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News and Updates of all ThemeXpert products and activities.

DigiCom - Selling Digital Products With Joomla Has Never Been Easier

DigiCom - Selling Digital Products With Joomla Has Never Been Easier

When we started ThemeXpert back in 2010, selling our templates and extensions was the biggest challenge for us (even still it is). Technology has been evolved so fast in 4 years and we saw several good software for Joomla, but the pain remain unchanged.

Our Story of Frustration

First, we tried Virtuemart extension for handling orders and download. Virtuemart is good for selling tangible products. It’s bottled with tons of features, most of them are never used.

Then we switched to Mighty Membership, a membership extensions. For this extension we had to change our business model and entered to subscription based selling model. We are still in this model but we started selling single template from last year which is another painful story.

Membership extension doesn’t have any download manager built-in, which completely makes sense but doesn’t fit us. We had to use separate download manager, and the pain began.

In 2013 we finally migrated to PayPlan which is also a membership extension comes with lot of integration. PayPlan integration with download manager such as PhocaDownload is a real relief for us.

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Free Shorcode Accordion Builder for WordPress - Meet Xpert Accordion

Free  Shorcode Accordion Builder for WordPress - Meet Xpert Accordion

Guys it has a long since to post blogs, You might know the reason behind. As you know at the beginning of this year, our CEO published a blog post titled 2014 Year In Review for ThemeXpert. There he mentioned all our plans for 2015. Yes, we all are at ThemeXpert HQ running for the goal. A team is making DigiCom, another team is preparing for WordPress and Joomla template. And one more team is working for Joomla and WordPress plugin. Today I am here with great announcement. We are going to release an interactive shortcode WordPress accordion builder, XpertAccordion and it's absolutely FREE.

XpertAccordion is a highly customizable shortcode accordion builder for WordPress. A user can generate unlimited accordion sets anywhere in posts and pages with artistic UI. The XpertAccordion plugin comes with bundle of opportunity such easy style switching, shorting and many more awesome features. The plugin builds with ThemeXpert's own prefixes to avoid CSS conflict with other vendor plugins. Have a look on the plugin feature.

Key Feature

  • Xpert Accordion is responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
  • Limitless accordion anywhere in the theme
  • Use via short-codes
  • Numerous preset styles
  • Draggable accordion items for easy sorting
  • Live accordion header change
  • Selectable icon for accordion titles
  • Live icon change with each selection
  • Awesome input field for accordions content.
  • Bootstrap framework.
  • Less for quick customization
  • Gulp for instant workflow
  • Highly customized for User Experience
  • Slick Frontend and backend UI
  • Form Validation with color changes
  • Add and remove accordion item from backend.
  • Font Awesome Icon Support

Installation and Usage

The plugin is easy to install. It can the same process as the other. Have a look in the steps

Step 01

When you successfully instaled the plugin, it’ll add a button call XpertAccordion right to the Media Button in the WordPress admin panel. Have a look in the image below.


Step 02

The placement of the button could be different when your WordPress site is loaded with other plugins. One Click on the button the following screen appears


Step 03

With the select style dropdown you can switch between the predefined styles for you accordion. When you click on Add New button it will start adding accordion items for. You can all add icons for your items header from the search accordion drop down. When you have done with adding items for your accordion list. Click submit and the following screen comes up.


Step 04

If you want to update the items you can do it from screen above. Have a look on the short code structure.

[xa_acc style="xa-default" ]
[xa_slide title="Accordion Title 01" icon="Select Icon---"]Content[/xa_slide]
[xa_slide title="Accordion Title 02" icon="Select Icon---"]Content[/xa_slide]
[xa_slide title="Accordion Title 03" icon="Select Icon---"]Content[/xa_slide]

Though don't need to understand short code by yourself, Xpert Accordion will generate for you. If you want to update your accordion set manually. It takes three parameters to change accordion title, style and title icons.

Styles parameters:

If you don't select any style for your accordion set. It will give you xa-default style. If you change your accordion style. Just pass the following parameters for the custom styles.

