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Introducing NotiFly - The First Ever Social Proofing Extension for Joomla


Who doesn't likes to increase the traffic of his Joomla website? Definitely everyone wants and you want it too. Social proofing can be one of the way to do this. Let me explain you.

Assume you are going out with your friend to take lunch. You hopped into a cab and stopped in a place where two restaurants are in front of you. First one is crowded with lots of people.

The second one is deserted and a little bit spooky, not a single person is present at there. At here let me ask you a question- Which one would you prefer for lunch? The crowded one or the deserted one?

So, have you decided which one would you go? Definitely, the first one filled with people.

Because you might have considered the following things first:

Comfort Feel: We always try to find comfort everywhere, and a deserted place does not give much comfort to anyone.

Trust & Bonding: When we get to a new place, the activities of other people gives us confidence and helps to engage with a bond of trust with the organization.

Confident: We often check the quality first and then gather a crowd for it. Deserted place does not enhances your confident for product quality, rather than decreasing.

Our human psychology works in that way; it does not feel all right alone. Similarly for the website, when a visitor lands on your website, the loneliness might not give him the comfort feeling that he expects.

Generally, there are several people interacting with your website someone is viewing the site, someone is purchasing your product, someone is registering himself, etc. Everyone is like kept alone in a colorful jar, where he can see everything, however, cannot feel the presence of other people.

As a result they lose interest on your site, cannot find enough courage to try your product and at last, they leave your website to visit another.

After considering your situation, we have developed NotiFly. It will show your social proof to people and will give a feeling to the viewer that he is not alone on your website. It will boost the confident level of the visitor to try your product.

Benefits of Using NotiFly

  • Increase traffic to your website: Increase traffic of your site by showing activities of other people. 

  • Social proofing that portraits your credibility: Show your credibility and make the impression on a visitor at first time with Notifly - Joomla ecommerce extension. 
  • Boost your product sale and conversations: Show sales and other events easily with Notifly and build the trust of bond. An event of a sale, encourages a new visitor to become the customer. The more customer, the more sale you got. 
  • Make the bond of trust with people: ​Easily create Bond of trust just by showing events and conversations.  

  • Give people the comfort they crave for, on your website: ​Do not let people be alone at your site. Give them the comfort and build their trust by showing activities of the site. 


​Here goes the features of NotiFly. Check yourself and then decide. 

Original Proofs

Our first priority is to provide original proof of purchase. Because we believe Honesty is the best policy. Therefore neither we provide fake proofs, nor we let user generate one. Only the real time proofs will be shown with NotiFly - Joomla ecommerce extension.

Easy to Use

We have made NotiFly very simple, so you do not require any kind of HTML, CSS or any other programming knowledge. Just download, install and a few clicks to configure then you are set.

Every settings of NotiFly has been kept minimalistic. Even a new user will be able to configure the NotiFly at first use. 

Notification Loop

It might not happen that event occurs at almost every minute or hour. So there might be a question arise in your mind- What will NotiFly show, when no events occur in a long period?

Worry not, at period of no new event; NotiFly will show previous notifications followed by a small text where time will be specified. 

Track Conversions in Real time

Easily track your daily conversions in real time and check the number of clicks and notification from the dashboard. Everything is summed up as a summary and shown with beautiful user interface in NotiFly.

Templates Options

Template option allows you to customize the template for NotiFly. Template title and notification message can be modified from here. If you do not find any templates option, do not worry. Before customizing any template first you need to integrate the extension with NotiFly.

After successful integration with your site and extensions, templates will be automatically generated in Templates Option.

Edit any template of NotiFly by clicking Edit button. After editing, press on Save & Close and view your site.


With NotiFly, you can easily integrate your favorite services. Notifly comes with Digicom, j2store, hikashop and Joomla Easydiscuss extension by default. If you need any additional integration support, you can let us know in support section.

Activate the extension by clicking enable button and configure the extension. In time of need you can also disable an extension in same way. 


NotiFly lists all events in one place, and you can see details of every event from here. Every event is recorded with details as it occurs in your site. In edit options, you cannot change the time or add any fake data as NotiFly only shows real data.

You can even delete or edit current events from here. In NotiFly you can edit the basics of an event or delete an event. But creation of new event is prohibited


You can customize the design and Behavior of NotiFly from Design options. You have options like loop notification, hide on mobile, hide on the desktop, allow users to close notifications, display time and other settings at here.


NotiFly will just not give a notification from the corner of your website. We believe it will change your business with increasing traffic and sales.

Need to know something about NotiFly? Don't hesitate, just tell us directly through comments and also give your valuable feedbacks.

Quix 2.0 RC Is Here - Joomla Visual Builder Got Huge New Features and Improvements


Day to day we are improving Quix page builder, making it better. Better in structure and performance. Now we are ready to launch our Release Candidate of QUIX.

It is far much better than the first version of Quix Joomla page builder, as we brought some significant changes. Not only the outlook is changed, but also the inner section is much improvised and sorted.

During Alpha and Beta release, a few issues appeared which are now solved. Our experienced developers are working day & night to improve it more and take it to the next level to reduce your workload, and the result of your hard work for building a site seem flawless.

