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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

Huge Documentation Update

Huge Documentation Update

Every day, we read lots of technical documentation on many libraries and products. We realized, documentation is the primary reason for selecting any libraries or product.

On our last company re-treat, we decided to improve all our Joomla and WordPress product documentation at its best.

We hired a new technical writer, and he is busy re-writing all our product documentation from scratch.

We also improved UX of our documentation portal so you can easily navigate between the articles, section filtering and ajax based search.

Doc Nav

When you read any documentation, you can jump to any section by clicking left side navigation. It's an expandable navigation system designed to help you find correct documentation at the right time.

Doc Article Jump

You can select another documentation from the same category without leaving the page. Just click the arrow button from top breadcrumb, and you are ready to jump between article.

Ajax Search

Not sure where to go? No problem, we have Ajax based search system help you to find the right documentation you are looking at.

Kudos to our developers and writer for putting this all together and it's just scratching the surface. We have a long way to go and re-write every piece of documentation.

You can check some of our recent documentation update: Firefly Joomla template, Infinito Joomla template, Eventia WordPrsss theme and more.

We wrote a details tutorial on how to setup a blog in Joomla, don't miss to check it out.

At ThemeXpert, we always try to took the pain out of creating website and made it easy.

Infinito V2 Released - RTL, Built-in Blog, Typography Controls and More

Infinito V2 Released - RTL, Built-in Blog, Typography Controls and More

Infinito is our first Joomla template released with Quix page builder last year. Since then, we released many Joomla templates, and Quix has become the most powerful page builder for Joomla.

We started this year with a new template, and the whole team is busy updating the old templates with new features.

After a week of hard work, I am proud to present Infinito v2. It is a brand new template underneath, and we have added so many features in this version.

RTL Support

Infinito RTL

60% our clients come from the country where English is not their first language. RTL is the most requested feature from our client, and we decided to add it to all our templates.

Typography Control

Infinito Typography

They said content is king. We have added expressive typography controls with live font preview. You can select from 600+ Google font collection and see it live before apply to any HTML element. You can define font variations and size from the backend.

Template Options

Template options

With new template options, you can enable/disable many cool features like preloader, off-canvas position, back to top, sticky nav and more.

You can upload favicon from template backend. Creating custom error page has never been easier before. Select a menu or Quix page for you 404 error page.

Built-in Blog and Post Type Support

Joomla Blog

With our enhanced T3 framework, you can turn standard Joomla article to a full featured blog. We have added all custom post type like audio, video, gallery, link, quote and more.

No need to setup any 3rd party heavy blog software for running a simple blog site.

Comment System Built-in

Disqus comment

A blog without a comment system is like a boat without a sail. With our Disqus integration, you can enable comment to Joomla article by on click.

Get you Disqus API key and paste it to comment integration section and you are done.

Social Share

Social share

Joomla does not come with any social sharing system, and you do not need to use any 3rd party extensions anymore.


  • [New] RTL Support
  • [New] Typography Controls
  • [New] Post format support (Video, Audio, Link, Image, Gallery, Quote)
  • [New] Comment System
  • [New]Social Share built-in
  • [Fix] StickyNav bug fix
  • [Fix] Responsive issue
  • [Improved] Quickstart updated to Joomla Latest Version
  • [Improved] Quix Latest version support
  • [New] New Template options
    • Preloader,
    • Back2Top,
    • OffCanvas position,
    • StickyNav,
    • Upload Favicon,
    • Footer Background Image,
    • Error Page

How to update

Updating Infinito template is pretty easy. You just need to download the latest version from our download page and install.

Few extensions required to enable all these features mention above. Please download required extensions zip file and install them.

Download Infinito Live Demo

Quix 1.3 Released - Make Joomla Great Again!

Quix 1.3 Released - Make Joomla Great Again!

After several months of hard work, I'm pleased to announce Quix 1.3. Our goal is to help you build website faster, and with Quix's blocks, it's now 2x faster than before.

This version brings you an enhanced SEO settings that make it easier for users to recognize your official site and reach the information you provide more quickly when they search.