  1. xa-default
  2. xa-style1
  3. xa-style2
  4. xa-red
  5. xa-blue
  6.  xa-red
  7. xa-yellow



Icon Parameters

You don't need to touch shortcode parameter for title icons if you select them correctly while creating items. If you want to update them. Just add the icon name. Xpert accordion supports FontAwesome icons. FontAwesome come with fa fa` prefix with each individual icon. Xpert accordion will add the prefix automatically for you. You need only pass the icon name. .



Title Parameter

Title parameter will add the title for your accordion items header. You want to update or change the title just update the text form the title parameters.


title=”Updated Title”

Step 05

When you are done with setting, click on the update button it will generate the following screen in the front end. If you select the xa-blue style for you.



I think you will enjoy with the feature of the Xpert accordion. If you have any question to ask regarding this plugin. Please comment below, I bet I’ll answer you soon.

Its Time To Switch Your Website Theme

Its Time To Switch Your Website Theme

In our previous post we told you that a lot of exciting WordPress stuff is coming from us. I'm delighted to announce the immediate availability of Switch theme for WordPress. Its a one page business team packed with the latest technology and love. Oh yes, it's absolutely FREE!

Switch is onepage responsive WordPress theme come to delight your business efficiency. It's crafted with top-tired technology and will be your complete handy tool for your business. Each and Every parts of this Switch theme is properly combined with balanced items that is good enough to mesmerize your clients. So you can easily highlight your all kinds of business motto and much needed corporate niches.

 If you want to show your new business, corporate, portfolio website or makeover in a elite way, switch would only be the practical and deliberate choice for you. So lets start exploring the theme.  

Switch comes with a full clean layout with and it would be an exceptional way to show your personal or business. You need not to be much hurry to scroll down and down because all things are stated at the top of your website. You will see each and every item chronologically in the same screen. I assure you that it rapidly uplift your visitors and convert them into your clients.  


Its user friendly option will allow to show your Product Feature more visible to the visitors. It ensures about your product loss and benefits noticeable and keep the best product into the first place. I know you won't believe , so install and explore yourself.      

Switch can be your prototype, it's about us option let you to showoff yourself in a productive way. and you also point out best comments from your clients.  

This well organised and developed theme always be with a simple, stretchable Redux framework. It supports a multiple data type fields, custom error handling and validation types as well as combine with lots more function.    

Performance is yours and our responsibility to show it in a delicate way. That's why, the portfolio section of Switch theme could be your only one place to show the key components of yours with a hassle free options. 


As a businessman or corporate person you must need to have proper identification of your own teams. Here Switch would be the best option to show your teammates in a organised way. Here you will get the favor to add your team members as much as you can.

Its contact option combines with extra flavor to make perfect business deal with ensure your existence by locating your place.

Oh lastly i have to remind about the latest technology we used in this theme. It's merged with the upto date WordPress version and higher, Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and Redux Framework. And i know you will worth enough to change your taste to select a perfect website of yours.   

Meet BizCorp FREE and First Blog WordPress Theme from ThemeXpert

Meet BizCorp FREE and First Blog WordPress Theme from ThemeXpert

2015 is the important year for themexpert, we have sketch out a long list of milestone to reach. As a team member, I am proud to announce that, we, all close-knits are working hard to sail the vessel toward the destination. In the beginning of this year our CEO wrote a review of our 2014 activities and announce what coming next. After that announcement you might be waiting for a serial of good announcements, right? So stop your countdown. I’m here with big “W”. What is the big “W” ?

It’s WordPress, Now we are going to launch a service that includes FREE and PREMIUM WordPress themes. For the inauguration of WordPress service, we have a great a gigantic gift for you. Do you know what the gift? It’s free and smart looking Blog WordPress themes, BizCorp. The template is slick, simple and easily adaptable with any viewing devices. Have a look on the template preview.



Business Model

I know, a question faint question might be blinking in your head. If I’m right, you are concerned about the business model of this service. The model is pretty simple, in the turn of WordPress, we’ll approach a bit differently than Joomla!. For every premium version of the WordPress theme, we'll publish free, lightweight and basic version of the theme. So that you can have an initial taste of our upcoming templates.


