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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

Expose Menu Revamped

Expose Menu Revamped

Expose the framework behind all our Premium and Free Joomla templates has just got better! As part of our continuous development this time we look at the menu system and take it to a new level. We re-written the menu system from scratch and now its completely HTML/CSS3 powered.



Mega Menu

Not only we’ve re-written it from scratch we've added some cool dropdown animation which you can select for dropdown and all there sublevel. Thanks to the animate.css for there awesome creation. We also added option for rendering level, now you can select the number of level menu being render.

Split Menu

We’ve taken split me to a whole new level. Now you can select module position where the subnav will visible. Now you can set a menu title like module title and the menu comes with 2 orientation Horizontal/Vertical.

Off Canvas Menu

Here come the new child in the family. You know that nifty little menu hidden under the main Facebook app feed? Or the one that lives underneath the Path feed that reveals your friends list. We adapted this menu system for Expose so that you can use them today! Thanks to UIKit for their clean and tidy off-canvas plugin.

Need a demo? Head over to Expose demo site and resize the browser :)

Icon Menu

We’ve added another cool feature in the menu is Icon Menu. You will see a new option Menu Icon in the Expose Mega Menu settings. Write any icon name provided by Fontawesome and it will visible inside menu item.


Opt-out Fancy Menu and Dropline Menu

We removed Fancy menu from core and we’ve plan to bring it back in near feature with more feature and flexibility. We also decided to remove Dropline menu from core as Mega menu has all the feature it needed.

Icon in Module Title

b2ap3_thumbnail_icon_header.jpgNow you can load icon font in module title. Just write the icon name provided by FontAwesome in module class suffix box and you are done!.

Others changes

Menu codes are fully converted to LESS and now its extremely easy to change the menu style. Everything is now defined in variable and we are using hooks, so you don’t need to remeber the menu selector!

Minor but Significant Change in Framework

  • FontAwesome updated to 3.2.1
  • Removed all legacy codes
  • Dropped ie6 Warning widget
  • Removed all old jquery version and added latest version of 1.8.x series
  • All PHP error fix
  • Equal Height plugin loading fix

Flat and Thin Base Template

We updated Expose base template with more flat look and feel, new typography and try to make it image less.


More about expose Expose Demo

We are going to roll out an update of all our templates with this latest features, Hold tight.

[Preview] GravityII - E-commerce Template for Joomla

[Preview] GravityII - E-commerce Template for Joomla

Gravity II is the successor of our most downloaded Gravity template. Its been more than 3 years we released our first Free template Gravity and still we are getting support request! So we decided to make 2nd generation of Gravity template which will be part of our club release. 

Gravity II is an ecommerce template and support Virtuemart and Redshop out of the box. This is the first template we are giving support Redshop and i hope you will like it.


Full preview


Gravity II is our September Club template and will release next week.

[Preview] Photon - App template for Joomla!

[Preview] Photon - App template for Joomla!

We got a lot of requests for the Joomla business template. After reviewing our template catalog it is clear that we already have a good amount of joomla business template. We wanted to do something different this time and not ignoring our user's opinion. So we come with an idea of making an App template which also covers all the basic need of a business template.

Photon primarily designed to use as an App website but you can customize it to any extent you can imagine.

Full Preview


Joomla app template


Joomla app template

We will release this template this week so stay tuned

Xpert Tweets 1.2 Released! Now Support Twitter API-1.1

Xpert Tweets 1.2 Released! Now Support Twitter API-1.1

I know I know we are late to the party but its well worth it. If you see our product update page you will notice we released this update on Sunday! Yes, we are working over the weekend to make sure everything is updated.

Today I'm glad to announce the immediate availability of Xpert Tweets module v1.2 which support Twitter API 1.1. We re-written the module from the ground up and tweaks is speed. We have written an extensive documentation for this module.

This module is FREE as always. So grab a copy and give it a spin.

Xpert Tweets Page 

Introducing ThemeXpert Showcase - Time to Show-off

Introducing ThemeXpert Showcase - Time to Show-off

Update : Showcasing service is not available now.

Today we are happy and proud to introduce our brand new Showcase. ThemeXpert Showcase is the place to present your works which is based on our theme or Expose Framework. We intend to have a home for our themes customizations and modifications made by our members and as a result of what Showcase has come.

 Let me tell you some advantages to list your work in our showcase. First and foremost, your site gets backlink from a high PR-6 site. Which means Google will give more importance to your site and once our rank improved your importance will be higher. This is the most important SEO technique for any site exists.

Secondly, our traffic is really high so you will get a chunk of visitor from our site, if your site really stand outside the crowd. As much traffic you get as fast Google index your site.

Finally, you are showing your work to the world which may lead to get more potential clients or customers.

So why late? It’s time to reveal what you’ve done with the help of your idea by the power of our products.

Welcome to new ThemeXpert powered by Expose Framework!

Welcome to new ThemeXpert powered by Expose Framework!

After several months of hard work we are proud to launch our new site, wowhoo! If you follow our blog then you may know we've announced to launch our new site on last year announcement. As a small team its hard to keep maintain the release schedule and redesigning work as its tons of work believe me.

Finally we made it! and we are really excited about our new site. Here is couple of excited things we’ve made from ground up.



