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Celebrate New Year With 30% Discount on All Products!


 2017 is coming to an end, and 2018 is on the way. You will be very much excited to know; we have come with a huge discount on the arrival of 2018!

To celebrate the new year, we are offering 30% discount. This big sale will run from 26 December 2017 to 05 January 2018. This 30% discount will be applicable on all themexpert products and Club membership. That means you will be able to get Revolutionary Quix pagebuilder, Joomla templates, Joomla extensions, WordPress themes, WordPress extensions, everything at a low price. 

The clock is ticking, why are you wasting your time? Grab your needed item quickly, before the offer ends. Hope this new year brings you peace and prosperity. Advanced Happy New Year.

New Joomla 4.0 User Interface : Useful or Not?


You might have heard the news regarding- Upcoming Joomla 4. A bunch of new features is on the way with a brand new User Interface. In this major update of Joomla 4- color, login page, menus, typography along with entire dashboard will be redefined. You will find a massive change in its Entire Interface including the drop of some menus and options.

Since some of the previous menu items and options have been evicted, you may think- Aha!! Fewer options, Less complexity. But have you ever think of it- the newly defined placements for some existing options may kill a significant amount form your allocated working time on the project you're working on or wish to work on?

However, it takes time to be familiar with a new interface, similar to be used to in a new environment.

According to Joomla's official announcement- more changes are coming for both UI and features in order to provide the user a new working experience. You cannot decide whether it's right for you or not until you see the changes.

Now, let's check out how Joomla 4.0 is going to look like. Will it going to be useful or not?

The Style


Content legibility is a very important part of a fully functional and usable GUI. Therefore, in Joomla 4.0 Roboto is chosen as the new base font for the backend-template. Roboto offers plenty of flexibility and a great feeling including use of light, thin, bold, regular, medium and black weights with matching styles. 


The colors in admin dashboard design is chosen with accessibility in mind. According to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines color ratio of the foreground color and background color of the text has to be at least the ratio of 4:5:1 or higher. Therefore dark blue color is decided for the sidebar and light grey color for the whole user interface. 

New Pattern For Joomla

With the release of backend template draft, the Joomla pattern is also premiered. Thanks to Chiara Aliotta for the amazing new pattern. The pattern is included on the login page and to some degree on the background in the backend.

This new pattern is a source of emotion on this field of technical subject. Pattern represents the entire community as a network, where no one is alone. 

The Login Page

In Joomla 4.0 another attraction is the login page on the backend. On the login screen, there is a default new Joomla pattern. But if you want to customize the screen, you can upload your preferred background image in the Joomla template manager.

There is also an option to upload the logo to the site. The logo improves the identification of the site backend for who switch between many Joomla installations. If no logo is used, the site name will be shown in the white banner above the login form.

A direct link to your site and a help link that leads you directly to helpful resources is also added to the login page. 

The Dashboard

Joomla 4 features a brand new Dashboard. You can take the full control of dashboard and customize it by adding own modules. The new dashboard also allows you to drag and drop the modules to your favorite place.


In Users option, you can easily manage all the users. The management of users will be more easier with the new look. User access settings are a more general setup, so from now on you will find them in System Settings Menu Item.

Manage Menus

Joomla 4 features new menus now which looks more beautiful with new UI and design. Every menu item is now more visible with new menu adding interface, filtering options and all other stuffs.

Manage Articles

Buttons Reduced

For more space and tidy interface all the unnecessary buttons are pulled out on Article manage page. Why would you see a button, when it's not necessary? From now on all options and buttons will appear contextually.

So when you select an unfeatured item, you will not see the unfeature option. When you publish an article, you will not see publish button. 

Create New Articles

The interface of article creation has got a new look with new colors. The menus and text editing field will offer you quick access over images, permission, article management and everything. 

Article Editing

Now quickly compose your articles with the popped up text editor. The 3rd level sidebar is gone to provide you space to edit an article. It's time to take the advantage of contextual change of the editor.

If you select a link, you will have link options on the right side of the screen, and if you select an image, all the image options will be shown on the image options toolbar. 

Mobile View

The interface of Joomla now looks excellent on mobile as well. Access your Joomla site from anywhere more conveniently with the mobile version.

Backend Redefined

Fewer Choice, less confusion. Considering this, the new backend is designed. The number of main level item are reduced to a minimum. Now the main tasks in the menu sidebar consist of User, Menus, Content, Components, Settings, and Help.