Without delaying further, let's check out the improvements.

New Installer

Everything starts with an installations process. We took our time to give you a good installer and tried to make the first impression look good. We have enhanced the installer of Quix. It is now easier and more reliable than ever.

We have given rollback support to Quix installer so that after installing new version if your site breaks or you face any kind of trouble, you will be able to rollback to the previous version. Nothing will be lost, and you will not face any kinds of trouble. 

The installation process is kept simple so you can easily install Quix. Everything needed to set up will be done automatically. You just chill for a moment while Quix installs. We have added a requirement checklist, if it matches with your system the installation process will move further.

If your system doesn't matches the minimum requirement consider altering the system settings. Still, if you find any trouble, just let us know. Our support team will be right next to you in a minute.

[New] Icon Picker and SVG Editor

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. SVG images are composed of fixed set of shapes.

The main benefit of SVG is, you can make it smaller or bigger any size you want and you can add any color you want. In one sentence you can customize the SVG as you want which is only just a dream for general images.

With the new version of Quix, you will be able to upload any images and SVG images to the media manager. But if you like you can also use SVG icons which comes by default with Quix.

We want our client to have the best of Quix page builder. So we added the SVG icons with the new Quix to make it look more flawless. In this version, we are providing you 1000+ awesome SVG icons which are located locally in media manager, and we are going to increase that number as we release an update.

You can upload your own svg files update it on the fly. Whenever you select an SVG file you will see 2 new additional controls right after the media picker. You can resize the SVG and give it to any color you want. Isn't it awesome ? 

[New] Copy/Paste Section, Row & Element

Copy-paste are the two most older keywords on the internet. The copy command creates a duplicate of the original text/image and stores in a temporary storage tool called clipboard. Later the data in the clipboard is inserted in the position where the paste command is issued.

Earlier in the previous version of Quix, there was cloning option. It was great, but it would create a little bit trouble if the page length is very long. You had to drag the item entire way to the very end.

To reduce your trouble, we've upgraded the copy-paste techniques. Now you can command copy-paste your elements, row, and even section.

When you want to copy a section, just click on the copy icon of that item and after finding a suitable place, click the paste icon. There is no more trouble of dragging all the way down. You can create the duplication of them and reuse. But if you like to drag and make clone, don't worry we have kept this option for you.

[Improved] Drag & Drop Interface

Quix is the ultimate Joomla drag and drop page builder. It was built that way. But now, to make the drag and drop option more smooth and clear, we have brought a slight change. We've upgraded it a bit.

Now while dragging a column or row or even a section, an icon will appear, and once you drop the icon in the destination, content will be moved. You don't have to get confused if your content is big enough to move. Just click the drag icon situated in the mini-toolbox and drop it wherever you want.

Huge Core Improvements Makes Quix More Fast

Quix was made fast. But in our everyday routine, fast is turning a boring word. Nowadays, everyone loves supersonic speed. The circling of buffering has turned annoying for everyone. Now everyone loves the instant result.

So, we made some core improvements and made Quix super fast. Now all the changes you bring to your site will appear without any delay & buffering. Now the changes will appear instantly. Don't believe us? In the stable release, you'll get the proof.

[New] Page Settings

Page setting or document setting is the parameters defined by the users that help to determine how the page will appear. To be specific, you can control some basic and useful settings of an entire page.

To find the page settings element all you have to do is, click the 'settings' written button situated in the toolbar. Inside the page settings, you'll find some additional settings like status, language, color preset, CSS, etc to set the basics of a page. 

[New] Link Quix Page to Menu From Visual Builder

Linking a page is not tough anymore in Joomla page builder. Now you can add a new page to your menu bar with more flexibility and trouble-free.

Right after creating a page and saving it, you can set it to your menu bar of the site. In the center of the top toolbar, you'll find the setting options. Click it, and it will offer you four more options. From there select 'Link Page To Menu'. A popup box will appear with some more additional settings. Just set the name and position and other thing and click the 'save' button. And you're done here. 

[New] Customizable Section/Row Height & Flex

Quix comes with some default settings. Like section height, background, padding, etc. But now, you can change most of the default settings. One of them is the height of the section.

You do not need to calculate margin-padding for your section anymore, as you can directly customize it. Just go to the section setting and customize according to your will.

You have two options, - fit to screen and custom height.

Fit to screen will automatically detect the size of your screen. With one click on it, section height will be adapted perfectly according to your display size.

And if you need to customize the section height in our own way, just select custom height. In this option, you get to increase the value of section height by the slider. You might have gotten used by pixels, so we haven't forgotten it. As you modify section height with the slider, you will be able to see its pixel value as well.

After modifying the section height, you can set the alignment of column position directly to top bottom or center as you wish. You do not need to set it by pixels; you will be able to set it with just one click.

You can also increase of decrease custom height for row and column also.

As you increase or decrease the height, it will be instantly updating in real time. You don't have to go for a preview button. It's up to you now, how you want to change the height of the section and give a new, different look.