Quix Blocks With Quix's pre-made blocks, you can instantly create any section or entire layout. Everything is visual, and you will get what you see on blocks image. Blocks are two types:

  • Section Block : Contain only one section with multiple rows and elements.
  • Layout Block : Contain multiple sections with the combination of rows and elements.

We will be adding more blocks every week, and you can see them without updating or downloading anything. Blocks list refresh once an hour.

Collection > Library

Collection is now called Library for a clear understanding of its use. Users often get confused about the name and based on your feedbacks we renamed it. Everything remain same and you won't loose any date.

Enhanced SEO

Enhanced SEO We are serious about SEO and Quix is the first page-builder that allow indexing its page content to Joomla search. Quix's HTML markups are also very semantic and friendly to search engine.

We are enhancing SEO capabilities by adding Google site attribute markup. Google offers a variety of ways to help you provide key business details so that they show up for users in Search results.

Add your business and marketing details like location, contact information, logo and social media links. Google will show them in their search results and knowledge graph card.

CSS Optimization

All the CSS files are now minified and cached for better performance. Before 1.3, page styles were on page header but now its cached on file and no more nasty HTML header in Quix.

Chart Elements

Chart elements

You can show statistics or survey data using 5 brand new chart elements. From simple bar chart to complex polar chart can be done using chart elements. Powered by the powerful Chart.js library.

Improvements and Fixs

  • ACL fix for Pages and Collection
  • Asset caching system
  • Admin styling
  • Library page improved with search
  • Toolbar menu updated
  • Text element update
  • Compatibility fix for 3pd templates
  • Admin icon fix
  • Router update
  • Font warning fix
  • Popover style fix
  • And many more...

Download Quix

Enjoy the Summer DEAL with the Updated Version of Four Joomla Templates!

Enjoy the Summer DEAL with the Updated Version of Four Joomla Templates!
_**Sale off 30%**_ for every single purchase or club membership at [ThemeXpert](https://www.themexpert.com) in this late summer, when you buy products from our sites. It is great, isn’t it?

The year 2016 bring so much excitement to our 90K+ happy users, and our ambitious plan will continue for this year. During the last month, we have tried to bring something unique as always! And we have done some great jobs.

At the first day of this month, we have released a new Joomla Template - Wedding. It is a beautiful template, specially crafted for Wedding, Engagement and Anniversary Event.

We have also brought some Major Updates to our two popular Joomla Templates - Marvel and Unity. At the same time, we also brought a Regular Updates to our two another popular Joomla Templates - Biznes and Infinito.

Today, I am going to brief on this update through this post. Let's start!



Marvel is a 100% responsive one page Joomla template build with Quix page builder and T3 framework. This template comes with 4 niches specific homepage design for business, agency, app and portfolio websites.

Update Version 1.2:

  • One new homepage has included with the updated version that is perfectly suitable for the creative sites
  • Some changes have come in Agency homepage
  • Quix elements have polished and now look more furnished than the past

Live Demo Learn More



Unity is a one-page responsive Joomla template can adapt automatically to desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, and Kindle. Now come with the most popular Joomla page builder - Quix.

Update Version 2.0:

  • The whole template has converted with Quix page builder
  • Quix elements have used to design the site with tons of settings

Live Demo Learn More



Infinito is a responsive Joomla template, suitable for business sites and builds with Quix page builder. It will give a fresh look to your site with the travels light design and powerful Quix elements.

Update Version 1.8.0:

  • A major issue of "Article Element" has fixed in the new version 1.8.0. Now users can able to select the outlook or view among two types of view for the articles from the settings option. These are List View and Grid View.

Live Demo Learn More



Biznes is an eye-catching, unique, and fresh looking responsive Joomla template for the business website, build with all modern features, flexibilities, and cutting-edge technologies. This template included the most advanced Joomla page builder - Quix.

Update Version 1.5.0:

  • This template also has fixed a major issue of "Article Element" in its new version 1.5.0. Users can able to select the outlook or view among two types of view for the articles from the settings option. These are List View and Grid View.

