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Joomla vs Wix: Which CMS to Choose for Your Website?


Nowadays a website is a must if you have any business. For developing a website, you can use any tool you want. However, selecting the wrong one will cost you both time and money.

There are a lot of website builder tools available in the Joomla market. It is a very tough choice to choose the right one. Among these CMS and website builders, Joomla and Wix website builder is pretty much popular.

You can develop a website very easily with both Joomla and Wix; both have its unique features and functionalities. Building a website is now a lot easier than earlier time.

In spite of having so many features and functionalities sometimes it becomes hard to choose only for your development process. Today I am going to show you everything about Joomla vs Wix. After reading the post, you will be able to determine which tool to use for your development. 

What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the very popular CMS platforms. Joomla has won several awards and fully free open source CMS. This CMS allows you to build exciting websites along with powerful online applications. Joomla is built on MVC (Model View Controller) web application framework.

Joomla CMS is written in PHP language, and it uses OOP (Object Oriented Programming) techniques. It stores data in MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL database and contains features such as RSS feeds caching, news flashes, printable versions of pages, search, blogs, and support for language internationalization.

This popular CMS is downloaded over 93 million times and more than 0.4 million websites exits that are made with Joomla. There are over 8000 commercial and free extensions are available on the Joomla Extensions Directory. The current version of Joomla is 3.8, but soon version 4 will be launched. 

What is Wix?

Wix is another popular web development platform that is fully cloud-based and founded by Avishal Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan on Israel. It allows its users to make their websites very easily with the help of online drag and drop tools. Users can also add more functionality like e-commerce, social plugins, contact forms, online marketing, community marketing and email marketing to their websites.

Wix Platform follows the freemium business model, and it earns revenues from premium upgrades. If any user wants to connect domain with their sites, add e-commerce capabilities, remove Wix ads, or buy extra bandwidth and data storage, he must purchase the premium package of Wix. 

Joomla vs Wix Comparison

Title Joomla Wix
​1. Template Unlimited numbers of templates ​Limited numbers of Wix templates
​2. Extension​Unlimited number of extension​Limited number of Wix tools
​3. Third Party Support​YesNo​
4. Price Scheme​​FreeFree, Monthly & Annual​
5. Can I run my store?​​Yes at free of costYes with additional $48​
6. Custom Coding​​YesNo​
7. Web Traffic Reporting​​YesNo​
​8. Customer Support​Training, ForumPhone, Ticket, Live Support, Training​
9. Enriched Documentation​​YesYes​
10. Hosting Support​​NoYes​
11. Open Sourced​​YesNo​
12. eCommerce Support​​Full Featured eCommerce SupportBasic eCommerce Support​

Joomla Features

​Joomla comes with many exciting features, but the most crucial ones are:

User Management

Authentication is one of the very important parts for the user management. Joomla supports multiple protocols including Gmail and LDAP. With the help of this users can streamline the registration process by using their existing account information.

Joomla uses its own registration system and allows to control user accounts from the admin account. A total of seven user groups with various types of permissions are available with Joomla.

These user groups are:

Registered: This group of the user is allowed to login in the front-end interface, but they cannot contribute to any content of the site. Though with the registered access they can contribute to the forum or access the download section of the site.

Editor: An editor can post and edit any content item they want. They are not confined to edit their own articles only. Besides they can also edit the published and unpublished ones. Unpublished ones are invisible for everyone except, editor, publisher, manager and

Author: One author can create a new post content and submit it. After submitting the post, it needs to be approved by a higher level of the user. Only then his post is published, and he can modify anything further.

Publisher: One can post, edit and publish any content within their back end from this group of users. They review articles, edit it, and when it's alright to publish the content, they publish it

These three groups of section allow users to access Joomla.

Manager: This group gives access to system information and content creation of Joomla. Managers can create, edit, delete any content they want along with menus and front page. They do not have the full access to all mechanism of Joomla, like installing modules or components.

Administrators: This group has access to most of the administrative functions of Joomla. An administrator has the privilege of almost everything. However, they cannot alter, edit or install any templates and make any changes to the global configuration option of the Joomla.

Super Administrator: This user has access to every administration functions. Only a super administrator can create or edit another super administrator account. Full access to ALL AREAS is given to these users and once a super administrator account is created cannot be easily deleted. 

Better Content Management

Organizing your content is so much easier with Joomla flexible category system. Organize the content like the way you want, and it's not necessary how the content will be on your website. Your users can read, comment, create articles or if they want they can also email them to a friend.

Administrator, authors and appropriate users can modify and archive the content for safekeeping, hide it from your visitors. Built-in email cloaking protects your precious email addresses from the spambots.

Content creation comes with simplicity in Joomla. The WYSIWYG editor gives the user control to combine images and texts in an attractive way. Once you have created your content, there are several pre-installed modules available to show the latest items, most popular articles, related articles, news flashes and much more. 

Page Builder Support

The page builder is a great tool to lower your development cost and time of your Joomla site. With the help of page builder, you do not need to know any programming language, as most of the page builder comes with drag and drop interface. All you have to do is drag elements and a little bit of customization.

You will find a lot of page builders in the Joomla market, but among them, Quix page builder is the best one. It has a lot of features and functionalities which increases the power of Joomla very much. 

Unlimited Number of Templates

Building a Joomla website with a Joomla website builder is like playing with a toy. Many toys are waiting to play with you, and these toys are nothing else but templates. There is a huge number of templates from numerous template providers are available in Joomla. All the styling and designs are already made, all you have to do is a little bit modification.

If you do not like one template you will like another, every day new Joomla templates are being released. Some of the templates are free, and some are premium. There are so many templates that even if you try one template at a time, you will get old to finish all the templates. 

Unlimited Number of Extensions

Joomla got its own extension directory; all your required extensions are available here. Everything is possible with the help of the extensions from extensions directory. There are more than seven thousand extensions are available that makes your task easy.

You do not need extra coding or hire a professional for doing a specific task, Joomla extensions are here to fill the gap. For doing a specific task, several extensions are available. You choose the one that fulfills your need and fits your budget. Some of these extensions come in the free version, and some come in pro version, and all extensions are regularly updated.

There is extension available for photos, social web, news display, style & design, site management, contact & feedback, e-Commerce, structure & navigation, core enhancements, ads & affiliates, directory & documentation, communication, authoring & content, clients & communities, vertical markets, marketing, living, search & indexing, access & security, sports & games extension specific and miscellaneous category. 

System Features

Speed is the nature of Joomla, Page Caching, GZIP compression and granular level module caching enables to load pages very much faster. If a bug occurs on your system or you want to troubleshoot any problem, you can easily do it with the help of debugging mode and error reporting.

The FTP layers allow you to operate file operations without having to make all the files and folders writable, increasing your security of the site and your administrative life easier. In Joomla, administrators can efficiently and quickly communicate with site users one on one with the help of private messaging or all site users with mass mailing system. 

E-Commerce and Affiliates

Creating and managing e-Commerce site is super easier with Joomla. You can easily do it with the help of Joomla e-commerce template, and besides, there are several Joomla e-commerce extensions available at Joomla market. These extensions lessen your work and allow you to manage each product with ease.

Joomla helps its users by affiliates and integrating many ads by just copying the code and pasting it into your Joomla website in the place you want. 

Page Editor and Mobile Joomla

Extensions provide many additional benefits to your original editor, like fonts, better multimedia control, background color and much more. With this, you get to style your text by accessing it from the text editor itself. Moreover, all of these you can do right from your mobile phone.

All your Joomla websites can be managed easily right from your phone. Go wherever you want and access it all whenever you want. 

Communication and Social Networking

Communication expands your business; you always need to communicate with users or customers for so many reasons like helping, support, chat, forum, etc. Your Joomla can offer any types of communication support.

Social networks are now more popular; people disseminate their ideas on social media. So it is essential to connect your business with social media and bring more visitors to your site. Joomla gives you the freedom to integrate such social networking on your Joomla site. 

Platforms for Modules and Feedback

It is a little bit difficult to add custom HTML, PHP, javascript, etc to your Joomla website. But for you, there are so many extensions have been built that integrates any script with your Joomla website easily. With this feature, you can create a custom form or add a script to your Joomla installation very easily.

To develop your website feedback is very much important. You can take feedbacks from different polls, surveys, suggestions, and many more. Joomla helps you to integrate all these features into your Joomla installation. 

Wix Features


There is a lot of plugins available for different CMS's, but some of those are scum also and sometimes can be the reason of hacking. As Wix is not under open source platform, people can't get their hands on the code of Wix. Which means only developer team under Wix can make the website building tools.

You will enjoy bugless features, and the chance of hacking will be also lessened. The Apps Market of WIx is also expanding; therefore you can add more functions to your Wix website. The apps form the market are fully integrated with Wix, so you do not have to have to worry regarding installation.

If you face any technical issues with tools of Wix, the support team will fix it for you. 

Ease of Use

If you know how to code, then you feel like restrained as Wix doesn't allow you to do customizations like WordPress or any other CMS. Though Wix has customization limits, Wix is designed and built in a way so that it is very much easier for non-developers to use Wix with ease.

Wix is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) website builder, so with Wix, you can drag and drop pictures paragraphs, shopping cart buttons, slideshows, etc directly into the website builder to start developing your website. Your site will look exactly same as you design with Wix.

Wix lets you design your site with drag and drop any content on your screen. There is no need for any coding or special knowledge. Wix has made it very easy for any levels of users to build their desired website quickly. 

Stunning Templates

Wix has its own template library; there is more than 500 template of different categories are available with it. No matter which kind of website you need to build, you will find every type of template at Wix template library. Each template comes with unique and elegant styles.

If you are thinking about responsiveness, than not to worry as every template comes with mobile responsiveness. It will look same gorgeous on every device as it looks on the desktop.

These templates are developed by Wix official persons, and therefore there is no chance of scams. Use the template with ease but if you find any difficulty do not forget to tell it to support team. 

Wix Code & Triggered Email

With Wix editor get all the stunning design features and advanced capabilities. Create new dynamic pages, set up new databases, build custom fonts, repeating layouts and take total control of your site with JavaScript and Wix API. That's not all the latest version of WIx includes parenthesis and variable highlighting, new styling features, code auto-suggest and much more.

Wix allows you to send automated and custom mail to your site members and customers with the help of Wix code. To set up a your triggered event, create your email and code snippets or include dynamic contents. Turning on the developer tools is a requirement to use Triggered Emails. To do that go to Wix dashboard > Contacts & CRM > Triggered Emails. 

Wix Arena & SEO Wiz

Wix arena consists of more than 100s of Wix experts, who are very much eager to meet their future client and develop design their Wix websites. You can search for your Wix expert by location, or language and get your own professional website quickly without any trouble.

SEO Wiz option lets you analyze your keywords instantly, and you get the result about how competitive your keywords are. Then you get the recommended one from the SEO wiz. With the help of this tool, you can quickly index your site on google, and even you can rank up your page very faster.

SEO Wiz comes with a personalized plan, you have to just answer a few questions about your website, keyword, location and then your own plan will be designed by SEO wiz. 

Wix Stores and Payment Methods

Customize the checkout experience for your customers the way you want. Add or remove any fields from the checkout page, select which fields are necessary and add a store policy check box. To customize your checkout go to WIx Stores > Advanced settings > store settings.

