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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

Introducing Gen: The brand new Joomla Template


Hello folks, Happy monsoon :-)

At the beginning of a new season, here a brand new tremendous present from themexpert. A versatile Joomla template to give your agency a look you're looking so far. It does have the stunning capabilities to make itself best fit for an agency, startup and any small or medium business organization websites. Let's go through what's in it. 

Gen, an RTL supported entirely device friendly Joomla template that's specially crafted for agency and business websites. It does have an absolutely neat & refreshing look in its each portion and able to provide your agency website a live artistic look exactly what you're seeking for.

Both Box Layout as well as Fluid based layout, focusing each content, let you choose your perfect fit and can handle to present your agency the way you want it to be. Wisely used accomplished typography has been added a dimension to its surface.

Gen built with the T3 framework, makes the theme options panel possibly simple that ever can be only to ensure the most flexible user experience. Theme Magic let you customize absolutely according to your own wish as per your requirements.

Smooth animation used in it, takes care the site's loading fastness. You can use more than 600 Google fonts to make your own custom typography and apply on the area of your site you want. And, you have no dependency on the limited number of Google fonts, either you can load your preferred fonts to absolutely take control of your website that you think it meant to be.

Now, let's have a peek, genuinely what's Gen deeply crafted with.

  • Responsive Design
  • 5 Unique Home Variations
  • 7 Header Variations
  • RTL Supported
  • Built with T3 Framework
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder Quix
  • No Coding Customization
  • Neat Typography
  • 650+ Google fonts
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fast Loading Capabilities
  • Beautiful Mega Menu
  • Organized drop down menu
  • Full Featured Blog
  • Box Layout based multiple homepage
  • Fluid based multiple homepage
  • Smooth animation effect
  • Quick Social Sharing
  • Multiple Social Commenting
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Theme Magic Option
  • Unlimited Google Fonts 

Introducing New Animation, Box Shadow, Parallax Controls + Big Elements Improvements In Quix


Today is a big day for Quix community. We are thrilled to announce a major update of Quix where we touched every elements (50+) and turned them into more powerful than ever. 

Re-organized each element options, added more features and functionalities, new input types and transformed them into much more advanced and full of possibilities. It is a big update that takes the Quix to a whole new height. 

The New & Improved Animation Controls

The brand new animation controls allow you to control any section, row, column and elements entrance animation with time delay. We moved animation controls to a new tab so you can find and control animation quickly. 

Now there is 28 animation type for you to decide how your element will enter to screen. 

Hover Animation & Box Shadow Controls

Within the animation tab, some new hover animation controls give you much control of how your element will interact when someone hovers or tap over the elements, section, row or column. 

Hover shadow animation expand with more controls that give your control over blur, spread, horizontal, vertical and scale the shadow. Now you do not need any template that comes with these cool animation. You can control every interactive animation right inside Quix on any template and framework available on the market. 

Unlike our competitor, Quix always comes with the exact functionality that needed to build a beautiful and modern website.

Box Shadow Control

Creating box shadow in Quix is easier than ever using the new box shadow controls. Within the new box shadow option interface, you can select shadow color, define blur and control how far it will spread horizontally and vertically. Shadow draw outside the box, but you can put them inside the frame by using 'Inset' mode. 

One of the core aspects of material design is layer depth which you can achieve using the box-shadow settings. Your can make your website 2017 ready instantly with Quix new box shadow and animation control. 

Parallax Background

Another new cool thing, I'm excited about. Until this version, parallax background implemented with CSS which isn't cool anymore. We have got lots of feedback to make it neat and most importantly, make it mobile friendly. 

The wait is over, now the parallax background is Javascript based and gives you a nice motion when you scroll down and fall back to CSS for mobile devices. I am sorry, mobile devices (iOS/Android) doesn't support parallax yet :( 

Improved Options Organization

In our previous release, we re-designed the Quix interface with better usability in mind. In this version, we get the chance to re-organized each setting of all elements. Now they are better organized, easy to find and relevant fields are all grouped together. 

We improved the in-place help system (aka tips), so you do not have to wonder about any options anymore.

Big Update To All Elements

Beyond the animation and box shadow update in this release, we have also significantly improved some the most used core elements.

Heading Element Got Significant Improvements

With this newly developed heading element, you can create a nice headline combining multiple fonts and colors. Wrap your highlighted text with a `` tag and assign different font and color from style settings. 

You can now position subtitle above and beyond the title with more control over fonts, colors and much more.  

Blurb Got Big Improvements

Now you can select the blurb headline type. Blurb is the most used element on any Quix page, so we provide you the ability to choose blurb headline from H1-6. 

