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Quix 1.1 Is Here, Including Section Stretching, Element Manager, Keyboard Shortcuts, And Multilingual Support

Quix 1.1 Is Here, Including Section Stretching, Element Manager, Keyboard Shortcuts, And Multilingual Support

2016 is surely a fantastic year for Quix. Last month we released Quix 1.0 and its a huge success for us. Quix has a long way to go, and we have so many things already planned.

Today we excited to release Quix 1.1. This new version of Quix comes with an Element Manager, section stretched mood, multilingual, and open graph support, enhanced editor, keyboard shortcuts, opt-in component support for shortcode and much more.

There is lots more to explore, let's jump into the details!

Section Stretch Mode

Perhaps the most exciting feature in Quix 1.1 is the section stretching mode, which allows you to expand any section to full width in any template with container enable or disable.

This is the most requested feature since we released Quix. Now you can make a full-width section in any box layout template.

Element Manager

Quix now comes with an advanced element manager where you can enable or disable elements you are not using frequently. I bet, you don't use all elements that come with Quix and or templates. Now you can disable less frequent used elements, and it will certainly boost your page loading speed.

Now template developers can disable core elements using Quix API, and you will see the elements disabled from element manager. You can always enable it when you want.

Multilingual and Open Graph Support

Running a multilingual website? Don't worry, you can now create pages for different language and assign them to different menu items.

With open graph settings, your page content is much loveable by social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Editor Enhancement

Since we released Quix, so many people have asked for JCE support for the text editor, but we can't do that. Obviously, there are few technical difficulties. Quix layout builder and form fields are entirely javascript based, and we can't use any PHP or Joomla's form field inside it.

We surveyed our user and tried to figure out what JCE features are missing in our existing editor. Turns out, text background/foreground color, rich media embedding, and few others.

We added this feature into our existing TinyMCE editor, and you won't miss JCE anymore.

You can now embed SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo right into your text element. No need any extra element for that.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This is my personal favorite. Quix keyboard shortcuts help you to build website faster as well as save time. Now you can save your element settings and refresh preview window without closing the modal with just cmd+shift+p for Mac ctrl+shirt+p in Windows.

There are lots of keyboard shortcut out there. Familiar yourself with this doc.

Component Support opt-in

From now on, Quix will load only inside the component you want. We added this feature to achieve good performance in page rendering. Looking for shortcode in every component output is very resource intensive and often slow your page load speed.

This feature surely boosts your page loading speed because Quix will only parse shortcode you want it to be.

Column Visibility

You can now hide any column for any devices. Instead of hiding each element for a column, you can now hide an entire column in one click. This will save your time and boost page loading speed too.

Visual enhancement

Quix 1.1 comes with very tiny but significant visual and UX improvements. Now you can preview a page or collection without opening it. Just click the eye icon and see it live.

We also refreshed toolbar button colors, and now there is only 2 color action button there. Save and Close. This color will help you focus on the most important work, layout building.

10 New Presets

Quix comes with 10 brand new pre-built page layout to help you get started faster. From business, agency to app landing page, everything is covered. We'll add more presets in the upcoming releases so you can start building your website faster.

Live Demo

Heartbeat API for Session Management

Imagine a situation where you work on a long and complicated page layout and press save button, and it's not saving because your session is expired. To avoid this jeopardy, we introduce the heartbeat API in Quix 1.1.

No matter what your session lifetime is if you are in layout builder your session never expire.

Expanded existing element features

We improved existing element features a lot in this release. Especially, animation delay, more margin, and padding controls.

For Developers

Assets Manager

Now you can enqueue any css/js file with Quix new Asset Manager. It allows you to set dependencies, order, versioning and much more.

Joomla's asset loading is very minimal and doesn't allow you to load assets in such manner. Check out the documentation to learn more about asset manager.

Element Disable

Now you can disable any core or 3pd elements from your templates using Quix API. Consult with this doc for more information.


