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How Effective Are Welcome Emails?


 A welcome email is a message you send to your new subscribers. Sending a welcome email is an effective way of providing new subscribers with company highlights, customer stories, and information about your products and services.

But just how effective are welcome emails? Allow the data to answer the question for you.


Welcome emails have read rates that are 42% higher than the average email, open rates of 91.43%, and click-through rates (CTR). Furthermore, they can increase your unique open rates by 86% and unique click-through rates (CTR) by 196%.

Revenue Generation

With a median ROI of 122%, personalizing your email marketing is one of the best ways you can boost your revenue. This is especially true for welcome emails.

Welcome emails that include offers can boost your revenue by 30% per email, compared to emails that don't include offers. Relevant messages also drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

In addition, welcome emails generate 320% more revenue per email than other types of emails and three times more transactions per email than your other promotional emails. 

Welcome Email Personalization

Today's consumers are looking for more and more personalization. In fact, 90% of consumers find content that it customized useful, and 74% of marketers state that personalization increased their brand's customer engagement

Personalizing your emails can improve your CTR by an average of 14% and your conversion rates by 10%. Personalized subject lines can also increase your open rates by 26%, and personalized emails have transaction rates that are six times higher than non-personalized emails.

Customers like the feeling of being welcomed when they walk into an establishment. Email marketing is no different, so use welcome emails for your benefit. Encourage conversions by sending welcome messages that are timely, personalized, and engaging. While you're at it, make it easier for yourself by taking advantage of email marketing automation.

Gain more insight by checking out the amazing infographic below.

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Quix Optimize - Joomla Image Optimization Made Easy


Its the beginning of another new month and here we are in front of you with another exciting feature for Quix. We call it Quix Optimize because it will optimize the images of your site and boost the performance. Last month we have released a devastating feature called 'Quix Rank', which helps you to optimize the SEO of your website by yourself.

And now Quix optimize is here to optimize all your images with one click, without compromising the quality. You do not need to use any third party tool or any application to optimize your images. Quix optimize will do it for you and your valuable time will be saved.

Let's see what Quix Optimize has brought for you. 

Image Compression & Re-optimization

A large page usually becomes a burden for your site and the size may increase due to large images. It will slow down the loading on the end of your client's browser. This will hamper a lot in your web business and therefore image compression is very much important.

The optimize feature will compress all of your big images in a balanced way. With just one click and all of your images will be optimized. If you want you can control the quality of compression. Consider decreasing the value of quality from Global Settings > Quix Configuration, if the size is big. Then just get back to your page and click on 'Re-Optimize' and your images will be re optimized according to your preference. 

Image srcset with Image Resize & Regeneration for Each Device

Optimizing images along with resizing for different devices and then placing them all over your site is very much tough. This will not only kill your valuable time but also take hard work from you. The srcset of Quix optimize will help you to resize your images automatically for different sizes of display.

Currently it resizes for 5 type of display width sizes - 

  • Large Desktop(1900) 
  • Desktop(1400)
  • Tablet(1024)
  • Mobile(786)
  • Mini Screen(400). 

You don't need to do anything manually at all. One more benefit of srcset is, you can set different images for the same place in different devices.

For example, you can set an image of a house for desktop size display, an image of a tree for the tablet size display and an image of a bird for mobile size display. You have the freedom to set any image for any devices at anywhere. 

Generate WebP Format Image For Mobile

WebP is a very popular lossless image format used in a website. This format allows you to optimize your images at a hence that it will look exactly the same but the size will be extremely small. With Quix optimize you can easily generate webP format image.


 Waiting is something that we all hate, in fact, a huge percent of your traffic might drop due to waiting while your site loads. This load time may increase for different reasons, one of the reason is loading every image at once. This problem can be solved with lazy loading as it loads the images as your visitor scrolls down the page.

It will improve your page load time a lot. Facebook, Youtube, and a lot other major websites are using lazyload and now you can use it with lazy load.

New Dashboard

A brand new dashboard has been added with this version of Quix. In this dashboard, you can see the status of total optimization in one place. It will let you know how much space you save with QuixOptimize feature.

You will be able to see your recent pages with SEO score along with image optimization status in the right side.

Updated Help Board

Help board is now organized with more help contents and links. You can check your system requirements from here. If you are not up to date with the system, there will be cross icon rise up at here.