Also, you can decide where the blurb link will apply. From the title to image or combination of both is possible now. Combining with animation, box-shadow and hover animation, you can now make fresh blurb items. 

Image Picker Replaced With New File Manager

In Quix 1.4 release, we have added a brand new file manager with image editing capabilities. Until now, the file manager haven't been implemented in every element. After three months and 6 release, we are more confident of our file manager and applied with every element we have. 

Read more about the file manager capabilities here and how to use it properly. 

Massive New Update To Joomla Article & Article(s) Elements

We haven't been updated the Joomla article & article(s) element since it's release. The styling was mostly depended on the template. 

With this new release, we have added more options for styling. Now you can change the background, text color of title and content, add box-shadow and much more...

Section Stretch Mode + Container ( Less Option, Less Confusion )

Previously there are five options for section and row container settings which often create confusion. Now, there are only two choices which itself descriptive. 

Whether you want to stretch the section or add a container both are a switch away and don't interpret others. When both settings are ON, it will stretch out the section/row with a container added inside. 

Confetti Option ( Eid Bonus )

Did you notice the beautiful confetti on this blog post? We have been using this for all big announcement post, and our users love it. We have got people asking, how to add this to their website for a special occasion. 

Now, you can turn on confetti to any Quix page with just one click. 

Implemented rel="noopener" For Every Outgoing Link

One of mostly ignored security vulnerabilities is <code>target="_blank"</code>. In plain English, when you link other website and when it open a new window. 

According to Google, we've added rel="noopener" every time you select any link to open in new window. There is a little performance benefit too. 

Update Instruction

If you have used 'Stretched with container' or 'Stretched without container' mode in section, you may see the stretch mode not working properly. However, your website or page layout will not break or affected with this update. 

You can safely update to this version. 

New How to's videos

Not only the awesome updates, but our team is also busy creating small and useful How to's video for you. We have uploaded four videos as off now, and more is on editing phase. We are hoping to upload more videos by the end of next week. 

Check out Quix 1 minute how to's playlist and subscribe to our Youtube channel for updates :) 

Introducing Quix New Interface - Refreshing, Vibrant and Fresh


 Since after Quix's first release, a lot has been changed. We released bunch of cool new features, elements, blocks and the list goes on…

One thing we haven't touch since then is Quix interface. Changing Quix's UI is very challenging and we have make sure that user experience doesn't break and there is no learning curve.

We've tons of exciting features to built and to do so, we had to change its UI. We need a fresh new design without breaking anything.

After a month of planning, testing and coding we are finally able to roll out a new interface for Quix!

So, lets see what have changed

New Color Schema

Color has direct connection with human behavior, it influences perceptions, enhance your work effectiveness, can change your mode and influence you to do something you wouldn't.

When we built Quix, we haven't had enough time to research on colors because we had to do a lot of things. We haven't changed it for a year because of this saying 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

But, the web is moving faster and we need to incorporate the changes into Quix so, you can build website for 2017 and beyond.

Joomla use very dull bluish color all over its backend and to make it like home, we decided to go with that color but with brightest tone. 

New Element Picker

As of writing, Quix has more than 50 elements and more to come. With our new design, you can see more element in the screen and less scrolling needed.

Ohh, the modal window also got new fresh look… 

New Setting Window

We re-factored each and every fields and git it a visually compelling outlook. Related fields are grouped together, provide useful tips while you typing and everything is at right place. 

TinyMCE Update

Finally the toolbar is back. Many of you ask to add the TinyMCE toolbar and its here. 

New Loading Screen

Leave no stone untouched, we wanted to make sure a smooth and joyful entrance to Quix. So we updated the loading screen as well :) 

Section/Row Parallax and Background color overlay fix

Previously, you can't use background color overlay feature with parallax mode. From now on, you can make the background image parallax and add a beautiful color overlay on it. 


You can update to Quix 1.5 safely because there are no braking changes. Remember to clear the browser cache and hard reloaded it otherwise, you may not able to see the changes due to browser aggressive cache system. 

What's Next ?

These UI changes are necessary for the new features we are planning bring in Quix. We are going to release some new elements and plugin next week, which I'm excited about. These elements are one of its kind and many of you already aware through our Facebook group.

Through our idea sharing portal, you can share your wildest idea about Quix and we'll develop if enough people show interest on it. 

Give a smashing look to your business website with Crystal


We're always hungry to spy on the most recent technologies and utilize them in our products so that it can have an ever lasting acceptance to all our clients. In this continuation, we made a tremendous product a couple of weeks ago, that I'm going to expose today.