The Select field now allows multiple: true for multiple selections. See our Joomla Article element for an example.

Extend Config file

Until now, you can't override the config file from your template. You can now extend(not override) element config file by following this doc.

We have a long way to go with Quix. We have some of our most ambitious features planned for this year, and our entire team is excited to get there. Stay tuned for more updates!

To celebrate this event, we are giving 20% exclusive discount on every purshse till 30th, May. Use coupon code below


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Introducing Quix 1.0 - Next Generation Page Builder for Joomla is Here!

Introducing Quix 1.0 - Next Generation Page Builder for Joomla is Here!

After 6 months of hard work and 1463 commits, we are incredibly happy to release Quix 1.0 today. We are little behind the schedule but it's totally worth it. Adding stable tag to any project isn’t so easy and require a lot of work and test. It was a tremendous undertaking to get Quix on this point and we are beyond excited to have finally made it.

Quix has some game-changing features including Collection re-use your section in another page, Embeddable load page builder everywhere, eg: Joomla Article, Module, EasyBlog, DigiCom, Virtuemart and more. 21 Elements from text to filterable gallery, Portability export and import your page settings. Let’s dig in!

Perfect Layout Builder

Quix is incredible powerful drag & drop page builder for Joomla. With its predefined resizable column structure you can create simple to complex page layout in minutes. We didn’t stop there, you can add new column on the fly and resize it to achieve more complex layout structure.

Quix Layout Builder

The idea behind Quix layout builder is simple, ‘If you can think it, you can build it’.

Responsive Controls

With Quix responsive controls you can visually design your website for every screen size. Other page builders use the display:none method to hide something from displaying for mobile users. If you set an element’s visibility to “off,” Quix will never load that element--which means mobile pages will be significantly smaller and lighter.

Quix Responsive Page Controls

21 Elements and More Coming...

Quix has not 21 full feature elements and more down the road. You can build a full featured website with 21 elements. Every elements crafted with tons of settings and style.

You can load your favourite Joomla module with ‘Joomla Module’ element without leaving the builder. Isn’t it beautiful?

Save Anything to Collection

Wanted to re-use your section or style into another page? You can add anything to your collection and use it another page. This is very useful when you have some section common in every page. You can use your collection inside any component and module.

Imagine you need to add testimonial in your blog, save testimonial section from any of your page to collection and load it. Just like this :)

At iJoomla.com, we've been looking a responsive template that looks great, easy to configure, uses bootstrap and is super light! We found all this in the expose framework. We are utterly impressed with this template, the code, the CSS, the backend settings and more and we will be using it on over 15 iJoomla sites on iJoomla.com. This framework makes our lives so much easier, we love it! The developer has been great to work with, very responsive and open for feedback. Highly recommended!

Mefav Knafo

Mefav Knafo

CEO, iJoomla

I have used virtually every Joomla! template framework available and I find Expose to be the best in the industry. The attractive and easy to use backend administration is what drew me in, but the incredibly clean and easy to modify code base is what sealed the deal. Ever since I first started using Expose I have spent most of my free time contributing ideas and code back into the framework. Expose will dramatically speed up your development time and give you options you never had before… and there is a LOT more coming!

Jonathan Shroyer

Jonathan Shroyer

Owner, Design Innovations

I started with Joomla in 2007 and spent way too much time on templates, design and layout. I have tried a variety of ‘easy’ and ‘quality’ templates and template builders over the years and always felt I had just wasted my money. Since discovering Themexpert, smooth and stylish templates, 100% responsive, and fast and easy to customize, are now a breeze. My clients are happy and I’m impressed. The support is great, any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Camille Scott