Final Words

 So give your site a big boost with this new feature. In later time we will introduce more optimization and exciting features, till then stay with us. Let us know your thought regarding this new feature through comment box. 

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6 Tools for Social Media Management of 2019


Managing your activity on social networks requires time. Whether you are a blogger, a community manager or have a company, you need to use these platforms. And since it is impossible to be everywhere at the same time, the tools for the automation of social networks and social media, in general, have become essential.

We're not going to lie to you; we were lazy to write this article. We reviewed the best social network management tools, their characteristics, their prices, etc. It is a difficult task that we knew was going to take us quite an amount of time.

Some time ago when we thought about it, we told ourselves that there were already many articles about this on the internet, and there are always other exciting topics to write about. But a few days ago one of our readers suggested to us that we should write a post about these tools, and after thinking about it, we decided to face the task. We are sure that there are many of these tools that aren't well known, and we have no doubt that there will be some tools to automate your social networks we mentioned in this post that may spark your interest.


What is Buffer? Undoubtedly many times you have asked if there is any tool that allows you to program your publications. Especially in those times when you hardly have time for anything.

I already imagine you with your eyes wide open, rubbing your hands and asking what Buffer is and why you didn't previously know it.

Well not to make you suffer more, I'll explain what Buffer is and how it works so that you can get all the juice to this tool.

Buffer is a tool that allows you to program your publications in different social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram). In this way, it allows you to free some of the workload and plan when you want to publish, without having to be connected at that moment.

With the saved time, you can invest in other tasks that you must do and continue to have an active presence in the different social platforms. That doesn't mean that you dedicate yourself to automate all publications and don't pay attention to your followers.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to generate engagement with them and not only to publish. You must communicate with fans or customers, create conversation, listen to them, etc. Never forget that you are dealing with people.

It is a very easy to use tool, that offers you other features, besides programming, which we will see later. If you want to know a bit more about Buffer, you can do it on Wikipedia. There is also the option to download it for your smartphone in Google Play or Apple Store.

Well, we're going to dive into what you're interested in, which is to see how this tool works so you can start programming your publications.

How Buffer Works 

The first thing you should do is go to Once there, you have to log in, clicking on the option that is inside the box.

You can do it with your Twitter, Facebook, Linkediaccount or with your email. The most comfortable is to use some of the profiles that you are going to use to program, for example, usually use the Twitter one. Once done, you have to follow a series of steps to configure it:

  • It asks you if you want to add another social network.
  • You set your time zone and the format of the hours (24 hours or AM/PM).
  • If you want to propose the best times to publish or prefer to create it manually.
  • In case you want to create it manually, it asks you how many publications you want to do and which day of the week.
  • Finally, can activate the tracking of the clicks they make in your posts.

Once everything is correctly configured, it takes you to the main screen of the tool. The next time you connect and use the profile that you have already set up for it, it will take you directly to the main screen. But remember that you must have that social network open when it comes to login, though it will ask for the username and password of that network to connect.


TweetDeck is a tool to manage Twitter accounts, it will be easier for you to be a successful community manager with this tool. Being a community manager is a job that consists of many edges, it is not just about having the internet at home and being a fan of social networks. Now with all the competition that there is, it is essential to have reliable tools on which to lean on so that stress and pressure don't overtake you. And this is something that needs consideration.

Among these tools there are many promising features emerged that later eliminated or must be paid to obtain them.So today for people who are just entering the world of social media and want to become professionals, I will present TweetDeckThis is an application for effectively manage different Twitter accounts in a simple and freeway.

Steps to Use TweetDeck 

The first thing you should know is,TweetDeck will help ensure you're better organized. TweetDeck assists you so, you have control over all the Twitter accounts that you administer and from one place. Practically at the same time which makes it quite attractive. Other web applications do almost the same as this, however, none at such deep or reliable levels.

To enter TweetDeck and start enjoying your benefits, first you must have a Twitter account with which you can access the application. Once inside you will see that there are several columns: home, Notifications, Messages, and Activity. These columns can be administered by you since there is the option to add columns. There are a lot of options for you to add those that you consider necessary to be aware and interact effectively with the users you want.

Even if your preferred browser is Google Chrome, there is an extension so you can change the size of the columns, move them from a site and place them as you are more comfortable to you at the time of use.

As said before, in TweetDeck, you can manage several Twitter accounts within the same application. What you must do is to add them one by one in the option "Add Account / Add Account." There you can place the username, the password and you will have access to the same columns that you have already added.