Live Demo Learn More


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Meet Wedding - A Beautiful Joomla Template for Wedding, Engagement and Anniversary Event

Meet Wedding - A Beautiful Joomla Template for Wedding, Engagement and Anniversary Event

Many of us don’t want their wedding day to be like everyone else’s, and that's why they look for a wedding template which will suit to their personality and be going to make their wedding day more special.

There is nothing more anxiously predictable than your wedding day. Why not make it extra special by using our newly released wedding template to create magic and splendor on your big day?

Today ThemeXpert is so happy and proud to introduce new Responsive Joomla Template - Wedding. It is a brilliant choice and ideal solution for you to set up a splendor wedding site that makes your special day absolutely perfect.

Our new Joomla Template - Wedding build with cutting-edge technologies including T3 framework and Quix page builder that would make your dream true.

It comes with some exclusive Quix elements including Event Timeline, Countdown, Section Title, Social Icon, Wedding Image Slider & Event Box.

There is lots more to explore, let's jump into the details!

Live Demo Learn More

Core Features

1. Creative Design


With the support of beautiful wedding image slider together with the event timeline, countdown, and event box your wedding website will be displayed in a smart way and well structured. Your guest surely will be impressive at the first look.

2. More than Responsive


This template is designed to look great and work similarly on the desktop, laptop, iPhone’s, and iPads. You can also try resizing your browser window to see how the design responds to the various size screens. This template is packed with unique features that make it easy for anyone to customize the look.

3. Multiple HomePage Demos


Weeding - Joomla Template comes with 3 beautiful demos with different layouts and styles, all look incredible with a creative design with multiple layouts and pre-made pages. You became so happy to choose the best one for your wedding website.

4. Quix Page Builder

The wedding is powered by Quix, the most powerful and mass popular drag and drops page builder available in the market, compatible with all frameworks and any templates. With lots of features of Quix, you can build anything within a minute.

5. 37 Quix Elements


You will get 37 powerful and flexible Quix elements in total with the Wedding - Joomla Template, that will dispel your dependency from third party extensions. Exploring these elements will bring something new that’s always been a bit of a luxury for those who wants the dynamic style.

6. RTL Ready


RTL stands for Right to Left and templates must expressly declare that they endorse this format. The wedding is a professionally made Joomla template from and also suitable for sites that are created with the Arabic language.

7. Ease of Customization

This template allows you to customize your site including menu, sidebar, slider, loveliness, gallery, event, countdown, styling options, layout settings, footer section options, header section options, and everything else.

8. Support When You Need

This theme comes with an extensive support and helpdesk to help you understand how it works. Submit A Ticket if you encounter any problem or have questions, you will be supported by our best developers who will help you to solve any problem.

More Features

  • Joomla 3.6 Tested and Approved
  • SEO Friendly Codebase
  • Elaborated Clean Code for your Convenience
  • Lightweight & Fast Performance
  • Flexible Layout
  • Dedicated Pages for Wedding Website
  • Quickstart Enabled
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Compatible with Other Components and Extensions

Live Demo Learn More


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What WordPress 4.6 Bringing To Us (Beta 4 is Available)

What WordPress 4.6 Bringing To Us (Beta 4 is Available)

The next major version of WordPress is knocking at the door. WordPress 4.6 is in full swing development mode, and the core development team have set the target release for August 16, 2016.

The final planned beta version of WordPress 4.6 Beta 4 is available now.

As it is the beta version, no more new features will be added before the final release of WordPress 4.6. Even some of the existing features in beta may not come with the final release. We’ll only know that after the final version has released.

This software is still in development, that is why the WordPress team recommended you not to try it on a production site, but you can consider this beta version to setting up a test site just to play with the new version.

WordPress team also recommended trying the WordPress Beta Tester Plugin while test WordPress 4.6.

The new version will be more stable and bug fixed. It is coming with better user management along with better post management and better security.

What's New in WordPress 4.6?

Shiny Updates

When a user installed a new plugin or a new theme or update anyone, they usually saw a progress screen. It is nothing but one more page to load.

WordPress 4.6 will come with Shiny Updates. Users can now install and update themes and plugins without being redirect to the progress screen.