Camille Scott

Founder, CSBN

I did a lot of research before selecting a template provider, looking hard at all the usual suspects and finally chose ThemeXpert. I’ve been with them for a couple of months now and I’m very happy with my decision. The Expose Framework is fantastic and the templates are great. Lots of other very well done extensions, as well, such as Xpert Slider, Xpert Tabs, Xpert Tweets, etc. Having access to multiple templates and the Quickstart setup to replicate the Live Demo sites has been invaluable when trying to figure something out – it’s great to have examples. Then there’s the Support. These guys are really amazing how quickly and thoroughly they respond to questions on the forum and resolve support tickets. I’ve also been impressed with how quickly new templates and updates are released, as well as site improvements like the updates tracker

Jim Sparkman

Jim Sparkman

Founder, afxMedia LLC

This is the first template I have purchased from Themexpert and I will definitely purchase from them again. Being unfamiliar with their template engine I had a few issues but the support was quick, efficient and friendly. Lovely template, great service!

Janey Cramer

Janey Cramer

Owner, Muse Web

I have looked and tried many other joomla themes that came with good extensions along with customizing capabilities. I was just gong to hire someone to get the look I wanted, but I found StreamX theme by Themexpert. I found it exactly what I needed with just the right extesnions that work how they said and the module positions are perfect. I was hooked! There support is far superiour than any other. I opened a ticket on Sunday early morning expecting a response in Monday but Parvez replied to my ticket on his vacation day and made sure my issue was fixed. When comes to Joomla themes there is no one else I will work with.

Guy Stubbe

Guy Stubbe

C.E.O, FMO Monthly


Forget boring pre-defined component layout. Quix can work inside any Joomla component as long as it has Editor in it. This is incredibly useful feature that give life to your boring article or blog post. No need to depend on template developer to ship good template for Viruemart, K2 or DigiCom. Just use Quix inside your favorite component and build layout yourself. You can create unique layout for each of your product or use same layout using collection feature.

Quix inside Joomla article

Quix inside Module

Quix inside Joomla Module


Quix includes a custom portability system that makes it easier to export and import Quix page, collections.

Template developers can export their pages into their theme and Quix will add them to collection automatically. You can load any pre-set layout in single click.

Brand New Templates

To celebrate the 1.0 release, we released 1 new template and updated 2 most popular templates for Quix. We have another new template down the road and will available last week of this month.

Say hello to Infinito, our brand new template for Quix, also Nefarion and Lawxpert. Infinito is business focused, clean and versatile template comes with lots of homepage and pages.

Download Infinito Template

What about old purchase of Nefario and Lawxpert?

If you purchased Nefario or Lawxpert after January 2016 you will get a free copy of Quix Pro. You can download Nefario and Lawxpert new version immediately but you have to contact us for Quix Pro license. Just email us : support @ themexpert.com with your order Id and we’ll arrange a Quix Pro license for you.

Purchased before January? We have big 50% discount for you. Just contact us with your order ID and we’ll arrange that for you.

Auto Update

We made update simple in Quix. Just put your themexpert username and API key and your are done. You can directly update from Joomla! Admin panel. Generate your API key from our members dashboard.


Quix is a standalone product and comes with its own licensing system. If you buy a template that built with Quix page builder you will get Quix free when you checkout. Just make sure you added Quix to your cart while checkout.

If you are a club member, you have to buy Quix separately. All template quicstart package comes with Quix pro. If you decided to use template only, you can still use Quix free and you will get all the elements bundled with the template. You can’t just use the pro features.

Template developer need to buy extended license for each template they build. You can’t re-distribute Quix with your commercial or free template without an extended license.

Whats Next?

We are happy and proud to share this 1.0 release with you. As always, the journey continues, but now it's time to celebrate. We are excited to see what you will be building with the new Quix.

If you need help, join the Quix user group and start engaging with all the fellow Quix users and developers in the community.

Get a whopping 20% discount!

To celebrate the release of Quix 1.0, we are offering big 20% discount off all new Quix pro and agency license. This discount is also applicable to Infinito, Nefario and LawXpert template.

This is the limited time offer and valid till 21th April.