If you wish you can also provide own area to customers, where they will be able to view their history, track orders, check invoices and much more. Wix supports all the popular payment gateways including Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB, Stripe, and UnionPay. You can use this payment gateways for your products and services. 

Wix Editor & ADI

If you add a new page to your site, the design of the page will be identical to the previous page you edited. The HTML components update provides links to Wix Code resources as well as tracking tool and analytics with settings panel.

With the new media settings, you can expand your header to full width, display a full image in a section or use crop tool and fit along with your design. Choose from youtube, Vimeo videos, and background uploads. 

Wix Blog and Video

Make your blogs content rich with the editor of Wix. make more stunning posts, customize, galleries, add links and captions to images, embed videos from Vimeo, YouTube, FaceBook or more. You can upload your videos to Facebook and Youtube instantly through Wix Video.

If you wish you can also add your Wix Video to your Wix ADI site. Just go to Section > Video Player and then choose from nine beautiful layouts.

Quix vs Wix

First, let's discuss about Wix, this website builder gives you lots of features and build website absolutely free, but when you want to add your domain, you must use their premium plan.

Now tell me one thing, what is the benefit of a free site which doesn't allow you to add your preferred domain without money? That means they are forcing you to take premium plans. On the contrary, you can use Joomla and Quix page builder to publish your site anywhere without money.

Joomla is a very popular CMS, and it got better with Quix Joomla page builder. All the features and functionality provided by Wix is very less in front of Quix page builder. Your website building experience will get enhanced with Quix, before buying you can try quix.

To know more about quix, you can do it from here

Which One is Better For You

Joomla and Wix both are better, but it depends upon your use and needs.

If you do not have any time at all to check your website and have a lot of money than choose Wix. Because Wix will only allow you to make a website with everything limited. If you are happy with a website like "Hello World," then certainly Wix is better for you.

But if you want to build a site that will give you the freedom to edit code, customize and use third-party templates and extensions than choose Joomla. There is nothing impossible that cannot be built with Joomla. You can create any simple to complex websites with Joomla.

You have got no restrictions on Joomla, do whatever you want.

I will not tell you what you should do or what you should choose. It's fully your choice, but if you ask for my opinion, I will suggest to go with Joomla.

If you want to know the reason it's simple, I love to build elegant websites with cool functionality, and when I finished my Wix project it was like: "Finally its over, now I can work with something interesting."

Another factor for not choosing Wix is money. By choosing the combo plan for Wix, you get 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage and some basic options for $8.50/month. Where with less money you get unlimited disk space, bandwidth and much more thing from inmotion hosting. Other hostings also provide you with almost the same facilities.

By the money you use in Wix, with the same money you can do more than enough. Hope you have got the point and will choose the right one for you. 


Joomla and Wix both have much popularity. In this post we have described about Wix vs Joomla, now it's up to you to choose your website building tool. Still unsure? Well, you can use both and then decide which one is suitable for you.

If you are one of the Joomla fans, then feel free to check our exclusive Joomla templates

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7 Best Joomla Hosting for Faster Loading Joomla Website in 2018


Hey guys, we are going to discuss the best Joomla hosting for users, and we will try to make this article very newbie friendly. By making this article newbie friendly, we aimed to explain almost all you need to know about Joomla CMS and hosting itself in plain language. Almost everyone knows that starting to develop a website from scratch has never been an easy process. 

A bad hosting provider for your website is a wrong way to start, knowing the best hosting providers for whatever CMS platform you want your site to be hosted on is a great way to start. Since we are focusing this article on the best Joomla hosting for Joomla users, let us first discuss what is Joomla content management system (CMS).

What is Joomla?

Joomla is one of the leading tools in the creation of websites, and it is among the most awarded Content Management System (CMS) worldwide. There are more than 30 million web pages created with Joomla. You have more than 10,000 components at your disposal that will allow you to expand the functionality of your website with options such as a virtual store, newsletters, forums, image galleries and endless possibilities that do not stop growing.

Joomla allows you to manage all your website efficiently, create a new section, modify the current ones, add new images, create new menu options and almost anything you need you can do quickly and without technical knowledge. If you have just basic knowledge of Word (Microsoft Word) or any other text editor you can efficiently manage your website.

Joomla is an Open Source, that means you can use it for free, and almost 95% of the components for Joomla are also free; that is why it is among the top CMS today.

Let's look into what hosting is all about and the best type of hosting available.

What is Web Hosting and Why You Need That?

A web host is mostly called a space in which you purchase on a web server to store your site files. Think for example your computer and the folders and files in them; every file has a folder in which it is saved and can be accessed easily from, that is just the concept of web hosting.

For any website to become live, it needs to be located, that is hosted on a web server. By buying a hosting plan from any web hosting company, you are only renting space from their web server. So in the situation, someone decides to visit your website by entering your domain name, the person will be directed to your website.

When you hire the services of a web host provider, all backend concerns would be managed by them, repair and maintenance of the server are included. Generally, a web hosting company is there to make life easier by saying webmasters from lots of hassle.

If you have in mind to start a Joomla web project and have been evaluating different options to host it, you will have discovered that there is an excellent variety of hosting types. We explain briefly what each one consists of:

Shared Hosting

Since web hosting can be simply said to be a computer (server) that allows you to store and publish your files on the internet for everyone to see. A web hosting company most times called web host can decide to rent its computer (server) space to customers.

A shared hosting can then be explained as type of web hosting service where many websites that differs share one physical server. This however reduces the cost of hosting effectively. Even though shared hosting means shared resources like the disk space, ram, CPU and bandwidth, all your files are safely protected from others.


  • It is budget friendly
  • It is very convenient


  • You have limited resources
  • You don't have full control

Use Case

Shared hosting is mostly used by these category of websites

  • Low traffic website
  • A new growing website
  • A personal blog
  • A forum

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server is simply explained as a virtual machine which takes care of the individual needs of a user, and it is carried out as an isolated physical computer dedicated to one particular user. Virtual servers mostly consist of a file transfer protocol software, a web server software, a mail server program and different other types of software for e-commerce, blogging etc.

You should also note that is this type of hosting; you will be responsible of catering for the server. In summary, a Virtual Private Server is partitioned/mapped out part of a physical server.


  • You have full control over it
  • It is more protected and secure
  • You can run scheduled task and maintenance.


  • It is more on the expensive side

Use Cases

  • Advanced users
  • Companies and businesses

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the easiest of all to understand, imagine this scenario: You purchased a PC from a store and connect it to your home network, then installed and connected the web server software and DNS respectively and correctly. This PC would be able to make your website go live and handle all requests from all over the globe.

However, the question to be asked remains, how will it cope with power outages, theft, crashes, the rise in traffic, security breaches? Web hosts take upon themselves all these risks and solve these issues. In summary, you rented a server situated at a web hosts data centre.


  • It is easy to use
  • More capabilities
  • It is flexible
  • High performance
  • More secure
  • More reliable


  • More expensive 

Use Cases

  • This is mainly used by Larger companies or corporations 

Hosting for Newbies

Maybe you've lost yourself with so much technicality: hosting, web hosting, hosting, VPS, RAM, CPU ... Do not worry, it all happened to us. Some hosting companies think that we are all computer scientists and that we understand what they say and it is not always the case.

To make the article more newbie friendly with a good taste and understand perfectly the types of hosting that exist, I have to try and summarize these hosting packages.

Types of Hosting Summarized

  • Shared hosting is like a co-working space, where you rent a table and start working. You'll find other startups in the same floor sharing internet, water, electricity, elevator etc.
  • The VPS hosting is comparable to urbanisation of townhouses with which you share some services, such as the community pool. You enjoy considerable autonomy.
  • The dedicated server is a single-family house in which you live alone and do what you want. The neighbours are several tens of meters away, and they do not bother you. It is more difficult to manage (more expenses, more paperwork, more time) but it is worth it when you need it, and you can pay it.

What Makes a Host Great + Why

When we work online on projects that generate money and expenses. It is vital to have an excellent hosting service nearby. Unfortunately, a large number of people opt-in for hosting services of low quality. Fortunately, today we will see some of the characteristics of an excellent hosting service. For you as a webmaster, you can identify if the company you have hired, meets the quality guidelines that we will mention or if it lacks some details.

Apparently, in the best Joomla hosting services discussed below, they can fulfill everything and assure you a high-quality hosting service. So, without further ado, let's see the characteristics of a good Hosting.

What Features Should You Lookout for When You Shop for a Hosting?

Optimized Servers: When it comes to a hosting service dedicated to electronic commerce, one of the main things that are needed, is that the servers are optimized for what they are going to be used. For this, we must see the operating system they handle, which is the optimum for the project we are going to undertake.

For example. If you are about to install Joomla, take care that the server has Windows and Apache. Otherwise, if you use one with Linux or another operating system, you will see complexities and really strange things that in a serious project you will not want to find. Mainly for the loss of money that you can generate.

Great Support: Imagine a situation in which your website crashes, the server is not online, or you suffer some mishap with the platform on which you work. For any of these cases, good technical support is of vital importance. Moreover, for example, in these cases, in these discussed hosting companies below, they have technical support in high quality. 

Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but mainly, having trained personnel, who know how to meet the needs of customers and that are not the typical ones that they tell you, wait later to solve it. It really is a point that must be analyzed in detail.

Scalable infrastructure: As a third important factor in the quality of a hosting service. We have the scalability. What do you mean by scalable Infrastructure? When we talk of being scalable, we refer to the possibility of increasing the capabilities of a server, according to the required needs. That is we need more RAM; the scalable server allows more RAM to be added.

We need more disk space; the scalable server allows more storage space to be added without generating major problems. This type of things guarantees a great quality in the web hosting service and will surely make you satisfied.

High Performance: Not all companies can afford to have the acronyms of high performance. However, if you see a company that has this feature, then approach them, because they will surely provide the performance that you and your business need. Obviously, note that it also complies with the rest of the features that we have just mentioned so that you are much calmer.

I would not dare to recommend a Joomla hosting service, giving the adjective of the "best" market, what I have done is giving you the features every best hosting services should possess, so in general, I would say that before buying any hosting service evaluate the following:

  • Acceptable load time, data transfer and user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • With the possibility that within your plan you can migrate to your hosting to another, keeping your data.
  • Unlimited email when you buy a paid service, although at this point it would be important that you evaluate the use of what you are going to give it, be it personal, corporate or for a startup.
  • 24/7 quality technical support, with additional forums to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), video tutorials, etc.
  • Backups (backups), daily, automatic and programmable.
  • In case you are going to sell the service, you must have unlimited domain hosting for the clients and have a wide bandwidth (at least 50 GB).
  • An open and flexible infrastructure to host different E-commerce platforms and CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress that I usually use.
  • For the other options and if you are a customer, a disk space of at least 1GB to have a sufficient minimum power.
  • The hosting must be updated regarding security (viruses, Trojans, spyware, Anti-Spam filters, etc.) and spam filters (essential).
  • Support programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JQuery, AJAX and even, databases at least in MySQL and Javascript language although for some it is already sent to collect.


 InMotion Hosting is one of the most used hosts in the world. Thanks to many years of experience, IMH has become a pioneer in the field of website hosting. The innovative solution, sophisticated hosting technique, are offered to customers thanks to the business offer.

