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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

Making A Sustainable Business

Making A Sustainable Business

It's been a month you and our relationship just turned 4 years old. 2014 is really a memorable year, we are now at well-furnished office from a bedroom, touched milestone of 56K family members, gained half century in templates and have excellent and talented people in our team. Yes, in the mid 2014. ThemeXpert is looking healthy enough, with strong muscle and still six pack abs coming out.

Todays is fact that i am writing for, Our whole team pass bundle of minutes every day, performing brainstorming to provide you the most admirable service. Even more better and quick support to touch new milestones. All in all, our whole team are hungry to deliver you heap of happiness. To ensure to do so, we are going to make major changes in our pricing plan.

[New] Single Template Purchase

From the inception of ThemeXpert, we seldom changes our pricing and subscription model. The last major change was made on June 2013, In this turn we have tweaked our club pricing model to ensure your easy entrance and renewal with huge validity. Everyday we received numerous request for single template purchase and often people have difficulties to understand the club pricing model. So we have decided to enable single template purchase option. Here is the pricing model : 

Template Price $29-$49(based on design and features)
Download & Updates 12 months
Domain Usages Unlimited
Copyright Removal Yes
Support 12 months

Single template purchase is launched to increase our profitability and save our times. we believe that profitability lead us to sustainable company in days to come. It will really strengthen our longevity.

Price Updates on Club Membership


Our basic subscription price was the cheapest in Joomla template industry. As you know our whole 56k+ family members are Joomla developers or interested in Joomla. Basically developers want to associate with company with whom they can work for a long period. Even many of you are in ThemeXpert selecting the cheapest package to judge our product and support. In this circumstance, we already have the cheapest package “Single Template Subscription”. So, we doubled the validity of basic subscription but not the price.

[New] Life time validity for Pro subscription

Yes, you are going to get whole life subscription. This is the news for those guys, who always send us email to give them life time subscription. And Our maximum Pro members are Joomla developers or running their firm for website development with our templates. We are really grateful that you have given us such opportunity. So, we decided to our pro members lifetime subscription and ensure lifetime happiness.

Why This Changes?

After 4 years later, you guys cannot deny, you earn a lot from our template except more hiccups. Still we are striving to provide the best service ever. We've grown from one man army to 7 members team. All of them are in hectic to creating innovative products and service as well. Have a look on considerations & reasoning in making these changes :

  • Frankly speaking, the changes is about money
  • I think a faint question may poking in your curiosity. ‘What we will do with this profit and time ?’ From our perspective we have two areas of greater investment. 1) Hire the best template designers or developers, pay them handsome and allow them to spend enough time to experiment; and 2) Hire proficient support members to answer all incoming support questions and ticket as well.

What happened to existing users

The users have made purchases of membership plan before this declaration will remain grandfathered for our new pricing model with all previous facilities.

Basic plan subscribers will have each and every advantage, they experienced before. Even they can get forum supports for all our templates as usual and enjoy download access to all our templates until their membership expire.

I think, Standard and Pro subscribes are thinking, we circled their previous opportunity. The answer is ‘No’, you will have all the opportunities, as you were having before.


As a customer first company we always strive hard to provide best experience of our product and support. Feel free to comment below and share your thought to us, even ask us to explain for further clarification. We want to make everything clear as you see your face in the mirror :)

New pricing will going to take effect from next week, happy clubbing!

A Complete Joomla SEO Guide

A Complete Joomla SEO Guide

We at ThemeXpert, always keep bird eye view on the activities on Joomla community, forum as well as our personal clients. The question, we repeatedly face is why Joomla is not right out of the box SEO friendly as WordPress. The answer is pretty simple, each CMS runs with its own philosophy. There is not the such difference with Joomla! CMS. Joomla! concerns about security first.

you might be thinking Joomla doesn't care about SEO, right ? Let me give you total clarity. There are millions of websites running on the Joomla! CMS and their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position is pretty impressive. Even many of you have found themexpert and this article from Search Engine Result Page. And our running on Joomla! CMS.

So, you don’t need to worry about the SEO of your website. it’s pretty simple to make your Joomla website SEO friendly. It’s matter of few steps to go. Don’t think the steps are difficult to follow. For your convenience, we have created a complete joomla SEO guide for you. Here the steps, we discussed on the handy Joomla SEO guide.