For those who are not comfortable with symbols, will be able to toggle the menu and show the name of each item of the menu.

The top bar of the page will help you to recognize your page. You can also replace the default Joomla brand logo with your custom logo. 

Quickstart Icon and Notification

On the top right side, there is a configurable icon named "quickstart." You can add your most needed actions and links at here like Create new article, create new categories or also 3rd party links and actions.

If there are any important notifications available, notification icon will let you know it. The user icon next to notification icon will allow you to access your user setting and logout.

Accessibility Support for Joomla

One of the most exciting Joomla 4 features is accessibility support. In the upcoming version of Joomla 4, there will be accessibility support for physically disabled users. They will be able to access the menu easily with special tools like mouth stick and also can customize the colors of the template. 

Menu Items Reduced

The menu items are now divided by adding a plus symbol next to each menu item. So from now on just click on the plus and make something new.

We all have great expectation regarding Joomla 4 and there is yet a lot of changes to come. Till now there is only two alpha releases. You can see whole Joomla 4 administrator dashboard project form here.

Stay with us for getting every single news updates regarding Joomla 4. You can share your thoughts and give your valuable feedback through comment.

A Bundle of Joomla Template got Updated


Joomla is getting better day by day with much more improvements to meet its user needs and requirements. We are not aback at all, and always keep us up-to-date to stay by side in this technology race.

We are obsessed with bringing cool stuff along with ensuring that- previous components get regular updates. In this continuations, today here we come to make you informed- 16 of our Joomla templates got updated.

Now, you will find them compatible with the latest version of Joomla! (v3.8.3) as well as the most recent version of intuitive Pagebuilder Quix (v1.8.1). Besides, you will no longer face troubles working with the third-party components used on them.

Find the list of updated Templates including their Changelog below.

  1. Wedding v1.2.1
  2. ShopX v1.3.1
  3. Meteor v1.1.0
  4. Marvel v2.2.1
  5. JoomHost v1.4.1
  6. Gen v1.2.1
  7. Fitness v1.2.1
  8. Firefly v1.9.1
  9. Finance v2.2.1
  10. Eventia v1.6.1
  11. Edumodo v1.4.1
  12. DigiStore v1.4.1
  13. BuildX v1.3.1
  14. Biznes v2.4.1
  15. Academia v3.1.1
  16. Infinito v3.2.1


  • Quix 1.8.1 Compatible [improved]
  • Joomla 3.8.3 Compatible [improved]
  • T3 2.7.0 Compatible [improved] 

Updating Procedure

Step 01 : Take a Complete backup of your website before applying any updates.
Step 02 : Update Quix Pagebuilder and
Step 03 : Lastly, update your template (in case you're using any of our templates).


 If you face any difficulties, feel free to let our dedicated support team know. They are always ready to make your issues solved. Besides, leave your any suggestion or thoughts in the below comment section.

Joomla 4.0 Untold Features & Changes

With the end of each day, Joomla is marching forward to release its ultimate version. Just a few days ago Joomla 3.8.3 has been released and now version 4 is coming. You might be thinking what's new is arriving with the upcoming version?

Well, there is a lot of features are coming with Joomla 4. There has been a significant change on the user interface, dashboard, and backend with the new update.

I have already shown how the user interface is going to look on previous post. Now let's check out what features are coming with Joomla 4. 

Updated System Requirements

Joomla 4 will not run on backdated systems; it must meet the following requirements:

  • PHP7
  • PostgreSQL 9.2
  • MySQL 5.5.3
  • SQL Server support has been dropped. 

PHP 7 is a Must in Joomla 4

Joomla 4 is coming with the latest version of PHP. By the time when Joomla 4 releases, the security support for PHP 5 will be available for less than one year. So after the release of Joomla 4, user must use PHP 7.

Besides PHP 7 has 50% better consumption of memory and so many performance improvements, that makes your Joomla site run twice as fast compared to PHP 5.

Joomla 3.x was first released in September 2012, and its support will come to an end after eight years. We are assuming that Joomla 4 will be released in 2018 and will have the similar lifetime as Joomla 3. So you can see this is a very long time to give support for a software.

PHP MySQL Extension

From now on Joomla will no longer support PHP's ext/mysql driver, since it was removed on PHP 7.0. Joomla will fail to create a database connection if it cannot use mysqli extension or mysql PDO Driver which is available since PHP 5.3.

