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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

Introducing Fitness - A Brand New Joomla Template for Fitness Instructor, Trainer, and Gym Website


With the start of this Fall, we have arrived with another brand new template.This time we are presenting Fitness, a complete responsive Joomla template, highly suitable for fitness instructor, trainer, and so on.

The template is designed and developed with utmost care to expose, visual and user friendliness. It lets you advertise your products along with the instructions for work out smartly.

All right let's start exploring the Fitness without wasting times.

8 Unique Header Styles

Fitness comes with 8 different header styles so that you can choose your most suitable one. There is variation in the placement of branding logo, navigation menu, search module and sub-menu. For applying the desired style, all you have to do is choose from the preview pane.

Pixel Perfect Design

It comes with a clean look and content based design that makes itself best in its category. While building the template, niche design methodology is followed to suit it perfectly for a certain category of websites. In order to live your business properly, all of its pages and sections are created with very much dedication.

Drag & Drop Page builder with 50+ Elements

Fitness is packed with Quix page builder that has 50+ premium elements for your development process. You can easily customize all the element the way you need and explore the creativity inside you. Every tool required for building a page is here, so you will never feel the requirement of any other tools.

That's not all; you can easily give any shape to your site by dragging elements. Absolutely no coding is needed, and revolutionary Quix pagebuilder makes it possible. As we have done all the coding part, you can give your saved time in other stuff.

Pop-Up Video for More Interaction

Videos always carry more attraction of visitors than pictures and words. Sometimes important things can be presented very easily with videos, that would take many words. Your site looks attractive to a visitor when a video pops up on the screen.

Fitness provides more than one popup video options for you so that you get the attraction of the visitors to your site. Keeping the visitor value in mind, we have designed the pop-up video feature.

Smart Tab

The Fitness template comes with revolutionary smart tab element. It allows you to add multiple types of items in one place. You can easily present complex layout and designs with it. So don’t waste any more time, start designing and organizing information with this element.

With this item, you can edit style and customize each element separately. There is no limitation of customization with Smart tab except the sky. You can advertise about different products with creative contents smartly.

Besides, it saves space by showing one set of content at a time and enhances usability. This element of quix can load any ajax contents with various transition effects, which attracts the eye site of the user.

Intense Typography Control

Typography is one of the very crucial things for a website that ensures flexible readability and helps to engage people. A visitor might not find interest and gets bored due to the typography of the site. On the contrary, it is very much easy to attract the visitor's attention with typography.

Fitness provides you absolute control over typography to customize every single of its variants. From thousands of google fonts, you get to choose the fittest one for your website with changing font size, style, weight, line height, and so on.

T3 Framework

Fitness is built with the advanced T3 framework in the backend so that user gets most flexible user experience. It provides you to take full control of module positions, template layout, CSS/JS optimization and even more.

Built-in Specific Pages

In Fitness we have made every crucial page for you so that only with a little customization you get your desired output. These pages come with a stunning layout, navigation menu, sub menu and other features. Fitness saves your valuable time and gives the opportunity to focus on other stuff.

Build Your Site Quickly with Drag & Drop

We have done all coding part, you just simply build the page using revolutionary pagebuilder Quix. Just drag and drop, that is all you need to build the site. With Quix, there is no limitation to explore the creativity inside you.

Key Features

  • 8 Header Variations
  • Extreme Typography Control
  • Smooth Checkout and Dashboard
  • Content Base Minimalist Design
  • Revolution Slider
  • Easy Customizable
  • J2Store Ready
  • Stylish Megamenu
  • T3 Framework
  • Theme Magic
  • Regular Updates
  • Advanced Niche Layout
  • Significant Clean Typography
  • Smooth Animation
  • 50+ Quix elements
  • 24/7 Support

Explore Fitenss


You can always give your valuable suggestions and feedback. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts, comment box is right below waiting for you.

Here Is The First Joomla Hosting Template That Comes With WHMCS Layouts

Hosting spec is already crowded and being a new player here means, you have to face a lot of competition and challenges. One of the important challenges is; earning trust on the first impression. If a visitor trust you ended up being a customer.

In our research, we found many entrepreneurs and developer use cms template such as WordPress and Joomla for their marketing website. Most of these templates do not come with WHMCS integration which is the primary software for hosting billings and customer management.

