scrolls down, the below images starts to load before the appear on the window.

This just not only increases the page loading speed, but also save the bandwidth by loading less data for visitors who doesn’t scroll all the way down. You can do this automatically, just install plugin like LLFJ or JSLazyLoading from Joomla extension directory.

Control amount of post revision

When you are done with your post and published it, why would you need the stored draft? There might be 8-9 or even more drafts saved. This drafts slow down your site and therefore you need to control your revisions.

Set the revisions to 2 or 3 so that in case of any mistake, you can fall back.


Speed up Joomla websites is the key to boost up conversion and sales simultaneously. I’ve discussed only the techniques worked for me precisely. If you think, I missed any of them, let me know in the comment below, I will add your recommendation to the above tips.

How To Add Disqus Comments On Your Joomla Websites


Either you're using Joomla templates and WordPress themes, user generated Joomla comments and WordPress comments are important. It bears a testimony that your posted masterpiece is helping others tremendously. Visitors are found to and fro across the site to site to find out their desired contents.

Before getting into your well-researched blog post, they try to find some significant traits which give them reason to read further or bounce. Now the question is what are those traits, right?

In my opinion they are not so many, but the most important elements are - huge post views, social shares and positive comments. Among those, good comments are the most effective, it allures the dark horse to be well-acquaintance of your website. But what if your post comments are full of spamming? definitely you would lose significant number of constant traffic along with the following inconvenience.

  • Consume valuable time and labour

When you’ve websites like ThemeXpert with tons of useful blog posts, You would constantly start receiving comments in your maximum viral posts. With the useful appreciation you found spammers are trying to spam in your comment. Consequently you have to spend time to keep them up-to-date frequently.

  • Can’t stop traffic getting stolen

If you couldn’t manage time to clean up your website from spammy comments, visitors will pipe through other website easily.

  • Endanger site from hacking

Either you are running Joomla or WordPress websites, if you don’t turn on comment filtering for malicious code, hackers can hack your site putting malicious code via your site commenting system.

  • Increase site loading time

If a website fails to load within 5 to 8 seconds, statistics show that visitors start hitting back button with waiting for site comes in. On top of that the continuation of bounce rate keeps increasing. In this circumstance, Google may penalize your site and demote your site with lower ranking.

  • Google is cracking down on bad links

Google always hates bad links, If you don’t manage time to moderate your site comment, Google think you’re allowing bad links into your website, the Google bot won’t care whether the link are attached in the commenting system or elsewhere.

Now you might be thinking what would be ultimate solution to keep your site away from such an inconvenience, right? According to my experience I found default commenting system of popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla requires tons of configuration to make it safe from unexpected danger.

Even in my whole career I found many of CMS power users find difficult to add spamming safety configuration, let alone the new comers. To comprehend this issue, we have to find component which will be ultimate solution package, allows automated settings enability by default.

Now the question is which component provides all possibilities all together, the answer is simple, that is Disqus Joomla service. Look on the reason why I provoke to choose this awesome 3rd commenting system for your Joomla websites.

  • Fast and real time update

The commenting system doesn’t affect your site speed. It loads separately from Disqus on your Joomla websites. If you’ve website with a tons traffic, you don’t need to reload your site to see the latest update of the most recent comments. Everything will be updated live within your single blink eyes.

  • Less spamming and secured

Commenting with Disqus requires to login first, As a result only human can post comment, forget about the abusive behavior of dangerous bots.

  • Popular social integration

Social media is one of the finest place where you can reach people according to your interest easily. Disqus Joomla service comes with instant signup functionality with social media channels. If anyone signups with their social account, and comment in your blog. It’ll automatically posted the comment in their associate social media channel.

  • Remote moderation

Moderation of comment is essential to make your site atmosphere professional. To give the utmost flexibility, Disqus notifies it users via email when new comment is dropped, simultaneously you can approve,delete, and every reply those comment, directly from your emails. Enjoy the flexibility.