  • Select a specialized web host
  • Rename robots.txt
  • Enable sef urls
  • Configure robots.txt
  • Use alt attribute
  • Redirect urls
  • Leverage browser cache
  • Create xml sitemap
  • Enable gzip compression
  • Enable MICRODATA

Read Now


Creating a SEO friendly website depends numerous factors, such on-page factors and off-page factors. Only on-pages factors are consist of hundred of factors. I have discussed most effective and popular of them. Hope it will help you a lot.

Have I missed any important steps to discuss ?

Eid Mubarak and Here is Our Gift For You

Eid Mubarak and Here is Our Gift For You

Eid-al-Fitr is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. The day is marked as the biggest religious holiday in the Islamic religion, Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated with joyful activities by the Muslim all round the world, after a month of fasting and prayer.

We are really proud to say that, each of our team members is fasting everyday and giving you top-tiered service in full swing. Even we are excited as well, our biggest religious holiday is knocking at the door.

As the holidays swiftly close, we would like to make you aware of the upcoming delays in our support response. Our support channels will be closed from July 26th to August 3rd.

I think, I am in a hurry, I am forgetting something. On Eid day we send gift to our dearest one. How can I forget you? I have huge gift for you, enjoy 30% flat discount on all membership till July 31th. Use coupon code EIDMUBARAK while checkout.

In case of emergency please contact us through our Contact page and we'll try our best to reply as soon as we can.

Thanks for being with us and wish you a very happy EID MUBARAK!!!!

We Are 4 Years Old

We Are 4 Years Old

In ThemeXpert, we celebrate with our co-members for the milestone we reach in every week, even in every month. But Today we reached to a milestone is really the biggest one without your presence, the excitement of celebration will be faint. I think you are start guessing the milestone. Yes, we are stepping on 5th year tomorrow and today is 4th birthday of ThemeXpert.

Since our first launch a lot of things has been changed and we experienced a lot. Our vision has not changed and still we are working to make our customers web life better.

While we are at ThemeXpert making wonderful Joomla template and extensions to make your Joomla website development experience easier. ThemeXpert are mostly for the members and partners who are associate with our family. You guys are the heroes of ThemeXpert acting behind the scenery. without you and your collaboration, ThemeXpert wouldn’t have any meaning. So, we are really fortunate to have all of you in our family.

Milestone reached in 4 years:

  • Started from bedroom moved to new office : ThemeXpert started from my bedroom with my friend and we moved to a 1500sqf office Jan 2014.
  • Remote Team to In-house : Before moving our office we worked remotely and now we work under same roof discuss about new and exciting features. This allow us to work fast and seamlessly. From 2 members we grown to 7 members team now.
  • 56K Members : We are now family of 56K+ members. 
  • 51 Template Released : We released 51 templates from our starting and we believe in quality over quantity. 
  • Expose Framework : The framework responsible for our template backend options and layout. We released v4 of it and working on v5 right now. We are hoping to release v5 in this quarter.

Apart from this major milestones we've reached so many small but important milestones, if I share all of these you will stop reading the post :)

We are thankful to you guys are really excited on this gala day, our all partners are excited as well. even some of them offers a major discount for our valuable family members. Meet with our partner companies and enjoy their discount coupon.

Huge 155% discount!

40% discount from ThemeXpert

Our birthday promotion has ended and the coupon has now expired.

15% discount from Tech Joomla

logo-compressed.pngTechJoomla is one of the biggest name in Joomla! arena. TechJoomla is mainly focused on providing innovative and top notch Joomla extensions and training for the Joomla community. Their popular extensions are - Social Ads, JGive, Invitex, JBolo and more. TechJoomla is celebrating our Birthday and giving 15% discount on all their products.

Enjoy 15% discount on all their product except Packs. Use this coupon code: TXBDAY14  while checkout. Discount is available till end of this month

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50% discount from iMaqma

logo-red.pngiMaqma is mostly renowned for its awesome support software(aka Helpdesk). Joomla! official site is using their software for JED and we are also using it. If you want to provide outstanding customer service there is not alternative of this software in Joomla!. iMaqma is celebrating our Birthday and giving 50% discount on all their products.

Enjoy 50% discount on all their product. Use this coupon code: HAPPYXPERT  while checkout. Discount is available till July 09th, 2014.

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50% discount from Arvixe

logo_hosting.pngArvixe is one of the noteworthy hosting company proving hosting service for Joomla websites especially. The guys behind the arvixe  are really helpful and awesome. Even based on their quality service and the fastest growing hosting companies in the world, Arvixe has received several awards from famous authorities. ThemeXpert demo sites are running on their server and we are very satisfied with their server performance and security. Arvixe is celebrating our Birthday and giving 50% discount on all their products.