As a result, a visitor sees no visual connection between your marketing site and check out/billing portal. It decreases their trust and reliability.

For solving this issue, we have created a Joomla hosting template with WHMCS style integrated. We are proud to say, JoomHost is the first Joomla hosting template in the market that comes with WHMCS integration, and it looks so good inside-out.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a complete solution pack for client management, billing, and support for your online business. It is a very powerful automation tool that handles everything by itself.

WHMCS provides you the facility of setting up hosting packages, billing, payment gateways, server provisioning APIs, fraud protection and domain registration services in one place.

Through WHMCS you can send high-quality invoices. A PDF version of the bill is also attached to the invoice that is sent over email.

Let's take a look at the features of WHMCS

  • The creation, suspension, and termination of any account are maintained automatically.
  • The user can generate the statistical report of any period.
  • Keeping records and taxation support.
  • The look of the WHMCS panel can be changed using themes.
  • WHMCS provides multi language support for email and control panel.
  • Provides extra and other services for the customer.

If you want to know more about WHMCS you can always look at the official site.

How JoomHost Looks Good With WHMCS


JoomHost comes with stunning, minimalistic and clean material design. It provides ajax domain search, 7 header variation, distinct team page and other features. Keeping your business importance in mind, we have designed every page of JoomHost in an organized way.

Domain Registration Page

Using JoomHost template, you get full support to use WHMCS. At register page, customer search for the domain name he is wanting. Search results show information about the domain if it's available. The client can also pick up any name from the suggestions.

WHMCS enables you to generate the bill according to the domain automatically.

Domains Configuration Page

After choosing the domain, the client is redirected to the configuration page. From this page, the client adds hosting and sets nameservers. Nameserver interconnects domain and hosting.

Checkout Page

A client can check and edit his cart anytime he wants. Once he is confirmed, he can proceed to payment options.

Payment Details Page

WHMCS provides auto user registration, suspend and termination. After completing the checkout details, the client will be charged for the product. When payment is completed, the client gets full invoice auto generated via WHMCS along with a PDF file.


JoomHost template provides you the perfect professional look on your websites.

We have an extensive documentation at your disposal, where you will learn how to install and use WHMCS. For further support and inquiries you can always contact with our support and we will be happy to serve you as a customer.

If you have any suggestion or idea, you are just a comment box away.

5 Things You Should Know Before Update To Joomla 3.8


Joomla is getting better and smoother everyday, and upcoming release is no exception of that. Joomla core team put a lot of effort to bring us a powerful cms everyday… hats off.

Joomla 3.8 is scheduled to be release on this month and there are few awesome features we are really excited about.

Let's take a look what's the plate : 

New Routing System

You may have experienced number in Joomla URL on previous version. Looks really odd, isn't it ? Actually that is 'Item Id' which is not very easy to remove without re-writing the codebase.

Hannes Papenberg started a crowdfunding project to get rid of this problem and proposed a better routing system for Joomla. That's now become the part of Joomla from v3.8 onward. 

1. Router For Webmaster/Site owner

 No more ID's on your url and you can remove the 3rd party url rewrite/seo extensions. Means more performance improvement plus, seo enhancement.

2 Router For Developer

For new or inexperienced developers, writing a good router is very difficult with the current system. Current codebase is pretty slow and not written on proper object oriented manner. This leads to bad components and frustrated end-users.

If you are a component developer, you can take advantage of the routing system and update your component with minimum effort. This will also lead your component to future ready.

Follow this step by step tutorial on how to enable this new routing system.

​3. Compatibility Layer Added for Joomla 4.0

As a website owner this may not very fascinating feature to you but updating to Joomla 3.8 first will help you to jump on Joomla4 when it release.

For developer, we all get a handsome amount of time to make our component ready for Joomla 4. If you start now, your component will get ready for Joomla 4 before it's release.

The development on Joomla! 4 has made some changes in how the core code is structured by migrating classes to use PHP namespaces. Joomla! 3.8 includes a mapping layer to allow developers to use the older class names while being able to take advantage of the new class name structure.