  • Complete Control

Your brand may have an unique identity, you want to adapt the overall every aspect of your official website matching your brand core color. To personalize the 3rd party commenting system to your brand it allow you to change default comment avatar, add CSS to personalize the look of your comment.

Having learnt about the benefits of Disqus Joomla Service, now I am going to show you how you can install Disqus comment in your Joomla websites. Let’s dive in.

Step 01: Create account and add website with Disqus Joomla

Heading over to the, you have to sign up first with your email first. If you have already a registered for this site, Get into this link to add Disqus to your site, add site domain name or subdomain name in the site name field, choose Disqus URL and appropriate category.

I am going to demonstrate the demo on zenithII template , so fill the empty with relevant details. When you fill the form correctly, select Finish Registration button.


Disqus provides compatibility with all popular CMS in the market, select Joomla as your platform in this stage.


After the previous selection of Joomla icon, you will be redirected to the following page, which includes the details instruction which plugin to download to integrate as Joomla Default commenting system. Copy the Shortname.


Step 02: Install Disqus plugin and link Shortname

Though above image shows the instruction line by line, I am going to describe it thoroughly. Login your Joomla backend, head to the extensions manager and install this Disqus for Joomla plugins.


Head to the plugins manager and search for Disqus, The search result will bring you two items, the first one is DISQUS Comments for Joomla and another is System -DISQUS comments for Joomla. Click on the first result to edit existing settings.


In this details page you will found a couple of field that you have to fill with relevant information like Shortname, category and menu item selection where the Disqus comment will be loaded. We have our shortname “zenithII”, I field the shortname field with zenithII. selected blog as category, and DigiCom as menu item. When you filled your select the save and close button.


Now head to the category section where you loaded the plugin, for demonstration I have rendered the plugin in our blog section, you can load any where you think important. Have a look on the image below.


Want enjoy the full feature of this 3rd party integration? you have to log in your Disqus account, where you can find unmatched opportunities of robust comment management. Like you can add collaborator to moderate site Joomla comments, customize default look on the commenting system and so many more.

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18 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Expert

18 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Expert

You all know the motto of ThemeXpert blog is to educate and facilitate our clients with technical as well as informative contents. A couple of weeks ago we published a useful content, A Complete Joomla! SEO Guide. We’re glad, you guys find the article helpful. But SEO is considered the easiest and most difficult job in online marketing. Do you know why? Let me quote a quote of Dave Naylor first before coming to the answer. He says “My rule of thumb is to build a site for a user not for a spider”.

To gain a strong position on SERP (Search engine results page) maximum developers care spider readability instead of emphasizing user friendliness. Consequently browsers change their search algorithm frequently. A statistics says only Google changes search algorithm more 600 times a year. So, you could understand without spending dedicated time for SEO, It would be difficult for to reach expect destination single-handedly. If you fail to spend enough time improving your SEO benefits, you hire someone or firm proficient in SEO consultancy.

 Looking for a proficient search engine optimization (SEO) consultant could be daunting. One thing you have to bear in mind SEO is the beginning of your website’s overall marketing strategy. If you or your recruiting team do not have sufficient knowledge or experience of judging candidate’s quality, you might wait for expecting nothing. Here 18 questions to consider in the perspective of SEO consultant.

01. Am I ready to hire a SEO consultant?

This is the most substantial question you should answer yourself first. You should circle your expectation, set the SEO goal and sum up your budget. Before hiring an SEO consultant or a firm. This initiative provokes you to take cost effective and future proof decision.

02. Does the SEO consultant have previous client list?

People are evaluated by their work and talent. You will find a professional SEO consultant very frank and do not hesitate to share their client list and their contact information. Such information is really helpful for both consultant and for you. You can easily gauge effectiveness of candidate and verify his indeed work on SEO campaigns.