History of the Hosting Company InMotion Hosting

The deployment of innovative hosting solutions has enabled InMotion Hosting to gain a foothold in the IT and cloud market. Unlike other companies, it offers a wide choice of Data Center distributed throughout the North American territory. In addition, it offers various services such as the shared solution, the VPS server for all applications available on the market.

Founded in 2001, its headquarters are based in the United States primarily in two states, California and Virginia. Like all existing hosting companies, it also offers domain name management, but in a more optimal way.

InMotion Review

Business Class Hosting Offers

Among the InMotion Hosting offers, this one seems to be the most popular.

The business hosting offer, offers three services: The Launch offer, reserved for those who want to break into the market, that is to say, small businesses. It is offered at $4.89/month and gives access to a two-site hosting without e-commerce solution and an unlimited transfer volume.

The Power solution provides the customer with 6 domain names at $6.29/month with the possibility of using 50 SQL databases. For the most professional, the Pro offer is the most recommended option. With a price of $10.49/month, they can host 25 websites and more than 200 SQL databases, with unlimited use of subdomains.

The Dedicated Servers

For dedicated server offerings, InMotion Hosting allows users to choose between three proposals. First, there is the "Essential" offer at $119.99/month including 2 GHz and 4GB of RAM, a 7.2TB SATA 1TB disc. For those who need a greater volume of space, the "Advanced" offer is able to satisfy them. Offered at a price of $159.99/month with a Raid-1.2 × 120Gb SSD or Raid-1.2 × 1Tb 7.2K SATA drive with 8GB of RAM, it's the solution for high-performance sites.

Finally, there is the high end with "Elite" whose disc comes in three versions: the SSD of 250Gb, the Sata of 1Tb and Data Backup of 2Tb of 16GB of RAM. This solution costs $229.99/month.

InMotion Dedicated VPS InMotion Hosting Offers

Hosting company InMotion Hosting also has many VPS server offerings. The entry-level VPS-1000HA-S server at $29.99/month offers the option of having 4 GB of RAM, a 60 Gb drive for 2TB traffic. For the VPS-2000HA-S, the user will benefit from a disk of 130 GB, a traffic of 3 TB and 6 GB of RAM. This option is available at $49.99/month. 

The high potential server VPS-3000HA-S, meanwhile, costs $74.99/month. The offer includes the use of 200Gb of the disk with a traffic of 4TB to 8GB of RAM.

Top Two Features Of The InMotion

Value For Money: Of course, the costs depended on the type of plan you choose but compared to the other popular web hosting providers I've studied, I must say that InMotion is affordable and indeed offers you top options. The Value Class plan starts at $ 3 a month, and you can pay an extra $ 1 - $ 2 for more options and more hard drive space - my basic plan cost $ 1 more.

If you are about to set up an online store, you should consider adding $ 2 since Online Shopping Baskets, and Shared SSL are not included in both Basic Plans. For $ 4 a month, I had to subscribe for 24 months and prepay for the duration of my subscription. I got a free domain, and if you want to buy other domains, they cost $ 11.95 more per year.

Support: As I always do when I test a web host's customer support, I asked him three questions - one easy, one moderately easy, and the last a bit more complicated. I was put in touch with the support team in just a few seconds. It's always a good point.

My counsellor had no problem helping me with the first two questions. The third, however, seemed to embarrass him a little and I did not get a very clear answer. However, after a few exchanges, I must admit having all the information I needed. So, overall, it's a good support team.

  • Live Chat
  • phone
  • E-mail

You can easily contact the InMotion support team - try any of the above three ways.

Other Features

  • Top notch software bundles
  • Optimized and pre-built software configuration
  • Its drives are in a solid state
  • Server management
  • Easy website migration
  • Protection against DDOS attacks


  • Their plans are very budget friendly
  • Easy to install CMS like Joomla, WordPress etc
  • Their services are very easy to use.
  • InMotion Hosting is very reliable
  • Great customer technical support 


Doesn't cover up more languages except for English

InMotion Hosting Conclusion

InMotion Hosting practices the lowest rate regarding web hosting. Concerned about the well-being of its customers, it proposes a service of assistance on its various services. The practice of a "satisfied or refunded" policy gives it a good image among users. This is why it has become one of the most widely used hosting solutions.

In addition to these advantages, InMotion Hosting wants to be intuitive, because a site hosted on one of its servers can perfectly develop. The only problem is at the language level because all the services offered and the packs are in English; not very practical for other non-English speaking customers.

InMotion Hosting, despite the fact that the company tends to break through the English market, opens to all users. With impeccable service, she has left to become a key pillar in terms of web hosting.


Founded in 2004, SiteGround is a major player in the web hosting around the world. Present on 3 continents, Europe, the United States and Asia, the web host already has over 3200 employees with five data centres around the world. 

Renowned for its speed, the company stands out thanks to fast and efficient equipment always thinking of customer safety. SiteGround's services are highly targeted for ever more performance, and the host offers accessible and scalable packages.

SiteGround has a very wide choice of packages and services, making it ideal for everyone. Beginners or professionals are sure to find a formula that suits them and meet their needs. The host offers shared web hosting packages, dedicated servers but also specially optimized formulas for Joomla. Each formula is detailed and very complete with a library of themes and a series of tutorials to get started.

Joomla SiteGround Accommodations

  • If you prefer Joomla to WordPress, less popular, but equally powerful, SiteGround offers the same type of complete pack with themes and step-by-step tutorials for creating your website with Joomla, from $3.95/month.
  • Free pre-installation
  • Multisite Joomla
  • Up to 30 GB of disk space
  • 1-click installation
  • Joomla SuperCacher (dynamic caching based on Nginx)
  • Daily backups
  • PHP 7
  • cPanel and SSH
  • E-mail account
  • jHack Guard plugin
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Automatic update Joomla

SiteGround Dedicated Servers

SiteGround offers dedicated servers to choose according to its continent. The prices vary between $179/month and $336/month.

  • WHM and cPanel
  • Auto-install Softaculous
  • MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL 5
  • PHP versions
  • Apache/Nginx and CentOS
  • Mail server
  • Configuring private DNS servers
  • Free domain name
  • 5 dedicated IP addresses
  • Free Cloudflare CDN SSH access
  • WordPress, Joomla, and Magento included

Top Notable Features of the SiteGround Host


The prices of SiteGround allow to have a site for ten euros per month for shared hosting offers or for Joomla. For dedicated servers, cloud etc. Rates are much higher, up to a hundred dollars a month.

Support and Assistance

SiteGround support is accessible by technical ticket 24/7 and the response time is 10 minutes maximum. Otherwise, the support is accessible by Live Chat and by phone 24/7 and the answer is immediate. To avoid the need for support, the host provides you with complete tutorials to install your site, webinars, and a configuration wizard.

Other SiteGround Features

  • Offers data backup services
  • Great email functionality
  • Top E-commerce capabilities
  • Offers website services
  • Control panel included


  • Beginners friendly due to its wide choice of packages and services
  • Good security compared to other hosting companies
  • Very fast due to its presence in Europe, Asia, and the United States
  • Very reliable thanks to its great customer support
  • Does a good job in sharing resources among many customers


  • It has a relatively higher price compared to other companies in the hosting niche.
  • Its storage is lesser when compared to some other hosting company of same or lower prices.


Bluehost.com has the trust of over 1,000,000 domain owners. Bluehost is known to be the best in the web hosting industry offering a unique value proposition. We have written by this review Bluehost to say exactly how Bluehost hosting stands out from the crowd of other hosting providers. When you choose Bluehost web hosting, you would surely find it for yourself.

About Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is among one of the first 20 website hosting companies to hit the web. From the time when the hosting industry itself was in its infancy. Bluehost delivered far more than expectations and thus preserved its authority between the competition and its credibility among customers.

Bluehost is a top-quality symbol in the hosting industry that is demonstrated by its expanding consumer base and customer retention. The company is headquartered in Utah and employs most up-to-date technological know-how within its data centres to provide top-notch service to its customers. Bluehost accommodates both individuals and businesses alike.

Bluehost Web Hosting Features

This company offers an awesome web hosting plan at a nice price as its solo plan that includes everything you need to develop a website. This plan includes unlimited disk space, a free domain, unlimited monthly download, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited domains in a single account. Some key features of this plan are described below.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Here you have unlimited domains with a hosting account. This is an impressive capability that not all hosting providers will offer for you. This gives you the ability to manage all your sites with just one hosting account. You'll be happy to know that Bluehost was among the first hosting companies to bring this idea of multi-domain hosting.

Site Builder Free - Just Drag and Drop

Bluehost has launched a new feature - the drag-and-drop website builder, which come across as a great way to develop a website by itself. You do not need to be a website design expert in order to take advantage of this tool. This free website builder is primarily a mix of templates and tools of a website builder with easy and simple drag and drops icons that you can actually mix with your personal creativity to generate a custom look for your website.

Other Features of the Bluehost

  • Money back guarantee in first 30 days
  • Multimedia support
  • Scripting support
  • Nice Control panel


  •  Joomla and other CMS friendly
  • Lots options with low prices
  • Very easy to use
  • Top reliable security
  • Lots of Add-on Integration


  • Strict storage rules
  • Customer support is not top notch

Performance and Reliability Analysis Bluehost

Bluehost pays close attention to ensuring the accessibility of your website to your audience. It uses UPS and heavy-duty diesel generators to secure power back to the servers in an effort to end disruptions in their sites. Consequently, they are able to guarantee a 99.99% uptime for your website.

They use modern quad-servers and first-class equipment, in addition to mirrored backups and 24/7 supervision of their qualified staff. All this make sure that your service remains perfect at all times.

Bluehost Support Analysis

Bluehost offers its customers a variety of options with regard to technical support. First of all, you have the fantastic online help centre where you can look through or search a huge knowledge base of content in a diverse selection of themes, which really is the fastest and most convenient way to solve a problem. The help centre also gives you the ability to open a support ticket directly with Bluehost support staff.

In case you need actually to chat with live human support, Bluehost provides a 24 hour/7day technical support phone number. You also have the option of email and chat. Regardless of how small, how trivial or how complex your problems are.


Following online with web hosting services, today is the time to present one of the most used by web users and we are talking about iPage. This service was launched in 1998 by Mr Thomas Gorny, who later He sold it to the Multinational Group EIG, which has other hosting services such as Fatcow or Bluehost.

As you can see, the operation is almost 20 years old, and in 2009 the host was updated with better features, and it was precisely at that moment when it began to gain more and more popularity and to climb in the market positions.

Features of iPage

Within a web hosting service, many features can be included, and today we will mention the main ones of iPage, so you can notice that it is a host that has high expectations and can guarantee the fulfilment of all your needs.

Uptime: From the host, they assure that it has an operating time of 99.9%, being able to be reached by the availability of two hosting centres that are located in Boston and that include 800 Dell servers. It has a security that is active 24 hours a day; and in terms of energy, it has alternative generators to prevent any type of inconvenience that may arise and continue to operate normally.

Multi-site: What web pages can you create? The ones you need, you can create from blogs, shops, multimedia sites, forums and others. Being able to install different managers, among which we can mention: Joomla, Gallery2, Real Audio Flash, WordPress, GBook, Shockwave, Midi File, etc.

Other Features of the iPage

Following with energetic characteristics, we can say iPage is composed as a green hosting, and if you enter your website you can check the logo that characterizes it as a friendly company with the environment, using services that reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

By entering the functionality and creation of the web pages, from iPage hosting, you will find compatibility with mobile devices and different tools including themes and templates for the design of your page, without the need to hire special services.