Enjoy 50% discount on all their shared hosting plan. Use this coupon code: themexpert50  while checkout. Discount is available till July 09th, 2014.

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We are really grateful and thankful to you. It has been 4 years, you are with us. Even you guys directed us in so many circumstances. You can see we growing in each day and our each and every steps is taken to give you a quality and satisfactory service. We hope in the days to come, you will be with us and give us your valuable company and collaboration.

Upcoming Changes in Joomla Media Manager

Upcoming Changes in Joomla Media Manager

Media handling is one of the most essential feature in every CMS, In Joomla! Media handling is mainly performed from its Media Manager. Based on its importance, several discussions was popped out in cms-dev-mailing list. Many of unique and tremendous ideas coined up to improve Joomla Media Manager.

Assembling all scattered ideas Buddhima Wijeweera, Software Engineer at WSO2 and open source enthusiast not only refactored existing Media Manager UI, but also focused on refactoring internal coding, adding new features and improving user experience. Moreover recently this idea has been also added to Joomla! Roadmap (for Joomla! 3.9).


Current status

Currently, this project has reached to a level which can be tested and shown to Joomla community. But this is NOT THE END and it is NOT PERFECT. Through this project he tried to cover the gap between existing Media manager and what Media Manager should be. But, there are lots of things which can be done to improve Media Manager and carry out based on this project.

If you are interested in testing this current implementation, please go through the testing instructions section.

Project Repository :

Pull Request :

What’s NEW in New Media Manager?

This is the first & most-exciting question that a person gets when saying “NEW”. Of course, as he mentioned, this project not just to refactor existing things, but also about adding several new features as well. Let’s go through one-by-one.

1. New Media Manager Interface


You will notice a little changes in the media manager interface. Mostly some UX changes like move checkbox at bottom and added (x) button to delete the image. Thumbnails dimension has been changed, see below.

2. New Image Thumbnails


Image thumbnail has been redesigned. From the very first look, you can see the size has increased to give better preview of the image. Also select checkbox and delete icon has brought down so that image preview get more space.

Clicking on the image brings you to larger preview of the image and clicking on the name now brings you to new Image Editor view

3. New Categories


A new sub-menu has been introduced to the Media Manager to bring user to category view of Media. This media category is also a new feature comes with this implementation. With current implementation, user will get empty list of categories. However, But if you need to have at least one category to save an image in Media Editor (point 5).


4. New Drag & Drop Uploader


This is one of the coolest features introduced with this project. You can upload multiple files through this drag & drop uploader. The upload progress can also be seen. It is recommended to use files with names which are allowed in cms. If you are still interested in using conventional file uploader, you can have it by clicking “Regular Uploader”.

Special Note: It is very important to mention that, unlike earlier, now Media Manager saves uploaded files with a name consisting a hash value. It is taken for a security purpose. (Ref: But the title of file is set to the name of the file before uploading. Because of this hashing, user can upload files with same filename to CMS without any confusion.
Also, in media model, he has included a piece of code which will automatically add media information to database, incase if there are physical files which hasn’t a record in database table (#__ucm_core_content).

5. New Image Editor


This is the key feature introduced with this project. User can enter this by clicking the name at Media Manager. This allows you to modify media related data as other content types. Checkin & checkout capability is also added to this editor to avoid conflicts. Currently editor is limited to allowed image types only.

6. New Actions


With in the Editor, you can see few additional buttons in toolbar. Those are for image manipulations. Those actions are to use functionalities provided by JImage. Other than crop, every button gives you a modal popup to configure parameters for the manipulation. Changes do with these actions are non-reversible. Feel free to use those actions to make your photo fancy!

7. New Properties


The properties are used to update media information stored in the database. Through this project, he has introduced essential properties that are needed by a media. Please note that, when you change media title, it’ll not affect the physical filename.

8. New Image Tagging


Similar to other content in Joomla!, now images can have tags. he believes this will be very useful for websites which deal heavily with images, photo albums, etc.

9. New Image Manager UI


In addition to the Media Manager, this project focused on refactoring the image-manager. Now the image manager has a clearer view than before. he brought image properties to right side and moved image uploader into a new tab. That change helped image manager to give more space for image thumbnails.

10. New MVC


Not just from outside, but this project made Media Manager new even on the inside. Along with this project, Media Manager has moved to new MVC. For this purpose he has used what has currently in joomla! and 3 new classes related to model. Introducing new mvc to core components is an ongoing project and this will help that project to accelerate.