[New] Disable Mode

One of your very important features is "Disable Mode". You can disable any section, any column, any element at any time you want. You might be thinking "what is the necessity?"

Consider you are developing a section on you live site, and you are just in between completing it. Would you like to show the incomplete section to your viewer? Definitely not.

With the help of disabled mode, you will be able to hide the incomplete section until its completed.

You can also disable any section or element, device wise. Disabled section or element will not be visible for the selected device until you enable it. A disabled unit will not be able to customize until you enable it. So make sure you enable it before editing. 

[New] Custom CSS For Every Element (PRO)

With all the ready-made options, we've also kept an option for custom CSS. Now, why is that? In case, if you want to include any different options other than ours, you can do it.

Custom CSS allows you to add raw code in any field you want and it won't conflict with other elements. You can your own style to it give your site a new look. Every developer has their own taste, so you can decorate your site with your own taste.


It's never-ending for Quix page builder as we are improving it every day and in every possible way making it the best free Joomla page builder. With the final stable release, we'll unleash all the hidden tracks and solve the unsolved mysteries cause 'the good one comes at the end'.

Stay connected and let us know how you wish to see this Joomla, page builder. We always look forward to your suggestions and advice.

Quix 2.0 Beta Is Here - Makes It The Most Flexible Page Builder For Joomla!


 It's been an awesome week since we released best Joomla Page Builder Quix 2.0 Alpha. With all the excitements and achievements we are here with a remarkable progress. We are just in time for our next launch. Appending some more clever features we release Beta version of Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder.

This version is much more improved and this time the layouts are far better than the expectations. But we are still developing Quix 2.0 Joomla drag and drop page builder for better performance and new functionalities. Quix is still on the lab and there might be some minor bugs, which we'll be fixing them in the upcoming versions.

Please go through with each new feature detailed below of Quix 2.0 Beta. Just give a quick scan and get familiar with each of them.

In the meantime we'll work on with our next release. Together we'll make Quix 2.0 the best Joomla Page Builder one's ever known.

Array of Pre-Made Column

Quix Layout system is crafted with the array of Pre-Made column and now it is more easier, more flexible and much more powerful than before.
Right after entering in the world of Quix you'll find the Add New Section Button. Just click it and you'll find 11 Predefined layouts which are designed just for your website. Use the layout which suits perfectly with your need.

Add Column On-The-Fly

Once you've selected the layouts and while working on them, you feel like you need to include one more column, at that moment you have to go through all over the working process again.
Well, now you don't have to do it. Right on the top-left of the column you'll find an Add Column button. Just click it and a brand new column will appear just right next to the selected column.

Duplicate Column

A creative mind creates a masterpiece once. And if you wanna make another one similar to it, you've gotta go through the hard works all over again. Why repeat the troubles when you can do it by clicking a button.
Just click on the Duplicate Button situated in the top-left mini toolbox of the designed column. The clone of the column is ready. Now all you need to do is, just change the contents.

Column Resizing

​Column Resizing means to resize the the default column layout. Quix page builder gives you the ultimate power to resize the column to your desire. It was never so much easier as now. The new version of Quix offers pixel perfect layouts and now you can resize them easily and smoothly.

The columns are built on percentages. Just drag the side of your column and expand or shrink it just the way you want and we promise, it won't break the row. Don't believe us? Why not try by yourself and test it.

Column Setting

​Quix 2.0 has transformed completely as the settings are much more easy and flexible. After the section selection and column selection, you'll be able to edit the column settings.

At the top-left side you'll get the editable options in a mini-toolbox. Here you'll get 4 options- General, Styles, Animation and Advance. These settings will allow you to change the default settings and make your own creative styles for the developing site.

Nested Columns

Quix Joomla page builder makes easy to create beautiful responsive page layouts with the fast drag-&-drop gesture.

But most people get stuck while creating complex layouts. To be more precise, we can say nested layouts. Like- if you want to create multiple rows of different numbers of columns, but all within the same section, you can do it. This new feature will allow you to create new columns inside of an existing column. You can build the websites both simple and complex at the same time and of course all in the same section.

Responsive Columns At Its Best

Controlling the column layouts for responsive different size screen was not so much easy and promising. Some obscure settings would make it more hard to find and set, still not great.
But not with Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder. We've redesigned the responsive function to a new extent. Now Quix 2.0 will be responsive to 5 different types of screen as we've extended it to Bootstrap 4 which supports 5 tiers: xs (extra small screen), Sm (small screen), Md (medium screen), lg (large screen) and XL (extra large screen).


Quix is the best free Joomla page builder that gives you the total control from designing to managing, everything can be done easily with Quix.

Till now you have been customizing the typography from templates option.

Now, you do not need to worry whether the template will provide you typography options or not. Because Quix will allow you to do so.

Typography is an element that is a must to ensure flexible readability and for this reason we have brought Typography Options with Quix 2. You will be able to customize and change the look of your site with 1200+ google fonts along with changing size, height, weight, style, etc. Choose the one that fits you best and give your visitors ultimate reading experience from design to managing, everything can be done easily with Quix.