Excited, right? Probably somehow you're finding the title absorbing and thinking exactly how to give a unique look to your business website to make it more meaningful and organized. Is it really possible?

Well, To be generous, it is possible.

You may already know that having a standard website can resulting your business growth at a high rate.

Our WordPress theme Crystal is capable of doing so. It's not only a flashy talk while it proves through its existing features.

Let's not random clacks and straight come to the topic anyways. 

Crystal is a nifty and fresh looking WordPress theme, highly crafted for business and agency websites. For its multi-usability, its also a perfect fit for the personal blog, and portfolio website either.

Most popular SiteOrigin Drag and Drop page builder makes your tedious work such easy that you don't have to worry about coding, its let you build your site on the fly absolutely without even a single string of code. Besides, you can see the instant preview even without leaving the window. Its highly saves your time and makes your site building procedure faster.

Integrating of Code start makes the theme options panel organized and possibly flexible that ever can be. You will have lots of Google fonts hence you can create your own custom typography to make your site the way you want it to be.

You're absolutely not limited using colors on various sections like header, navigation, footer and so on. You can use your preferred color on its any section to look it great to you as well as to your clients/ visitors.

It's completely responsive in its each bone and able to show the same proper result in every smart device including smartphones.

Besides, the following inevitable features make Crystal superior.

  • Responsive Design
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder
  • SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
  • Recent Post Widget
  • Meta Slider
  • Codestar Integrate
  • Max Mega Menu
  • Contact Form 7
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Widget Based Sections
  • Theme Customization Option
  • Smart Portfolio
  • Unlimited Google Fonts

Big Templates Update for Joomla 3.7!


We've been working on releasing our previously crafted different purpose bunch of products for last two weeks. We thought to release those stuff through a Marathon and after considering other things, we came to an ultimate decision to unfold two products (one Joomla extension and one WordPress theme) a day.

Quietly we're working on a few of our existing premium Joomla templates parallelly and were hoping to release those template updates after we are successfully done the Marathon.

Now, at the end of the Marathon, it's a pleasure for us to confess that, we're really inspired after getting so many appreciations from you guys, during the whole Marathon Release.

Here we bring the template updates and let's have a peek.

QuickStart Update

Ten of our marketed premium Joomla templates got an update on their QuickStarts. You can now get interactive ideas through their newly modified QuickStart that can help you start building your dream website ever faster than before.No longer you're bound to start it from the sketch. Definitely, you'll be satisfied.

Changelog: Joomla 3.7, Quix v1.4.3, T3 v2.6.4

Another most exciting thing is that, now those templates are supported with Joomla 3.7, Quix v1.4.3 and T3 v6.4 as well. Let's check the list of updated templates, are listed below.

  • ​Finance,
  • Nefario,
  • Stuart,
  • Biznes,
  • Digistore,
  • Eventia,
  • Firefly,
  • Infinito,
  • Marvel and
  • Wedding. 

Finance Joomla Template

Meanwhile, we've gained a massive update on Finance Joomla template with plenty of exclusive features added including got fixed some of its previous bugs. Lots of new template options added like Preloader, Back2Top, OffCanvas Position, Sticky Nav, Upload Favicon, Footer Background Image, Error Page, etc.

Besides, it got blog commenting options, multiple social sharing buttons, Joomla and Quix latest version supported, Firefox as well as Navbar issue got fixed and much more.

Those updates make Finance obtaining an extensive capability to provide you a flexible web experience ever.

See the changelog below to get its depth.

Changelog: Version-1.5

  • Typography Option (added)
  • Multiple Post Format Support (added)
  • Blog Commenting (added)
  • Lots of Template Options (added)
  • Social Share Buttons (added)
  • Firefox Issue (fixed)
  • Responsive Issue (fixed)
  • Navbar Issue (fixed)
  • Joomla Latest Version Support (updated)
  • Quix Latest Version Support (updated)

Marathon Release 7 - xDocs Joomla Extension and Galleria WordPress Theme


Our Marathon Releasing Campaign is still going and in it's 7th phase, here we come today to unfold one Joomla extension and a WordPress theme in a row.

Let's have a deep look what's inside them.

xDocs Joomla Extension

A tiny but essential Joomla extension with extensive capabilities to manage your documentations efficiently.

xDocs allows the most simple way to organize documentations in a standard manner and only left fewer tasks in your hand. You need not think about the documents front-end, categories and so on, just to create docs and that's all. Itself will take care of the rest of the works regarding proper maintaining with integrated searching capabilities and a modern structural, artistic front-end appearance and much more.

Let's know, which capabilities make xDocs superior.