11. New Forms, Fields and Layouts


To fulfill the requirements and for reusability, this project introduced new layouts, fields and forms for com_media. In here I need to mention that currently the editor uses the image form that resides in form folder and, in future developers can add more forms to support other types of media as well.

12. New Content-Types


com_media.image : content-type for media-images
com_media.category : content type for media categories

You must add these records to __content_types before testing this project. he believes, in future, there will be, content types as Media Manager starts to support audio and video formats.

Testing instructions

If you want to play with this new Media Manager like us it is highly recommended to go through following instructions before testing.

1. The recommended way to test this project is to get a clone of project branch[6] separately. And then add the above (point 12) mentioned content-types into content-type table in joomla database. since this implementation will add new entries to database, this method will not affect your ongoing development.

2. Still, you can also use PR tester or any other preferred method, and you need to add above (point 12) mentioned content-types into content-type table in joomla database. If you do not worry about adding new entries into your database, you can go ahead with this method.


Our total team are always in hectic in improving your experience to use Joomla. Our utmost endeavor to share ins and out of using Joomla in smart way. Though the change in Media Manager is going to be added in 2015, we have informed a bit earlier so that you can be prepared to welcome these helpful features in advance.

Tell which new features could be added in Media Manager ?

Creating Joomla Education Website Has Never Been Easier - Meet EduXpert

Creating Joomla Education Website Has Never Been Easier - Meet EduXpert

It is the start of June, many of you have been frequently browsing our template category page to download our newest template at its first blink. So, guys count down is over, ThemeXpert is going to add an unique beeze to the stunning template collection, The breeze is EduXpert The Responsive Joomla Education Template.

EduXpert comes with majestic layout with trendy and clean design. The template has extensively and exclusively crafted for educational and online course portal for Joomla. EduXpert is well-equipped with an extended support of GURU (Learning Management System) and JomSocial. Along with K2, Easyblog, custom pages and maximum presets, you can start your online educational Joomla website anytime, anywhere.

Live Demo Download Now


Smart Teaching Platform with Guru

We have crafted a beautiful, responsive, modern and intuitive platform for training to prompt your student to learn. With Eduxpert and Guru, you can provide your student a unique ID a, profile page, certificate, fun and many more.

Teach unlimited course

Creating unlimited online courses with modules & lessons from scratch could be time consuming. With EduXpert, you can easily add as many courses in your Joomla CMS as you want and manage them from course mananger.

Exam and Cirtification

Exam and certification are the equivalent part of an educational institution. Exams leads to test your students’ skill and their learning. Certificate helps to earn a well-respected credential to demonstrate their expertise in the marketplace. EduXpert has combined all under the same roof.

Earn Money

You are the individual who have special knowledge that people will want to pay to get, Even students from different countries want learn from you and pay. If you want to cover all of them, EduXpert could help you in the long run. with EduXpert you can sell your course anywhere, anytime you want.

Jomsocial Integration

Social networking is a powerful tool for both teachers and students. A statistic shows on mashable. A seventh grade teacher Elizabeth Delmatoff started a pilot social media program in her Portland. Delmatoff’s students’ grades and attendance improved dramatically. So, in eduXpert we ingerated JomSocial, the most powerful social network component available exclusively for Joomla.


Our each and every effort is to release a unique template in all turn. We always care about your need and necessity. So, we craft our template in a simple way so that you can customize any of template easily. Even we are providing essential tutorials in blog and in our tutorial directory to enhancing your proficiency.

Can you inform us what more features we have missed on EduXpert ?

Enjoy up to 30 % discount!

Use coupon EDUXPERT to get 10% on Basic, 20% on Standard and 30% Pro membership.

Live Demo Download Now

Get Ready to Play With Our 50th Template Sportz

Get Ready to Play With Our 50th Template Sportz

FIFA World Cup - The greatest event on the earth is going to be a hot topic over the next few weeks. The whole world has already dipped into Football craze. They don’t want to miss single news of the majestic event.

We know, you guys are early waiting for a template this month and we've been preparing our 50th template to cover this majestic event. Sportz gives your news site a new look and sufficient advertisement space. So, ladies and gentlemen get ready to welcome a template, Sportz .

Sportz is a responsive Joomla 3.3 news template. Sportz is is a visually rich template for showcasing news with attractive imagery. The template comes with maximum custom pages, preset styles and extensions that allow you to add a variety of functionality to suit your needs. The blur background in news details prompts your visitors to read news spontaneously. Sportz is not limited to only sports site, you could make possibly any news site you want.