Similarly, we must communicate that it is not a multi language platform, but uses the English language, however it is intuitive and easy to use so it does not represent major problems.

The control panel used in iPage is exclusive for hosting and is fully customized so you can easily and quickly access all the available tools, including famous and useful installers of applications with 1 click.

As you know, web positioning is one of the main aspects when it comes to having a website and getting traffic to it. From iPage, with the hiring of any of the hosting packages, you will get an extra bonus of money to use it in the marketing of Bing, Google AdWords, Facebook, and Yahoo.


  • It gives you the registration of 1 free domain.
  • All packages have unlimited domain hosting.
  • Each hosting package has a $ 150 bonus to use in marketing.
  • It has a satisfaction guarantee.
  • It has unlimited email accounts.
  • It has an exclusive control panel and the application installer.
  • It has compatibility with mobile devices.
  • It has a shopping cart for the creation of online stores. 


  • It is not multi-language and is only found in English.
  • The only means of payment it allows are credit card and Paypal. 


Let's start with a simple question; What is Hostgator? It is nothing more or nothing less than a great hosting service that has extensive features that gives you an excellent web hosting service. Maintaining, in turn, a perfect balance between the quality of their products and their prices. It also has completely customized services. Currently, Host Gator hosts more than 9 million web pages on its servers. 

Main Features of Hostgator

One of the features that most webmasters identifies Hostgator.com among best Joomla hosting users is the fact that it has unlimited services, such as bandwidth, storage spaces and so on. It also has a service to create free email accounts, with extensive customization with the name of your domain.

It has an application manager, the well-known Quick Install that allows you to install scripts and applications with just one click. It also includes personalization tools such as Site Builder, a tool that allows you to design, from Hostgator hosting for free each of your websites.


Another of the aspects praised by Hostgator is the speed it has over the loading of the sites and their operation. It is not just a myth since, in the analysis carried out by professionals, it has been concluded that the sites hosted on Hostgator, load 2.5 times faster than the sites hosted in the competition.

Domain Transfers

Although, from the Hosting Hostgator you can insert new domains, you also have the possibility to make a transfer of your complete websites, clarifying that during the transfer (which is done quickly) the site remains active at all times.

Technical Support

Both the technical support team and the customer service team are available 24 hours a day so you can contact them through their customer service channels.

  • Phone call.
  • Online chat in real time.
  • Email.
  • Tickets from the web.

It should be noted that Hostgator is not available in other languages, since it is not a multilingual platform, but operates only in English. However, it does not represent a great inconvenience because it has a fluid design that allows an easy use.

Other Features of the Hostgator

  • Dedicated and VPS servers
  • Wordpress and Joomla support
  • Ability to manage multiple domains
  • Easy to use site builders
  • Cpanel


Without a doubt, we can conclude that Hostgator is a highly recommended hosting service to use, and among the main advantages are:

  • Hostgator cPanel.
  • Access coupons discount Hosts.
  • 45-day guarantee
  • Installers of 1 click applications.
  • More than 4,500 templates to use in the design.
  • Technical support 24 hours a day.
  • $ 100 bonus to promote your sites.


  • Hostgator is not multi-lingual


Having the aim of offering the best service, this company is one of the few companies in the web hosting industry that manage their own storage infrastructure.

With its automatic failover feature, controlled backups and its tech support always available 24/7. Shows why it is a top hosting company offering premium hosting services.

It might also interest you to know that they're the Joomla's official web host; also the contribute to open-source projects and also Drupal project premium hosting supporter.

Here are the other services offered by Rochen.

Rochen Offered Services

Rochen Offers the Shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated, Cloud Hosting.

Rochen delivers its shared hosting in different plans in which the reseller and the premium hosting is among. There is such an option for application managed, and cloud server managed hosting specifically for Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Drupal CMS.

They offer two choices in the web hosting plan. The multi-site and single site is the mainly offered premium web hosting. In the single package, Just like the name, you will only receive a single site support with SSD hosting storage of about 20gb and a free SSL certificates, and a free domain that comes unmetered bandwidth.

The cost of this plan is $4.95/month, but that is if you pay for 3 years advance payment else you pay $7.95/month, and your account will be activated instantly. If your page views per month are not exceeding 25000, this plan is the best fit for you. You will receive SSD storage, and server access will be fast.

If your interest is in a larger pack, you are covered by their multi-site plan. You are offered a 60GB storage to host unlimited websites. Its bandwidth usage is unmetered this plan is able to handle 100,000 views per month. Also included is SSL certificate for a year and a free domain.

This plan is available for $8.95/month (on 3 years advance payment) but $13.95 per month on the normal payment. But that for 3 years advance payment is best if you plan to host multiple sites with low profit.

In each of these Rochen hosting plans, you will receive other benefits named Rochen Essentials, and that contributes to making them a premium package service. Incorporated is free email accounts, 24/7 tech support, unlimited MYSQL database, cPanel, one-click app installer, daily backups and much more.

Key Features of Rochen Hosting

Server location: They have their servers located in UK and USA. This is great for SEO purposes; it is always recommended that your server is hosted in the region where your visitors mostly from. This makes your website load faster and also you rank better in search engines. If you target visitors from regions like the USA or the UK. This hosting company is the best choice for your site hosting and making it one of the best hosting for Joomla content management system.

No Overselling: It is one of the awesome features you will get with this hosting company that the resources are being utilized with limited clients.

Other Features

Rochen supports vast different applications including Joomla and WordPress.

Their physical server is being owned by them and it's also controlled by them.

Litespeed Web server tech usage.

They provide Vault for easy backup and restoration


  • Data centers in UK and US
  • SSD storage with fast speed
  • Rochen shield to ensure top-notch security
  • 1 click easy installation for, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.
  • Fused hosting with domain registration service.


  • Best suited for low traffic sites or personal blogs.


Cloudaccess is a hosting company that offers their services mainly to Joomla's CMS although more recently WordPress has been added. Even though there are other hosting services being offered by this company, Joomla and WordPress are just their main focus.

You are really in luck if you use Joomla on this hosting company as it uses cloud-hosted and optimized servers to ensure top performance of your website thereby giving this company a place among the best hosting for Joomla. This company hosting plans provides support and extend more beyond the core features of Joomla and WordPress, though it's dependent on your subscription type.

Also, they have their very own Cloud Control Panel as opposed to using cPanel and it is integrated with an API that manages the hosting needs. Even though it might take time to get used to these features, but it's worth the user experience.

Key Features

cPanel: This is just one of the most loved features that are most loved about Cloudaccess is its Cloud Control Panel. However, there are some improvements yet to be implemented that I wish were already incorporated as baselines from cPanel.

Trial Before Buying: This hosting company offers a free 30-day trial of Joomla websites hosted on their platform before you decide to payment, once you start your free trial, Joomla would be installed for you since there isn't any need to create a database and link to your site.

Other Features of Cloudaccess

  • Easy Joomla install
  • Cloud Control Panel
  • Phpmyadmin
  • Email integration


  • Fast cloud servers
  • Control panel is easy to use
  • Tech support is excellent


  • Phone support not available.

Buying Guide

We have known the best Joomla hosting for Joomla users, it is required to know how best to make your purchase of the hosting service for your website. Here is our guide:

Know Your Hosting Needs

You can never get the right host without knowing what you need. So before going any further set aside everything (including this guide that you read) and think carefully about your own needs.

  • What kind of website do you build?
  • Do you need something simple and unique (a Joomla blog, for example)?
  • Do you want Windows applications?
  • Do you need a special version of the software (eg PHP)?
  • Does your website require special software?
  • How big is the volume of web traffic?

Here are some of the main questions you really need to answer on your own, allowing you to get a quick picture of what you want to do with your website now and for the next 12 months.

If You are Totally New...

For beginners, the basic rule is to always kick-off small with an excellent shared hosting account. Shared hosting accounts are always easy to maintain, cheap, and sufficient for most new sites. In addition, you can always upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting at a later stage as your site grows larger.

What to look for in a host?

1. Server Reliability/Availability Scores

Nothing is more important than having a 24 × 7 web host. You need a good web host running on a powerful server and whose network connections are stable. 99.5% and above is the recommended availability score; anything less than 99% is unacceptable.

There are several ways to get information about the uptime of the host. One way to do this is with server monitoring tools; many of these tools are free to test and are very good to use, such as basic state, host tracker, site uptime etc...

2. Server Upgrade Options

On a rough estimate, a shared hosting account should be enough to support a properly optimized Joomla website with 30,000 - 40,000 unique monthly visitors. You should manage a shared host if you can limit your simultaneous database connections below 20 (that's why I said it's always better to start with shared hosting if you're new).


If you expect your website to grow over the next two to three years, you should consider choosing a web host with room to grow. By growth, I mean upgrading your web host, from shared hosting to private or dedicated virtual servers, for more memory capacity, processing power, disk storage, and better security features.

3. Add-ons domains (additional domains)

Domain names are so cheap that it's hard to resist having more than one. Personally, I have more than 10 domain names in my accounts. And I'm not the only one.

To accommodate these additional domains, we need additional hosting space. And that's why it's important to have a web hosting account that allows you to add multiple domains.

Generally, most budgeted shared hosting companies allow at least 25 addon domains in a single account today, but you can never be sure. A few years ago, I was carefree, and I registered on a host that allows only one domain. And, I owned more than 10 domains parked at that time. Do not repeat my mistake - be sure to check the domain's capacity before making a purchase.

4. Price: Hosting Registration vs. Renewal Cost

Hosting offers especially shared hosting, are generally very cheap on registration fees but charge a lot more for renewals.

It is an industry standard.

Unless you're ready to circle between two or three hosts every two years, there's no way to avoid costly renewal costs.

In general, any shared hosting that is priced below $ 10 / month is acceptable, but you may have a lower tolerance. So, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should check the TOS and make sure you agree to the renewal prices before registration.

5. Refund Policy

  • If you choose to cancel your host during the trial period, does the company provide a full refund?
  • What is the refund policy of the hosting company after the trial session?
  • Is there a cancellation fee?

Here are some fundamental questions to ask before registering.

It's important to know that your hosting provider is managing customer repayments, so you do not have to waste too much money when things go wrong.

Some hosting companies charge a high cancellation fee when users decide to cancel their account during the trial period. Avoid these hosting companies at all costs. On the other hand, some hosting companies provide money back guarantees whenever you can request a prorated refund after your trial period.

6. Cron Jobs, Auto Script Installer, .htaccess and SSI

I'm always surprised that some web hosts still do not offer these basic hosting features these days. You need Cron for daily operations, Auto Script Installer (like Simple Scripts, Fantastico, Quick Installer, Installatron, Softaculous etc.) to facilitate installations and updates of web applications; .htaccess access for security / page / etc redirects, Server Side Include (SSI) for a quick and less stressful site maintenance (most especially when creating a static site), and FTP access for easy file transfer.

Unless you register on a specialized web host like WP Engine and Presidium, otherwise these basic features are essential. You should not choose hosting companies that do not provide them. Ignore disk space and data transfer capacity (for now). Disk space and data transfers are hardly a significant comparison factor for buyers, especially if you are new today.

