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5 Quick Ways to Optimized Your WordPress Site and Reduce Bounce Rate

5 Quick Ways to Optimized Your WordPress Site and Reduce Bounce Rate

Before we enter the details, let us first cover the definition of the term ‘Bounce Rate’.

>Bounce Rate refers the measure of the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing their current page without checking out other pages. The sooner they move from your site, the more negative bounce rate you get.

To know your current bounce rate use Google Analytics, it helps you to track your bounce rate, page views, and so forth that determine the health of your website. 

Ideally, If your bounce rate is below 50%, this indicates that your site is safe, if your bounce rate exceeds 60%, you should get worried, and if your bounce rate is over 80%, you are in serious trouble.

Numerous factors can be responsible for raising bounce rate of your site, and there are fruitful methods which should be applied to reduce it.

Below, We’ll show you how to reduce bounce rate on your WordPress site with five practical techniques that work.

 #1 Create Useful Content for Your Audience

Without any doubt, everyone agreed that - Content is the King. Improving content should be the first and long term strategy you take towards reducing bounce rate.

When you produce useful content for your audience, you can naturally make visitors stay longer on your website. Providing poor content increase the bounce rate on your site and at the same time, you lose the confidence and trust from your users.

It is your liability to follow through and give the people what they want whether that be a must have a product, a special giveaway, helpful tips, or anything else.

#2 Interlink Your Posts

Internal links are keeping people to navigating around your website as well as boost your SEO and your page views. You can use them to reduce your bounce rate and help users find what they are looking for without searching, by interlinking relevant topics post.

Instead of linking to a previous post with an anchor text like ‘read here’ or ‘click here,’ try to use a correct anchor text, that shows a keyword phrase on your post.

Keep in mind the fact when you are interlinking your previous posts about the proper anchor text. It gives your reader some idea about the topic you are linking to, and at the same time promote them to click and read that post. 

#3 Optimize Page Loading Times

Nowadays, you could not show any excuse for a slow-loading website. Your visitors want your site should load in 2 seconds or less, otherwise, they attempt to leave your site. If you do not know the loading time of your site, you can check it by using the online tools GTmetrix or Pingdom.

Your web hosting plays the key role in term of optimizing page loads time, choose a good web hosting for best performance. You may check this post about How to Select Best Web Hosting - A Comprehensive Guideline.

There are some other ways to improve website load speed that include; caching, slicing images, using CDN (Content Delivery Network), and among others. You also find several WordPress plugins that can help you to improve this issues as well as speed up your site. Following are the best one you should use.

Achieving a good load speed on your website, drastically reduce the bounce rate of your site.  

#4 Prioritize Responsive Design

We arrive in a world, where more and more people are accessing the web via smartphones and tablets. That means, to best support their experience, your site must work well regardless of which device they use.

You should ensure you use or develop a responsive design, at the time of building your WordPress site. A responsive website means a site which constructed so that all of the content, images, layouts and structure of a website remains the same on every device.

It helps reduce bounce rate from mobile users. If you can not afford a paid responsive theme, don't need to worry. There are lots of free WordPress themes that are responsive and ready for use.

#5 External Links Should be Open in a New Tab

When you are linking to an external website, you should be careful not to lose your visitors by opening the link in the same tab or window. Make sure you have open all external links in new tabs or windows instead of redirecting the user from your site.

The best to do this is to add target="_blank" into the link’s tag.


Your Anchor Text Goes Here


Generally speaking, the lower your bounce rate will, the more successful your website will. It is not possible to reduce your bounce rate within a night. It is a consistent gradual process and applying the five tips above; you can able to reduce your bounce rate.

If there are some other ways, you have used for reducing bounce rates; Please share using the comments section below.


10 Secret Ways to Secure Your WordPress Websites

10 Secret Ways to Secure Your WordPress Websites

WordPress website security is the single and most prioritized concern, that keeps every webmaster and website owner zoned out scanning for security flaws in their website. To keep their websites away from unexpected hacking, some site owners appoint ethical hacker and some develop custom CMS. But both solutions are costlier, simultaneously time consuming, but above all risk remain unchanged.

According to Forbes, about 30,000 websites around the web are hacked every day. But the interesting fact is all of them are not WordPress websites.The number is miscellaneous in total. But what’s happened if your WordPress website is hacked or injected with the malicious code or malware. I bet it costs a lot of money, traffic and couple of unrest days to undo whole website. We had our demo server hacked last year because of a plugin created security leakage, that cost us loss of customers, time, money and traffic.