BizCorp is the FREE and light version of our upcoming premium blog WordPress themes. I hope you find it helpful and easy to start your blog right away. If you have any question or any suggestion to provide us regarding upcoming template, feel free to comment below.

Good News: Create Your FREE Joomla Hosted Website in 30 Seconds

Good News: Create Your FREE Joomla Hosted Website in 30 Seconds

We all know Joomla! is one of the world’s most popular open source content management system (CMS) running with millions of user base and active Joomla community. Even hundreds of thousands of small businesses, governments, non-profits and large organizations worldwide like Citibank, eBay, General Electric, Harvard University, Ikea, McDonald's and Sony found Joomla awesome.

To universalize and maximize it popularly of Joomla!, on January 20, 2015 Joomla! announced the launch of its new service Joomla.com. In Joomla.com users can create and build their own website freely hosted Joomla website for an unlimited time, that's hosted by SiteGround.

Though the service comes with limited features, but enough for those who are currently choosing free hosted options with other website building solution. Experts are assuming this service will add an acceleration in Joomla popularity as userbase as well. Because before this service, there was no such way for new user to experience Joomla CMS.

The President of Open Source Matters Inc. Sarah Watz says:  “I’m very excited because the new service at joomla.com makes Joomla! CMS a more accessible option than ever.”

You migh be curious about what features do Joomla.com includes. Here are the list:

  • Hosting of the website is FREE.
  • pre-installed Joomla itself
  • Free site name at the joomla.com subdomain (ex: mywebsite.joomla.com).
  • Comes pre-installed with 5 additional extensions ( Google analytics, Google maps integration, Disqus powered comments and social media sharing options )
  • 2 templates installed
  • Automatic updates
  • No Advertising
  • Joomla backend could be translated in 50+ language
  • Easy to upgrade to a fully hosted service with your own selected domain name
  • Unlimited Core Joomla CMS functionality


In ThemeXpert, we are hopeful with Joomla.com. Before being a dedicated user of a CMS, every new user wants to have the real experience of that. Now Joomla! Includes that privilege. What do you think about it?

2014 Year In Review for ThemeXpert

2014 Year In Review for ThemeXpert

2014 is been a great year for us. From remote team to physical office, single person to a enthusiastic team and many more. We attended many workshop, seminar, conference as mentor, speakers and organizer. 2014 was the turning year for our company and thought us many things.

Struggle and Learning

  • Scaling our team from 3 to 11 was really challenging and required significants improvement to our on-boarding process, workflow, communication system. We tested a lots of tools and software to make thing easier and I'll share the details on another post.
  • Finding right people for right job is the most tedious and challenging work for us.
  • Communication is key and we still struggling to improve it. We've tried our best last year but I must admit we didn't reach our goal yet.
  • We were unable to focus on data mining and customer interest point as it deserved.
  • We worked on several internal projects but failed to public it due to resources and competence.


  • We moved to our 1500sft office from remote working place.
  • We created video courses on Joomla!
  • We created Joomla! SEO Guide.
  • We wrote 53 blog post and all are very rich in content.
  • We rewrote our documentation and moved to github for collaboration.
  • We allowed one developer to submit his template and that was really successful.
  • We started selling single template.
  • We created 2 free ghost themes.
  • We worked on some Wordpress themes and they are yet to release.
  • We worked on Digital Product selling component for Joomla and will release very soon.
  • We started taking custom project in very limited scope and successfully delivered it.
  • We have had our yearly adventure tour to Bandarban.
  • We redesigned our website 4th time.

 Plans for the new year

  • We'll improve communication with clients and on-boarding process.
  • Expose Framework will be re-written from scratch.
  • We'll release our projects that we've failed to release last year.
  • We'll focus on quality and user experience over quantity.

A big thank you 

Without you we are nothing and from my bottom of heart I'd like to thank you for being with us and trust us. 2015 is a exciting year for us and we hope to deliver some awesome product this year.