Native System Fonts in WordPress Admin Area

From the beginning, WordPress using Open Sans font in WordPress admin area that looks accordance across different devices and platforms.

But, this required WordPress to rely on an external third party source. As a result, it takes longer load time of admin area and slower processing.

In WordPress 4.6, the admin area will revert to using the system fonts. That means the WordPress admin panel may look different depending on the platform.

Editor Improvements in 4.6

WordPress 4.6 aims to improve post editing experience. This version will bring improvements to the Autosave Feature and Highlighting Broken Links.

Autosave Feature:

In previous, when users disable revisions, it also affected restoring posts from autosave feature.

With WordPress 4.6, users can restore WordPress posts from browser backups and autosave even when the revisions have been disabling.

Highlighting Broken Links:

If you’re using the visual editor for writing posts, any broken link entered will be emphasized.

When you add a link, WordPress will immediately examine it that if the link is valid or not. If the link is not valid or broken, then you’ll see the linked text in the red color border.

It will be the usual blue if the link is sounded correct.

Under the Hood Improvements

WordPress 4.6 will also bring some exciting new improvements to the WordPress core, but these are mainly intended for the developers.

Standardized Metadata Registration

WordPress 4.6 will bring register_meta() function for the registration of meta keys. This function works similar to register_post_type() function.

It will allow developers to use a standardized way to work with metadata stored with users, posts, comment, or terms object types. (#35658)

New WP_Post_Type Class

WordPress 4.6 will introduce a new class named WP_Post_Type.

It changes $wp_post_types to an array that provides methods to handle post type supports, rewrites rules, hooks, meta boxes, and taxonomies. (#36217)

New WP_Term_Query Class

Similar to WP_Query, WP_Comment_Query, and WP_User_Query classes WP_Term_Query will provide a better formation for generating term queries in WordPress 4.6. (#35381)

WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query Classes

The new WP_Site_Query class and WP_Network_Query class allow querying sites for WordPress multisite networks with lazy loading. (#35791, #32504)


Hope you have found a clear idea about what’s coming in WordPress 4.6 through this article.

What new features of WordPress 4.6 are you excited about?

Let us know through the comment section in below.

50% Big Discount on this Eid-Ul-Fitr

50% Big Discount on this Eid-Ul-Fitr

Eid Mubarak and Happy Holidays to all our consumers around the world!

Eid-Ul-Fitr is just around the corner, and we are planning to celebrate this Eid-Ul-Fitr by offering 50% discount on our every single Joomla templates, WordPress themes and club membership. This promotion starts now and will run until 9th July 2016. Within this campaign, use the coupon code "EID50" to shop at ThemeXpert.

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Our vacation will start from 2nd July to 10th July. Excuse us, as we won't capable of handling our support section during this holiday. Leave your message if any, we will reach you after the vacation.

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Once again EID MUBARAK!

Say Hello To Arsim - One Of The Best Education Theme Ever Built for WordPress

Say Hello To Arsim - One Of The Best Education Theme Ever Built for WordPress

Today we are so happy and feel proud to welcome our new education theme for WordPress named Arsim contributed to our series of great WordPress Themes.

Arsim designed with a purpose to build an informative and productive website for School, College, University, Online Training Center and more on for any education-related institution.

Arsim is a complete featured WordPress education theme with purpose oriented design, responsive layout and brilliant premade concepts that will help you to build content with ease and represent content in the smartest way.

Drag and Drop page builder, Built-in huge page collection, 306 Degree Virtual Tour, and WooCommerce integration let you quickly start your astonishing website.

Save $53 - Arsim includes the best selling slider plugin - Slider Revolution (save you $19) and the best drag and drops WordPress page builder - Visual Composer (save you $34).

Some Core Features:

1. Two HomePage Variation

Arsim comes with great design concepts with two homepage variations, and you can switch to any of them with just one click.

2. Huge Page Collection

Lots of pre-defined ready pages let you build your institution website with a short span of time. Events, Store, Courses, are the pages you don't need to customize again.

3. More than Responsive

Arsim is designed and tested to be 100% responsive, and response to all types of devices including smartphones and tablets with perfect and consistent alignment. Your site will look outstanding on all devices.

