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Xpert Contents - Displaying Joomla Contents Has Never Been Easier!

Xpert Contents - Displaying Joomla Contents Has Never Been Easier!

Today we are very pleased to serve Xpert Content module which is freshly baked from oven. First debute of Xpert Contents was very successful and we decided to build it from scratch with more functionality and ease in mind. with this philosophy in mind 'Build for novice and customize for pro’ we rebuild the extension again with visually appealing admin panel. This time Xpert Contents is completely javascript free and fully css driven, ohhh actually css3 :)

New Layout

Xpert Contents has been developed bearing in mind to provide you unique and smart experience ever. Its new visual layout selector will give you a new experience on joomla module interface. Displaying Joomla, K2 and EasyBlog article has never been easier.


Fully Css Driven

We removed all dependencies of javascript and leverage full power of CSS3 means no js conflict with other 3pd extensions.

More Stable

With stability in mind we didn't release just version 2.0. We take it to step further with more fixes and released v2.3.

Completely Free

Free means freedom and XpertContents is absolutely free like it was. It license under GNU/GPL3 means you can do almost anything you want. Feel free to play with it and give us feedback. 

We've created a video to demonstrate the module functionality, have look 

  Demo Download

Let The News Flow with MetroNews

Let The News Flow with MetroNews

Hey guys, is it 27th March ? ohh ! yes, I know there have been many of you eagerly waiting for the template, released in each month. Now it’s time for your relaxation, In this turn, MetroNews cover your needs.

MetroNews is spacious, trendy, sophisticated, flexible and fully responsive Joomla template. This template provides you an awesome way to set out a daily news or magazine website or facelift your existing one . However possibility knows no bound. Metro has many of outstanding features included to embark your web journey with Metro any time.

Statistics shows many of readers do not scroll down to access whole article, many read 50% and most of visitors only see all content on video and photo. Metro has been crafted and shaped with the tactics, visitors feels to read articles spontaneously.

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Many of Custom Pages


Custom pages in Metro, simplify your life. Here you can kick start your ideas with our pre-built pages in the shortest span of time. Meet the pages, we provide in Metro. Pages are Meet the Team, Service Pages, Pricing Tables, Faq Page, Testimonial Page, About Us Pages, Portfolio Pages, Contact Pages, Bonus Pages Including Joomla core pages.  

Our Extensions


Our developer having expertness in making Joomla extensions are engaged in improving template professionalism and interactivity. So, we have tried to grow up Metro providing our own extensions. Our extensions help to run your website endlessly. The extension included in Metro, they are- Xpert Scroller, Xpert Slider, Xpert Captions, Xpert Tabs, Xpert Tweets etc.

 EasyBlog Integration


EasyBlog is the leading blogging component for Joomla! It is in demand of vast range of other Joomla! extensions seamlessly. EasyBlog is alway ready to use in any devices and joomla versions. We integrated EasyBlog only for your convenience.

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Important changes in our support

Important changes in our support

Our main goal of 2014 is to improve our product quality and support experience. We are striving here to provide possibly the best support but we know, we are lagging behind sometimes. To improve our support quality, we've taken some decisions which will benefit you. Before talking about upcoming changes lets see the current support workflow:


As you can see we are using too many channels to provide support and it's very difficult for us to focus on every channels with limited resources. So, we decided to shut down all the different channels except forum.

This decision will help us to focus only and only on forum to ensure excellent support. We are using question/answer based forum so others will be benefited from our support. You can give us your site access details through forum and it's only visible to our support team.

Forum Categorization:

We decided to use tag based forum system ended up that was a bad decision, most people love to select forum instead of adding tag. So we’ll create all different forums and move relevant topic to it.


We are giving our 100% effort on documentation and integrating search for documentation and forum. As you know we already hired a technical writer and he is busy creating video documentations and writings. We are hoping to launch our new integrated documentation by the end of March.


