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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

ThemeXpert Team is Heading for Joomla World Conference 2015 in India

ThemeXpert Team is Heading for Joomla World Conference 2015 in India

After waiting for a year long, the fourth consecutive Joomla World conference 2015 is going to be held in Bangalore, India from November 6th to 8th November. We are lucky several members of ThemeXpert team are heading for conference on 5th November. Don’t forget to say hello to the ThemeXpert guys and book your FREE Membership.

Say Hello the team in India and Win a membership

We have 10 Joomla Business membership tossed out for FREE give away. The membership includes 60+ Joomla templates with 1 year technical support, personal and commercial license and permission to remove copyright text from footer.  Thinking how book those, right? It’s pretty easy. Just spot out our team members, take a cool selfie with any of them during the conference and tweet the pic of your trip mentioning ThemeXpert .

Remember be creative while taking selfies, we’ll short out 10 best pictures and reward them with the 1 year valid Business Membership plan.

The team is really excited to see all of you soon. It’s really an amazing opportunity to meet up and have some fun. Make sure you are following ThemeXpert on Twitter, we will keep you up-to-date during the conference with pictures and tweets. See you guys on 6th November at the Sheraton.

DigiCom v1.2.3 Is Released

DigiCom v1.2.3 Is Released

The best Joomla eCommerce component, DigiCom is working smoothly great and we’re really proud of it. We are really thankful, you guys are frequently appreciating our work and exploring latest updates of DigiCom. But whenever we ship any latest update of DigiCom, we carefully scan for new inconsistency, conflict, and deliberately try to keep our bird’s views on your comments, that you leave on emails as well as Gitter.

When we find new bug to fix or new features to develop, our DigiCom team members keep themselves busy to squash all the bugs and develop news features that cover all your expectation.

Similar to the previous updates, In this turn our team developed new features like RESTful API Implementation, event hook support, customer created event support, meta support for orders, dashboard, and download pages, and pagination and filtering support on order pages.

So, I personally recommend you to upgrade the current version of DigiCam to get the unified and best experience. Here are the details of changes in this release.



  • Basic RESTful API support.
  • Event hook supportc
  • Customer created event support
  • Meta support for Orders, Dashboard, Download pages.
  • Pagination and filtering support on order page.


  • Style removed for admin extended view.
  • Control support for registered user template.
  • Fix for template style.
  • Upgraded gulp version.
  • Fix in markup for product sidebar.
  • Refactor customer admin panel to optimize and improve performance.
  • Fix in pagination in product admin.
  • Fix in router for Joomla tag RSS.
  • Update query helper for adding prefix.
  • Update user id on license, order, customer table to add help fix.

Bug fix:

  • com_digicom gup fix for failed copy site with media and site watch.
  • Billing page chosen apply and fix for ajax state operation.
  • Category view only show published item for admin too.

If you have any question and feature request, please join DigiCom official Chat Room to interact with core developers directly.

Halloween Treat: 30% OFF on ALL WordPress Themes and Joomla Templates

Halloween Treat: 30% OFF on ALL WordPress Themes and Joomla Templates

Hi everybody…

Wish you all a spooky and joyous Halloween!!

Every year repeats itself. Every years we get chance to get closer to our nearest and dearest people and celebrate some of the social events like the wired, and full of ultimate fun, Halloween. Thankfully, Halloween is drawing near and people started exchanging trick and treat again.

We believe good things are worth repeating and for the third time in this year we’re going to spooked to bring you a little Halloween treat. Get ready for an awesome and spooky gift from ThemeXpert.

Enjoy a flat 30% off across the all ThemeXpert products including Joomla templates, WordPress Themes and DigiCom extensions.

Use the coupon code: TXTREAT30 while checkout and our system will automatically applied you 30% discount. The discount code would be valid till November 1, 2015.


DigiCom 1.2 Released - Introducing Taxation

DigiCom 1.2 Released - Introducing Taxation

You asked for it we build it! I'm thrilled to announce DigiCom 1.2 with taxation feature. New taxation feature comes with an array of configuration and you can now set tax rate based on country and state.

All of the DigiCom features is well thought and carefully executed and taxation is no exception of that. We are almost done with core features and we can now focus on the Add-ons part.