Download Quix Pagebuilder Free


Quix Meets T3 Framework - Create a Joomla Website From Scratch in 10 Minutes

Quix Meets T3 Framework - Create a Joomla Website From Scratch in 10 Minutes

In my previous article I showed you how Quix works with Gantry framework out of the box. This time I'm running a test with the most popular T3 Framework for Joomla! As expected Quix is running seamlessly with T3. If youre website or template is powered by T3 framework you can use Quix page builder without having any issues.

If you are not aware about T3 let me explain, this is the most popular, modern and flexible Joomla Template Framework build with Bootstrap 3. Joomlart the company behind T3 framework, did a fantastic job and open sourced the project on GitHub.

Lets create a beautiful page with Quix page builder and T3 framework with almost no coding. If you are a Joomla Template developer you need a little preparation which won't take you more than 5 mins work. Keep reading, I'll show you how?

Installing T3 Framework with Blank Template

If your website is already running with T3 you can ignore this step. If you want to create a Joomla template with T3 framework, download T3 package from T3 official website. The package contains framework plugins and blank bootstrap based template. Now install it from Joomla Extension Manger.

Full Width Control to Quix Page Builder

T3 default template comes with a container class. If you are a developer you will know what that means but if you are not a developer, container class will add width to an element and position it to the center of the webpage. Quix can run inside the container class but if you want to get rid of the extra space you can follow this.

Open no-sidebar.php file from templates/t3_bs3_blank/tpls/blocks/mainbody and paste this 2 lines of code:

$input = new JInput();
$container = ( $input->getCmd('option') === 'com_quix' ) ? '' : 'container';

With this code, we are checking if Quix loaded on this page or not. If its not loaded we'll add container class or else remove it. Now it will replace this line

with this

div id="t3-mainbody" class=" t3-mainbody">

Now we need to remove some padding from T3 element and add this code to any file you want but we recommend style.less

  body{ overflow-x: hidden; }
  .t3-content{ padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0; }

Head over to you template settings and click Less to CSS button to compile less code into css

Install Quix

Installing Quix is as easy as installing any other extensions. Grab Quix page builder for Joomla and install it from Joomla Extension Manger

Create a New Page

After installing Quix you will see a dedicated top menu. Click there and then click New Page button.

Give your page a name and start dragging row, column and elements to the page. Here is the layout screenshot of the page we are working:

The "Quicx" is now called "Quix", isn't that mouth waterring. Yes it is, but now you must forget what was left behind, now we must live in this moment. And the change of the name obliged us to change the article.

Download Quix - Free Join Quix FB Group

Quix RC1 Has Arrived - More Elements, Performance Improvements and Developer Friendly

Quix RC1 Has Arrived - More Elements, Performance Improvements and Developer Friendly

Today we hit another milestone for Quix our flagship page builder for Joomla! 2 weeks and 185 commits later Quix reached its RC1 status and yes you can use Quix for your live joomla website.

We worked really hard to make this possible and things are shapping extreamly well. Last week we showed how Quix work with Gantry Framework and we will post frequiently with another framework test report.

5x Performance Improvements

In my previous post I told you that, our goal for next release is to improve performance at least 2x times. Fortunatly we were able to improve it 5x means Quix is more smooth then ever!

5 New Elements

RC1 comes with 5 new elements and now we have total 14 elements. 13 of theme are available in free version and 1 is pro element for now.

Developer Friendly

Now developers can override all core elements from there templates or extension as well as create new elements. It's just as easy as creating a folder inside your template/extension. I'll post an in-deptch developer guide about creating a element from scratch.

Quick Preview

Now you don't have to create a menu to see the output. Just save the Quix page and you will see a 'Preview' button immedietly. We didn't stop there, we took the preview functionality to a whole new level. Now when you do any changes and press save the new window refresh automatically,which saves you from clicking the reload button.