New Elements

Quix 2.0 appends some latest elements which are new and most efficient for a user. Right after the selection of column, red circle naming 'Add Elements' will appear which will allow you to select the elements from the list 'Element List'. These elements are sorted and you can modify each element in details. These elements are:

Column Element

The column element is present to help you to create a new column inside the existing column. Which means you can give your website a creative look with various numbers of columns in one section.

Button Element

A form cannot be submitted without a button. It not only links to other sites but also enables to store the data in database. So, we customized the button settings with ready-made buttons with editable functions. You can change the style, font, size, shape etc as it comes with 3 different settings- General, Styles and Advanced.

General setting has all the primary settings including types, outline styles etc. Style setting offers different types of styling like- typography, background, text color, border & spacing. And Advanced setting has background, element style etc

Heading Element

Headings always attract the viewers. If the header is not attractive then you might have less than average traffic in your site.

Quix 2.0 is designed holding each and every element in details. The heading element has all the functions to make a header bold and attractive. It has styling, linking, color, typography, element style, background etc. Make the full use of it and let us know.

Image Element

Image is a necessary element for any website. It is proven that images works better than texts. Your explanation directly hits viewers mind faster with images rather than texts.

With quix you can insert an image directly or generate it form any external link, that's totally up to you. Besides we know everyone like it a bit unique, so we have provided elegant customization's along it. Hope you like to use our new element.

Text Element

Text element is very much important. It helps to get more traffic via SEO. Text helps to describe anything in details. If the text is not appropriate and attractive then it does not increase viewers interest.

We know how much text element is important for you so we tried our best to make it better. Our text element comes with advanced typography, so that you can customize text in your way.

Cache System Updated

"Faster and quick response" is the first expectation a user expects from a website. And a site can be made blazing fast by improving the cache system. Cache shows the web pages without pulling them from database every time a user asks for them.

Quix Joomla page builder is 3X, faster as we updated the cache system. Now the buffering won't bother you and keep you waiting as the pages will load in seconds.

Release Timeline

  • Alpha 1 -​ 1st March, 2018 ✅
  • Alpha 2 ​8th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 1 & 2 Release - ✅
  • RC 1 Release - 29th March, 2018
  • RC 2 Release – 3rd April, 2018
  • Quix 2.0 Stable Release - 10th April, 2018

The better is getting best. Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder is very much sorted and improved. We are still working over it but we promise not to keep you waiting up late. Meantime why not give a test drive and send us your feedback.

If you wish, you can check out Quix releases and what new is introduced with each release, from below.

3 Templates got updated with Hikashop (Finance, Digistore, Shopx)


 Hello Joomla lovers!

Hope you are having a good day. We are always paying heed to your needs and trying our best to fulfill those.

Therefore, today we have an announcement for you. Recently three of our Joomla templates got updated with modern e-commerce extension HikaShop support. There are three extensions (Digicom, J2store, and Hikashop), from which you will be able to choose your preferable e-commerce extension for your site.

No idea about Hikashop? Well, let me give you a short brief.

HikaShop is one of the most popular Joomla e-commerce extension for Joomla. It comes with super flexibility, simplicity and is a very powerful tool to handle all e-commerce needs. It's helpful dashboard shows all the necessary information at one place and lets you manage your shop better.

For now, let's find out the updated templates below.

Shopx is a complete solution for your e-commerce store. Manage all of your e-commerce related tasks from one place. ShopX already comes with the support of J2Store, but for your flexibility, now we have also added the support of Hikashop.

This template comes with J2Store, advanced mega menu, featured section, typography control and lots more. Now with the support of Hikashop, it has become more powerful. Choose the e-commerce extension that you prefer and create your online shop with ease. 

Create your own Joomla marketplace easily with the Digistore template. Manage every single task from one place using DigiCom Joomla e-commerce extension and now do more with Hikashop extension. Both of the extensions are best, but we support your preference.

If you are thinking about product orders, coupons, reporting, and other management than Digistore is the perfect choice for you. 

Finance is a Joomla multipurpose template, comes with 9 stunning homepages. Build your business, agency, startup as well as personal portfolio sites easily with this template. Customize Finance and build your website the way you like.

Updating Procedure

Step 1: Take a proper backup of your website.

Step 2: Update your template and if anything goes wrong recover from created backup. 


Hope we will be providing more new functionalities and integrations to enhance your developing experience. If you face any problems or difficulties, feel free to let us know. You can contact our support team or leave a comment about it in below.

Don't forget to leave your valuable suggestion. 

9 Best Code Editor For Joomla Web Development


A major part of programmers and developers lives is spent on editors, while they are in quest for making best Joomla templates. Therefore, it must be a good one and include all the facilities one deserves. In Joomla or WordPress development sector, everything is about productivity – and it might hamper due to several reasons. One reason can be using bad code editor.

You start your development in a code editor, everything you develop is written within it. If you choose the wrong editor at the very beginning, it will surely take more longer period to develop yourself than usual time. A good one will provide you several functionalities and options, which will save your time along with the increase in your productivity in your Joomla or WordPress career.