Tax Rules

After enabling tax feature you can set the global tax rates and who will get charge. You can set product price with tax or simple add product price and DigiCom calculate total with your tax.


Country/State based tax

Define tax rate based on country and state. This is really useful when you have different tax rate for different state.

What's Next?

As promised, Friday is the DigiCom day (aka DigiDay) and we'll release update every week. Our main focus is now on the documentation and add-ons. Specially the payment integration and analytics tools. If you have any add-on suggestion just let us know.

Download Digicom 1.3.10 Browse DigiCom Addons

OnePager v1.2 is Released - Shortcode Support, UX Improvement & Bug Fixes

OnePager  v1.2 is Released - Shortcode Support, UX Improvement & Bug Fixes

OnePager 1.1 is working great and we are really proud of. But we know that once it reached to the hands of people, we would find out something interesting to improve so people can use it with ease.

After the collaboration with users in online chat, constant development, bug fixing and testing we’re excited to release our OnePager 1.2 update. The release aims to improve overall user experience, initiated shortcode capacity for more faster workflow, allow to add block override to personalize your site styling, squashed all aroused bugs and the most prominent part of this release is to load theme preview in Iframe to be away of code conflicts ensuring ease of use when you create blocks in OnePager.

So, I personally recommend you to upgrade the current version of OnePager to get the unified and best experience ever. Here are the details of changes in this release.


Load block preview in Iframe

When we first release OnePager, we quickly realized some themes and plugins taking over the builder styles. Only way to prevent it to move the preview window inside an iframe. This is not important feature for most of you but this change open a new door of opportunities for us.

Enhanced User Experience

OnePager 1.2 offers enhanced user experience which indicates the unsaved area block area while your inadvertently closing the tab. In addition we increased the duration of notification standing and improved the block order for easy shorting.

Enabled Shortcode Support

Adding specialized content to the WordPress pages and post is the daily job of webmasters and site owners. To save your time, we enable shortcode using capability in OnePager. Now enjoy adding shortcode anytime and anywhere in your OnePager powered websites.

All previous Bug Fixing

We are forerunner to provide instant fix for bugs. We have fixed all the bug found and reported for Onepager 1.1. Here is the list of bugs we provided fix for.

  • Assets caching issue
  • Drop-down lists within the builder
  • Presets fail to load having less than 4 characters
  • Preset register issue when disable preset turns on
  • Color presets changing issue

If you've any recommendation for our feature or want to report for bug, we you can reach our developers any time. Join our public chat room and say hello to OnePager core developers.

DigiCom v1.1.0 Is Released

DigiCom v1.1.0 Is Released

When we develop something extraordinary and successfully ship product like DigiCom. We find handful of cues to make them more functional and robust. In turn of DigiCom there is no different, we are continuously chatting with users as well as developers, fixing bugs, developing new features and testing to release.

So, we’ve decided to release new updates weekly. So, note down the day, it’s Friday. On every Friday we ship you fresh update of DigiCom.

It’s time to wheel up the new schedule, For this Friday we have developed many of important features and fix a lot of bugs. Have a look on the features and fixes we updated in DigiCom

 New Features

  • 2co addons fraud and refund support
  • New addons - Stripe payment gateway
  • Product preview
  • Gulp based implementation
  • Meta Data for products
  • New email template and override for refund
  • Paypal refund support

Bug Fixs

  • Backend style broken fix
  • Admin Ui Fix
  • Front end Ui Fix
  • Javascript Dependency Fix
  • Fix for reporting page Summery
  • New order Status : Refund
  • Many new plugin events and hooks
  • Core update to handle more payments notification from many of payment processors
  • Summery page Skip out to simplify the process
  • Core Template with core CSS.
  • Bootstrap dependency removed
  • Admin Pagination fix for products page
  • New UI for checkout page pay in popup
  • Product meta info in backend fix
  • Apply Product meta fix
  • Hook for refund license update
  • Fix on order saving
  • New email template and override for refund
  • Product preview with ACL on edit screen
  • Gulp and bower Implementation for Development
  • Digicom js update for more usability and dependency fix
  • Cart module price fix
  • Refactored files uploader or selector on product edit page to upload files
  • Payment processor log events
  • Quantity counter fix to avoid confusion
  • Site dashboard UI Enhancements and add new hook
  • Site orders and orders details page UI fix to avoid confusion
  • All events name convention update

I recommend you to download the latest v1.1.0 of DigiCom to get unified and elegant experience. If you have any question and feature request, please join DigiCom official Chat Room to interact with core developers directly.