Package Removal

Joomla 4 comes with a fair number of refactored libraries, and for the current instance these two packages are entirely removed from the framework:

  • Compat
  • Log - Instead you can use PSR-3 compatible logging package. 

There might be compatibility issues with Joomla 4, so it's better to know them before Joomla 4 arrives. ​

Features of Joomla

Integration with Bootstrap 4 in Core UI

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to Bootstrap version 2 and from now on Joomla will be integrated with the latest version of Bootstrap. This will help very much to build mobile responsive websites with ease.

Faster Page Loading Times

To make Joomla more faster, Joomla developers team focuses on coding quality. Improved coding quality with modern technologies will help to enhance the page loading times of Joomla. 

Usage of More Joomla Framework Packages

Joomla framework is also getting updated with the Joomla main version. In the framework, new renderer, console package has been added, and several packages have been refactored. To make Joomla more, fluent the usage of the framework has been increased.

Event Management System Refactored

New Joomla comes with more stability in event management as the developers are trying to make it better and better.

Introduction of a Service Container for Global Dependency Management/Injection

The construction and life cycle of objects can be controlled with Dependency Injection. It provides a simple IoC Container for applications. This new service container will be available with Joomla 4.

Removal of jQuery From Core

Joomla version 3.x uses jQuery JavaScript library. However, it has many issues and needs additional plugins. With Joomla 4, jQuery dependency will be completely removed from core.js. It will be converted to plain JS.

Introduction of Framework Agnostic Web Components

Till now adoption of framework agnostic web components has been very slow though it helps to reduce time and testing requirements. That's why this time Framework agnostic web components will be introduced with Joomla 4. 
This is a collection of all the components that are used in new Joomla, and these are developed with the new W3C standard.

Features under development in Joomla 4.0

The following features are currently under development process:

Joomla Framework 2.x

Joomla framework 1.x is coming to an end with the release of framework 2.x. The new framework will introduce new library packages, remove previously deprecated functionality and raise the minimum supported PHP version to PHP 7.

Joomla 2.0 framework will be the first release of the next Joomla framework. 

Main features of Joomla Framework 2.0

  • New rendering package providing support for rendering templates with many popular PHP libraries (including Twig, Mustache, and Blade.
  • New Console package for building command line applications
  • Following packages are refactored

1.Session package
2.Router package
3.Dependency Injection package, including support for the PSR-11 container interface
4.Cache package providing support for both the PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching interfaces
5.HTTP package providing support for PSR-7 Requests and Responses

Joomla 4 User Interface

Along with features, Joomla user interface has shaped to a new look also. You can peek a look at the new user interface of Joomla 4 from our post- New Joomla 4.0 User Interface. In the post, you will also be able to know every detail about the interface.

Joomla 4 is under construction; if you have any suggestion or thoughts regarding features, User Interface or anything you can let us know through the comments section.

JoomlaDay Malaysia : An Opportunity to Learn Directly from Joomla Experts

Woah!!!! What an exciting day it was
Did you participate on Joomladay 2017 Malaysia? If you did, you know how much exciting the event was. But somehow if you missed it- no worries, you will find every detail of the event throughout this article.

The event (Joomladay 2017) was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 9th December, this year. The Joomla lover peoples from all over the world, including many company owners, site managers and the web developers came to gather at one place to make the event successful. 

It was a great opportunity for all of them to broaden their knowledge​ with Joomla in such a friendly​ and professional environment
Most importantly, they got the opportunity to come closer at many company heads and got helpful ideas directly from them​ to grow their business.

"Themexpert was one of the proud sponsors of JoomlaDayKL '17 Malaysia."

We are very proud to become the silver sponsor for the event this time. Themexpert CEO Parvez Akhter and CTO Abu Huraira Bin Aman were present there, along with 200+ Joomla lovers from all over the world.

The event started with the welcome speech of Dr. Shamsul Bin Shahibudin, Professor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Themexpert- CEO Parvez Akhter got the chance to deliver a speech regarding the State of Web Development with Joomla. He also mentioned sort precious guidelines for growing business towards the attendance.

In addition to- the complicated part of Joomla and the possible solutions including the future of Joomla, were also discussed by various speakers.

In aggregation, the following topics were discussed by the keynote speakers and others:

  • Building map application with Joomla custom fields
  • Joomla on Cloud 
  • Visible The Invisible Joomla Traffic
  • Optimizing Joomla on Linux Server
  • Blogging With Joomla!
  • Synthetic Monitoring of Website
  • Building Your First  Ionic Mobile Application with Joomla! Backend.