Since editors play a big role on both Joomla developer and WordPress developers life, a good one can dramatically increase their productivity. It's one of the most important yet underrated things in the world of programming. So we're going to talk about nine best code editors in this article that can boost your productivity.

These code editors will give you full freedom to develop your Joomla and WordPress site. These free and premium code or text editor for programmers were not chosen randomly. Every item that is listed in the best code editors, were chosen based on functionality, popularity and ease of access.

Let's begin.

It is a very lightweight but powerful source code editor developed by Microsoft for all Windows, Linux, and macOS platform. When you are using this code editor, you don't need to switch to other editors for language support. You will get built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js with Visual Studio Code. 

It has also a rich ecosystem extension for other languages such as C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, GO and runtimes such as .NET, unity. Visual studio code helps you to go beyond autocomplete and syntax highlighting with Intellisense. It gives you automatic competitions based on function definition, variable types, and imported modules. 

Key Features of Visual Studio Code includes:

  • Embedded Git Control
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Intelligent code completion
  • Streamlined debugging
  • Powerful & Fast Editing
  • Code Navigation & Refactoring
  • Customization

You got everything you need to edit your code in one pack. So get Visual Studio code and start development now.

Besides coding, if you're also a fan of great design and premium user experience, you'll love Sublime Text. It is a beautiful, clean, simple, yet feature-rich source code editor with a python application programming interface.

Get the most out from your wide screen with the help of split editing support. Edit files by keeping side by side, or edit the way you prefer. Take full advantage of multiple monitors by editing in multiple windows and spliting in each window. 

Major features of sublime text includes

  • Very fast search and shortcuts for navigation
  • Distraction free writing mode
  • Command palette
  • Split editing
  • Multiple selection capability
  • Switch projects easily
  • Plugin API
  • Customizability

You can use both of its free and premium version as you need. Premium version will cost you only for $70, and it's available for Windows, Mac & Linux, all 3 computing platforms.

Atom is a relatively new text editor developed by the folks at Github. It's a free, open-source and complete with a file system browser. Atom is highly customizable as well and comes with feature list as follows:

  • Fuzzy finder that allows you to open files quickly
  • File system browser
  • Find and Replace
  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Built-in Package Manager
  • Code folding
  • Snippets
  • Cross Platform Editing
  • Multiple cursors that allow multiple selections
  • Multiple panes
  • Highly extendable with 50+ open source packages

These features make Atom the most customizable, clean and feature-rich, text editor for coding. It's way better than any other free solution because it has been developed for coding specifically. Besides, it's available for all major computing platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

When a text editor is released by some leading brand as big as Adobe, we can certainly expect it to have at least a few tricks up its sleeves, right? Trust me; Brackets code editor will not disappoint you. 

It's an open sourced code editor available for all three computing platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux) and Brackets code editor has got some really cool features which make it unique in this league.

It comes with:

  • With its Extract feature it can extract information from Adobe format files (i.e. colors, fonts, gradients etc. from PSD files) and use it to help you develop code
  • A wildly increasing extensions library
  • Inline editing
  • Live preview
  • Open sourced
  • Cross-Platform compatibility
  • Theseus Integration
  • Split View
  • Multiple File format support

With Brackets live sync you will be able to push your code edits instantly with browser and you will also able to go forward and backward between your browser view and real source code.

The best part of Brackets code editor is - You get this amazing source code editor at price of 0$. 

​You might have already heard about Notepad++, because it's a widely popular source code editor in the community. A major reason behind its popularity is - it's free yet highly functional

Its major features include:

  • Syntax folding/highlighting
  • Auto-complete functionality
  • Tabs for editing multiple documents side by side
  • Zoom in/out
  • Multi-language environment
  • GUI Customizability
  • Macro Reading & Playback
  • Bookmark
  • WYSIWYG (printing)
  • PCRE Search/ Replace.

In short, it has comes with everything any beginner or even a full-fledged developer might need. Though it doesn't come with many advanced features which you'll find in some other premium editors, but what it offers is enough for most of the coders. The only disappointment with this powerful free editor is it comes only for windows platform. 

Another piece of premium text editing programs is Coda. It's slightly more expensive than UltraEdit at $99, but again the price tag has been completely justified by the wide range of features.

Major features include:

  • A fantastic file management system that allows local as well as remote file editing with tightly integrated support for Amazon S3, WebDAV, SFTP and FTP
  • Code folding
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Project wide auto-complete functionality
  • Automatic tag closing
  • Fast commenting
  • Fast shifting
  • And an iPad companion called Diet Coda.

In short, Coda has pretty much everything that you'll need to develop your website. And they tout it very proudly. However, it's available only for Mac.

PhpStorm is smart php IDE by Jetbrains, that lets you enjoy while coding. It has got support for popular programming languages but specially built for PHP. When you use this tool you do not need seperate tools for HTML5, CSS, Sass, Less, Typescript and Javascript as everything is available with it.

This smart tool comes with intelligent coding assistance, hundreds of inspections is taken care as you type code. You will never feel alone with PhpStorm. To ensure you write neat code, PHPDoc support, code rearranger and formatter, quick fixes, and other features are there.