20+ One Page Business WordPress Themes 2015

20+ One Page Business WordPress Themes 2015

We all know business owners are rushing to bottled their WordPress website in a single page platform. But have we ever tried to figure out the reason of behind One-Page website popularity? Okay, don’t worry I am here to nudge you about the ins and out of One Page website.

Well, When visitors are on an inclination to find out something on the internet, they are found in a hurry. Even I personally opened all websites found in the search engine result page with related keyword in multiple tabs, When I get into a website, my eyes spontaneously find the contents, that my curiosity is thrust for. So, I close down the tabs with an opened websites with irrelevant content in the first glance. I am not alone, All are doing the same.

A statistic shows that visitors abandon a website within 10 seconds when visitors find some irrelevant comparing which they are looking for. As a result high bounce rate and low PageRank. So, what is the solution? I obviously recommend for one page website. That contain all your site content in the single page so that visitors can have a proper idea your website in a single scroll. You might be thinking what are the key elements of an idea one page website?

This depends on your business niches, the elements could be different. Before accommodating your site content in your WordPress OnePage website, do some research. Find out the key reason for which people buy your product or find the reason why your service is worth selling. When you've properly done with information collection, place them in your WordPress one page theme in a coherent way. For your convenience, I have list out some of the best responsive WordPress one page themes, that ThemeXpert team found wonderful. Here are those.



Switch is a absolute FREE one page business and one of the most popular wordpress themes around the web. The responsive one page wordpress theme is outstandingly design adapting modern technology and trend. The interesting fact of the theme is that every component of this business wordpress theme is well-organized and deliberately placed that anyone can easily highlight with the motto of any business and corporate niches.

Thinking about the availability of options and customizability? Let me inform you switch is developed with simple and truly extensible option frame, Redux, comes with support of unlimited setting API, a multitude of fields type, error handingly, custom field, validation type and a lot more.


More Info/ Download Now   View Live Demo


Agencia is the first premium one page WordPress theme to be released on the latest OnePager, exquisitely crafted with an aesthetic elegance to make the dawn of a new era of infinitely customizable, powerful, vibrant, engaging and mobile friendly website building. Looking forward beyond your expectation Agencia is going to fill your need.

I think you might be thinking how can a theme could be infinitely customized, right? I bet you would be believe reading my subsequent sentences. ThemeXpert has a powerful team making outstanding tool-set to make their work simple. In the way OnePager comes out which allows to quickly customize everything elements of a website infinitely. So, the day of being rigid with the same look years after years is now over. To learn about the further awesomeness about the OnePager visit the official website.


Notes is a another FREE OnePager powered coming soon landing page WordPress theme. The motto of the Notes responsive WordPress theme is to create a bridge between the visitors awaiting for the site you would launch in the estimated time.

There are a proverb goes the first impression lasts forever, so the theme is crafted with contemporary feature, design and structure, whilst maintaining a subtle, corporate-esque overall appearance to maximize professionalism.


Twing is another Free Business WordPress theme powered by the mighty drag and drop one page builder, OnePager, packed with exquisite appearance and smart feature for those who are thinking to set out site for business, corpore, landing page or even chose facelift. If you have an expertise of a little bit knowledge of HTML and CSS then the sky is the only limit. Don’t believe, look on the video tutorial.

The Twing is the SEO friendly and a responsive WordPress theme allows your website to be look shine everywhere no device and screen matters. So, what are you waiting for download the theme and get going.


Quick is a professional, polished, technologically accomplished Porfolio WordPress theme, built with the core values of power, flexibility and weightlessness; Perfectly suited those who want to kickstart website for personal portfolio, creative agency, designer portfolio, illustrator portfolio, photographer portfolio.

The is WordPress 4.x ready and build with the well-know css framework Boostrap 3 for quick developemtn and customiation. No need to surpass hassle of reading documentation and installation theme accordingly. Purchase the theme and activate, everything will comes in action with a couple of click, All props goes to the one and only OnePager.