After the lunch break, there was a Panel Discussion Session. Many well-known Joomla experts from various countries were present at the discussion.

JoomlaDayKL 17 was not only a normal event with boring speeches and discussions, but it was something more. There was also a Joomla certification exam and lucky draw session with exciting gifts. The people who attended the event, participated in the exam and program came to end with distributing the certificates among the participants.

This is all about our story with JoomlaDayKL 17 Malaysia. It was undoubtedly a memorable event, and we are hoping to sponsor more events like this in future. We are very much thankful to all of you for all your supports and appreciation. 

Quix Feature Update! Introducing Responsive Field Settings, Column Reverse For Mobile and UI Improvements


Today we're here with a basket of happiness!! :-) Yes, the announcement would definitely make your day and would be a reason to be highly delighted for.

Your favorite Quix Pagebuilder has been upgraded in v1.8.1 with a bunch of cool features, and it would undoubtedly change your web building experience forever. Quix now allows you to control device responsiveness from the back-end and got improvements in its overall UI. 

In addition- 15 of our Joomla templates got improvised with fixing sort of previous issues and much more. The list of updated Joomla templates including their detail changelog will be found below.

It is clear that Quix has been satisfied you with its shiny features and functionalities since its appearance. The tons of appreciations and love from all of you guys have already proved it, and your feedbacks are always behind the reason we remain inspired. We are continuously working hard to meet you the best thing so that you can reside with the most recent technology as close as possible.

Let's not talk about something else and explore Quix v1.8.1

Responsive Fields Value

Quix already does have the ability to represent each content in an ever responsive way, based on different screen sizes. But who cares about the default responsive control and what if- you want your site behaves according to the way you like? Scratching your head thinking- Quix surely fails in that case?

Well, you are not right, unfortunately. Grab Quix v1.8 and the extreme power is yours. So, how your site is suppose to behave in various devices- is now entirely your wish. This is the very first time you can control responsiveness of your own, exactly how you like.

This is a long known fact that the fundamental goal of being responsive is to make sure the most appropriate content alignment including padding and margin based on different smart devices. This time in Quix- each Section, Column, Row, and Elements comes with an additional control option which lets you apply changes for particular devices with ease. 

Responsive Toolbar

Preparing the site- Device Responsive is a must for web development business, but the effort behind doing so isn't that enjoyable, we know. We give values to each of your second.!

So we have introduced Quix 1.8 with the Responsive Toolbar at its front-end, and you are beyond requiring multiple devices to check your site responsiveness. Select the device, and you can see the preview according to that selected device right away.

Image Selector

Wouldn't it be great if you visually can see what changes you are going to apply to the content? Definitely it would be..!

Keeping this thought in mind, we have included a small preview image with content alignment and some other options as well. So, no chance for uncertainty while you already know what's going to happen with the content you are applying change for. 

Column Reverse for Mobile Devices

Mobile responsiveness is crucial for any website, since almost half of the total amount of traffic we get from mobile devices.

But in case of mobile preview, do you ever feel- "it would be more meaningful and lucrative if the column content is appearing at the bottom, would appear at the beginning"? We know, sometimes you feel that way and having felt your need, this time we have included this option with Quix at your disposal.

The Reverse option allows you to toggle the column order for mobile preview. You are just one click behind. Isn't that great? Indeed it is.! 

Nested Column Re-structure

Suppose- you are hoping to add four elements on a column, and you want only the first element to take the full column width. The rest of them are to appear side by side.

Seems a complex thinking, right? But, who guarantees- any of you wouldn't need that way?

In case of multiple elements inside a column, they used to appear one below one, earlier. But you're fortunate enough even to make that complicated thinking come true with this current version of Quix. Its introduced with the new column structure that is able to let you take columns inside a column in the way you like. So, no more stuck in designing with Quix, only the sky is the limit. 

New Quix Module

Showing a Quix Library on the website's front-end is no longer requiring to insert its shortcode from the editor. This time Quix has brought a brand new Module which allows you to show any quix library- anywhere on the front-end just by defining its position.

Besides, if you are thinking of the previous approach is right for you, even that is possible. Its entirely your wish what approach you are comfortable with. 

SEO Meta tag Options

Every Quix page now contains this option to let you define the meta information for the page. Elase, you can disable this if you wish to. 