From Joomla Website

4. Enhanced Support for Sodium Encryption

The another shiny feature for Joomla 3.8 is that it's going to be supported with the sodium extension. By polyfill of sodium extensions library, it processes encrypted data. Before upgrading to PHP 7.2, Joomla 3.8 makes this new API available for all users.

In short, if you are using PHP 7.2+ on your server Joomla now can take advantage the new encryption feature PHP is offering. 

5. Always Take Backup

Backup is always said as savior. Anything can go wrong during an update or any feature that can go missing on the new update. So it is wise to take backup.  

​After the release of a new version, wait for few days. As Joomla is a huge product, there might be some bugs even after release. For fixing those bugs, patches are released after some days. If you do not like the new update or find something wrong, you can always go to the previous version by restoring from backup.

Last But Not Least...

That's not all; there are more additional features that I can't but mention below. 

Sample data information improved : Now users can make their own generic data sets. Users can install sample data in the back end of the site after installation process finishes. This also makes developers work easy to install sample data for the extension they are working with.

CSS class to menu item images : More styling options are available for the images on menu items.

Customizable menus and modules : Joomla 3.8 allows the administrator access to customize modules for each language and menu items similar to the front end.

Expandable module mod_stats : With custom statistics from any source user can expand this module.

Reviewed general code : For efficient processing and more performance a vast majority of the general codes has been reviewed and updated.

Introducing ShopX : Minimalistic J2Store Powered eCommerce Joomla Template for September


We promised to come back very soon, and here we are. This is September 1, and we're back again with another great stuff, and we're pretty sure that it would be highly appreciated like the previous one was.

As you know, last month we'd unfolded two shiny Joomla templates; Joomla Hosting Template - JoomHost and Construction Joomla Template - Buildx. We are thankful to all of you for the huge feedbacks.

We have just marketed a brand new eCommerce Joomla Template ShopX. Its a minimalist template with huge shiny features and functionalities that would definitely amaze you.

J2Store Ready

J2Store Products Page

ShopX comes supported with J2Store which lets you manage all eCommerce related tasks from one place. Effortlessly you can add or remove products, make featured products, modify any existing information and much more. Either, the inventory system, orders as well as customers detail would be under your surveillance. 

Smart Checkout & Dashboard

Shopx checkout page

It has such a smart and straightforward checkout system that allows your consumers completing a purchase with ease. Meaningful design methodology resulting the organized dashboard layout helps them not to be even a bit confused about a tiny thing. 

While purchasing products, the consumer can use discount coupons in order to get a discount. Having added a product to cart, there will be the clear information about total cost. They even can have the idea about the estimated shipping cost, providing a few shipment information on the particular fields. 

8 Header Variations

Shopx header variations

ShopX has 8 different styles of the header, so it's pretty easy to pick your most fitting one from those. Each header variation has a unique combination of the placements for Off-canvas menu/ parent navigation menu, social icons, branding logo, search module as well as the submenu. Every single one does have a perspective, and you are the superior one who can decide which one you want. 

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Quix - Drag & Drop page builder for Joomla

Revolutionary pagebuilder Quix allows you the most reliable development procedure. With simple Drag and Drop, you can make your site exactly how you want. There is no limitation in layouts. If you think, you can build it with Quix.  

Endless Possibilities With Huge Quix Elements

Quix Pro elements list

Quix has 50 premium elements those have been packed with ShopX which gives you endless possibilities for the development. All elements are easily customizable, so you can use them how you need. You would never feel the necessity of any other things while more than everything is in your hand pre-ready.

Extreme Typography Control

Template Typography Settings

Typography is an unavoidable term for a website that helps to engage people and ensures flexible readability. ShopX provides you an extreme control on typography to customize entirely every of its variants. You will have 600+ google fonts to choose the best fitting one for your website and changing the font style, size, font weight, line height is incredibly easy.

You need to click on One Click Update button once, and the most recent google fonts would be on your hand. It gives you the complete access to make your own custom typography, modifying everything at your preferred ratio. 

Smug Featured Product Section

Shopx featured section

The featured product section is one of the most significant parts of an eCommerce website. It cleverly elegantly presents exclusive new products.  

ShopX featured sections is to creates an impression on your vendor's mind with providing mentionable features to have faith in it. Integration of a button underneath the section drag the consumers onto the dashboard for a successful purchase. 