OneEngine is a FREE One Page WordPress theme developed by Elegant Theme. The Onge page WordPress theme is responsive and mobile friendly perfectly suited business like agency, graphic designer, freelancer, photography, portfolio, and more. If you are looking for Multi-purpose One page page theme without any cost, you are on the right place because you don’t to spend a single dollar to have the lightning bolt One page WordPress theme.

The theme comes will tons of features that you never imagine in a Free One Page WordPress theme before. It includes Layout builder, preinstalled useful plugins, easy-to-use backend options, plus glorious design. If you want start your site right away, don’t make any delay, just download it. It includes everything you need to start for a successful journey.


Jarvis is an another top selling onepage WordPress theme in Themeforest. The theme is not only known amazing for having aesthetic design and trend, but also with the latest technology that tailored with any size of business alike. Typography is considered with smartness of a website if you consider your site look great and smart the same as your business personality. Jarvis One Page WordPress theme will be your deliberate choice ever.

I like this responsive theme because I personally know the genius heads behind the theme development, and they are undoubtedly efficient guys have perfect knowledge of WordPress theming. The extraordinary feature of Javris Parallax WordPress theme is its 14+ admirable layouts, that help you test your visitors comfort and liking to spend your time in your website.


Every business and individual follows his own philosophy to run a business online. Some likes pricing section to be highlighted more, Some likes showcase area should be attractive to allure customers more. If have no idea how an ideal business or portfolio site should look like, don’t worry. Cone Onepage theme is everything ready for you. The have reached well and crafted every section of the template carefully so that customers can understand your business seriousness and professionalism.

The template design is full of artisticity and top-notch features set in backend, comes with 100% mobile friendly and responsiveness assurance. If you thinking to kickstart your site right away, Cone responsive One page theme will take you a long way.


Me is an another one page Portfolio WordPress theme, the best suited for any kind of business site. The WordPress theme let you showcase their work and allure customers to buy or hire product. The template is easy to customize and easy to install. The theme the best selling and five rated WordPress theme. If you want to start right away, this will give a great company.

The One Page WordPress theme is 100% responsive that look shining everywhere you want. comes with details documentation and video tutorial. Oh, I forget about 24/7 awesome support.

Pandora Box

Pandora Box is one of the five rated and verbose WordPress theme, comes with tons of features in a single theme. If you want your website to look smart in every pixel brick, don’t worry the theme include 650+ Google Web Fonts and unique design. Pandora Box is 100% responsive can tailor with any mobile devices look great everywhere.

The amazing feature of this themes is 3 different layout styles, color, pattern and photo background. If want to tweak anything amazing or want to enhance its feature by its developers, Pandora Box responsive One Page WordPress theme includes PSD templates.


Brooklyn is a responsive One Page parallax WordPress theme with more than a single astonishing face. The WordPress theme is best tailored with sites like photographers, travel, web design agency, nonprofit, environmental organization or even as a music / video producer. Even if You can easily turn Brooklyn into your personal website.

Brooklyn looks quite professional and smart in every devices and crafted with a very professional hand. The developers programmed to give your ride of XML files and allow you install the theme in One click with demo data.


IVA is all-in-one Multipurpose One Page WordPress Theme. The Retina Ready WordPress theme consists of multiple amazing and unique pre-designed skins. With this WordPress Theme, as soon as you upload your images and add your own text, you are set to go. HTML Version of Iva theme was among top 5 most popular HTML themes for 4 weeks straight .

Our Theme is fully responsive and easily customizable with Visual Composer, making it pleasant to work with. IVA comes in 8 different color schemes with a light and dark version. Should you require more color options, we have also included an easy to use color picker that allows you to select any color you like.


OneUp is a fully responsive HTML5 Retina enabled One Page WordPress Theme, perfectly suitable for any kind of creative or business use. Built upon the responsive Twitter Bootstrap framework, the theme is highly optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. One uses lazy-loading of images and compression of all required scripts, meaning not only will your website look great, but it will also be lightening fast. See below for some of the awesome features included in this theme.

The page Builder in this OneUp One Page WordPress theme is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen for Wordpress! Damn good work.