Border Option for Section Row and Column

Previously in Quix, the user were unable to apply border on a section, row or even on a column. But they were feeling its urgency. So, as soon as we got to know the user desire for this feature, we started working to bring it in Quix, and so it is.

Applying border on a section/ row/ column is just a click away. You can choose border style, radius, width, color, hover color and much more. Its like- you have limitless possibilities to customize and consider which looks matches your site best. 

Much faster and lightweight UI- reduced 70% Size

Quix is now faster than ever before and has significantly been reduced in size. Its because to ensure your fastest and most flexible working experience. So, working with your beloved pagebuilder is now like a fun playing. 

Improved all element's overall UI

Besides, you will find a massive improvisation on every of its elements overall UI, and enjoy working with them.

Now, let's have a look at Quix v1.8 detail Changelog.

At-a-Glance Updated Templates

The last couple of weeks, dedicatedly we were working to introduce Quix v1.8. Concurrently we're busy- updating fifteen of our most desired Joomla templates and were planning to unfold in a row. So, here they come.

Edumodo Joomla Template got the integration with the most popular LMS component Shika. The rest of the templates got updated with fixing previous issues including the improvements to the overall functionalities.

Find the list of all templates with their changelog below.

Updated Templates


Our goal is to make Quix able to satisfy all your wants and needs possibly reduce your effort. Restlessly we are working towards the aims to make it possible as soon as possible. If you have any suggestion or specific requirements- wish to experience in its upcoming version, the below comment section is all yours. Be smart, be Quix!!

How To Create Beautiful Documentation Site with Joomla & xDocs


From landing page to sales page, every page is important. We spent our most of the times creating and designing these pages but forget about the documentation page. A documentation page contents all the documentation items related to your product.

Some of us might think that it might be difficult or time-consuming. However, it can be created very quickly.

Therefore today I am going to show you how to create beautiful documentation site quickly in Joomla using xDocs. 

What is xDocs?

xDocs is a very powerful documentation management extension for Joomla which allows you to organize all the documentation of your website in a proper manner.

Let's start, just follow the the steps below.

At first, download xDocs and install it on your Joomla site using native Joomla installer. If you have any issues regarding installation, you can take help from here.

Creating Category

Now click on New button to add a new category. Give the suitable title and type your description of the category, below in Category tab.

Including Category tab, there are three more tabs options, publishing, and permissions.

From options tab, you can change the layout and can change the image for your category. By default, there is no image with a new category.

Publishing tab allows you to edit creation date, modification date, meta description along with meta keywords and also allows you to select the author. You can set permission for each type of user using permissions tab.

Customize the new category as you need. You can create as much category you need. For creating a bunch of new categories faster, you can use "Save & New" button. 

After creating one category click "Save & Close" or "Save" button. If you exit directly, no changes will be saved. 

Creating Article

After writing all the content of article, from the right side choose the category you want to publish under. It is very important to choose the category carefully because your article will only show on the chosen category.

In Publishing tab, provide the details of your publisher, meta description & keywords, and other details.

According to your need create the documentation under the specific category. When finished creating, click save & close.

Now you have successfully created documentation page with the default layout. If you want to customize more, you can add your custom CSS in the page.

Wait, now you might be thinking "where is my documentation? Why can I not see it?"

Till now we have just created the documentation page but haven't placed it on the website. You can place the documentation in anywhere, under any menu.

For you, I am putting the documentation on the homepage in the main menu. 

Then from "Menu Item Type" select the type of the menu. I have selected "Landing page for Category" and left other settings untouched. If you want a different setting, you can customize it in your way.

After you finish click "save & close."

Now go to the front end of your site and check out the content you just made.
At here you can check how many contents are under your category. You can also see how many times it has been read.
This is a specific documentation for content. For quick scrolling, you have the option on the right side.


So you must have known that creating documentation site is not a tough task. Even a newbie can create a beautiful Documentation site with the help of xDocs extension.

Share your thoughts and queries with us through comments. 

Introducing Meteor The Biggest News Magazine Joomla Template of All Time


First of all, pardon us for taking so long. We always try to give you something amazing, with more and improved functionalities so that you enjoy using it.

After releasing Fitness, we received so many positive responses from our user community that we got inspired to give you something amazing. For that reason, we worked so hard with proper dedication to developing this product.

Today we present you our first ever newspaper template Meteor. Meteor is a full-fledged Joomla 3.7+ template suitable for any news, magazine and all other relevant sites.