4. Course & Department Management

Course & Department management are the heart of this theme.

We know without this section an institutional website has no value indeed.

You can easily create courses and department with custom post type and meta field. Drag and Drop page builder integrated with course page so you can make every course page unique.

5. Event Management

Built-in event management system allows users to create events. You can also add location, start time, end time and speaker to your event and allow the students to join the event from your website.

6. Faculties

Your institution faculties and their profile will improve the reputation of your institution; there has no chance to ignore them.

You can add unlimited faculty members with their bio and images. Assign them to course and department makes it easy to filter and present on various pages.

7. eCommerce Ready

Arsim is fully compatible with the most powerful and free WordPress eCommerce plugin WooCommerce. You can set up your online store with the easiest way and sell study materials.

8. bbPress Forum Integration

It is entirely compatible with bbPress forum engine. As you know, a forum is an excellent way to engage the student with their teacher and solve the problem efficiently; Arsim let you go through this opportunity.

9. 306 Degree Virtual Tour

You will get a 360-degree tour plugin with this theme. So that, you can present your institution and inside look to attract more national and international students.

More Features:

  • SEO friendly codebase
  • Built with cutting-edge technology
  • Fast and perfect performance while viewing
  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Extensive customization
  • Flexible layout
  • One-click installer
  • Premier support
  • Compatible with popular plugins

Live Demo Buy Arsim

Leave a comment for us if you want to know more about our latest theme.

Academia 2 Has Arrived - Quix Integration, Education Component and Much More

Academia 2 Has Arrived - Quix Integration, Education Component and Much More

You will be happy to know that; we just have released Academia v2 - best joomla education template.

This stunning Joomla educational template is perfect for schools, colleges, universities and language or training centers.

The cutting-edge technology, responsive design, and versatile homepage variations flourish the use of all functionality and provide an informative, contemporary experience for students and viewers.

Since the first release of Academia, it efficiently met consumers needs and today has reached another milestone.

The new version of Academia integrated with best page builder for joomla and came with a brand new education component, all pro elements of Quix including nine outstanding elements of Academia and all features of Quix.

There is lots more to explore, let's jump into the details!

Quix Page Builder Integration:

Quix is the most prosperous and efficient drag and drops page builder for Joomla. Quix integration boosts the development of any template. Hence, it encourages the development of Academia - Joomla education template.

New Education Component:

The most important and demanding feature of the new version of Academia is "Education Component".

The integration of education component helps Academia to touch the adorable milestone.

With the support of this education component, you can now manage four different sections including Departments, Courses, Course Modules and Teachers section.

Academia Header Improvements

If you want a completely smooth and incredibly sleek and attractive header just drag Academia pro header and drop your site, you'll see the magic.

Academia Icon Set

Academia icon element lets you insert your logo in your site.

Revoulation Slider

With this pro one of Academia slider you will able to add an eye-catching slider which is predefined.

Quix PRO Elements

You will get nine premium items in Quix element manager with the new version of Academia. See the details in below.

Teachers Element

The pro-Quix Academia Teachers is an intuitively crafted item, let you just drag and drop and create.

Video Element

Academia Video displays all the selected and pre-defined video in the gallery section.

Articles Carousel Element

Articles Carousel lets you exhibit your favorite articles list as carousel mood with heading, image and short description.

Courses List Element

To display the list of all the courses that you will offer in your education center, try this pro element of Quix.

Custom HTML Element

The custom HTML element lets you insert your HTML code to customize your site.

Google Map Element

You don't need to add an API for Google map. Academia pro elements make things easy for you. Just add the Google map element on your site wherever you want to show.

What happen with v1 users ?

Due to the technical difficulties, there is not shortcut way to upgrade.

You can continue to use v1 and we'll provide necessery fix. However, if you want to upgrade to v2 please contact us and we'll help you to upgrade.

We are giving 20% discount to Academia purchase as well as club memberhsip. Use coupon code : ACADEMIAV2

Final Words

If you are thinking about to build your education website using Joomla, take a try this new version of Academia - the best Joomla Education Template and let us know your experience after installing or updating this.