Morpheus give you an ultimate experience in One-Page Parallax themes. This is the complete solution of building fast and efficient responsive one-page/multi-page parallax websites. It will morph perfectly on your needs. With the One-click Installer functionality of this WordPress theme, you can turn your website into one of our pre-defined demos in just seconds. Forget about importing XML dummy content. That is just one-click away now!

The WordPress is carefully selected some cool Google fonts and predefined some fresh typography effects for you to use in your projects. The genius developers called it Text Types and you can find them in Shortcode Manager. Make your own combinations with them and show us what you’ve done. Your website will look awesome and modern! Also, this theme is Google font ready, so your headings and paragraphs can be changed easily and in no-time!


Willow offers a clean simplicity in perfect harmony with arresting aesthetics and is guaranteed to impress any audience. A robust one page multi-purpose theme, Willow is crafted to adapt to your creative and professional needs while ensuring your content is showcased in breathtaking prominence. Created in close collaboration with the talented folks at Vafpress,

Willow is jam packed with tons of premium features, not to mention Solo Pine’s acclaimed customer support.


Hungry is a clean, simple, one-page WordPress theme that is ideal for any restaurant business. Its modern look, animated slogan rotator and full screen backgrounds are sure to be a hit with your potential diners! Easily manage recipes, menus and the appearance through custom post types and an intelligent theme options panel. Recipes in Hungry are super easy to manage thanks to WordPress’s custom post types. You can also assign your recipes to as many menus as you want.


Miami WordPress theme offers a handcrafted, high-end framework paired with a plethora of premade layouts to drive your new website and make your dreams become an option!. The theme is developed by the professional WordPress template providers ThemePunch and Domojo.

Miami offers a custom option framework that is easy to use and highly flexible alike. You can define all the bells and whistles of a page or post either in the global theme options tab or individually! This allows for unparalleled possibilities.


Visia is a fully responsive retina ready single page WordPress theme with a separate blog section and is suitable for any kind of creative or business use.Visia is highly optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. Visia uses lazy-loading of images assets and compression of all required scripts, meaning not only will your website look great, but it will also be lightening fast. See below for some of the awesome features included in this theme.


Newave is the perfect one page parallax WordPress theme that specially designed for corporate, agency, photography or general business. The one page responsive WordPress theme comes with the advanced styling customization features, you can create endless possibilities by changing navigation styles, backgrounds for each section with colors, images or patterns.

6 Home Sections, Background Video Support, Parallax Slider, Fullscreen slider, Ultra-responsive, 4 Navigation styles, customizable backgrounds(colors,images or patterns),Font Awesome icons and many more super-awesome features to keep you busy & satisfied.


Scalia stays for scalability, power & perfection. It is a best-of-breed most advanced premium WordPress theme on the market. With Scalia you can run any website including awesome blogs, creative portfolios, powerful shops, attractive corporate & product presentations etc. Make anything you can imagine with this multipurpose theme. Check the rich diversity of our demos. All of them are carefully prepared and included for easy & quick start. Of course you can change any styles, any layouts without touching a line of code. And for any questions you can ever have… just ask. Our support quality has 5 Stars!

Enjoy the diversity of Scalia! Create the site of your dreams in a few clicks with all demo content included.


Speaker is a professional and easy-to-use One Page Music WordPress Theme. It is highly and easily customizable, ready for all devices and simple to set up. Whether you are a professional or not, Speaker includes all features you need for your band or label, to present and promote your work online. Of course, Speaker can be used for any other purpose and also supports multi pages.

If you are a WordPress beginner or an expert, you will find just what you need to create a neat Music Website to build your presence online.


Red:folio is a premium, responsive WordPress theme, which can be used for both,One Page or Multi Page design. This theme was built with responsive styling in mind to make sure it displays nicely on all devices. With red:folio you can create unlimited portfolio sections and portfolio pages, each displaying portfolio items from multiple categories.

The portfolio items can be filtered by clicking on the category name and can be displayed in different sizes: small square, big square, landscape, small portrait, large portrait and video The goal was to deliver a theme that is easy to use, even for users with no coding knowledge. If you’re a professional designer and you are putting together a site for a client, this is something that you should take a look at, as well. The simplicity of use and the special features make this theme so easy to get set up and running.