First, if you check, almost all shared hosting providers offer "unlimited" storage and data transfers. While the term "unlimited" is nothing more than a marketing incentive; web hosting receives a lot more than enough in data transfer and storage capacity. (In most cases, RAM and CPU power limit the use of an unlimited hosting account.)

Secondly, if you think about it, disk storage and bandwidth matter little for an average website owner these days. Images can be stored on Flickr; files and documents on Google Doc, videos on YouTube and Vimeo, big data files on the cloud.

So in conclusion, you do not need to worry so much about your hosting storage or bandwidth yet.

7. E-commerce Service Features

  • Do you have an e-commerce website?
  • Do you use a specific shopping cart software?
  • Do you need to process business transactions on your website?
  • Do you need special technical support?
  • If so, it is important that you choose a web host with enough e-commerce features.

SSL certification, dedicated IP and one-click basket software installation are just some of the essential features/media you'll need.

8. An easy-to-use hosting control panel

A friendly and functional hosting control panel is very, very important. No matter whether it's a cPanel or Plesk control panel or a third party, everything is fine as long as it is user-friendly and has all the necessary functions. Without an adequate control panel, you will be left at the mercy of the hosting technical support staff; even if all you need is some basic server changes.

9. Account Suspension: What are the Limitations?

Here's a tip that most evaluation sites will not tell you: Hosting companies will pull the plug and will suspend your account if you use too much processor power (yes, unlimited hosting is limited) or break the rules. So, before registering on a web host, it is important that you read the rules.

Knowing the limitations of your account helps you understand two things:

  • How generous (or miserly) is your preselected web host - should you go with this web host or another host with looser restrictions?
  • How transparent is your hosting company; Can you trust the words that come out of your hosting company? The honest hosting company will normally have very clear guidelines on account limitation.

10. Environmental Friendliness

Having an eco-friendly web host is the main concern of some webmasters. According to scientific studies, a web server produces on average more than 630 kg of CO2 (which is a lot!) And consumes 1,000 kWh of energy a year. A green host, on the other hand, theoretically produces zero CO2. There is indeed a huge difference between a green host and a non-ecological host.

If you care about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint, choose a host that runs on renewable energy (or at least one host that compensates for its energy consumption via green certificates).

11. Branded Email

If you want to host email accounts with your website, you must check the email feature before signing up. Most hosting companies will come with the option of hosting your own email (something like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), but hey, it's always better to check and be sure of that.

In case the messaging feature is not provided, no problem. There are many ways to own an email account on your own domain. Google Email Apps, for example, is free and simple: you receive the first 10 email accounts for free and $ 5 / account/month.

12. Backup of the Site (Backup)

There are times when a site crashes; maybe a hacker has entered your website and replaced your index.php file, or your entire database has been affected, or the server has had a serious hard drive failure.

If your hosting provider performs regular site backups, there is nothing to fear when these incidents occur. Your hosting provider should be able to restore your website completely (or at least a large part) in no time.

On backups, here are some key questions to ask your web host:

  • Does your hosting provider regularly provide full backups?
  • Can site backup be easily done via the control panel?
  • Can you create an automatic backup of your site easily via a cron job or another program?
  • Can you easily restore your backup files (so you do not have to wait for support staff to do it for you in the event of a disaster)?

13. Online Assistance 24/7?

Personally, I prefer live chat or even better the phone call; and I prefer the web hosting company with full documentation (so I can just read and solve the problems myself). However, it's just me. You may prefer support by e-mail or phone. What you want is someone who can throw you a lifeline instantly when you press the SOS button and all that is really important.


We have seen the companies having the best hosting for Joomla, there pros and cons and what makes them unique in their own way. We hope this article would have you make better decisions about the best Joomla hosting.

Quix 2.0 Has Arrived! Introducing The Best Visual Page Builder For Joomla & Absolutely FREE

Quix-2 Quix 2.0

It looks us so long time because we wanted to make an absolutely magical page builder for Joomla ever created. This project wasn't about incremental improvements, it was about reinventing Quix, reinventing ourselves and learning so many things that would change the game of user experience.

Well the wait is over, more than a year of planning and eight month of active development, I'm super excited to release Quix 2.0. It's complete FREE visual page builder for Joomla!

Everything you do inside Quix is magical, add your content, customize the design and watch everything happened instantly right in-front of your eyes. We tried to make the UI minimal and clutter free. Let's dive into the Quix 2.0 :

New Improved Installer

An installer is the starting for any software, we have tried to give our best. The new installer comes with rollback support. If your site breaks or you face any sort of trouble to your site, Quix will be roll backed to its previous version. Everything will be changed to its previous version so that you suffer no loss or any kind of trouble.

Improved Installer

Quix installation procedure will now check for minimum requirements before installing. If your system meets the minimum requirement installation process will move further else you need to alter the system to meet the requirement. If you still cannot manage to meet the minimum system requirement or face any trouble knock at our support. Our support team is always ready to serve you.

You can install Quix in two ways directly or through a installer. Our recommendation is you install Quix by using the installer. 

Live Frontend Editing With Simplest UI

With the speed of the technology, we are growing super fast. And we can prove that. Now Joomla drag and drop page builder Quix 2.0 has Live Frontend Editor which enables you to see everything live. In the editing mode, you'll see every editing changes instantly.

Live Front-end Editing

This is a plus point as you don't have to go for the preview button over and over again. You can see the changes right away. This will help you to set everything perfectly and bring any changes instantly.

Improved Drag & Drop Interface

Drag & drop option is always easy to use. Just moving the element from one place to another by dragging. However, it becomes hard in case of huge content. Sometimes we fail to see where the content is dropped.

Drag & Drop Interface

Drag & drop option was always available in Quix. However, now it has changed a bit. Now when you go to drag & drop content, you will see an icon. Click and hold the "Move" option and drag the icon to its destination and drop it. Your content will be moved without losing any data.

Mission Control Toolbar

The new toolbar settings will allow you to decorate the pages. Including new page create, jumping to different pages, add pages to the menu, change page settings etc.

New Toolbar

Besides, there are other options too. Redo, undo, save, whole page preview button all are available in your new toolbar settings.

Link Quix Page to Menu From Visual Builder

Right after creating a new page you go for appending the page to menu. If you are a developer, then you know, how hard it is to do with codes. Sometimes we get tangled between the pages and make a bizarre.

However, now with Quix, you can do it very smoothly and trouble free. All you need to do is- go to the Toolbar Settings and click Link Page To Menu. A pop-up box will appear with some settings. Just set the Menu Title, set the tab name, select the menu and add root parent. You are done here.

Super Flexible Layout System

Flexible Column System

The columns are much more flexible than before. Now you can select the number of columns, add a new one, delete the specific one and custom each column separately and differently.

You can resize the column just by dragging the edges. Or, you can go to the mini-toolbox settings options of the column and set the column size by the slider. You can set the column size separately for desktop, tablet and mobile phones. 

Array of Premade Column

Some user get confused while building a new site. How many columns should be given, how the size and shape will be, how to manage a new column etc. We care for every user. So we made premade columns.

Array of Premade Column

Once you add a section to the page, you'll be shown 11 premade columns. From them, you can choose the one you need.

On The Fly Column Add

After completing the entire page, you might feel like the need of a few more columns. What will you do?

On The Fly Column Add

No, you don't have to go for all the double troubles again. Check the mini-toolbox on the left of the column. You'll find "Add column" button. Just click it, and a new column will appear on the left of the selected column.

Duplicate Column

Duplicate means to create a clone. If you create a very beautiful decorative column and wanna do the same with other columns, then this feature will be the right choice. 

Duplicate Column

All you need to do is, click the duplicate option from the mini tool-box. The clone of the required column will appear right next to it.

Column Resizing

Though the premade columns are set to default values, you can resize them in width just by dragging the edges. The columns are built on percentages. This allows to resize them smoothly and perfectly.

Column Resizing

Moreover, you can see the percentage of each column while resizing them. You can even resize them by the slider situated in the settings option of mini-toolbox. And this feature is enabled for desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.

Nested Columns

Nested column is where you can create new column inside an existing column. This feature allows you to create a sorted dynamic website.

Nested Columns

Select the number of columns right after adding a section. Then click on 'Add Element'. You'll see a button named column. Click it and select the number of new columns you want to insert.

Responsive Column At its Best

Bootstrap 4 worked like a blessing for us. Quix is embedded with bootstrap four which allows for five tires. To say clearly, it supports five types of display screen - extra large, large, medium, small, and extra small. This was very helpful for our responsiveness.

Responsive column

Now Quix has more responsiveness. It fits to all types of display screen. Besides, you can set the responsiveness separately for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Template Manager (aka Library)

With the new version, template library has not only changed its look but also upgraded with new functionality. In the previous version saving any section or page was a little bit scattered. But now in the new version, we have put everything back in an organized way.

Saving and loading of pages and section is now much more easier than ever before. All things are combined and kept in one place so that you use Quix 2.0 with more flexibility. In the new template library, we have separated into three tabs - Sections, Pages, and My Templates. 

Template Library

Sections: For completing your design process faster, we have added premade sections in the library. You can watch the preview and then click on insert. Your selected section will be inserted instantly at your preferred area.

Page: A page is a combination of multiple sections. In this section, we have given you niche specific ready-made pages. If you are in a hurry or running out of page design ideas, you can try this pages for your website. It will save your valuable time and give a premium and elegant look on your website.

My Templates: This area is only yours. Your saved sections and pages will be saved at here. You can insert and use your sections and pages anytime at anywhere from my templates. At here you can see three tabs ALL, SECTION, and PAGE. Section contains only your saved sections, page contains only your saved pages, and All contains Pages and section together.

From My templates, if you wish to import new template, you can do it by using Import Template button.

If you have a lot of pages and sections, it might become hard to search for a specific one. Therefore we have kept a search option in the library. With this search option, you can find any file from the library instantly. Besides before inserting a file, you get preview option so that you can decide more easily and save your time. 

Awesome Media Manager

Media manager has changed its form. Now you can upload or just drag & drop image, video, gif, and SVG files. It's just that simple.

Media Manager

You can even create a new file, rename it, change file location by drag & drop option. Media manager allows you to redecorate your site without creating an issue.

Improved & Organized Settings

Reorganized Settings

Improved and Organized Settings

Now the setting options are more organized and sorted. Every element has individual settings and together. Now you can edit section, column, element without any haphazard.

Now section has its own setting option. Same goes for the row, column and element. Besides the whole page has a different option situated in the toolbar.

Advanced Page Setting

Page setting is situated in the settings options of the toolbar. This setting will allow you to control some basic page settings.

Advanced Page Setting

It has three tabs - general, design, and advanced. Inside these tabs, you will get the options to set the status, provide access to the user or other admin, set the default language, set a color for later reuse. Moreover, if you a developer, you can add CSS & JS code in the advanced one.

Section Settings

Quix has all the settings in it. Before starting your work you have to go for section addition. Then you can go for other additions like columns, image, text etc to complete your project. And some of us love to decorate the background to give it a dynamic look. so, a mini-toolbar for section settings is present there.

Section Settings

You can add solid color or gradient color or image, set the page height, set extra margin-padding, add shape divider to it etc. you'll find everything related to section right in the mini-toolbar. You can even duplicate the section to make a clone or move it to other destination.

Column Setting

The columns have some default value. You can use it as it is. Or you can change the default settings from the mini-toolbox situated on the top-left side of the column. You can set the position of the column, change the background to a rocking color or give fusion of three colors by gradient, set a beautiful image or video.