With the release of Meteor, we are also releasing 5 new elements of Quix. We have used these elements almost everywhere in Meteor.

Let's check out the features of Meteor. 

5 Stylish Home Layouts

Personalize your homepage with 5 stylish home layouts. Choose the one fits you most.  


Classic layout is built with a combination of sophisticated article grid style, social share button and including meteor date element on the top.


A perfect layout for showing fashion related news. Its modern layout catches the eyesight of the visitor as soon as he lands on your website.


In this layout, different grid styles are combined with appropriate placement for advertisements. Show top news at the middle in a highlighted way with custom styling in Mosaic layout.


Football, Cricket, NBA, NFL does not matter which sport, show top sports news in front with the focused sponsored article.


Magazine definitely needs more attention than other layouts, viewer's eye searches for exciting contents on a magazine page.Therefore this layout is crafted with unique typography and specific magazine related designs that make it best for magazines. 

5 New Quix Elements

Meteor Article

The most powerful element specially made for Meteor. Everything you find in the front in of Meteor is generated and managed with Meteor Article element. It is an element that includes full Joomla article element and additional 8 layouts.


Popular listing style with headlines in the preview. All contents are organized in a well-furnished way in this layout. At the time of hovering in an image, the viewer gets a special effect on the image.

Stack List

A Custom list layout that shows highlighted news at the top with a big preview and other news at below with list ordering.

Stack List Column

Create stylish 3 in 1 layout with this style. Show sponsored news in the highlighted area advertises in the column and other news in list area.

Column List

Organize your content with both list and column style at once with this layout. We have created this layout by blending column and list together.

List Carousel

The default carousel styling combined with list order that goes and comes back in a loop. The viewer will get the option to choose a news item from a moving list.


Predefined original Grid layout for that standard view you want on your site. In grid layout, every element is perfectly positioned at a specific place.

Stack Grid

A unique grid style that replaces regular grid with its eye-catching look. Grid size is a little bit bigger and better than original grid layout.

Slider Banner

A custom slider with the banner that shows news previews in a different style. Put the hot news on top with big previews and popular news below.

Date Element

The date is an unavoidable element of any news site. In Meteor you can show current time and date anywhere on the front end with Date element.

That's not it! You can also modify the date element to give your custom look.

News Ticker

Looking for an option to show the latest news? Don't worry; you can show any breaking or trending news on anywhere in your website with this element. There are also different customization options like title dividers, content dividers, global dividers, and animations in this element.

You can customize the News Ticker in your own way to show the trending news and attract eyesight of the visitors. 

Meteor Social Icon

Meteor comes with the new social icon that comes with gradient box styling. The exclusive look of the icon describes everything about it. You can customize the icon like the way you want and can also use for different purposes.

You can directly share your social media link with these. 

Weather Element

Let the user know the current weather from your frontend without letting him go to another place. Decorate your page with beautiful weather element and various configurations.

You can customize the weather element the way you like with different color, font, margin padding, and animations. The smart weather element lets you show the weather of any place just in a flash. 

AMP Support

Meteor instantly load on any desktop or laptops, so why not on mobile devices? Some of the traffic comes from smartphone devices. Therefore we have to give AMP support with Meteor so that all the contents load instantly on any sized mobile devices.

AMP support provides users a smooth experience and allows users to decide how to present their content. 

Mobile Responsive

Do you like to view a website that varies the look from its web version to mobile version? Definitely not; we all want the same website look on every device. In Meteor we developed every single page in a fully responsive way.

Any sized display or smartphone devices can easily adapt the Meteor with proper alignment with regular manner. 

Cross Browser Compatibility

The browser is not an issue for Meteor. The cross-browser compatibility lets it run on any browser, so it does not matter if you are using Safari or Chrome. Meteor will just look same, as it looks on every browser.

Multiple Post Formats

Now creating different types of post format is a very easy task.You can create your desired formats post in minutes. Just define the type of post you want and fill the content field area, then you are good to go.

Instant Article Preview

We know what it feels when anyone visits a website and wait for loading the page. Therefore we have come with Instant Article preview. Its extensive capability lets you get rid of waiting from loading.

All the articles load up at an instant, immediately after you land on the site. 

3rd Party Extension Integration

For most flexible web experience we have integrated the most popular Joomla components like Easy Article, Easy Social and J2Store with Meteor. So now a question might arise in your mind that "what will I do if I need any additional extensions?"