Pro vs Free

Quix now has 2 version available for download. Free version doesn't comes with full responsive and visibility control. It has 13 elements now. In coming release we are going to add more pro features and elements.

Bug fixes

We fixed all the bugs reported and improved all elements.

How to update?

Updating Quix is really easy. You will see a update notificaiton on your Joomla admin pannel and you can update Quix as regular Joomla extension. All you need to put your ThemeXpert username and Auth key found on your member dashboard.

Pro user: You need to uninstall free version of Quix and then install Quix Pro available on your download page.

The "Quicx" is now called "Quix", isn't that mouth waterring. Yes it is, but now you must forget what was history, now we must live in this moment. And the change of the name obliged us to change the article.

Download Quix Now!

Love What You Do, Do What You Love. Happy Valentine!

Love What You Do, Do What You Love. Happy Valentine!

We thought a lot about valentine gift for you and couldn’t find anything better than to partner up with StackIdeas and bring something truly awesome template for you. Yes, this is what we love and keeps us alive.

Stuart is one of our most template and comes with Drag & Drop page builder for Joomla. We worked with StackIdeas team to bring you the EasyBlog and EasySocial integration to Stuart.

StackIdeas is offering a whopping 30% discount to their all products new purchase and renewal.

Love at both side, you will also get a 30% discount on Stuart purchase too :)

You may use the coupon code below to get your discounts


Stuart Demo Purchase Stuart Purchase EasyDiscuss & EasySocial

                        <div class="eb-thumbs-col">
                                        <div class="eb-thumb">
                        <div><div class="eb-image style-clear">
<div class="eb-image-figure is-responsive" style="width:100%;">

            <a class="eb-image-viewport eb-image-popup-button"

                <img src="//www.themexpert.com/images/easyblog_articles/227/b2ap3_large_EB1.png"             style="width:100%;"/>

                        <div class="eb-thumbs-col">
                                        <div class="eb-thumb">
                        <div><div class="eb-image style-clear">
<div class="eb-image-figure is-responsive" style="width:100%;">

            <a class="eb-image-viewport eb-image-popup-button"

                <img src="//www.themexpert.com/images/easyblog_articles/227/b2ap3_large_EB2.png"             style="width:100%;"/>

                        <div class="eb-thumbs-col">
                                        <div class="eb-thumb">
                        <div><div class="eb-image style-clear">
<div class="eb-image-figure is-responsive" style="width:100%;">

            <a class="eb-image-viewport eb-image-popup-button"

                <img src="//www.themexpert.com/images/easyblog_articles/227/b2ap3_large_EB4.png"             style="width:100%;"/>



Quix Meets Gantry Framework - Build Tomorrow's Website Today

Quix Meets Gantry Framework - Build Tomorrow's Website Today

Quix is approaching to it's RC1 release and today we are very happy to announce that Quix is compatible with Gantry 5 Framework.

We thoroughly tested Quix with Gantry 5 and we found no single issue! Quix can run seamlessly with any template framework in market. We'll test them all and make sure there is't a single issue left before final release.

Gantry is next generation theme framework for developer to build themes quickly and efficiently while providing flexibility and ease-of-use for end-users

This is the output we are going to accomplish with Quix and Gantry framework without touching any code.

Installing Gantry Framework

Download Gantry Component and Hydrogen Theme from Gantry website. Install them both from Joomla Extension Manger and navigate to Extensions > Templates and open Hydrogen - Default

Configuring Gantry

We will make main content area full width so Quix can use container when necessery. To do that click Layouts tab and then click settings icon from main section.

Click the Layout dropdown and select Fullwidth(Flushed Content).

We changed Heading Font to Raleway 500 and you can use any font you like. Gantry has a lot of features so it’s good to familiarize yourself with it if you haven't already.

Installing Quix Pagebuilder

Download Quix from our website and install it from Joomla Extension Manager

Create Page with Quix

After installing the extension you will see a Quix menu on joomla toolbar. Click Quix and then click New Page

Give page a name and start building with Quix. Here is the full screenshot of the builder :

Quix will enter into our premium club with the release of RC1 so Pre Order today with 40% discount.