03. How many projects did you work on and what is their success story ?

The consultant is sitting before you, may have worked with renowned companies. But it isn't going to give any benefits. Because renowned companies may have their brand value. Ask him, how many successful SEO campaigns did he involved with and asked for an explanation why the campaign saw the light of a successful day.

04. How will you pull up my search engine ranking ?

If you think the interesting guy is capable to the field, he has been called for. Ask him to make everything steer clear how he is going to drive up your website ranking. This is the very tricky situation for the consultant, he might not clear his secrets easily. In this circumstance you have to a bit strict and ask him. How is he going to initially review your website and kick out the problem that is responsible for your site’s lower ranking including broken links and error pages. How he is going to implement on-page optimization process to make your website search engine friendly. On-page is created with technical structure such as internal liking, developing web pages, keyword research heading and tags.

05. Do you really care about Webmaster guideline ?

Webmaster guideline is a total guide of a search engine how they control search quality. Violation of guideline must result in you website’s low ranking penalty or ban from the search result for lifetime. Ask the promising consultant, does he strictly follow search engine webmaster guideline. Farley Google webmaster prohibits many common SEO tricks, including auto generating spammy content and adding bogus hidden text and links.

06. Will you ensure guarantee my website will always stick in the topest ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo ?

If the confident candidate answers yes, ask him three times, If he is constantly answering yes, yes, yes.You should stand up, put your mobile phone in the pocket and run to the other direction as fast as you can. Because the guarantee is totally bogus. It’s impossible to guarantee for such promise. But the promise could be true for seasonal marking not for permanent business.

07. Did you work for enhancing local search results ?

Your site is for a product which has growing appeal in international market and local market as well. If the SEO consultant only focussing international customers, he might deprive your local people to reach you. If your website is optimized for "local SEO,". It should pop up when someone nearby is search for a keyword that are relevant to your products. To gain this, ask the candidate. Is he familiar with local SEO and Can he add business’s city and state to website’s title tags and meta description.

08. which sector are you specialized for ?

If you are ready for spending handsome amount of money right away. Ask your SEO consultant, Is he specialized in the industry you deal with. Suppose you have a business of the shoe selling company. But the consultant doesn't have any prior knowledge and experience to work with the shoe selling company. And you have been pleased with his buttery words.

Unfortunately, you have signed a contact paper with him. If you do so, you have to wait for a long while to enjoy the win-win situation. Because your consultant is going to spend minimum a month only getting familiar with your business let alone setting strategies of SEO. Whereas your competitor will have won the battle of competition.

09. Are you familiar with White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat SEO technique?

Though this question might have made your consultant laugh. He might consider this question as childish question. Because he is a consultant and it is reasonable for SEO strategies, he knows such stuffs. But it is important for you to contract. Unfortunate your site has been imposed a low ranking penalty and you asked your consultant to clarify the reason. He might avoid showing reason of penalty is his unfamiliarity with Black Hat SEO.

10. Do you familiar with the latest update of search engine methodology?

Search Engine frequently change their searching algorithm to give its searcher a quality contents. But I think, It won’t be difficult for SEO experts if search Engine changes their algorithms 100 times in a year. ufff, I am forgetting things again. Only Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times in a year. If your SEO consultant is not keeping updated himself with those changing algorithm, he is not appropriate for you.

11. Can you take Data driven decision ?

Decision making has long been a subject of study and given the explosive growth of Big Data over the past decade, Even Big data is considered the strength of a business. Your company might have a database full of data stored after investing millions of dollars. But it would be worthless, If your decision making team is still using their intuition and spending minimum hours to buying single stationary.

If you are expecting vast from the SEO consult and he is not accustomed to take data driven decision. You may have to pass sometimes counting stars.

12. Are you familiar with competitor analysis ?

SEO is a zero sum game and analyzing your competitor's websites is a key process of search engine optimization. Because this is the main motto of SEO experts, Their unexpressed endeavor is to defeat you competitor SERP position down and pull up your site’s content up. SEO experts passed thousands of seconds itching their head, finding the reason, why your competitors are defeating your site.