PhpStorm Features:

  • Advanced front-end technologies included
  • Built-in developer tools
  • Intelligent Coding Assistance
  • Smart Code Navigation
  • Fast and Safe Refactoring
  • Code Quality Analysis
  • Smart PHP Code Editor
  • Debugging, Testing and Profiling

PhpStorm is packed with WebStorm, PHP, DB/SQL, so you can easily edit your Javascript as well. WebStorm got support for Angular, React, Vue.js, Ionic, Cordova, React Native, Node.js and lot more.

Everything you need for your Joomla website development is here. For this amazing tool, you need to spend $199 per year or $19.90 per month.

UltraEdit costs $79.95 per year – something that most people will shrug off for a text editor. However, once you look at its features and how they can improve your coding productivity, you'll probably want to shell out that amount. It's got a very long list of features, so I'm going to talk about the biggest ones only:

  • Tightly integrated FTP, SSH, and Telnet
  • Data/file sorting functionality
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Block editing
  • Multi-select/ multi caret
  • Lucrative themes
  • A highly customizable editor with different themes

Available for all major platforms - Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  • Finally, we'll talk about one more free solution, but a slightly different one. ICEcoder is a browser-based online code editor, which means that you don't need to leave your browser to develop websites with it. So it can be very handy for those who're working on a netbook or any other low-end computer. And its features include:
  • Online and offline functionality
  • Ability to manage MySQL databases
  • Type boosters
  • Secure login functionality
  • Themes
  • Broken tags indicator
  • Being a browser-based online code editor tool it can be used on any platform, whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux. There might me other online code editor tools available but you will not find one like ICEcoder.


If you are a newbie, try or atleast look at every editor. Listed editors are not sorted as best to worst form. It depends on your need and your working environment to choose the most suitable one for you.

If you ask me for a recommendation, I would recommend Sublime Text editor. But if you want to start with a free one go for Brackets or notepad++. Rest is up to you and your developing preferences. Though, whatever your preferences are, this list will serve as a good starting point.

For any kinds of Joomla templates or WordPress themes, you can always checkback our site themexpert.

Quix 2.0 Alpha 2 Released - Everything Is Shaping Perfectly


Last week we released sneak peek of our upcoming flagship killer; Quix 2.0. We've been working tirelessly to bring you absolutely best page builder for Joomla!

I'm delighted to announce second alpha of Quix 2.0, just in time. This version brings you more refined UI, some additional features and huge architectural improvement behind the scene. 

Improved Media Manager

We have a big ambition for our media manager, and we'll reveal everything step by step. Now you can upload image, video, gif and SVG file with simple drag and drop interface. Media manager comes with all standard features you needed from a file manager like creating new folder, renaming file, moving file from one location to another and much more.

You can preview your image, video by just double-clicking on it.

New Preview Mode

With real-time editing of Quix, you can see your changes instantly, but sometimes you might need to see them as a visitor too. With our new preview mode, you can see your created pages from visitor's eye.

Just like our previous builder (aka Quix classic builder), when you save your changes, preview refresh automatically.

Portability - Export/Import

Previously, when you export any Quix page, it exports every content and settings. Thus it creates some problem with images. It just exports the image path, not the image itself. So, when you import the page on your different website, the image goes missing.

This time we are taking our portability feature to the next level. Now, when you export a page, it encodes the image and attaches to the JSON file. So, you can import the page without any fear of losing content.

Roadmap Up Ahead

We have a long way to go, and I believe we'll reach there on time as planned. Our team is working day and night to ship the best page builder for Joomla.

Here is the release deadline for Quix 2.0 :

  • Alpha 1 Release - 1st March, 2018 ✅
  • Alpha 2 - 8th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 1 - 15th March, 2018
  • Beta 2 - 22th March, 2018
  • RC 1 - 29th March, 2018
  • RC 2 - 3rd April, 2018
  • Quix 2.0 Stable - 10th April 🥁​🚀​🎉

When Quix Will Available To Download ?

With Quix 2.0 we plan to give you the best experience ever. From installation to use, we need smooth on-boarding system, and we are working on it. From RC 1, we'll be able to provide you an installable package. Till now we've created a playground for you to test Quix 2.0.

If you wish, you can check out Quix releases and what new is introduced with each release, from below.

Joomla Magazine Template Got More Powerful When You Add EasyArticles & EasySocial


Hey there!

Hope you are enjoying developing websites with our templates. We are always trying hard to improve our product. When we started the company, we have only one motive - serve you better.

Whenever there is a new functionality arrives, we try to implement it on our product. If you are satisfied using our products, we feel blessed and feel your happiness inside us.

News magazine templates play a big role on News Magazine. Therefore to build better Joomla news and magazine site, we have introduced Meteor Joomla magazine template. For giving you ultimate page building experience, we used Quix Joomla page builder with Meteor and every other template of ours.

To enhance your experience, we used two Joomla extensions with Meteor - Easy Articles and Easy Social. These are not just any ordinary Joomla extensions, this extension will have a great impact on your site, and we highly recommend it. 