Nifty Item List View with Filterable Category

Beautiful and clean product filtering gallery

The entire layout is precisely organized with focusing every of its content. ShopX surrounds with interactive revolution slider, a filterable gallery of existing products, most popular product gallery and sort of the business strengths above the footer area. Gallery items contain product image, price tag as well as the add-to-cart button, besides items can be filtered by categories. 

Let's see the key features at a glance of what ShopX made with.

More Features​...

  • 8 Header Variations
  • Extreme Typography Control
  • Smooth Checkout and Dashboard
  • Extremely Responsive
  • Content Base Minimalist Design
  • Revolution Slider
  • Easy Customizable
  • J2Store Ready
  • Featured Products
  • Advanced Megamenu
  • Drag and Drop Development
  • Endless Possibilities
  • T3 Framework
  • Theme Magic
  • Dedicated Support
  • Constant Update
  • Niche Modern Layout
  • Meaningful Clean Typography
  • Smooth Animation
  • Filterable Item Gallery
  • Featured Item Section
  • Full Featured Blog with Clean Typography
  • 50 Quix premium elements and more. 


That's all for today. Don't forget to give your valuable feedbacks as well as suggestions. You can use the below comment box to let us know your thoughts. 

Introducing BuildX : A brand new niche Joomla template for Tradesman, Plumber, Electrician and Builder


You may have already heard about our current Product Releasing Campaign and hope you've already got the previous products on your hand by this time. And today, we get back here with another exciting news for you guys.

During this campaign, we've unfolded three different categories magnificent Joomla templates with a gap of fifteen days in between. The first one we released was Agency based Joomla 3.7.x template Gen, then Educational Joomla template Edumodo, and the third one was Responsive Joomla Hosting Template JoomHost.

We take into consideration each of our valued user's distinct request as well suggestion. So, this time we did a bit different. We created a poll asking them what they want next from us. And, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that, this time we've released what the majority of them requested to unfold keeping at the top of our queue.

Ok, no more flashy talks. The brand new Joomla 3.7+ template for August is Buildx, a best fitting template for tradesman, electrician, plumber and construction websites. We know, you are not in the mode of wasting times so,.

Let's explore Buildx. 

3 built-in Home Layouts to choose from

Buildx is crafted for the companies who provide construction, plumbing, and related services through their websites. It comes with three built-in meaningful homepage variations, so you are beyond start building your site from the sketch. Extremely content based each home layouts designed, considering to make it perfect from every corner.

Just to pick one as per your best fit, and build your site with the most reliable approach by simply Drag and Drop. 

8 Different Header Styles

Eight different style of headers, combining with multiple home layouts allows you to make the site entirely unique. You will find the variation for the placement of navigation menu, branding logo, social icon, searching module and even there are 4 header styles with the off-canvas menu as well. To apply the appropriate style, just to choose preview image from the template option after login with the administrative account.

Typography Control Extremely

All web lovers have long known that the Typography is an unavoidable thing for a website. Mostly it is the reason behind a visitor find the site boring and don't get enough faith to deal with. On the other hand, a neat and clean typography can easily have the visitors attention and establish an authorship on their mind.

Our business developers researched thousands of related successful company websites and picked the most used typography for buildx.

But, wait.. aren't you satisfied? Don't worry.

Buildx gives you the access to make an entirely new typography what you think the best fitting for your business site. You have 1000+ fonts to pick the preferred one and the access over customizing all the font's properties like; size, weight, line-height, letter spacing and so forth. It will ensure your site looks standalone from the crowd. 

Entirely Content based Design

Buildx obeys a niche design methodology and therefore it's perfectly suited for a certain category of websites. All its sections including inner pages are created, keeping in mind that each of the content is focused in order to live your business in a proper manner.

It does have every vital portion in its surface with appropriate placement, so you won't feel even a tiny thing missing. 

Works showcasing with Shiny Filterable Gallery

In a service providing company website, it's important to have a section, visually demonstrating the services it provides. It conveys precise information to the clients about the company and mostly which leads the client to take a step for dealing with.