We get you covered, we are putting together all the questions and its answer in our knowledgebase and it will be integrated with the search.

Live Chat Support:

We are trying our best to be online for live support but its limited to only non-technical support. We are hiring more support people and once we hired and trained them we'll add them for your support. 

You can still reach us through our contact form and ask question on our forum.

Last but not least, we always welcome your suggestion. If you have anything in mind please let us know.

It’s time to clean up our legacy

Our goal at ThemeXpert, this year, is to craft and shape our templates with modernized, updated and trendy technologies. Modernistic technologies are entire outcome of previous experience, research and future-proof solution.To follow this strategy, our whole development processes are under this pace. Our motto is to provide not only enlightened templates, technical support as well.

Our paramount endeavor is to focus on enhancing our services. So, we resolve to discontinue following and providing support from help desk for the templates released in 2010. Because those templates and supported technologies have been outdated, even their updated versions are no longer available or released.

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Be Happy With Appy

Be Happy With Appy

Yeah! It is February, 2014 and we are pleased to release Appy as business, app, social template and so on for Joomla 2.5 and 3.2.x. Based on your request and demand, we have strived to add your desired features in it. Appy – is a stylish, clean and professional template. This template is fast, numerous colored preset, flexible, easy to customize and fully responsive. Hope, Appy can enhance the experience of your using Joomla temple.

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Bundle of the New Pages


We are really excited to utter that the bundle of the custom pages has newly been provided in Appy. The feature can add a new dimension of using our template. Appy can help you to share information of your company in a short span of time using our pre-built pages. Including Joomla core pages, many of pages have been set in Appy. The pages are- Meet the Team, Service Pages, Pricing Tables, Faq Page, Testimonial Page, About Us Pages, Portfolio Pages, Contact Pages, Bonus Pages.

12 Preset Style with Dark and white color variation


Colors are one of the important parts of a website experience. Colors bear the testimony of your works. We are striving to give those colors that you want to have at your website. Appy has different type of fascinating color style by default. You can have your expected color on the site only giving a click.

Our Own Extensions


Our developer having expertness in making Joomla extensions are engaged in improving template professionalism and interactivity. So, we have tried to grow up Appy providing our own extensions. Our extensions help to run your website endlessly. The extension included in Appy, they are- Xpert Scroller , Parallax Slider, Xpert Captions, Xpert Tabs, Xpert Accordion etc.

Elastic Scrolling


The Elastic, Scrolling Header, is one of our featured designs that put an animated effect in the header where the logo and menu are put together. Whereby the header smoothly disappeared upon the downward scroll and gently reappeared on onward scroll.

EasySocial and JomSocial


EasySocial gives you the power to start a social network for Joomla websites, fast and easy. Instantly engage and interact with your members with one extension on your desktop, smartphones and tablets and JomSocial is the most powerful social network component available exclusively for Joomla. So, both of the social extensions have been provided in Appy.

EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss


Blogs are one of the finest parts of a website. Business blogs pave the way of communicating with targeted customers and employees regularly. Blogs can easy be published and updated in single minutes. So, we provided EasyBlog in Appy. EasyBlog is a joomla blog which powers more than 50,0000 joomla sites. Support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It can add a fuel in planning, training, maintenance etc for you company. So, we added EasyDiscuss for you. EasyDiscuss is the best question & answer extension for Joomla.

Enjoy up to 30 % discount!

Enjoy 15% discount for Basic and Standard membership using coupon: APPY15 and 30% discount  on Pro membership using coupon: APPY30 till Feb 28th, 2014.

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Hello world, It's Ahmed Eshaan

Hello world, It's Ahmed Eshaan

Hi, It is Ahmed Eshaan. I have just been part of ThemeXpert Team as Technical Writer. I have been working as Front End Designer since 2012. I am here to enhance your experience of using ThemeXpert Templates. I am going to post technical and instructional based information of ThemeXpert’s works by positing blogs and video tutorials. If you have any technical problem and technical question to ask to ThemeXpert Team, Just post your problem in our forum. You can also inform me in which part of template do you want to have blogs and video tutorials, Such as template installing problem, template version upgrading problem and so on.