If you consultant does not care about competitor winning SEO tactics, he might be leggin himself behind from the stream.

13. Are you familiar with web development ?

If you are really satisfied with the consultant make sure he is familiar with web development and the web technology helps to create search engine friendly URLs. Maximum sites are developed by developers who develop a website without having instruction of SEO. If he identify the tweak for SEO, can keep himself one step forward.

14. Have you noted my each expectation from you ?

Before signing a contract with SEO consult, make sure you have steered clear your expectation. Where you would like see your website? How much traffic do you expect in a month? Where from the SEO consultant is going to start? And so on.

15. Will you feel any hesitation to share relevant changes you’re injecting to my site ?

An ideal consultant feels free share his tactic is taking to improve your site SEO. Moderating the consultant’s work is really important. If you packed with knowledge which strategy harms your site’s SEO reputation. You can easily evaluate the changes what he did. If he asks for website file access permission to add title tags, provide some copywriter to prompt visitors get website directly from the search engine result page. Feel free to share site info and access.

16. How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?

When you have signed a contract paper, you had made all strategic how you are going to measure SEO campaign success. Even you have set argumentative duration of success. But you don’t know how to measure, It’s pretty easy.

To gauge the success of SEO campaigns, stick your eyes on Google analytic, and conversion rate and your site’s ranking.

17. How will you communicate with me?

Your SEO consultant may over-communicate with you, it doesn't not mean he is doing a wonderful job in SEO. If he fails to give you information what you want, ask for more, A reasonable consultant will be delighted to share. Always ask him to report of traffic, ranking, conversion rate after a logical duration, It helps to create a regional responsibility to the consultant.

18. How much would you like paid?

This is the what the consultant is still sitting before you. You need to know how much you will be charged. But charge could differ based on the project's size and complexity. Even it varies from constant's experience and quality. Some consultants charge per hour and some charge monthly. On top of that confident consultants charge based on campaign success.

Conclusion :

As I have cleared in the introductory text, before hiring an SEO consultant it is mandatory to have perfect knowledge of SEO or your expectation. I have discussed here the major aspects of selecting an SEO consultant or firm, but a lot of optional facts have still remained discussed such as: Consumer psychology, Sitemap submission, Webmaster tool proficiency and so on. But don’t worry, An SEO consultant is always familiar with those facts.

Did you know that append &format=feed&type=rss to any URL in joomla to get it as RSS ?

Meet Crunch a Social Business Template for Joomla!

Meet Crunch a Social Business Template for Joomla!

Finally we are very glad to release Crunch as a social business template for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Though we promised to release a major template on the first week of every month, but we very much apologize for being late. Releasing template has delayed due to server problem and new site launching.

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6 Different Preset Style

Crunch has a number of eye-catching preset styles by default. But, with its potential style manager anybody can customize these preset styles according to one's needs and demand.


Extensive extensions styling

In this majestic template we have applied some of our familiar extensions, such as Parallax slider, Xpert slider, Xpert tab.


K2 Portfolio template

We created a brand new portfolio template for k2 and you can see it from K2 category template dropdown list. Without any configuration just save the category and start adding your item out of the box.


Jomsocial and Kunena forum

As you are expecting that the template will give you support about social networking needs, in that case Joomsocial will satisfy you.





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[Preview] Vibration - A vibrant e-commerce template

[Preview] Vibration - A vibrant e-commerce template

Its been a long time we didn't released any e-commerce template and we realized this is the right time to release an e-commerce template. Christmas is around the corner and you want to facelift your shop? Vibration, our December e-commerce template will help you to increase your sales and attract more customer.


We are planning to release a series of e-commerce template and Vibration is just the vibrating beginning :). Its powered by our joomla template framework and wrapped up by many popular joomla extensions such as Virtuemart for shop, K2 for blog.

Vibration full preview