Buildx has a gallery section for this purpose where the user can have the facility to filter gallery items in categories. The incredibly smooth transition makes sure that it does not make users bored. A button on the each item on hovering, lets the user view it in full width. On the item detail page, the user can have descriptive information about the item. 

No vain animations to violate Loading Speed

Loading speed was one of our most considerable characteristics while developing buildx and we're proudly confessing that it does have an extremely fast loading capability. We used most advanced speed optimizing methodologies that make it tremendously fast, ensuring the flexible user experience.

There are no unnecessary animation effects here and there. Hence all its pages and sections seem to convey their proper information without even a glitch. 

Faster build your site without Coding

The most exciting news is that you need not even a little knowledge about coding in order to make your site. Without a single line of code, you can build your site exactly like your wants just by simply drag and drop. The most revolutionary pagebuilder Quix makes it possible.

With the Quix's extensible capabilities and enriched user interface, you can make however you like, whatever you want for your site. For Quix, only the sky is the limit.

Let's go through at a glance the core features of this shiny Joomla template; Buildx

Key Features

  • Niche Specific Design
  • Multiple Homepages Layout
  • 8 Header Variations
  • Typography Controls
  • Huge Collection of Quix Elements
  • Parallax Backgroun
  • Full Featured Blog
  • Smooth Accordion
  • Quix Pagebuilder
  • T3 Framework
  • Theme Magic
  • QuickStart Package Included
  • Filterable Gallery
  • Speed Optimized
  • Smart Number Counter
  • Key Strength Section
  • 100% Responsive
  • Popup Video & Client Testimonial
  • Supported By Real People 

Joomla Templates Update


With the race of rapid changes in technology, we keep updating our products on a regular basis. Our working motto is so simple. We unfold new products, pick feedbacks as well as suggestions from our valued users and give them back their desire wants as soon as possible. Even we never stop bringing new functionalities on our most ancient products either.

In this continuation, recently we've updated two of our recently released niche Joomla templates. Some of their previous issues got fixed including added sort of new functionalities on their surface. 

Let's take a tour on their brief. 

JoomHost is a minimal Joomla 3.7.x template with multiple home layouts for Hosting Provider Websites. We released it on the first day, this month. Since it's released, we are constantly getting a massive positive feedbacks, and we gave a bit more concentration on this. And after a week, we're back again with its more improvised stable version.

As we know, unlikely all our Joomla templates, JoomHost has 7 different header styles, but there was no preview facility while picking a header. But now, you'll find all of their previews under the Template Options tab, and it will be easier to pick your preferred header style as per the best fit.

On its previous released, there was a little problem with its header responsiveness. The good news is that it's no more exists on the current version. Besides, we've resolved a few additional tiny CSS issues. Have a look at its changelog below. 

Changelog v1.1.0

  • Header Preview in Admin Panel [added]
  • Header Variation Responsiveness [fixed]
  • Some Additional CSS Issues [fixed] 

Edumodo is an educational Joomla 3.7.x template with clean typography and array of premium Quix elements. It's crafted with seven different header styles including multiple home layouts that allow its user to combine them differently in order to have their best fit. Wisely placed sections, organized design methodologies, and much more interactive functionalities surround it from every portion.

Its one of our templates that been appreciated by thousands of people. It was released on the third week, last month. After unfolding its previous version, we got a few things to concentrate on and so we did.

Similarly like JoomHost, header variation preview option has been added under the Template Options. Got fixed on the header responsiveness issue and Slider issue for Firefox browser. Besides, a sort of brand new features have been added.

The previous version of Edumodo was not supported with DigiCom eCommerce component, but this time it is. Now, you can effortlessly sell Books and Publications with the help of the popular open source eCommerce management component DigiCom.

Now, Teacher and Course sections aren't static anymore. We've used the custom field for the individual teacher as well as course that helps to retrieve the individual piece of information and shows on their corresponding section in front-end. It highly saves your time and comes out from its previous limitation. Check the changelog below.

Changelog v1.2.0

  • Header Preview in Admin Panel [added]
  • Header Variation Responsiveness [fixed]
  • DigiCom Integration for Books & Publications [added]
  • Teacher Detail Page with Custom Field Options [added]
  • Course Detail Page with Custom Field Options [added]
  • Slider Issue for Mozilla Firefox [fixed] 


This is it for today's updates. In order to share any of your thoughts and queries, the below comment section is yours. Besides, if you do have any suggestion regarding these, feel free to share with us since we consider every tiny suggestion. That leads us to connect with our customers to meet what they exactly need. 