We Going on a Trip Wish You Happy Holiday and Happy New Year

We Going on a Trip  Wish You Happy Holiday and Happy New Year

We are a week away to say goodbye 2014, 2014 was really a memorable year in our ThemeXpert history. You all know, we started our journey from a tiny bedroom, and now we serve 59k+ clients from 1500 sqft office where 12 team members come at the office as bees every morning and get back to their beehives in the evening. But all our colleagues seldom get time make fun with each other while commuting home to office.

As the 2015 quickly approach, we decided to go on a trip where we’ll spend a couple of days and make lots of fun before New Year come along. To take this opportunity, we want you to be aware of the potential in our all support channels.

We believe hard working is key to produce the best products and services for our customers. But we also believe, giving a chance to our team heads spending a joyful moments will add an extra value in our every product and service.


This is the only reason behind to close all our support channels from December 26 to 30, We'll back at your service with full power on 31 December .

During December 26 to 30, you can purchase our all Joomla! Templates and club members as usual and access to all resources as well as documentation. Even you can login your own Themexpert account and download templates. If it’s an emergency, please visit to our Contact Us page, and submit your issue. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.

So, Our backpacks are ready, trains tickets are on hand. Just waiting for train coming on the platform. Happy New Year to all.

Enjoy Upto 50% Mighty New Year Deals First Time From ThemeXpert

Enjoy Upto 50% Mighty New Year Deals First Time From ThemeXpert

Every year we set new year's resolution at ThemeXpert HQ to reach our numerous milestones. All milestones are set to give you extreme service from our end. We’re glad to announce, we have been able to reach maximum goals, that we set at the beginning of this year. Have a look at them.

  • We moved 1500 sqft office from a bedroom, and its quite spacious to perform our daily task.
  • We start from 3 members in team, now we've an acting football team. I mean 12 members in team.
  • Our client base is about to reach on 60k.
  • We've 50+ templates in our template directory.
  • Our support executives are instructed to available 24/7 for chat and forum support. 

Oops!! I might have forgotten something. In the beginning of a new year. You must have your own new year's resolution. and you need to fill your joomla toolbox in this occasion. Here is the New Year gift from ThemeXpert family. Enjoy 50% discount on BASIC, STANDARD as well as Single Template subscription plan, 30% discount on PRO membership plan.

 Want to join or re-join our template club ?

Now the best time to gain access to all our 54 Joomla template, For your convenience, I have mention bellow all club membership price after discount.

Basic Membership: The regular price is $69 /6 months, after 50% discount : $34.5 /6 months 

Standard Membership: The regular price is $99 /12 months, after 50% discount: $49.5 /12 months

Pro Membership: The regular price is $249 / Life time, after 15% discount it's now $211.65 / Life Time

This special discount on our products is valid until Monday 5 January, 2015. Use the coupon code: NEWYEAR15 while checkout.

Here is our partners who are also providing discount on their product for you.


Enjoy FLAT 10% OFF on all paid products of TechJoomla, Hurry Up!! 



 Validity: 31st Dec and 1st Jan

Visit Techjoomla Website

Nafario Update - EasyBlog, RTL, Revolution Slider And Many More

Nafario Update - EasyBlog, RTL, Revolution Slider And Many More

Nefario has been released about two months ago and we proud to share that Nefario is now in the queue of one of the most downloaded template in ThemeXpert history. We are glad as well, you are cooperating with us and sending feature requests with your warm appreciation. We are really thankful for your appreciation and feature requests. But It requires a handsome amount of time to implement all your requested features. But don’t worry, we have already added some necessary features and update in Nefario. Have look on the new features and the update we added.

  • EasyBlog Support 
  • Quickstart Joomla 3.3.6  
  • Full RTL Support  
  • Revolution Slider updated to version 2
  • FontAwesome Updated to version 4.2.0

We have Great news for Nafario lovers. If you want to have Easyblog on your Nafario, Stackideas provides 20% discounts to all Themexpert account holders on Easyblog and rest of their extensions. Use is the 20% discount coupon code BLOGXPERT20.