I will provide your problem solving solution as soon as possible. You can also suggest me your desired feature that you want to have in our existing and upcoming templates. I will forward your suggestion to our Developer Team. I am here waiting for your response.

Have a good day :)

All 2013 Templates Updated to Support J3.2

All 2013 Templates Updated to Support J3.2

All of our 2013 Joomla Templates are updated to Support Joomla 3.2! I know we are late in the party but there are 2 major updates which hold us for a while. Firstly, we update all our templates to Expose 4.2.x which include several enhancement. In our previous blog post we mentioned all the changes in the latest release. Joomla 3.2 release in the middle of our updates so it took as a little extra time to ensure the compatibility.

Here is the list of templates updated :

  1. Optimus
  2. Gravity II
  3. Photon
  4. Focus
  5. Crunch
  6. Cohesion
  7. Zenith
  8. Delicious
  9. Simplex
  10. Extreme

Expose Menu Revamped

Expose Menu Revamped

Expose the framework behind all our Premium and Free Joomla templates has just got better! As part of our continuous development this time we look at the menu system and take it to a new level. We re-written the menu system from scratch and now its completely HTML/CSS3 powered.



Mega Menu

Not only we’ve re-written it from scratch we've added some cool dropdown animation which you can select for dropdown and all there sublevel. Thanks to the animate.css for there awesome creation. We also added option for rendering level, now you can select the number of level menu being render.

Split Menu

We’ve taken split me to a whole new level. Now you can select module position where the subnav will visible. Now you can set a menu title like module title and the menu comes with 2 orientation Horizontal/Vertical.

Off Canvas Menu

Here come the new child in the family. You know that nifty little menu hidden under the main Facebook app feed? Or the one that lives underneath the Path feed that reveals your friends list. We adapted this menu system for Expose so that you can use them today! Thanks to UIKit for their clean and tidy off-canvas plugin.

Need a demo? Head over to Expose demo site and resize the browser :)

Icon Menu

We’ve added another cool feature in the menu is Icon Menu. You will see a new option Menu Icon in the Expose Mega Menu settings. Write any icon name provided by Fontawesome and it will visible inside menu item.


Opt-out Fancy Menu and Dropline Menu

We removed Fancy menu from core and we’ve plan to bring it back in near feature with more feature and flexibility. We also decided to remove Dropline menu from core as Mega menu has all the feature it needed.

Icon in Module Title

b2ap3_thumbnail_icon_header.jpgNow you can load icon font in module title. Just write the icon name provided by FontAwesome in module class suffix box and you are done!.

Others changes

Menu codes are fully converted to LESS and now its extremely easy to change the menu style. Everything is now defined in variable and we are using hooks, so you don’t need to remeber the menu selector!

Minor but Significant Change in Framework

  • FontAwesome updated to 3.2.1
  • Removed all legacy codes
  • Dropped ie6 Warning widget
  • Removed all old jquery version and added latest version of 1.8.x series
  • All PHP error fix
  • Equal Height plugin loading fix

Flat and Thin Base Template

We updated Expose base template with more flat look and feel, new typography and try to make it image less.


More about expose Expose Demo

We are going to roll out an update of all our templates with this latest features, Hold tight.

[Preview] GravityII - E-commerce Template for Joomla

[Preview] GravityII - E-commerce Template for Joomla

Gravity II is the successor of our most downloaded Gravity template. Its been more than 3 years we released our first Free template Gravity and still we are getting support request! So we decided to make 2nd generation of Gravity template which will be part of our club release. 

Gravity II is an ecommerce template and support Virtuemart and Redshop out of the box. This is the first template we are giving support Redshop and i hope you will like it.


Full preview


Gravity II is our September Club template and will release next week.