We have made Meteor Powerful using these extensions, and we are continuously working harder to serve you more better. If you want to know more about Meteor Joomla magazine template you can always check it form our detailed blogpost of meteor Joomla magazine template.

For now lets see what is EasyArticles and EasySocial.


EasyArticles is a Joomla extension by stackideas that gives you the ultimate composing experience. It is packed with the all modern facilities, which will bring out the writer inside you. You can do whatever you want in your article with EasyArticles.

From the creation to management, everything will become more easier with EasyArticles. 


Create your community within your site by EasySocial. It's very easy to set our social site with EasySocial. If offers stream, albums, groups, events, page, video, audio and as well as custom fields also.

Build your social network site with EasySocial and fulfill your community needs. 

Clock is ticking! Browse our collection of awesome Joomla templates and make the proper use of this opportunity.

For any queries do not forget to ask, just let us know through the comments.

Introducing Curex - The Best Joomla Medical & Healthcare Template


This is March, and we are back again with a new amazing product - CureX Joomla medical template. Which will help you to build a website for Hospital, clinic, medical & healthcare organizations. Before making this template we researched with several templates, we tried to know your needs and lackings in those templates.

Then we started working on this template. We have tried to give our best in this template so that you can serve humanity better. Curex comes with amazing features functionalities; we hope it will fulfill all your requirements. It requires Joomla 3.8+ and revolutionary joomla page builder.

Befor curex, previously we have released - Primer One Page Business Template and now we are planning to give you something more special in future. Stay tuned with us and get the best development experience.

No more chit-chat, now lets find out what has arrived with curex.

Niche Specific Homepage Layouts

​Curex is crafted for medical, clinic and for those organizations who provide treatment or medical support to people. If offers four niche specific homepage layouts, so you can choose the one that suits best and start developing right away. 

Home 1

​In this layout, appointment form comes at very first to help the patient getting an appointment faster. Every detail in this layout is niche specific and comes with smooth animation.

Home 2

Home 2 comes with a slider and an appointment form in smart modal at front. This layout describes the specialty of your doctors and lets people find your site more useful.

Home 3

In this layout everything is organized in a way that everyone will find the required information very easily.

Home 4

At the top of this layout, video is loaded as the background. You let the patient know about yourself very easily with this layout.

2 New Elements

Smart Modal

This new element loads any element within it, in anywhere on your site. Make the important thing appear on the screen with modal, so any person can easily find out. In curex we have loaded the appointment form with modal so, whenever the person makeups his mind to take an appointment, will be able to do it in no time.


Create the team of your doctors with this element. Show every doctors portfolio beautifully and help your patient find the specific doctor for the specific disease. You can also customize this element more and give the look you want. 

That's not all, there is also 50+ element available in Quix, that comes bundled with curex. So there is no limit on your imagination and development. 

Drag & Drop Page Building

​To save time and help complete your site faster, Curex comes with the most advanced Joomla page builder Quix. With quix, you do not need to know any sort of coding knowledge. All you have to do is drag and drop to build your site. If you can dream your site, you can definitely build it with Quix. 

Quix has made everything a lot more easier and faster. It will take very less time to build your medical site with curex and quix. 

Dedicated Pages For Faster Development

There several unique dedicated pages come packed with curex. This specific pages help you to highlight the specific sector you want. These pages are

  • Appointment: Easily manage all your appointment related data and faqs from here. A user can easily understand how to get the appointment and other relative knowledge from here.
  • Department: Share your department related details and what kind of services you provide, at department. After visiting the department page, a patient will easily understand what kind of service he needs, and which doctor he should appoint.
  • Doctors: Highlight all your doctors in one page with short description and contact address on this page.
  • Doctors Details: If anyone wishes to see the full details of a doctor, he can see the details on Doctors Details page.
  • Health Library: Store all your health services information at here. In addition, you can also store privacy and security concern related information at here too.
  • Error 404: Use this page to show page not found and redirection.
  • Login Form: By using this page user will be able to login to site.
  • Registration Form: Let your users, register to your site with this page. 

Smooth Animations with Performance in Mind

Visual beauty is a must in a website, but sometimes animations and unnecessary things become the reason for the bad performance of the site. In Curex, we have used animations and different effects, but we didn't let it affect the performance of the site.

We have used most advanced speed optimization technologies that makes curex fast and ensures the flexible experience. 

RTL Support

You can always use curex for any kind of medical related sites in any country. That means you can build a site for both RTL and LTR languages. Generally, LTR comes with every template, but curex provides you RTL support along with LTR support.

Whether the language is Arabic, Urdu or any other, you do not need to integrate any third party extensions with curex to add RTL support.

Advanced Typography

You cannot ignore the typography of your site unless you don't want flexible readability. But who doesn't want that? Do you want to enable flexible readability on your site? Yeah, I know the answer.

Curex comes with advanced typography control and lets you customize all of its variants. It is packed with 1000+ google fonts with changing style, size, height, weight and so on. Choose the one that fits best on your site. 