Column Setting

Column setting is provided separately for each column. So, you can decorate each and every column differently.

Row Settings

Inside the section, columns are situated inside the row. We have provided separate settings for row too. On the top-centre, you will find a mini-toolbox of green color. This is the row setting toolbox.

Row Setting

You can set the same background of every column by setting it in the row. Alternatively, you can make the column look like a pop-up.

Copy Paste Everything (Section, Row, Column)

Copy paste is the oldest trend on the internet. The copy command duplicates the file and keeps in the clipboard. When the paste command is executed, the item on the clipboard is inserted.

In the earlier version of Quix to clone an item, you had to drag it all way long. Dragging is great but if the page size is very long you it is quite troublesome. To reduce your trouble and ease your working procedure we are providing you copy paste option

Copy Paste Everything

You will be able to copy paste any elements, row, columns and even sections with Quix. Just click the copy icon and paste it wherever you want. A copy can be done unlimited times. Don't worry about dragging option, for you; we have kept both options.

New Types of Fields

For better designing, you need to have the good grip on the designing and styling. But what if there is not enough equipment to design. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

That's why we improved Quix. With lots of new features and options, Quix is now all about creativity. We embedded new field types for our Quix users so that they can make their site without facing any problem. 


We want Quix to be the best Joomla page builder for you. So we added some super cool features. One of them is typography.


Typography allows you to design the text with the option of 1200+ google fonts. You can change the font, size, style, line height, letter space. You can even decorate them by underlining or overlining etc.

Custom CSS For Every Element

With all the readymade elements we have also kept a place for custom CSS so that you can bring the changes on your own terms.

With this option, you will be able to add your custom code to any field you want. These codes will not conflict with other elements. Style your site with the color inside your mind.

SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphic )

SVG Icon Picker

For providing you with the best Joomla Page builder, we have included 1000+ SVG icons directly into the media manager located locally. If you want you can upload and use your own icons, but we are taking the hard part. Your work is done quickly and easily that's all we want.

SVG Icon Picker

Not only 1000+ icons, but we will also try to increase that number with every update.

SVG Modification

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, which is an XML based vector image format for 2D graphics with the facility of animation and interactivity. With SVG images you can create amazing things.

The primary benefit of SVG is you can play with it, you can make it smaller, bigger or any size you want. You can put the color you prefer on it and customize the way you like. With Quix 2.0 you get the full functionality to use SVG editor, and you will be able to upload any SVG images to the media manager. 

Core Improvements

To upgrade Quix, we need to improve the core codes. That is what we did. To improve Quix, we improved the core codes. Now Quix will operate much faster and smoother.

All the functions we made will operate faster; there won't be any problem while setting up a plugin. Now you can work relentlessly, and there will be no hamper at all.

Improved Cache System

Movable Modal

Your site, your page builder so it is obvious to have freedom also. After adding an element some page builders doesn't allows you to move the settings modal to users preferred place. It stays sticky or fixed on a specific place and sometimes it might become a problem while you developing any section, as it hides and you cannot see the instant changes.

Movable Modal

Quix 2.0 comes with movable modal, so now you can move the settings modal anywhere you want. It will not be a distraction for you while you develop your website with Quix Joomla page builder.

New Preview Mode

Though Quix is live frontend editing, still preview mode will be available for you. After completing the project, you can go to the preview page to see how the pages will appear to the viewer. To say straight forward, it will allow you to see the viewers point.

The preview mode will automatically take refresh once you bring changes to the pages. You don't have to go for refresh button after re-editing.

Portability ( Export / Import )

Portability will allow you export and import file. Now, why is that? For example, you've created a beautiful project, and you want to reuse it to another project with some modifications. If you go for making the project from the ground again, it will be a double trouble. Now, here is the situation when you need portability. By using export and import, you can reuse the designs and reduce the workload.


This time, the portability is re-coded, and now it is much more improved. Now you won't lose the content while exporting or importing.

Gradient Effect

Gradient effect is the combination of multiple colors. Nowadays gradient effect is high at a demand. Everyone loves the fusion of colors. It gives shady look and ravishing at the same time.

Gradient Effect

Now Quix has this feature too. Now you can decorate your site with color fusions. You can decorate section background or row background or column background with this beautiful feature. You can use it instead of an image. Make your own design with it.

Shape Divider 

Shape divider is one of the coolest feature that allows you to simply divide your rows and columns with the help of pre-designed responsive shape. Shape divider will transform your pages giving it a beautiful professional look.

We are providing 20 of designs just for you and and we'll be adding more designs later. As the designs are SVG optimized, you'll get the finest of them. You can even edit them and set them just the way you want. Provided designs are responsive so you can adjust them just as they fit. 

Customizable Section, Row, Height & Flexbox

With the new version of Quix, you can change the most of the default settings. One of those is the height of the section.

You need not calculate the margin padding anymore. Directly from the section setting customize according to your own will. You can do this with two options - fit to screen, custom height.

When you select fit to screen, it automatically detects your screen size and adapts the perfect section height automatically. Moreover, if you select the custom height option, you have the freedom to set the height of the section by yourself. There is slider available to alter the section height.

Customizable Section, Row, Height & Flex

Drag it to left or right to increase or decrease the section height. Wait a minute you are familiar with pixel value? Do not worry we have kept that option too. When you move the slider, you will see the pixel value for section height there.

Use the way you feel comfortable. You can also change the height for row and column in the same way. When you alter the height, the result will be instantly updating. You do not need to wait or go for any preview button. 

Destruction Free Mode

All of us do not like to work in a messy place; instead we like to work in free space. It's also same for developing. When you try to make a section or page sometimes, it becomes tough to work in a small area of your display. Because space is occupied by sidebar or module that is placed on.

Destruction Free Mode

This is why we decided to broaden your working space. Our new destruction free mode will allow you to take full advantage of your display area. No more working in the small area, develop the way you like to with Quix

When you activate the destruction free mode, all of your present module, footers, sidebars. etc will be hidden and your page sections will take that space. If your development is finished, you can disable the destructive free mode. After disabling this mode, everything will go normal again. All your modules, sidebar, footers, etc will become visible again. 

Disable Mode

One of the most interesting features of Quix 2.0 is Disable mode. With this option, you can disable any element, columns and even sections at any moment you want. Now one question might arise in your mind "what is the necessity of Disable mode?"

Assume you are doing development of a section on live site and it is not complete. Would you like to show this incomplete to your viewer? I know the answer definitely not.

Disable Mode

With this new setting, you will be able to hide that incomplete section until you complete it. You can also use this feature for different devices. A disabled section will not be visible until you make it visible.

You will not be able to customize any disabled section, so make sure you enable it before editing. 

List of Elements

Quix 2.0 has got the all the necessary elements that are needed to build your website. Right after selecting the column number, a red circle with the name "Add elements" will appear. From this dialogue box, you can add any elements you want.

These list of elements contains:


In any post or in any text the first thing that catches the attraction of viewers is Heading. If the user does not find the header attractive, he leaves your site. So you can understand the importance of heading.


Heading helps you to engage with the visitor. With the new version of Quix, you can make the header completely bold and attractive. Its typography and all other important settings let you do this.


Nothing is complete without text. Details of anything can be described with the help of text element and text helps you get more traffic via SEO. If the text is not attractive user lose his interest to read further.


We know the importance of text element for you; therefore we tried our best to make it better. We have given the advanced typography and power of google fonts with the text element. So you can ensure the flexible readability in your writings.


An image talks of hundred words. One thing that needs 100 words can be easily described with a picture. It is a must-have element for any page builder.


The explanation of a hard topic can directly hit through viewers mind faster with an image. With the help of Quix, you can insert an image directly into your page. You can upload an image or import it from an external link.

Beside we have the all other customization settings that are necessary for customizing an image. 


To submit a form, you must use a button, without using the button it is not possible. A button not only links to other sites but also enables to store the data on the database.

We customized and made the button more reliable. You can change the font, style size shape, etc as it comes with three different settings - Advanced, Styles and General.


You got all the primary settings included in the general settings. Different styling options like typography, text color, background color, border and other settings are accessible from Style option.

Quix Free vs Quix Pro

 Quix is the best free Joomla Page builder and also best premium Joomla page builder same time. Now we are releasing the free version and soon we will release pro version with extra features and functionalities. 

Lets check out the differences between Quix free and pro from below.

Quix Free vs Pro
​Quix Free ​Quix Pro (Upcoming)
​Everything in core is absolutely free. Like
- Visual Builder
- All basic elements (10-12)
- Page options
- Media manager with SVG support
- And much more..

​More advanced media manager with image provider support like : Unsplash, Pixabay
- Media manager image compression support
- More advanced element like : Form Builder
- 3rd Party extension integrations
- SEO analyzer
- Theme Builder
- Header/Footer/Mega menu builder
- And much more…


Backward Compatibility

Backward Compatibility

The first question which might arise on all existing users is What will happen to my current website after installing Quix 2.0, which is built with Quix 1.x?

Nothing wrong will happen to your current site after installing Quix 2.0. All your previous pages will be accessible and modifiable with the classic builder. There will be absolutely no problem will occur with the classic builder. All the procedures of building a page will remain same as it used to be.

However, if you want to create a new page, you must use Visual builder. All the new pages you create will be opened with the visual builder. Currently, we are sorry for not providing any kind of migrator, but we promise, soon we will bring something that will solve this problem. 

New Licensing System

With everything new and more comprehensible we have also simplified the licensing system. We have brought some changes which is very much important for you to know.

Licensing System

From now on there will be only two version of Quix - Free and Pro version.

There will be no more Extended License for Quix and user will be able to distribute only Quix free version with the template. Distribution of Quix pro version is no more allowed with the new version of Quix.

We have thought this for a very long time then we decided this. For keeping the development process faster and smoother, we need to generate revenue; therefore we came to this decision. But worry not, we have included almost all of the pro features of the previous version of Quix with the free version of Quix 2.0.

Quix 2.0 is so much feature rich that you will feel the magic when you start building your page. With Quix 2.0 pro, you have the option to buy the license for 1 site, 5 site and unlimited sites. You can buy site license according to your own will, but you cannot distribute with the template. 

What Will Happen to Existing License Holders?

After viewing the new licensing system, this is a common question "what will happen to existing license holders?" which might occur in your mind and asking for answers.

Existing license holders are now grandfathers. They can still use their previous license and also can extend their license if they want.

After their license validity expires, they will also have to face the new licensing policy. 



Improved Versioning System

New Version

With today's update, Quix has been upgraded to version 2. This long bump comes with many surprises. This is the first update to use the new versioning system.

Moving forward all our ThemeXpert product versions will adhere to the new formula:

Version X.0 (e.g. 2.0) - The whole version number changes, such as a version move to 2.0 to 3.0, will be reserved for massive product update. This types of update might come after a very long time.

Version X.X (e.g. 2.1) - The first decimal version changes are reserved for moderate or small feature updates. This types of feature update can take place in every month.

Version X.X.X (e.g. 2.1.1) - The second decimal version changes are reserved for immediate or critical bug fixes which are needed to be released between minor feature updates. When you see a third decimal update, it is a good idea to upgrade. This types of update might release every day or weeks.

This new versioning system makes every version update more informative and gives you a better to determine what might have changed between the version. 