Now the question how to keep our WordPress website away from unexpected hackin? Site hacking is not confined to some countable numbers, the reason could be unknown or many. Sometime it's becomes difficult to find where to start or what works well to enhance your site security. You might be thinking WordPress is itself vulnerable, right? No, WordPress core is secured and WordPress Codex provides numerous effective tips to make a WordPress website more secured.

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There is nothing worth exciting when you're sales wheel keeps moving in a handsome pace. Your sales ratio is constantly breaking all previous record and hitting all goal set month after month. But forgot to add, your revenue is still defeating your expectation. even sometimes it touches the ground. The strategy and tactics were effective for the previous years but not adding new number to the revenue figure.

If your marketing pitches and techniques have really become outdated to the current trend, and your competitor publishing case study leave your frustrated a lot. It’s high time to rethink the way you do sell. To comprehend the sales boost up tectics, I personally found many entrepreneurs declared unredeemed rewards on the fulfillment of the ambition set. and other hire new head to strengthen sales team. Combining all the strength, when sales statistics always kisses the surface wall, the situation really becomes alarming.

So, if you really want to supercharge your eShop sales ratio and want to gain strong standing in the current market, you have to deploy all your time, money and creativity to think differently from others. Look on 5 tips i have created to get you stand out right away.

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Secret Tips To Speed Up Joomla Websites within 5 minutes

Secret Tips To Speed Up Joomla Websites within 5 minutes

Whether you are running your personal blog or a enterprise level of Joomla eCommerce store, your heartiest exception sticks with highest pick of traffic and record breaking conversion, right?

To turn your dream into reality, there are plenty of technical aspects need to kick in along fresh and professional site contents. Without going to describe them all mediocrely, I am going to share proven tactics to speed up Joomla websites, which is considered one of the most significant ranking factors according to Google. Are thinking why speed is important?

Several studies shows that fast loading websites can significantly increase conversion and boost in sales. A couple of years ago, Walmart announced that their conversions touch the peak when site loads within 2 seconds, and it progressively drops as page loading time increases. In the following chart, you can notice how overall conversion and sales fluctuate when site speed falls from 0-1 to 3-4 seconds.

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How To Add Disqus Comments On Your Joomla Websites

How To Add Disqus Comments On Your Joomla Websites

Either you're using Joomla templates and WordPress themes, user generated comments are important. It bears a testimony that your posted masterpiece is helping others tremendously. Visitors are found to and fro across the site to site to find out their desired contents. Before getting into your well-researched blog post, they try to find some significant traits which give them reason to read further or bounce. Now the question is what are those traits, right?

In my opinion they are not so many, but the most important elements are - huge post views, social shares and positive comments. Among those, good comments are the most effective, it allures the dark horse to be well-acquaintance of your website. But what if your post comments are full of spamming? definitely you would lose significant number of constant traffic along with the following inconvenience.

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18 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Expert

18 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Expert

You all know the motto of ThemeXpert blog is to educate and facilitate our clients with technical as well as informative contents. A couple of weeks ago we published a useful content, A Complete Joomla! SEO Guide. We’re glad, you guys find the article helpful. But SEO is considered the easiest and most difficult job in online marketing. Do you know why? Let me quote a quote of Dave Naylor first before coming to the answer. He says “My rule of thumb is to build a site for a user not for a spider”.

To gain a strong position on SERP (Search engine results page) maximum developers care spider readability instead of emphasizing user friendliness. Consequently browsers change their search algorithm frequently. A statistics says only Google changes search algorithm more 600 times a year. So, you could understand without spending dedicated time for SEO, It would be difficult for to reach expect destination single-handedly. If you fail to spend enough time improving your SEO benefits, you hire someone or firm proficient in SEO consultancy.

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Did you know that append &format=feed&type=rss to any URL in joomla to get it as RSS ?

Meet Crunch a Social Business Template for Joomla!

Meet Crunch a Social Business Template for Joomla!

Finally we are very glad to release Crunch as a social business template for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Though we promised to release a major template on the first week of every month, but we very much apologize for being late. Releasing template has delayed due to server problem and new site launching.

View Live Demo Purchase Theme

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