The "Quicx" is now called "Quix", isn't that mouth waterring. Yes it is, but now you must forget what was left behind, now we must live in this moment. And the change of the name obliged us to change the article.

Order Quix Pro Download Quix - Free Chat with Us

Quix Beta2 Has Arrived - Joomla! NOW has a "True Responsive" Page Builder

Quix Beta2 Has Arrived  - Joomla! NOW has a "True Responsive" Page Builder

Quix Beta2 features Joomla's first True Responsive Page Builder technology. Quix exceeds the traditional responsive dropdown/checkbox settings, with an intuitive real time drag & drop interface. We are really proud for the responsive feature in Quix.

Not only the responsive feature, we've added 4 new elements and fix all bugs that we got after beta 1 release.

Responsive Mode

Quix Responsive Builder

You can see a Responsive Mode button beside Undo/Redo button. By enabling responsive mode you can adjust column grid for different devices. Responsive mode is completely isolated and we removed all control icons from the builder, so you can adjust the layout for different devices without any distraction. Click on the device tab and drag the column size as you want.

Visibility Mode

Quix Visibility Mode

You can control section, row and elements visibility for different devices. That means, you can hide something on Tablet/Mobile or you can show something exclusively on Mobile. When you enable Responsive mode you will see a 'eye' icon for visibility settings and its only available when Responsive mode turn on.

Responsive Renderer

When it comes to visibility settings for different devices, every page builder use display:none; method to hide something. There is a big problem with this approach. When someone browse your website from mobile it actually load every pice of content and this method hide some part from displaying. It doesn't give any performance boost for mobile devices.

Quix handle this visibility option in different manner and thanks to our renderer engine. If you set visibility off for something(eg:section,row,element), Quix will never load it that device. It gives a huge performance boost for your website.

Blurb Element

You can now display your services, features or offering with our shiny new Blurb element. It comes with a handful amount of settings allow you to display content with image or icon with different alignment.

Accordion, Video and Icon Element

These 3 elements also coming with this release and we have now 9 elements in total. Every elements in Quix has lots of settings and we are continuously updating every elements.

Improvements and Bug Fixed

We reduced our main js file by 20% that means the builder is now more lightweight and faster. We are continuously investing our time to speed improvements and hoping to increase it 200% by next release.

We have also squashed all bugs reported after beta 1 release and improved the element settings pane style.

What Next ?

We reached our Beta 2 milestone in time and we are working really hard to meet our next milestone. This is the last beta version according to our plan and we are heading towards a more stable RC1 release next week. Have a look at our roadmap for clear understanding:

Please DO NOT use any beta software in your production or live site. Beta software are meant to be used in staging or testing site.

Our 40% discount offer will expire next week when we release RC1 version so grab Quix Premium copy before it gone!

Download Quix - Free Pre Order Quix - $29

Quicx Beta1 Has Arrived - New Interface, Smart Layout System, History Manager And Much More

Quicx Beta1 Has Arrived - New Interface, Smart Layout System, History Manager And Much More

Last month we released a sneak of our revolutionary joomla page builder name 'Quicx' and we received a lots of feedbacks and appreciations from our customers and coummunity.

Today I'm proud to announce, Quicx has reached to Beta stage and ready for the public test. Our team worked really hard and we almost forget to sleep.

New Builder Interface

As promised, we brings a brand new interface for Quicx and I beleive this is the most beautiful and user friendly page builder on market. The new interface is heavily influenced by Google's Material Design - a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices.

Smart Layout System

We rethought the layout management and whole Quicx structure. It took some time, but we're pleased with the outcome. Quicx now comes with some pre-built layout grid but you can add column on the fly and resize it.