We are releasing Quix with its ultimate power for all users. Now it's ready to use. Everything is provided to make your website dynamic. All you need to do is install and get started.

In our every releasing post we've shared the topics in details. But we rewrote it again in case you've missed anything. And still if you find any problem, let us know without any hesitation. We'll be right next to you.

NotiFly J2Store Integration Has Arrived - Increase Your Joomla eCommerce Site Conversion With AutoPilot


We all want a good traffic, less bounce and a huge sales rate in our business. Thankfully this is all possible and social proofing is one of the way you can achieve this. Social proofing is already available with different plugins in Wordpress, therefore to take Joomla one step ahead and help grow your business we released NotiFly - The First Ever Social Proofing Extension for Joomla.

We got lot of good reviews and applauds from you. As you know we try our heart and soul to serve you better, we are trying our best for NotiFly also.

In this v1.3 of NotiFly we have added support for your favorite Joomla cart extension - J2Store. We know running an ecommerce site is a very tough task, the owner have to follow many strategies to improve the sales.

One of the most effective strategy is to showing social proof to user as notification. NotiFly's J2Store integration shows notification regarding your sales on your ecommerce site. You do not need a big budget to advertise or do a lot of complex settings.

Now whenever a person purchase a product from your ecommerce site, other will get notified with help of NotiFly.

Let's explore NotiFly...

Understanding NotiFly

We often like to pick the trendy and popular product. We are human and our brain works in this way. So while a person likes a product of your and get ready to buy it, he holds back because he lacks confidence. This is where Notifly can help your user to bolster his decision for buying your product.

To make you understand better look at some of these real life social proof examples that you might encounter on a daily basis.

  • Shopping Malls: People gather crowd in a shopping mall where products are good. But how do they judge it? It is not possible to check each and every product by yourself . What people do is, when they get interested they look here and there and try to get recommendation, reviews or something that will bolster their trust. 

They get confidence when they see other people are buying products from this shop, which enhances their trust and generate more sales to you.

  • Restaurant: We can see that restaurant has very limited number of seats. Therefore people who are waiting for a table has to forcefully wait outside. This shows the high demand of the restaurant to outsiders. As a result, passersby will be more interested to visit the restaurant in the future.

When he sees the activity of other peoples, it helps him to increase confidence inside him. And therefore finally he gets 100% determined to buy your product. 

What is J2Store

In eCommerce, J2store is the most popular extension for Joomla. You can easily create and manage your online store with help of J2Store extension. Add as much product you want on your store.

Online product selling was never been so fast and easy. Use articles as products, make product variants, add advanced product pricing by customer group or quantity and do more with J2Store. 

How NotiFly helps you on your J2Store Powered E-commerce Site

If you use J2Store on your site, you can enhance your sales and power of J2Store with NotiFly. Whenever one of your digital product is sold, the event will be shown as a notification to a visitor.

Assume one of products from your site is sold. So when a product is sold a notification will be sent to all of the current visitor in that time. If ten product is sold, ten notification will be sent to current visitors.

That's not all. According to your settings this notifications will be sent to every visitor, it doesn't matter when they visit your site. If they visit your site they are guaranteed to get influenced by the notification from NotiFly.

This notification will work as social proof and sales of your J2Store site will be increased. 

Case Studies of Real Time Social Proofing

There are alot of sites which use social proofing plugins like Proof, Fomo on their WordPress Sites. The site owners who used these plugins got conversations increased, sales increased.

Now let's check out some case studies of social proofing service.

1. Sock Subscription Service Boosted with Social Proofing

This is a sock subscription service which mails its customers one pair of funky patterned socks made of bamboo every month. The owner of this site used Fomo social proofing tool trial for 7 days. The moment he tried it, the conversion increased instantly.

Within the trial period, conversation rate increased from 2.4% to 4%. GetSocked.com.au is happy by using social proof. 

2. Drip Email Templates Secured $20,000 with help of Social Proofing

Drip is a popular email marketing delivery service, that goes beyond. After using the social proofing service the bounce rate decreased from 60% to 50% and engagement rate was also high. The Social proofing tool helped Drip rank higher on Google.

Because of social proofing they had some good months, including $20,000 in yearly recurring services.

You can check out lots of other case studies from Fomo case studies, Proof case studies and other 

Using J2Store Integration with NotiFly

If your eCommerce site consisting of J2Store plugin just go to Integrations after installing NotiFly. At here you will find the J2Store, enable it and click on configure. We have kept all settings simple, so you work easily with NotiFly.

After clicking on configure, you will find only two options - Status and purchase. Status is for enabling or disabling the integration, keep it disabled if you are not using the integration. When you turn on the "enable purchase," notification will be turned on for any product that is sold via your J2store integration. 

You can change the notification title and message from there. After altering the settings do not forget to click on the save button or else no changes will be made.

After enabling J2Store integration, a template for J2Store purchase is automatically generated in the templates section. From there you will be able to edit or customize the way you like. 


Start changing your traffic on your Joomla site with NotiFly. Soon we will also integrate your favorite social extension EasySocial with NotiFly.

Till then stay tuned and do not forget to give your valuable feedback. Your feedbacks inspire us a lot. If you need to know anything you can contact our support or post a comment below. 

Inside Quix Background Settings, Gradient Effect, Video & More With RC2


The era of flat solid colors are coming to an end. Now it's time for fusion. A twist of color fusions can give the background a bold look.

Gradients have really come back as a trend. Now most of the templates use gradient effect either in the background or over an image. The shady effect attracts eyesight of most viewers.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

In real life, the natural beauty what we see is always in gradient. Why to use regular colors when you can do much more using gradient?

Most of the websites are bringing back gradient in their own sites and templates. Like - 

And most of the page builders support gradient effect in different field.

Gradient effect hypnotizes the eyesight of your users and make sure they get impressed. Gradient has the power to make the dull color interesting, which will definitely increase the visual beauty of your site. Your site will stand out in the crowd of competitors.

Gradient effect produces three dimensional color look by blending one color with another. Multiple colors can be used, where one color gradually fades and changes into another color.

You can set gradient image as a background, over an image, over video etc. To be straight forward, I can say, you can play with colors. If you do not know how to use gradient, you can check out this guide and design gradient by yourself.

On Quix 2.0 we are bringing this amazing "Gradient Background Effect". We want to make Quix more irresistible and give you the experience of ultimate pagebuilding. You stay updated with technology and get the best out of it, that's what we desire.

You can decorate your Joomla page with a Gradient Background effect combining two colors and give a new look.

Our Background Gradient setting is designed in the simplest way. With Live Frontend Editing, you can see the changes instantly and set it in your way.


Adding gradient is super easy and I'm sure you'll love it. Just follow these simple steps and you'll land up in making an awesome gradient image.

  1. Select the settings option from the mini-toolbar
  2. Go to the background option
  3. In the background type you'll find the Gradient option
  4. Now select the two colors you want to make fusion of
  5. Add the gradient type which comes in two options - Linear and Radial
  6. Set the directions
  7. You can even set the starting and ending position

You can set the Gradient effect in the section very easily with the control of angle & colors.

This gradient is also available for columns too. You can redesign each and every column with the blast of different colors situated in the same section.

Setting Gradient Background

You can set the background gradient not only inside the section but also inside the column. Setting a gradient background is super easy, just follow these steps.

Menu Bar > 'Settings' option > Background > Gradient Section > colors

The Gradient Type comes with two options, Linear & Radial.

  • Linear- colors will combine with each other horizontally or vertically.
  • Radial- first color will be in center and the second one will surround the first color.

This element also comes with some additional settings, like if you want to set the directions of gradient and specify the starting and ending position etc.

If you find any problems then don't worry just let us know about it. We are still working on it to make more irresistible and bug free.

Future Work

To give your site an awesome look, we'll be adding the gradient effect to some other things too.

  • Over an image
  • Over video
  • Include opacity option

Now why is that? Gradient over an image gives it a classic shady look. You can set it like retro or other filters. 

Upcoming Elements

In the upcoming days, we'll reveal the details of other major elements so that you can get to know all of them along with the way of their work.

  • Media Manager
  • Toolbar
  • Icon System etc

These elements are important to make a ravishing site. So, we've added every small details and wish to add more according to your need.

Quix RC 2 Is Here

Quix 2.0 is much sorted and improved. More features are included with details and settings. Now you'll get more background designs along with the column decorations. Most of the bugs are fixed and now Quix is getting prepared for its final release. Stable release will be announced soon.

Just give it a try, reveal the secrets by yourself and let us know how you feel about the new looks and changes. Don't forget to tell us about the changes you wish to see in the best free Joomla page builder. We'll try our best to implement it without any doubt. Let us know your suggestions and advises in the comment section below. Till then take care. Chao...  

Introducing NotiFly - The First Ever Social Proofing Extension for Joomla


Who doesn't likes to increase the traffic of his Joomla website? Definitely everyone wants and you want it too. Social proofing can be one of the way to do this. Let me explain you.

Assume you are going out with your friend to take lunch. You hopped into a cab and stopped in a place where two restaurants are in front of you. First one is crowded with lots of people.

The second one is deserted and a little bit spooky, not a single person is present at there. At here let me ask you a question- Which one would you prefer for lunch? The crowded one or the deserted one?

So, have you decided which one would you go? Definitely, the first one filled with people.

Because you might have considered the following things first:

Comfort Feel: We always try to find comfort everywhere, and a deserted place does not give much comfort to anyone.

Trust & Bonding: When we get to a new place, the activities of other people gives us confidence and helps to engage with a bond of trust with the organization.

Confident: We often check the quality first and then gather a crowd for it. Deserted place does not enhances your confident for product quality, rather than decreasing.

Our human psychology works in that way; it does not feel all right alone. Similarly for the website, when a visitor lands on your website, the loneliness might not give him the comfort feeling that he expects.

Generally, there are several people interacting with your website someone is viewing the site, someone is purchasing your product, someone is registering himself, etc. Everyone is like kept alone in a colorful jar, where he can see everything, however, cannot feel the presence of other people.

As a result they lose interest on your site, cannot find enough courage to try your product and at last, they leave your website to visit another.

After considering your situation, we have developed NotiFly. It will show your social proof to people and will give a feeling to the viewer that he is not alone on your website. It will boost the confident level of the visitor to try your product.

Benefits of Using NotiFly

  • Increase traffic to your website: Increase traffic of your site by showing activities of other people. 

  • Social proofing that portraits your credibility: Show your credibility and make the impression on a visitor at first time with Notifly - Joomla ecommerce extension. 
  • Boost your product sale and conversations: Show sales and other events easily with Notifly and build the trust of bond. An event of a sale, encourages a new visitor to become the customer. The more customer, the more sale you got. 
  • Make the bond of trust with people: ​Easily create Bond of trust just by showing events and conversations.  

  • Give people the comfort they crave for, on your website: ​Do not let people be alone at your site. Give them the comfort and build their trust by showing activities of the site. 


​Here goes the features of NotiFly. Check yourself and then decide. 

Original Proofs

Our first priority is to provide original proof of purchase. Because we believe Honesty is the best policy. Therefore neither we provide fake proofs, nor we let user generate one. Only the real time proofs will be shown with NotiFly - Joomla ecommerce extension.

Easy to Use

We have made NotiFly very simple, so you do not require any kind of HTML, CSS or any other programming knowledge. Just download, install and a few clicks to configure then you are set.