We have a just amazing OnePage Free and Premium WordPress theme included the vast list. If you think and order should be rearranged or a new item should be put in the list. Let me know with perfect reason in the comment below. I add your suggestion one the perfect reasons basis :)

Eid Holiday Support Schedule & 30% Flat Discount on All Membership Plans

Eid Holiday Support Schedule & 30% Flat Discount on All Membership Plans

Days passes so quickly, It seems sitting before the computer in the morning, someone drags down the sun in the west after a while. Though ThemeXpert is located at the top floor of the building, but developers in team seldom managed to enjoy the shinning weather of the mid day. After a long since we're going have a chance to enjoy one of long holidays of the years, Eid al-Adha.

At Eid al-Adha, we Muslims make a special effort to pray and listen to a sermon at a mosque, wear new clothes, visit family members and friends and may symbolically sacrifice an animal in an act known as Qurbani (Scarifying animals in the name of Allah).

Many of our fellow Muslim friends went to Mecca to perform Islamic pilgrimage hajj, whereas each of our team members is working at ThemeXpertHQ and giving you top-tiered service in full swing

In this biggest this biggest festival of Eid-al-Adha ThemeXeprt family members want to spend some free times with their beloveds living in the remote villages of Bangladesh. We believe in working hard to provide the best products and services for our customers. We also believe in a balanced life and recognize the role it plays in our service to you.

As the holidays are swiftly getting close, we would like to make you aware of the upcoming delays in our support response. Our support channels will be closed from 22th to 28th September.

I think, I am in a hurry, I am forgetting something. On Eid day we present gifts to our dearest one. How can I forget you, guys ? A huge discount is waiting for you, enjoy 30% flat discount on all membership till September 28th. Use coupon code EIDULADHA15 while checkout. 

In case of emergency please contact us through our Contact page and we'll try our best to reply as soon as we can.

Thanks for being with us and wish you a very happy EID MUBARAK!!!!

User coupon code :


Hello DigiCom - Easiest Way to Sell Digital Download Through Joomla!

Hello DigiCom - Easiest Way to Sell Digital Download Through Joomla!

After 10 months of countless effort and 1384 commits, I’m proudly presenting 'DigiCom', our digital product selling software for Joomla! DigiCom is the first eCommerce extension for Joomla that allow you to sell your digital product seamlessly. It has all started from the point of scratching our own itches, huh!! while solving our own problems the product evolved as a de-facto digital commerce solution.

DigiCom is an open source, free to use, and is actively maintained by ThemeXpert team.


Single and Bundle Product

You can sell both single as well as bundle product. We took the aspect of bundle product in a whole new level, you can select single or multiply category as bundles. Every time you add new product into that bundle it will be available for the customers.

Not ready to sell the product? You can use the catalogue mode and display product without any ‘Buy’ button.

Drag and Drop file uploader

Forget about the FTP and other stuffs, upload file instantly from your computer through our file manager.


Get a glimpse of your current monthly selling log from dashboard and also get extensive report anytime, thanks to our advanced reporting system. You can track a single product record and the way it's performing. We’ve plan to add more metrics on coming version.

Customer Management

Get insight of your customers and their orders in one place. You can ask for more details of the customers while they register your site or after they purchase any product.

Order and Logs

Extensive details of orders and events fired after every order. You can see customers and system activities like email, download and other details, thanks to our logging mechanism that keep record of everything.

Beautiful Inside out

This is our regular job to make something beautiful and DigiCom is no exception to that moto. We took the Joomla extension design into a whole new level and implemented material design on DigiCom admin.

Discount Management

Create discount for all product or selective one, DigiCom handle them all. With its auto unpublished features discount de-activate automatically when your campaign is done, no manual labour.

Addons(aka Extensions)

We have made DigiCom completely module and add-ons based. We already developed a lot of add-ons and hoping to release them once they pass our unite test. Now there is 3 add-ons available on our add-ons directory.

What's Ahead?

DigiCom's development doesn't stop here. We are continuing to develop new features, address any issues discovered by users as they are reported.

The next step for DigiCom is handful add-ons collection. This includes some payment gateway integration, review and rating system, versioning, marketing automation etc.

In terms of documentation, store/website owner doesn't need any written manual because we already made video, which are available on respective DigiCom pages. We are working for developer doc right now.

Download Digicom 1.3.10