Well due to this reason we have added the support to install any 3rd party extensions. 

Key Features

  • 5 Stylish built-in Home layouts
  • Drag & Drop Development
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Fully Clean Codes
  • Ajax based Search
  • RTL Supported
  • SEO Optimized
  • Meteor Article Element
  • Parallax Background
  • Fast loading Speed
  • News Ticker
  • Sticky Header
  • 11 Header Styles
  • Video Element
  • Lazy Load Image
  • 8 Article layout
  • Social Share
  • Social Like Box
  • Transparent Header
  • Multiple Post Formats
  • Multiple Category Page Styles
  • Video Background
  • Built-in Pages
  • Multiple Article Styles
  • Full-Width Home Variations
  • Megamenu
  • Unlimited Category Scrolling
  • Support from Developers
  • Easy Customization
  • Highlighted Sponsored Article
  • Facebook Commenting
  • 3rd Party Extensions Integration
  • Smart Tab
  • Latest Post Module
  • Disqus Commenting
  • Date Element
  • Featured Article
  • Popular Post Module
  • Instant Article Preview
  • Weather Element
  • Elegant Color Gradient
  • Advertise Management
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Video Tutorials
  • Get Regular Updates
  • Enriched Documentation 


We believe that you will love using Meteor. If you have any suggestion regarding Meteor, you can tell us without hesitating. Share your thought with us through the comment box below. 

weForms Probably The Best Free Contact Form Plugin Coming To All ThemeXpert Wordpress Themes


You cannot think of a website without having a contact form at all. It is one of three plugins that you install at the beginning. There are several WordPress contact form builder plugins available in the WordPress plugins market. Some of those are free, and some of those are premium.

There are hundreds of free contact form plugin available on WordPress plugin directory and most of them provide very basic functionality. Our friends at weDevs on a mission to fix this problem and created the best user friendly contact form plugin for WordPress.

All of our WordPress themes come with the popular Contact Form 7 integration as off now. But, we decided to use weForm as our primary plugin for creating forms.

Our upcoming LMS supported Educational theme "Edumodo" is going to be the first template that will come with the support of weForms. All of our existing theme will receive an update recommending weForm.

Reason For Selecting weForms

Contact Form 7 is the most popular free contact form builder for WordPress counting over 60 million+ download and 1 million+ active installs. But in our opinion, weForm is the most user friendly and fastest form build plugin for WordPress.

It feels like a Single Page Application(SPA) with instant reactivity.

Not only the fastest, free version of this plugin jam packed with too many features needed for a simple website. You can create contact form, leads generating form, register visitors, quizzes, event registration and much more...

One Click Form templates

Create any forms with just one click from predefined, customizable templates. Give your form that industry standard looks very quickly.  

Submission Management

Manage any submitted data very easily from one place. You can also export/import data as you need.  

Drag & Drop Form Builder Experience

Quickly make the form by dragging the elements from the sidebar. The user-friendly interface lets you do design much faster. 

20+ Custom Field Elements

Make any types of forms by using templates or use your imagination and 20+ custom fields.

Instant Preview - See What Are You Building

The form builder generates automatic preview instantly. When you add or edit an element in the form, you get to know the exact look at the same time.  

Geolocate Contact

Add Google Maps integration so your contacts can add their current location. If you are up to a delivery service, this efficiently improves the performance of your form. Enter your text here ...

Customizable Email Notifications Templates

Quickly create several custom notifications settings on every single form email forwarding. You can also receive notification for form submission just as you want.  

​More Features

  • Fully responsive forms.
  • reCaptcha for ensuring security.
  • Form redirection and expiry time.
  • Sync email data with MailPoet, MailChimp & Email Campaign.
  • Multi-step/Multi-part Forms
  • Form Entry restrictions & Scheduling.
  • And much more. 

Our Wishlist for weForms (aka Feature Request)

weForm is a great tool to create forms with advanced features and functions. The functionalities of this great tool can be expanded by implementing followings.

  • Search box option to find previously created forms.
  • Option to create custom messages in the event of any form submission or error.
  • Payments system integration.
  • Online storage integration. 


This is an entirely free plugin, but there are plenty of essential features on its premium version.

Now, wait a minute.

Here is an exciting news for you. You can get its premium version (worth $39) at absolutely free of cost just by following a few tips.

Hope you will enjoy new plugin support. If you have any kinds of suggestions or questions, you can write below. We are eagerly waiting for your response.