Every settings of NotiFly has been kept minimalistic. Even a new user will be able to configure the NotiFly at first use. 

Notification Loop

It might not happen that event occurs at almost every minute or hour. So there might be a question arise in your mind- What will NotiFly show, when no events occur in a long period?

Worry not, at period of no new event; NotiFly will show previous notifications followed by a small text where time will be specified. 

Track Conversions in Real time

Easily track your daily conversions in real time and check the number of clicks and notification from the dashboard. Everything is summed up as a summary and shown with beautiful user interface in NotiFly.

Templates Options

Template option allows you to customize the template for NotiFly. Template title and notification message can be modified from here. If you do not find any templates option, do not worry. Before customizing any template first you need to integrate the extension with NotiFly.

After successful integration with your site and extensions, templates will be automatically generated in Templates Option.

Edit any template of NotiFly by clicking Edit button. After editing, press on Save & Close and view your site.


With NotiFly, you can easily integrate your favorite services. Notifly comes with Digicom, j2store, hikashop and Joomla Easydiscuss extension by default. If you need any additional integration support, you can let us know in support section.

Activate the extension by clicking enable button and configure the extension. In time of need you can also disable an extension in same way. 


NotiFly lists all events in one place, and you can see details of every event from here. Every event is recorded with details as it occurs in your site. In edit options, you cannot change the time or add any fake data as NotiFly only shows real data.

You can even delete or edit current events from here. In NotiFly you can edit the basics of an event or delete an event. But creation of new event is prohibited


You can customize the design and Behavior of NotiFly from Design options. You have options like loop notification, hide on mobile, hide on the desktop, allow users to close notifications, display time and other settings at here.


NotiFly will just not give a notification from the corner of your website. We believe it will change your business with increasing traffic and sales.

Need to know something about NotiFly? Don't hesitate, just tell us directly through comments and also give your valuable feedbacks.

Quix 2.0 RC Is Here - Joomla Visual Builder Got Huge New Features and Improvements


Day to day we are improving Quix page builder, making it better. Better in structure and performance. Now we are ready to launch our Release Candidate of QUIX.

It is far much better than the first version of Quix Joomla page builder, as we brought some significant changes. Not only the outlook is changed, but also the inner section is much improvised and sorted.

During Alpha and Beta release, a few issues appeared which are now solved. Our experienced developers are working day & night to improve it more and take it to the next level to reduce your workload, and the result of your hard work for building a site seem flawless.

Without delaying further, let's check out the improvements.

New Installer

Everything starts with an installations process. We took our time to give you a good installer and tried to make the first impression look good. We have enhanced the installer of Quix. It is now easier and more reliable than ever.

We have given rollback support to Quix installer so that after installing new version if your site breaks or you face any kind of trouble, you will be able to rollback to the previous version. Nothing will be lost, and you will not face any kinds of trouble. 

The installation process is kept simple so you can easily install Quix. Everything needed to set up will be done automatically. You just chill for a moment while Quix installs. We have added a requirement checklist, if it matches with your system the installation process will move further.

If your system doesn't matches the minimum requirement consider altering the system settings. Still, if you find any trouble, just let us know. Our support team will be right next to you in a minute.

[New] Icon Picker and SVG Editor

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. SVG images are composed of fixed set of shapes.

The main benefit of SVG is, you can make it smaller or bigger any size you want and you can add any color you want. In one sentence you can customize the SVG as you want which is only just a dream for general images.

With the new version of Quix, you will be able to upload any images and SVG images to the media manager. But if you like you can also use SVG icons which comes by default with Quix.

We want our client to have the best of Quix page builder. So we added the SVG icons with the new Quix to make it look more flawless. In this version, we are providing you 1000+ awesome SVG icons which are located locally in media manager, and we are going to increase that number as we release an update.

You can upload your own svg files update it on the fly. Whenever you select an SVG file you will see 2 new additional controls right after the media picker. You can resize the SVG and give it to any color you want. Isn't it awesome ? 

[New] Copy/Paste Section, Row & Element

Copy-paste are the two most older keywords on the internet. The copy command creates a duplicate of the original text/image and stores in a temporary storage tool called clipboard. Later the data in the clipboard is inserted in the position where the paste command is issued.

Earlier in the previous version of Quix, there was cloning option. It was great, but it would create a little bit trouble if the page length is very long. You had to drag the item entire way to the very end.

To reduce your trouble, we've upgraded the copy-paste techniques. Now you can command copy-paste your elements, row, and even section.

When you want to copy a section, just click on the copy icon of that item and after finding a suitable place, click the paste icon. There is no more trouble of dragging all the way down. You can create the duplication of them and reuse. But if you like to drag and make clone, don't worry we have kept this option for you.

[Improved] Drag & Drop Interface

Quix is the ultimate Joomla drag and drop page builder. It was built that way. But now, to make the drag and drop option more smooth and clear, we have brought a slight change. We've upgraded it a bit.

Now while dragging a column or row or even a section, an icon will appear, and once you drop the icon in the destination, content will be moved. You don't have to get confused if your content is big enough to move. Just click the drag icon situated in the mini-toolbox and drop it wherever you want.

Huge Core Improvements Makes Quix More Fast

Quix was made fast. But in our everyday routine, fast is turning a boring word. Nowadays, everyone loves supersonic speed. The circling of buffering has turned annoying for everyone. Now everyone loves the instant result.

So, we made some core improvements and made Quix super fast. Now all the changes you bring to your site will appear without any delay & buffering. Now the changes will appear instantly. Don't believe us? In the stable release, you'll get the proof.

[New] Page Settings

Page setting or document setting is the parameters defined by the users that help to determine how the page will appear. To be specific, you can control some basic and useful settings of an entire page.

To find the page settings element all you have to do is, click the 'settings' written button situated in the toolbar. Inside the page settings, you'll find some additional settings like status, language, color preset, CSS, etc to set the basics of a page. 

[New] Link Quix Page to Menu From Visual Builder

Linking a page is not tough anymore in Joomla page builder. Now you can add a new page to your menu bar with more flexibility and trouble-free.

Right after creating a page and saving it, you can set it to your menu bar of the site. In the center of the top toolbar, you'll find the setting options. Click it, and it will offer you four more options. From there select 'Link Page To Menu'. A popup box will appear with some more additional settings. Just set the name and position and other thing and click the 'save' button. And you're done here. 

[New] Customizable Section/Row Height & Flex

Quix comes with some default settings. Like section height, background, padding, etc. But now, you can change most of the default settings. One of them is the height of the section.

You do not need to calculate margin-padding for your section anymore, as you can directly customize it. Just go to the section setting and customize according to your will.

You have two options, - fit to screen and custom height.

Fit to screen will automatically detect the size of your screen. With one click on it, section height will be adapted perfectly according to your display size.

And if you need to customize the section height in our own way, just select custom height. In this option, you get to increase the value of section height by the slider. You might have gotten used by pixels, so we haven't forgotten it. As you modify section height with the slider, you will be able to see its pixel value as well.

After modifying the section height, you can set the alignment of column position directly to top bottom or center as you wish. You do not need to set it by pixels; you will be able to set it with just one click.

You can also increase of decrease custom height for row and column also.

As you increase or decrease the height, it will be instantly updating in real time. You don't have to go for a preview button. It's up to you now, how you want to change the height of the section and give a new, different look.

[New] Disable Mode

One of your very important features is "Disable Mode". You can disable any section, any column, any element at any time you want. You might be thinking "what is the necessity?"

Consider you are developing a section on you live site, and you are just in between completing it. Would you like to show the incomplete section to your viewer? Definitely not.

With the help of disabled mode, you will be able to hide the incomplete section until its completed.

You can also disable any section or element, device wise. Disabled section or element will not be visible for the selected device until you enable it. A disabled unit will not be able to customize until you enable it. So make sure you enable it before editing. 

[New] Custom CSS For Every Element (PRO)

With all the ready-made options, we've also kept an option for custom CSS. Now, why is that? In case, if you want to include any different options other than ours, you can do it.

Custom CSS allows you to add raw code in any field you want and it won't conflict with other elements. You can your own style to it give your site a new look. Every developer has their own taste, so you can decorate your site with your own taste.


It's never-ending for Quix page builder as we are improving it every day and in every possible way making it the best free Joomla page builder. With the final stable release, we'll unleash all the hidden tracks and solve the unsolved mysteries cause 'the good one comes at the end'.

Stay connected and let us know how you wish to see this Joomla, page builder. We always look forward to your suggestions and advice.

Inside Quix - Flexible Layout System Powered By Bootstrap 4


Quix Joomla Page Builder is much more upgraded and sorted than it was ever before. Cause now Bootstrap 4 has been included in Quix making Quix page builder unstoppable.

Today I'll talk about the Layout System of Quix. Earlier, we used Bootstrap 3 for layout system. It consists the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The preprocessor of Bootstrap 3 is LESS which is written in JavaScript. The popularity of LESS among developers is 13.4%. It uses 4 grid tiers and they are xs(phones), sm(tablets), md(desktops) and lg(larger desktops). And many more things.

You might have got a question, "What's the need of moving to Bootstrap 4?" Right?

Why lack behind when you can work with latest features of Bootstrap. Latest version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap 4. It has new components, more flexibility, and more responsiveness. It supports the latest, stable release of all major browsers and platform except Internet Explorer 9.

Bootstrap 4 offers many new flexible features and it appeared to be the better than the best. So, not delaying further we used Bootstrap 4 for Quix 2.0 page builder.

Reason behind migration to BS4

As you know, bootstrap is the world's most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites, and applications. It has high quality HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make any project easier than ever.

Bootstrap includes a powerful mobile-first flexbox grid system for building layouts of all shapes and sizes. It is based on a 12 column layout and has 5 tiers i.e. xs (extra small), sm (small), md (medium), lg (large) & xl (extra large) breakpoints. Now, these breakpoints are fixed as the pixels are specified. These breakpoints make sure not to break the websites as the changes appear in different devices. Now you don't have to worry about fitting to the screen. It will adjust by default.

Moreover, we choose Bootstrap 4 over Bootstrap 3 for these reasons:

  1. Popularity
  2. Flexibility
  3. Responsiveness

Let's get into a little bit deep. Shall we?

1) Popularity

Bootstrap 4 got its popularity just after arrival. A Bootstrap team made a survey in Tweeter about Bootstrap 4 and they got a very high response. Most of the developers loved it because of its exclusive features.

Around 3.5% of the entire internet uses Bootstrap. Because of its flexbox, form control, appearance & look, mobile-first, and most importantly, the migration from BS3 to BS4 is really very simple.

2) Flexibility

Bootstrap 4 is way more flexible than ever.

The Grid System consists of 3 main parts. Container, Row, and Columns. A fixed container is set by default. Inside the container, rows are set and all you need to do is set the column. And moreover, you can change the size of columns just the way you want.

3) Responsiveness

When it comes to BS4 nothing can beat its responsiveness.

The Grid system consists of 5 grid tiers. The 12 column layout is developed with percentage which makes the drag and drop more easy and smooth. The 12 columns are not a must. You can use 2,3,4,6, and max 12. You can set different column numbers for different devices and make the websites more flexible in display screen of any device. It can adjust from extra small to extra large device screens.

Now that's what I call a revolution…

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