Introducing JoomHost : Material Design Joomla Hosting Template


We are on our word and this is the another month, we release template on time and we'll release another template on 16th Aug. 

We planned to release two products in a row in each month. Hence we released a Multipurpose Joomla 3.7+ template Gen on the first week, last month. The another one was Educational Joomla 3.7+ template Edumodo, and it was released in the third week. We cordially thanks you all for the massive feedbacks and appreciations for those two products.

No more waitings now, let's take a look what we've brought to you today.

You would be glad to hear that, today we've released JoomHost, a tremendous Joomla 3.7.x template for hosting provider companies.

Let's explore, what things make it best fit in its category.

Made for your Hosting Business

We analyze thousands of sites who provide hosting related services and having compared one another, we could easily find the best way it should be presented. Then we combines the knowledge along with our creativity and finally could make something that undoubtedly can be the best fit for this type of business websites.

Every section and its wise placement is absolutely worthy and able to provide the service in possibly the smartest way ever can be. Your customer wouldn't feel a bit confused on anything while every content is precisely used focusing on your business.

Domain Search is Crucial

Having a Domain Searching facility is one of the vital things a hosting related business website is supposed to have. Usually, with the help of search engines, when users land to such hosting provider websites, mostly the first thing they do is the search for a domain they preferred. Literally, it's the prerequisite for launching any website where its type doesn't even matter.

JoomHost has a smart Domain Searching module placed underneath the slider area. It's built with Ajax therefore is able to return the result extremely fast. But don't think it's fixed. Changing the placement of a section is not a huge fact to anxious for while the revolutionary page builder Quix allows you to drag a section anywhere you like. 

Modern Layout with Speed Optimized

Loading Speed is something that should be on the mind, before making any change to your website. It's essential, indeed and the users don't feel to deal with the sites those take huge times to load completely.

Besides having modern interactive layouts, JoomHost ensures your site would have the same speed loading capability as it had before. Instead, the site loading capacity will enhance with the help of its advanced speed optimization methodologies. 

Built-in multiple Homepage and Header Style

You can apply your preferred style on your site, making an excellent combination of its Multiple home layouts with Seven different styles of its built-in headers. In each home layout, the sections are placed differently in a meaningful way, and different colors are used for individual header style. But, Quix gives respect on your choices and lets you change every single thing with ease.

Stylish Pricing Plan with interactive Smart Switcher

Pricing Plan is another vital thing that you can not ignore if you're running a product or service based business. It provides your customers clear idea and lets them decide whether they're ready to deal with you or not.

The most advanced yet look, with the capability of smoothly switching between different plans, is able to create an ever fresh elegance to your hosting website. It's a tremendous addition that brings it step ahead on its competition. 

Drive your clients on your Business Strengths

Cleverly designed highlighted strength section drives your clients that leads to creating faith on you in their mind. The excellent combination of contents and icons make things more focused, that can be a way to make your clients sub-consciously land on that section.

Besides, there are huge things that make JoomHost the best fitting template compared to other similar on the internet. 

Let's look at a glance on its core features.

  • 100% Device friendly
  • Speed Optimized
  • Extremely Modern Layout
  • 2 Homepage Variations
  • 7 Header Variations
  • Huge Built-in Page Collections
  • Distinct Team Page
  • Smartly Designed Highlighted Strengths Section
  • Interactive Text Animation
  • Huge Collection of Premium Quix Elements
  • SEO Optimized
  • Elegant Layout with Modern Color combinations
  • Intelligent Tab Switcher
  • Smart Tab
  • Decorated Pricing Table
  • Domain Searching Module
  • Clean Typography
  • RTL Supported
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder Quix
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • Stylish Megamenu
  • Fully Featured Blog
  • Multiple Post Formats Supported
  • Quick Social Sharing
  • Multiple Social Commenting
  • Built-in 404 page and much more.