  • Hassle-free One Click Installation
  • Create Beautiful Knowledgebase in Minutes
  • Own Your Documentation Looks
  • User-friendly Article Navigation Create Automatically
  • You Don't Need to Pay for 3rd Party Software Monthly 

Galleria WordPress Theme

Galleria is a responsive WordPress theme based on Bootstrap grid system, perfectly suitable for the websites in which gallery is the main thing to be focused on.

Gallery is the graphical way of representing information including images in an artistic way. Its smoothness ensures that whether the visitor will be back again or go forever because it really matters.

Its full featured layout built with masonry grid, no doubtedly it's a new dimension added to make sure your new web experience. Its specially crafted for App Landing Page, particular Product Landing Page, Product Re-branding, and digital product download websites as well.

Besides, it does have the following key features that increase its acceptance to everyone. 

Key Features

  • Masonry Grid
  • Easy File Downloads
  • Social Share
  • Sticky Sidebar for Download Page
  • Present Digital Files in a Stunning Way
  • Smartly Decorated Product Details
  • Responsive
  • Mailchimp
  • Widget Ready
  • Left right Sidebar
  • SEO Friendly
  • Post Format Supported and much more. 

Previous Releases

Marathon Release 6 - Xpert Team Joomla Extension and Greenland WordPress Theme


It was really a great marathon releasing week, isn't it? Yeah! Surely it was. 

Your huge feedbacks proved it already. It's a pleasure for us that we got huge appreciation from you guys. We have taken all your feedbacks as our inspiration to go further.

Since you know already, it been a week we are releasing some of our previously crafted useful products through a Marathon Releasing campaign, after spending the weekend, once we're back in the 6th phase of Marathon Release, with two more excitingly helping stuff, smartly crafted with tons of tremendous capability to highly maintain your troublesome works and let you do it in more efficient way.

Let's throw a peek on them. 

Xpert Team Joomla Extension


In almost every website, about section is a kind of part whose absence makes the site completely incomplete. Most of the times, about section defines what the company or business is about or how they work and also there usually exists the team members/ employee list including shortly describe them in words.

Normally, the work is done by backend coding, and it takes a huge amount of time especially when each member needs to change constantly. It is supposed to be done by adding members one by one, and that affects the whole project completion.

Our Xpert Team does have the capability to make you completely get rid of this tedious work and give you the flexible working experience.

It allows you to add and manage members as many as you can from one place, that's not gonna throw you even in a bit trouble. Installation to Configuration, everything here is completely simple.The front-end appearance is also awesome and trendy.

Let's explore Xpert Team, at a glance.

  • One Click Installation & Easy Configuration
  • Adding New Member and Deleting existing is all in your Grab
  • Control Over Showing Team in Specific Pages
  • 3 Layout Styles
  • Custom Member Image Style
  • Neat and Stylish Front-end exactly as you want

Greenland WordPress Theme


An SEO optimized, responsive, neat and clean looking WordPress theme specially crafted for Lawn Services Business, Landscaping Companies, small to big Gardening Business websites.

WooCommerce supported makes it gain the capability of selling your own products with ease. It has a wide range enriched features that will allow you to give your preferred shape onto the website.

Revolution slider integration helps to tremendously create a stylish slider for your site within a very short time, and there are lots of google fonts that can be applied on its different section according to your needs.

It has no limitations on customizations, test it and grab the power of a really superior WordPress theme and build your dream website in possibly the shortest time ever can be.

Let's take a look on its key features, mentioned below. 

Key Features

  • Neat and Clean Design
  • Latest news about gardening
  • Gardening Services
  • Two header variation
  • Reliable Contact Form & Information
  • Filterable Gallery
  • Decorated Call to Action and Counter
  • Google Map Integration
  • Pricing Plan
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Team Support
  • Neat and Clean Testimonial
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Composer Page Builder
  • Revolution Slider
  • Lots of Homepages
  • All necessary page variations
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Perfectly crafted for blog

Previous Release

Marathon Release 5 - Social Joomla Extension and Docx WordPress Theme


Hey Guys, come again with two more remarkable stuffs at the phase of Marathon Release 5.

Oops! Forgot about our Marathon Releasing Week? :o

Of course not, your feedbacks are saying so. Anyways,.

Today we're going to release one WordPress theme and one Joomla extension in a row. Both of them are kind of stuffs that'll make you say out loud; OMG! You're absolutely searching things like this.

Doubt it?

It's not a queer tale. Ok let's expose what things make this so, have a look.

Xpert Social Links Joomla Extension

 A completely light Joomla extension with a well designed extensive admin panel that is capable of letting you attach social icons in web pages with the most flexible way that ever can be.