Key Features

  • 4 Stylish built-in Home layouts
  • Video Background
  • Drag & Drop Development
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Fully Clean Codes
  • Ajax based Search
  • RTL Supported
  • SEO Optimized
  • Parallax Background
  • Fast loading Speed
  • Smart Modal element
  • Shape Divider
  • Sticky Header
  • Video Element
  • Full-Width Home Variations
  • Megamenu
  • Support from Developers
  • Easy Customization
  • Elegant Color Gradient
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Video Tutorials
  • Doctor element
  • Get Regular Updates
  • Enriched Documentation 
  • Social Share
  • Transparent Header


If you ever face any problem check our documentation or you can knock our support team any time. If you like you can out our other Free and Premium Joomla templates

If you have any queries leave leave it at comments. You can also let us know your feedback, your feedback inspire us to make great products. 

Quix 2.0 Alpha Is Here - Experience The Magical Controller For Joomla!


It's been a month since we announced the upcoming release of Quix 2.0 and a lot of things happened behind the scenes. Everyday brings us closer to the most powerful builder for Joomla ever created!

Talking about Quix reminds me about the old days, when our friendship with you was built. Through all the ups and downs you stayed with us and we worked at an extreme level to fulfill your needs and desires.

Finally, everything inside Joomla will be controlled in one place. You will be able to visually change everything the Quix way: headers, footers, mega-menus, component pages and much more.

We never stop adding edge cutting features, while ensuring everything works smoothly for all our users. Every change we made was considered several times from every possible angle and was based on your feedback along with our own vision.

There is a lot to discover in Quix 2.0 Alpha 1, and more will come on the final release. So, for now, let's explore what Quix 2.0 Alpha 1 has to offer.

Live Frontend Editing With Simplistic UI

Creating something simple and functional is always difficult. We needed a full featured Drag & Drop page builder without creating any mess. After a year of research, sketch & prototype we created a UI that gives you full capability of page building with very minimal footprint. 

Quix is constantly growing and evolving, so the interface need to match this growth. To achieve this, we need to continuously innovate and improve core elements to allow designers and developers to stay ahead of the game. 

Reorganized Everything

Since we have kept everything minimalistic and simple, you will find everything organized as you edit or customize. All the settings and options are now grouped together so that you can easily find them. 

When needed, you will be able to just expand the settings and customize the elements as you need. Organized fields will help you focus and find the specific setting you are looking for. 

New Field Types​ For Better Design Control

Necessity knows no limits, and we are always working hard to satisfy your needs and to do better. We relentlessly work on introducing new options and ways to bring out the creative person inside you. We have added many new fields to the customization area so that you can make the changes you need on any section you want.

In this awesome Joomla page builder, we have introduced a new color selection field, background field, icon and image picker fields amongst others. With Quix 2.0, we believe you will be able to do a much better development than you do now. To make Quix even better, we will introduce more field types on later releases. 

Flexible Column System

Like its predecessor, Quix 2.0 comes with 11 predefined columns structure, which will help you create designs faster. But we didn't stop there. You will be able to change the column's width and structure by simply dragging the edge. This gives you extreme flexibility to create simple or complex layouts. 

With Quix responsive settings, you can adjust the columns width per-device and hide them if necessary.

Now, instead of using grid, we divided columns into percentages. You can now drag any columns width as much as you want and it will not interfere with the other columns.

Everything in Frontend - New Toolbar

We understand the pain of creating pages in the backend and not being able to edit them directly in the frontend. To solve this we have created a brand new toolbar when you are on the builder's interface.

This new toolbar will allow you to create new pages, jump between Quix pages, add pages to the menu, change page settings and much more.

You will find everything you need for building modern websites. We'll gradually introduce features in the upcoming releases.

New Media Manager With Image Editing & SVG Support

We know that a new media manager is coming with Joomla 4, but we just couldn't wait. So, we created a new and powerful media manager with ReactJS and it will be even more powerful than the upcoming media manager .

Media manager will no longer be for uploading, deleting or browsing images and videos. There a is a lot more that can be done, such as image editing, cropping, filtering, transfering images and most importantly adding perfect srcset for images in websites.

SVG is changing the way we use images on websites. You will now be able to upload, edit and animate SVG files using our media manager.

Roadmap Up Ahead

We are going to release two alpha and two beta versions before the stable release. We are also going to unveil new features on each release which help you get used to them.

We're also going to release a series of blog posts, "Inside Quix", where we'll walk you through each and every feature of Quix.

Here is the release deadline for Quix 2.0 :

  • Alpha 1 - 1st March, 2018 ✅
  • Alpha 2 - 8th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 1 - 15th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 2 - 22th March, 2018 ✅
  • RC 1 - 29th March, 2018
  • RC 2 - 3rd April, 2018
  • Quix 2.0 Stable - 10th April 🥁​🚀​🎉

What Are you Waiting For ?

To make your experience smoother and faster, we've created a test site to use Quix without installing it on your server. We'll update the test site everyday with new features. Subscribe to our newsletter and be notified of each release. 

Right now there is only one element available for testing and it's not fully functional yet. We have developed so many features and we will be releasing them one by one after testing.

If you wish, you can check out Quix releases and what new is introduced with each release, from below.