Feel free to give any suggestion and let us know what's more you want on JoomHost. We'll try our best to honor your wants, and hopefully, we'll release on its next version very soon. Have a good day :-)​

Introducing Edumodo: Newborn Joomla Template for Education


Dear web lovers,

Hold the chair tightly that you're sitting on because we're going to announce another exciting news for you. Having heard that, you may get flicked.

Oh! Come on..It's such news that would definitely be the reason you would be delighted for.

Ok, no more waiting..

Recently, we ThemeXpert team has taken a decision that we'll release two new Joomla template in each month; one would be released in the first day of the month, and other would be in the third week respectively. It would be going on until the next notice regarding this.

In the first phase, we've already brought up a multipurpose Joomla template - Gen, in the first week, this month. And here we come to release another Joomla template Edumodo, the best in class Joomla template for education.

University, College, School, Coaching center, Kindergarten, no matter what type of institution you're running, Edumodo is always the best fit.

Let's have a look and explore which characteristics make Edumodo the best.

Best in its Category

Edumodo is tremendously crafted for an Educational website in such a way that makes itself best in its category. Absolutely elegant, well-structured layout, as well as clean typography, take it a step ahead in the competition.

Every single section is designed, focusing on each element so that none of its vital things miss by any chance. Distinct teacher and course page including the detail page for individual teacher as well as course play the role to provide the information in detail when user need for.

Precisely used popup video, integration of DigiCom, a sack of easily customizable Quix premium elements and many more properties make Edumodo best educational template in current time. 

Choose your preferred Homepage from Multiple Variations

Edumodo crafted with two different home layout styles that mean you are not limited with the fixed homepage. You'll find a bunch of header preset styles to pick one from as per the best combination you think.

Variation in primary color and the different arrangements of the sections are the things that would be noticed mostly for both of the homepage layouts. Entrance animation, as well as hover animation for each section and elements, are applied a bit differently that would give you feeling variations in its surface. Else, the testimonial is a new addition for Home 2 that represents teachers testimony in an ever-cool way. 

Sell all your Publications with ease

The most popular eCommerce extension DigiCom is integrated with it, therefore selling books, journals, as well as publications through your site, is no longer troublesome works. For the sake of DigiCom, you can effortlessly do so.

Adding new items, making featured items, order tracking, customer management, monitoring selling information statistically and much more are completely facile. It comes to entirely reduced your tedious working procedure and make things easier than ever before. 

Smooth Animation ensures the Fastness

Fast loading capability for a website is important. Most often a significant amount of user get back to somewhere else for the purpose only because of the website doesn't load fast and messy animation used here and there in a non-professional way.

While developing it, it's one of our matter of concern and the reason why Edumodo has the extreme capability of loading fast. It's SEO optimized with the most advanced enhanced SEO methodologies that helps it to get itself indexed by Search Engines quickly. 

Blog is Important

The blog is one of the important things a website should have, especially for an educational internet site. Students can get inspired by the thoughts shared by teachers as well as faculty members on website blog page.

Edumodo has a full featured blog page obeying the manner that exists on a standard blog. Sitebar consists a search module to search for a particular content including popular posts as well as latest posts modules.

Underneath every single post includes the author's name, the category of the post and the date of the post as well. 

A bunch of Premium Quix Element is absolutely free

Lots of Quix premium elements are injected into it. Hence you are allowed to use all of them anywhere of the site as per your need. Even you can use same preferred element multiple times on the same page.

And you're thinking you are not the one who knows coding then how you can use those elements? Don't please.

Quix let your works easier. Just by simple drag and drop, you can build your site within a short time. It's incredibly easier than you ever think. 

Notice is a Must

An educational institution needs to announce notices often for the students, teachers or faculties as well. It's a hassle to inform each of the students and teachers individually may be through their emails or cell-phones.

But in that case, a Notice section can help a lot. It's the best way to make students and faculties informed about the upcoming events and other necessary notice as well.

Edumodo has a beautifully decorated notice section that handles to provide each notice to the students and faculty's end. 

There are many more features in Edumodo, it's supposed to be praiseworthy for.

Let's have a peek those features, listed below. 