It is undoubtedly a smart toolkit for the developers who are to work with social icons frequently and on the other hand, it's like a blessing for the no-developers causes no programming knowledge required to work with this. Therefore, anyone can make his work done with this powerful Joomla extension just by performing a couple of clicks.

The following listed things are those, what **Xpert Social Links** are great for.

  • Effortless One-click Installation
  • Allows you to add links as many as you want
  • Smart Front-end Appearance
  • It let you place where you want it to be
  • Font-awesome icon Usability

Docx WordPress Theme

Documentation is really one of the core things you should care about

specially if you own a product based business website. The way of its representation would be the reason of how easily or roughly, the user can understand it. It could affect the entire product selling ratio.

Docx is a well-structured, organized WordPress theme, integrated with MailChimp and Codestar that specially crafted for represent documentations in a standard order.

It allows you the access over a huge customization that will let you make it absolutely according to your wants.

Through its optimized ajax searching module, your user can find any file instantly and the fast loading capability is able to give you an awesome web experience that you haven't got yet.

Let's see the following properties that makes if a great fit for its category.

  • Well Structured Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • User Friendly Layout
  • Tockipy Integration
  • Stylish Owl Carousel
  • Codestar Integration
  • Mailchimp Webform
  • Fast Ajax Loading
  • Full Featured Blog
  • Smart Searching Option
  • Custom Scrolling Bar
  • Organized Front-end Appearance 

Enter your custom HTML codes in this section ...

Previous Releases

Marathon Release 4 - Xpert Google Map and Orvil WordPress Theme


Hello folks, Remember about our Marathon Release? Of course, you do.!

You would be glad to hear that, still we're sincerely working on releasing those products and our hope is to unfold them next to you through this Marathon Release.

Today, we've brought to you two more versatile products that can be used for any modern and trendy websites!

Exciting, right? Ok then!

Let's have a look and start exploring your requirements ;)

Xpert Google Map

Google Map integration on websites is one of the most common trends nowadays especially for the small as well as large Business agency websites, startup websites. Moreover, it is considered as part and parcel in OnePager websites since they mainly focus on to represent individual information clearly.

Xpert Google Map allows you to integrate Google Map on your site effortlessly. No coding knowledge is required to do so, and the installation is absolutely straightforward.

With its wisely designed, well decorated, meaningful layout, you can smartly configure it in your own way. Now, let's see, what it actually allows you to do.

  • Easily install just by one click.
  • Specify the position, where to show.
  • Use custom marker icon.
  • Change the location by simply changing latitude and longitude.
  • Define custom size for the Map.
  • Define zoom level.
  • Provide Google API key and make work done. 

Orvil WordPress theme

Orvil is a OnePager WordPress theme with four different Homepage variations, perfectly the best fit for your business website.

It has a multipurpose usability hence it provides you the flexibility to build any website including small to large business, creative agency, startup as well as personal portfolio websites effortlessly.

It does have a fresh, nifty and well-decorated layout that will definitely make your visitor come back again. Really it will, no doubt.

Wisely used modern and trendy color harmony highly increases its suitability, therefore; no matter what kind of site you are building, it's still a good fit.

No worry about SEO. Its SEO optimized capability to let your site quickly indexed by search-engines.

Since, its a OnePager theme, you need not worry about the content maintaining order while we took that responsibility at the time of developing it. Therefore, it represents all information in a standard manner exactly how it supposed to be.

Now, let's look at the key features of this stunning OnePager theme and for the sake of you, we listed them below. 

Key Features

  • Revolution Slider
  • Fully Responsive
  • Multiple Homepage Variations
  • Google Map Integration
  • Neat and Clean Design
  • Well Documentation
  • One Page Layout
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • Decorated Blog
  • Fast Loading Capability
  • Stylish Portfolio
  • SEO friendly
  • Smooth Content Tab
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Amazing Customer Counting and much more. 


Marathon Release 1 - Selection Share Extension and Octa WordPress Theme

​We've a bunch of unreleased stuffs that we built for our customers. Actually, we were so much involved in other exciting products and hoping to bring them to you by the next week.But after we get plenty of requests from our users to fetch sort of th


Marathon Release 2 - Markdown Editor and Conf WordPress Theme

As you all are concerned about our Marathon Releasing Week is going on and today is the second day. Here we come with two more efficient products that can be beneficial for you.So, no more waiting! Let's have a peek, what's for today.


Marathon Release 3 - Education Joomla Extension and Universidad WordPress Theme

Hi there!Today is the third day of our Marathon Releasing Week, and we've come again with two more tremendous products which you'll fall in love with, for sure.Let's have a look and grab the chance to have it first.&amp;nbsp;