Program Tweets and Interact from the platform: one of the most applauded features of TweetDeck is that you can program an infinite number of tweets for each of the accounts you have added, and these will be published on the date and time you choose without having to worry about it.

If you program it, be assured that your followers will be able to see it from the moment you decided, whether you are in front of the computer or not.It is taking a burden off you.

You have many options to manage everything you can imagine Twitter. From searching for tweets using keywords and filtering the results by user, content or activity, set specific notifications.

The potential of TweetDeck for managing multiple Twitter accounts is incredible. TweetDeck is also a social network that currently has a vast audience that exceeds 319 million active users, so it remains highly positioned - 11 years after its founding - as one of the most important social networks.

On the other hand, if you are starting, and you want to become a professional community manager, am sure that these strategies to optimize your social networks will also work for you to continue taking steps in favor of your learning.This will translate into income for you as for the owners of the accounts you manage.


Ware going to talk about a tool that hides under an unpronounceable name such as Socialoomph, but that is very good for you to manage your Facebook and Tweeter accounts associated with your online store in a very efficient, fast and straightforward way. With it, you will achieve higher productivity.

This tool, like most of those with similar missions, has a free version and a Premium version. must say that the Premium is something more expensive even than the famous Hootsuite, but it has many other strong points relating to it.

The first thing should highlight about Hootsuite is that it allows you to program your tweets in a group. You already know that in Hootsuite you need to have a CSV file ready. In Socialoomph you can load them from a Word document. That makes the job easier.

If you look at the section of Analytics, the tool that we are presenting offers more details and information, especially if what you try is to analyze several accounts. All statistics can be exported to Excel. You can select the dates that you want to analyze manually.

When we talk about social action, and we talk about automating our operations, we always doubt the efficiency of this action. However, the use of the tool allows us to organize all our tweets but also, it will follow everyone who follows us and will send a private welcome message. It also allows us to track the keywords that interest us most, which is a powerful ally of our process of knowledge and interaction with our target.

Remember that the community manager is a link between the online world and the offline world. Thanks to his new opinion leader that the client - internal and external - is linked to the brand in a strong and reliable way, which allows the efficient action of the work teams and, as a cause-effect relationship, the organic growth of our brands.

When a community manager manages to convey the message of the brand with each of its social actions, contents or debates when a community manager finds a way to highlight the terms with which the company is defined to perfection. There is no doubt that you are achieving the exposure of a brand, with the added value of your message.

The resources and tools that the network gives us are designed to optimize our actions and to allow us to take advantage of the ubiquity that the system provides us today.

 Friends + Me

Some of us who usually use Google Plus habitually, we have known Friends + Me for a long time. But as Google's social platform (social layer) is still the great unknown of social media marketing, imagine that many companies and professionals have no idea of the existence of this tool.

 What is Friends + Me for Google+

Friends + Me is a social media tool straightforward to use, which is mainly designed to promote your work in Google plus. It allows us to share with other social networks, almost at the same time and automatically, any content that we publish in Google+ just using a few simple Hashtags (#TLF).

Friends + Me is valid for both profiles and business pages in Google+. This online tool has a free version and Premium version, the most significant difference between the two is the number of networks/profiles with which we can is linked and some extra configuration options.

The only drawback is that what you share in other networks will be as you have done in Google plus and with an extra link that leads to your original publication, except for Twitter (for the 140 characters).

Friends + Me - Premium 

In short: the post, photos, videos, etc. that you publish in Google plus automatically shares them in your profile, page or group of other social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr), all this happens according to the previous configuration you made in the application.

Social Pilot 

This tool is one of the most famous kits for social media management; this might be the best amongst all we have in this list. Social pilot ensures that many social media client profiles all at one go and still have features like bulk message scheduling, team member collaboration, client management. This tool has both free and premium aspects which cover for those with low budget.

Zoho Social

The cornerstone of all social media accounts, of course, are the publications they make. Therefore, it is essential to building such a smart publishing tool that takes care of almost everything. With that goal in mind, a couple of things have been done. Here are some of Zoho's features:


Zoho Social always had SmartQ, an intelligent function that predicts the best time for you to publish the publications, this, together with the publication calendar, made Zoho Social a highly useful publication tool. However, you want to give more control over your publishing schedule.