Live Demo Download Now

Built with Modern Technology


Modern Technology covers many creative disciplines and exact solution of previous experience. Sportz offers a wide range of latest advantages. The template is built with Joomla 3, Bootstrap, HTML5 and Expose Framework.

Maximum Vibrant Preset Styles


Colors are one of the important parts of a website experience. Colors bear the testimony of your works. We are striving to give those colors that you want to have at your website. Spotz has different type of fascinating color style by default. You can have your expected color on the site only giving a click.

Our Powerful Extensions


Our developesr having expertness in making Joomla extensions are engaged in improving template professionalism and interactivity. So, we have tried to grow up Sportz providing our own extensions. Our extensions help to run your website endlessly. The extension included in Sportz, they are- Xpert Scroller, Xpert Slider, Xpert Captions, Xpert Contents, Xpert Tabs, Xpert Tweets etc.

Right To Left (RTL) Language Layout


Expose Framework supports RTL layout at core. Our developer team are in hectic to make Sportz, RTL specific. Sportz will be RTLised very soon. So guys stay connected. you will be informed via blog post.


Our each and every effort is to release a unique template in all turn. We always care about your need and necessity. So, we craft our template in a simple way so that you can customize any of template easily. Even we are providing essential tutorials in blog and in our tutorial directory to enhancing your proficiency.

Can you suggest us what more features are you expecting in a News Portal ?

Enjoy up to 50 % discount!

Use coupon 50TEMPLATE to get 15% on Basic, 30% on Standard and 50% Pro membership.

20 Templates Updated to Joomla 3.3

20 Templates Updated to Joomla 3.3

It's been a while Joomla! has released its most stable and powerful version Joomla3.3 and according to our plan, we have had a clock ticking to update all our Expose4 based template to Joomla3.3. The time has come, we have updated 20 templates in first batch! 

Not only we have updated the Quickstart packages but also re-examined the templates and made necessary bug fixes. Here is the list of 20 templates updated to Joomla3.3


3 E-commerce templates(Boost, GravityII, Vibration) from this list have been updated to Joomla3.3 but due to Virtuemart Joomla3 incompatibility, we didn't updated the Quickstart packages.

Celebrating Zenith's First Birthday And Introducing ZenithII

Celebrating Zenith's First Birthday And Introducing ZenithII

When you look for a free, responsive, bootstrap-based and popular Joomla template, Zenith always pops up right ahead of you. Zenith has been downloaded over 100K from our site and more from our partner site.

We are really excited to present ZenithII on its first birthday celebration. Exactly a year ago we created Zenith and it was a huge success. Join our mailing list (below) and we’ll send you the gift right into your inbox.

ZenithII is a FREE Joomla 3 template which serves as a perfect starting point for any Joomla business and portfolio site. However possibilities are endless to your creativity. If you want to kick start your Journey to web, ZenithII will take you to long way ahead.

Live Demo Download Now

Many of Custom Pages


Custom pages in ZenithII, simplify your life. Here you can kick start your ideas with our pre-built pages in the shortest span of time. Meet the pages, we provide in ZenithII. Pages are Meet the Team, Service Pages, Pricing Tables, Faq Page, Testimonial Page, About Us Pages, Portfolio Pages, Contact Pages, Bonus Pages Including Joomla core pages.

Our Extensions


Our developer having expertness in making Joomla extensions are engaged in improving template professionalism and interactivity. So, we have tried to grow up ZenithII providing our own extensions. Our extensions help to run your website endlessly. The extension included in ZenithII, they are- brand new Xpert Gallery module, Xpert Tabs, Xpert Accordion.

Xpert Gallery


Xpert Gallery is brand new and top-tier Joomla module that will mesmerize you visitors attention in the first glance. The module is light-weight built with JQuery. It can tailor with any other devices and joomla versions. so, enjoy one extra dimensional gift with Zenith

EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss Integration


Blogs are one of the finest parts of a website. Business blogs pave the way of communicating with targeted customers and employees regularly. Blogs can easy be published and updated in single minutes. So, we provided EasyBlog in ZenithII. EasyBlog is a joomla blog which powers more than 50,0000 joomla sites. Support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It can add a fuel in planning, training, maintenance etc for you company. So, we added EasyDiscuss for you. EasyDiscuss is the best question & answer extension for Joomla.

Live Demo Download Now