We are now with a new vivid and colorful logo which reflect our passion and what we really want to be. We’ve been following a philosophy since the beginning ‘Excellence is pixel’ and the new logo reflect it well.

More usable and fast site

The main goal was for the redesign is to make the site more usable and fast. We’ve also re-engineered the flow of content and navigation menus hopefully getting you to what you are looking for quicker and allowing for an easier checkout. All of our pages are now newly colored and coated noteworthy pages include:

Most awaited support forum

Since our site hack we took down our forum and promised to bring a new powerful one. Instead of going for a typical forum system we decided to make it like question answer approach. The problem with the typical forum is, topic can easily floated and really difficult to find the right answer. Now you can vote for a reply and mark answer as solved so others can easily find the right answer. Instead of too many categories we simplified it with some main category and using tag based architecture.

New pricing and licensing

We announced it earlier that in order to provide better support and improve quality of our products we are going to increase our membership price a little bit. Also from now there is no domain restriction, you can use our products in as many as domain you want. But we are going to impose restriction in support, we will provide support for those number of domains which belongs to your membership type. For getting a better overview please go to the pricing page.

What will happen to the Classic members? Well, Classic subscribers can still use our site and download the Premium templates/extension. We are not allowing any new subscription only.

Extensive documentation

From the beginning there is lack of documentation. This time we were much attentive to this issue and result is very subsidiary for our members. Now whenever a problem will arise documentation is always there to assist with its vast content. We introduced tutorial & Joomla A-Z section to provide support for general queries. We put a lot of effort in our new documentation and it’s completely rewritten and restructured.


Now it’s time for you to taste and make your opinion about our new site. We appreciate any feedback on how we can improve it more. If you find any bugs please don't hesitate to tell us so we can fix them.

We are giving 15% discount for the new launch, valid till 13th June 2013. Just use 'NEWTHEMEXPERT15' as your coupon code on checkout

[Preview] Matheno - Education template with discount!

Since we released our first education template Finnix we got a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We found the growing of download counter of Finnix which motivated us to make another education template for Joomla!. Today we are proud to present a sneak peek of our upcoming

template name "Matheno". In this template we are going to introduce some cool new features such as:

  • Social Widgets
  • Full screen slideshow
  • Fancy menu
  • Many more..

Full Preview


If you are not already our member, subscribe now with a 20% discount, valid until 22th June, 2012. Just use MATHENO20 as your coupon code during checkout.

Expose v4.1 - Brand new configurator and performance tuning

Expose v4.1 - Brand new configurator and performance tuning

Expose Framework the engine empowering our themes got a major update which deserved a blog post to highlight new features and updates.

Configurator options and versioning

From now you can save your template settings and rollback to any previous settings on the FLY. After installing the new template and framework you will notice a new white button on the toolbar and a beautiful popup will come after clicking it.

This feature comes really handy when you want to test couple of style and font settings and rollback to previous one without remembering the previous one. Also you can copy the settings file which save as .json format in your templates/configs folder and use it to other Expose powered site!


Performance boost up

Performance is common concern for a framework and we are not exception of that. We have gone through our code again and we found some scope to improve the performance. We've tuned the widget architecture and really amazed about the performance improvement!
Here is the result of first loading Expose Base template:
First load (Before) : ~2.66 seconds
First load (after improvement) : ~0.15 seconds

Well that doesn't mean your website will load under 1 second. We've tested this on Expose base template which is pretty simple at this point and the benchmark is based on the execution of the template by calculating start and end time.

Fully translatable admin panel

Expose admin panel is fully generated by Javascript (read jQuery) and there was some problem translating the admin panel. In this release we fixed the issue and now Expose admin is fully translatable. We've got some translation also and we'll include it with our next release.

Other fixes

We've also fixed some Joomla 3.1 issues for jquery loading in admin template as well. We've tested new features of Expose extensively. If you found any issue please report to our issue tracker and we'll fix them asap.

Update and implementation

We've already started to update our template and quickstart package with new version of Expose framework. If you have modified the template heavily you have to do this :
1. Download and install the framework.
2. Open templateDetails.xml file from template and add this line (highlighted in yellow) and make sure you've followed the sequence.

You can compare the changes and download it from Expose main page

jBar The Joomla Toolbar Getting Awesome Everyday!

Its been around 6 month we released our own jBar - Joomla! toolbar extension and we received a lot of positive feedbacks and suggestions. As always we've listened all the suggestions and bug reports through Twitter, Facebook and Emails and fix those bugs as soon as it reported.


We are a small team and its not always possible for us to add new features frequently in FREE product as Premium Joomla Templates & Extensions is our first priority.

Today I'm proud to announce that we've introduced some cool new features into jBar 1.4 which deserved a blog post.

Menu based loading


Now you can load jBar on only home page or specific page you want. This is the most requested features we've heard from Social Media and Emails. Still you can load jBar site wide or limited it by providing menu item id.

Enable/Disable for Mobile devices

As a hardcore smartphone user i know how much bothering is to see a popup or toolbar on a small screen. I just leave immediately from the site and i guess there is a lot of user like me around the globe. So we decided to give a option which will disable loading jBar on mobile screens.

Joomla3 fix

Color chooser problem in Joomla3 is also fixed with some admin style adjustment.

We do not asking your money, jBar is a FREE plugin and if you found it useful, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory which will encourage us to make more good FREE extensions for Joomla.

Readmore about jBar