The CustomQ feature is particularly useful if you want to maintain a consistent publication calendar on social channels, this will allow the audience to see the content on a regular basis, and you can also be sure that there is no overlap of material.


While the zShare extension has always been had, it has taken some time to improve even more so that you have the best possible experience. Now it is possible to edit content for different channels when the extension is utilized. This is particularly useful for two reasons: one, you can choose a copy of fewer than 280 characters for Twitter, and a longer copy for other networks and two, you can want to use a more professional tone on LinkedIn, while using a different sound in other networks

Oh, and that's not all. When the publications are made, you will also see that you can now add videos and that emojis can be added directly. Now you can fix the content and make it much more attractive.

Final Words 

Exhausted, we have finished writing this, but wthink it has been worth it.

You have already seen that there are social media management tools of all kinds; some cover a broader range, others more limited; some are paid, others have free functions; some are more suitable for bloggers and others are more focused for large and small companies, etc.

We hope that among all of them you have found the ones that best suit your needs.

If you can't spend money, you always have the option to take advantage of several of them in your free plan for all to implement your strategy in social networks without paying anything.

Did you know all these tools to automate your social networks? Which one is your favorite or do you usually use? We hope that this post has been of interest to you and we would appreciate it if you leave us your comment and of course, that you share this post through the social buttons.

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Quix 2.3.3 Arrived With a lot of Changes


Today we are here with a big list of changes in Quix. We have added new functionalities, improved previous features and fixed some bugs. Quix is now more feature rich and more functional.

We are putting our best effort to make Quix better so that you have a better experience and make your website more creatively. We will introduce more astonishing features in future but for now, let's explore some highlighted changes that Quix 2.3.3 has brought. 

New Features

JavaScript Parallax Option for Background

Parallax got new functionalities! On CSS based parallax the background image would stuck on one position. But now with Quix 2.3.2, we have added JS based parallax. Your background image will also move according to the axis you provide.

Apply new parallax and let your viewers enjoy this new effect. 

Column Reverse Option for Mobile

All the built columns of a section are automatically placed in the mobile devices in the same order. But sometimes you might need the reverse order, and doing so you would cost more time. With this new column reverse, you can reverse all the columns of a section with one single click on mobile devices.

[Countdown Element] Mobile View Grid Option

 Countdown element now allows you to show grid line on mobile. Previously it was only allowed on desktop only but now you can define the grid on mobile as well. Define how many grids your countdown element needed, but you can set a maximum of six grid.


Open Graph Metadata structure Updated to Latest

Facebook is very popular and very important for business nowadays. When you develop your site with Quix facebook crawls your page and takes data in its default way. But now you can give some specific data to Facebook in the way you want.

Open Graph metadata structure changed to the latest. With this latest metadata property, you can set specific type, site name, title, description, image, and URL. 

Cache Automatically Cleaned on Saving Configuration

Previously after altering anything within builder, sometimes you might have seen improper changes. These are not your desired changes. We have seen that this improper changes mainly occur due to the previous cache.

With this update cache will be automatically cleaned, whenever you click on 'Save' button. You will see exact changes you desire in your site.


Let us know your reactions of the latest update through comment box. If you face any problem just let us know. We will happy to assist you. In the next update, a very big feature is going to be released. Stay to tuned to know it first.

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The Perfect Strategy For Choosing Awesome Domain Names


Did you decided to create your website and do not know what name to use? The choice of domain is the first step for your site to approach new customers or keep you in touch with the current ones.

The domain is the name that identifies your company, if the domain name is not appropriate, you will lose traffic on your website and visits from potential customers on the Internet, although it does not necessarily coincide directly with the name of your company or brand.

It is not enough that the name pleases you: choosing it correctly is essential so that your clients, current and potential, can find you in the big network. 

Choosing the domain name of your blog is a sensitive issue because you know that:

  • It is the name to which your brand and your business will be associated for a long time.
  • It will influence your positioning on the Internet since it is one of the factors that Google will value to show you in searches.
  • And not only do you want Google to listen to you, but you want people to remember your blog.
  • And being so delicate, you may have very clear the steps to do when you have your blog, but you have been stuck indefinitely in the choice of your domain for fear of messing up.

Well with this post I want to solve all your doubts about it and after reading it you will have a clear idea, what your domain name will be.

