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EasyDiscuss 4 - Joomla Forum Engine At Its Best

EasyDiscuss 4 - Joomla Forum Engine At Its Best

2016 is going to be a great year for Joomla! lovers. Last week we released Quix the most advanced page builder for Joomla and yesterday our friend at StackIdeas released EasyDiscuss 4!

EasyDiscuss is the only piece of software we use to help our customer for their support enquiries. StackIdeas the company behind the product has taken the forum into new height and we are really excited about it. Why we are excited? Glad you have asked.

EasyDiscuss 4 brings some awesome feature in table that will help us to give your more robust support than ever. Here is my favourite feature list :

Forum View

This is the most missing feature on previous version and EasyDicuss 4 finally comes with the forum view and I know most of you will like the view.

Private Ticket

Now you can ask question privately and only our support agents can see them. You can use yoru forum as ticketing system, isn't it great?

Prioritizing Ticket

We often get lost with support request and bug report. This feature now allow us to filter and prioritize our tasks better.

Slack Integration

Starting this year we completely moved to Slack and this integration is my fav one. From now one, we’ll get notification whenever you ask anything or reply your post instantly.

Better Reporting

Now we can see what's going inside the support system using a birds eye view. This will help us to monitor forum activity deeply.

Besides my favourites, there are lot more feature that makes EasyDicuss4 the absolutely best forum and support software for Joomla. If you ever need a question answer or forum extension for Joomla, EasyDiscuss is the answer.


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