You can achive any complex layout with Quicx and layouts are customizable for different divices. On Beta 2 we are going unveil 'Responsive' feture which will change the way you build responsive layout.

Undo/Redo Everything

Done something wrong ? Want to undo something ? Quicx will remember every steps and you can easyly Undo/Redo your changes without loosing your mind. Undo/Redo is part of every software we use now and Quicx is no exception of that.

Rename Instantly

Yes, you can rename every section, elements instantly. Just double clik on any elements and change its name. Section or Elements name only effect on backend so, you can easily recognize them.

Elements - Blood of the Builder

Quicx Beta 1 comes with 5 necessery elements and we'll add element continuously. We have a detail roadmap for Quicx, please check the roadmap section of this post.

Instant Save

Quicx is AJAX powered and you can save your changes instantly. No need to refresh and wait.

Smooth Updating System

On Quicx page list page, you will see a yellow 'Register' button. Click that button and give your ThemeXpert username and auth key. You can obtain your auth key from ThemeXpert Dashboard. By doing so, you are just 1 click away for all future update of Quicx.

On our Beta testing period, we'll continiouly build and release fixes for you. We want a smooth update experience so we don't break your site.

What does the future hold?

We have many features ready to release and our focus now lies on fixing bugs and roll out planed feature in every release. We plan to follow a quick release cycle with several beta releases, which will then followed by the final 1.0 release.

We'll release major update every week means, Beta 2 will release next Friday. This illustrated roadmap gives you a clear picture Quicx release cycle.

Beta Program

During our Beta period we'll release all core features of Quicx. From RC(Release Candidate) version Quicx will have 2 version. A minimum version for free and a premium version which you already paid for.

We'll keep the 40% discount price during our beta period and once we reach the RC stage the discount will vanish. So its right time to test Quicx for free and Pre Order it :)

Download Quicx - Free Pre Order Quicx - $29

2015 Year In Review

2015 Year In Review

It's been an incredible year or I must say 2015 is most successfull year in ThemeXpert history. We achived few big ambitious milestone this year. Before going any details, I'd like to thank our customers who put there trust on us.


Switch - Free WordPress Theme released

We entered into WordPress theme business this year and released our first free onepage theme. Since then Switch download 100K+ times and we really proude to see peopel making great site using Switch.


Xpert Accordion - Free WordPress Plugin released

We released our first drag & drop accordion builder for WordPress.

DigiCom first beta released

DigiCom is the first ecommerce extensions for Joomla allow you to sell digital product seamlessly. Started from scratching our own itch and people like us strugling selling there products.


OnePager released and featured on ProductHunt

We released Drag & Drop onepage builder for WordPress and it got featured on ProductHunt! This is another big product we released as free and available on WordPress plugin repo.


ThemeXpert v5 powered by DigiCom

We love to eat our 'own dog food' and part of that strategy, we migrated our full website to DigiCom with new interface.

DigiCom and OnePager Stable released

We released first stable version of DigiCom and OnePager. Both of our Joomla and WordPress team did a tremundous work and we were able to release both big product in same month.


Attend Joomla World Conference

We attend Joomla World conference for the first time and met all the J!People in person.


Quicx - Next generation page builder for Joomla!

We unveiled the curtain of our another product which we beleive, will change the way you use Joomla today! Quicx is the next generation page builder and way ahead of every page builder in market. We are planning to release it in Jan 2016.


  • 8 Joomla Template released
  • 1 Joomla Component released
  • 5+ Joomla Module released
  • 7 DigiCom Addon released
  • 6 WordPress Theme released
  • 3 WordPress Plugin released
  • 1756 commits to DigiCom repo
  • 924 commits to OnePager repo
  • 55 Blog post written
  • New team members
  • Sponsor Envato Meetup
  • Sponsor few local events

What's Ahead

We'll focus Quicx and DigiCom in 2016 and take them to a new height. We'll only focus building template with Quicx and addons for DigiCom. We are starting new year with few new members on our team.