  • Fully Responsive
  • Extremely Fast Loading Capability
  • Absolutely Stunning Layout
  • Multiple Homepage Variations
  • 7 Header Variations
  • Huge Built-in Page Collections
  • Distinct Course Page
  • Single Course detail page
  • Individual Teacher Page
  • Single teacher detail page
  • Elegant Notice section
  • Interactive Text Animation
  • Huge Collection of Premium Elements
  • SEO Optimized
  • Elegant Layout with Modern flavor
  • Uniquely Crafted
  • Awesome Typography
  • RTL Supports
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder Quix
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu
  • Fully Featured Blog
  • Multiple Post Formats Supported
  • Quick Social Sharing
  • Multiple Social Commenting
  • Beautiful 404 page and many more.


We're promised to make you update with the most advanced yet web technologies and hence we're keeping our words so. Our motto is to keep helping you like we're and meanwhile you keep sharing any of your suggestions and thoughts with us. We'll try to honor on your thoughts as best as we can and keeping our promises providing best services in the time ahead, thats a promise.

Big Joomla Templates Update


We're concern keeping our words to meet our all products an incremental update after a certain time on a regular basis. It's always been our pleasure to pick up each of our valuable user's distinct wants as well as thoughts and proudly serve them as early as possible.

Hereby, today we've come to announce a massive update on a sack of our marketed Joomla Template QuickStart package. They've got updated for Joomla v3.7.3 and Quix v1.6.5.

Hence, all of them are ready for latest version of Joomla as well as Quix now.

Joomla template Eventia got some previous issue fixed and reached in a more stable version (v1.4.0). Digistore has been packed with the most recent version of DigiCom (v1.3.9), therefore, running your eCommerce website with Digistore is more smooth now.

Let's go through at a glance on the changelog and explore them distinctly. 


  1. Biznes, Eventia, Finance, Firefly, Marvel, Nefario, Stuart, Wedding & Digistore: QuickStart package updated for Joomla v3.7.3 and Quix v1.6.5
  2. Eventia: Appearing in a fresh new version v1.4.0 with a couple of previous bugs got fixed.
  3. Digistore: QuickStart package updated for DigiCom v1.3.9

Find the updated templates below.​

A tremendously crafted business based Joomla template with an interactive modern look is able to give your business website an ever fresh cool look. You will have multiple home and header variation to choose from as per your best fit.

To run an event management website, you've everything on eventia. Absolutely device friendly therefore you need not worry about the front-end appearance for different devices. Manage speakers, schedules with ease and make your user informed about the upcoming events with the extreme stylish countdown timer.

A multi-purpose Joomla template comes with 9 trendy homepages, that can easily suites itself on any category you want it to be. Specially crafted for business, agency, small to medium startup as well as personal portfolio website.

An absolutely responsive and SEO friendly Joomla template with the most advanced yet artistic look. It's crafted with the most popular T3 framework in its core. Hence it lets you manage in possibly the easiest way can be. Full featured blog, as well as clean typography, are two most noticeable things that have increased its weight.

​A uniquely crafted SEO optimized Joomla multi-purpose template with 6 excellent homepage variations. Best fit for the Creative agency, personal portfolio, business and particular product landing page as well.

100% device friendly RTL supported Joomla template with an array of homepage variations and a bunch of pre-ready pages. Multiple layouts, as well as portfolio styles and the integration of DigiCom, allows you to sell digital products with ease and that have made it complete in every corner.

A multi-purpose Joomla template with 4 neat and clean homepage variations. Three different portfolio style smartly showcase your projects, focusing each content. Its RTL supported property helps it to increase the traffic as we know the traffics come from various region of the world with different languages.

A fresh looking RTL supported Joomla template, beautifully crafted for wedding, anniversary and engagement event website. 3 different homepage variations, google map integration, responsiveness and many more properties can make you completely satisfied with what you exactly need.

A Joomla eCommerce web template allows you to make your own online marketplace. Integration with the DigiCom eCommerce extension lets you manage every single task from one place in order to run an eCommerce website. Product management, coupons, orders and reporting makes DigiCom absolute best eCommerce extensions for Joomla.


That's all for today, and more products are on the updating queue. Our promises are to keep you hassle-free with providing you possibly the most flexible web experience ever. All your thoughts are important to us as it leads us to do good works further. So, feel free to let us know about your wants and ideas using the below comment section.