 Anatomy of a Bad Domain

 This is what you should avoid if you do not want to choose a domain:

  • No special characters such as accents or numbers: although they sell them to you, Google does not manage these domains.
  • Contains characters that generate confusion such as hyphens (regular or low), numbers, double consonants, etc.
  • It is not a .com, nor a .net or .org domains. It only serves if the scope of action is local today and tomorrow (think of a store or a restaurant).
  • It is not easy to remember.
  • It does not transmit an idea.
  • It has equivocal spelling: avoid abbreviations or the new "spelling" of the SMS, unless you are 100% sure that your audience will understand without problems.
  • It is a registered trademark: if you are not the owner or if you do not have an explicit written agreement of this trademark, it is illegal to use a domain with a registered trademark.
  • If you have something similar now as a domain for your blog, I sincerely believe that you should consider changing your domain as soon as possible.
It is essential that you understand that the success of your project is based on getting different from others. It is not about being one more in the market, but about being the one that stands out in this niche. 
If you have not interacted in the niche before and you buy the domain almost on impulse, very quickly, you probably have no idea how to achieve this differentiation.

9 Errors that You Cannot Commit when Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is essential when starting a blog, and yet you are not usually given the importance it has. Sometimes it's because of ignorance, and that's why in this article I'm going to show you the mistakes you should not make when choosing the domain name for your blog.

What Errors You Should Not Commit?

  • Error 1: Design your corporate image before choosing a domain name
  • Error 2: Do not give importance to the last name
  • Error 3: Too long
  • Error 4: Difficult to pronounce or write
  • Error 5: Difficult to remember
  • Error 6: Spelling errors
  • Error 7: Choose a domain name similar to another brand
  • Error 8: Use hyphens or numbers
  • Error 9: Paralysis by analysis

Error 1: Design Your Corporate Image before Choosing a Domain Name

I remember once that an acquaintance came to show me his business cards, which had a spectacular design for my taste. The truth is that aesthetically they were beautiful.

The problem came when I searched Google for its brand name, and another competing company appeared that already had that domain registered.

At first, this person did not give much importance until it came to their ears that some of the potential clients he visited ended up closing agreements with this competing company. Why? Well, because they searched on Google, they found that company and thought they were the same.

So first of all, in this provider, you can check if the domain name you like is taken or not. And you can also buy it at a very competitive price.

Error 2: Don't Give Importance to the Last Name

The best domains are in this order the .com, .net, .org. I have no idea why, but when choosing a domain name, you should keep it in mind because they position much better than other extensions.

A few months ago I was talking to an SEO consultant, and it seems that search engines penalize specific extensions because at the time they were economic options that were used for bad practices.

Error 3: Too Long

A name that is too long can be the online equivalent of committing suicide because no one is going to make such a critical mental effort for you.

Also, the longer the length, the more likely it is that they misspell it.

Error 4: Difficult to Pronounce or Write

When choosing a domain name, one factor you should keep in mind about almost everyone is not to put your audience in a hurry when writing it. Try to make it a name that is written as it sounds, and let it seem like it is written.

Sometimes we make mental straws and intend to invent a very cool international mega-nom when your market is local. Look at your market when choosing a domain name and adapt it to your culture.

Error 5: Difficult to Remember

Your domain name must be memorable and reproducible. Rememberable for the user to retain it, and repeatable so that it can be transmitted to others (word of mouth effect).

Another essential characteristic is that it is related to what you do. Can you imagine a reformed company with a name like Twitter?

Error 6: Spelling Errors
It is obvious, but don't make spelling mistakes when choosing your domain. Mainly because when you realize you will have to buy a correct domain name, and therefore an extra expense that you can avoid.

Error 7: Choose a Domain Name Similar to Another Brand

Whenever possible, you should choose a domain name that is unique, that does not use generic terms, and that is short and catchy, like the title of the summer song.

Of course, keep in mind that if you choose a name that is similar to a leading brand, it is possible that you will start by mistake of excess email or phone (if you provide it). Maybe that's not the best thing if you're starting, and you have little structure.

Error 8: Use Hyphens and Numbers

Your domain must be a word or a set of words. Don't go around or try to invent hot water.

It doesn't matter how tempting a domain name may be that is already booked and got hyphens or numbers to it. Don't name with hyphens or numbers.

It is difficult to verbally communicate a domain name that has a hyphen or a number. When someone hears one of these domain names, it is possible to doubt if a script is required and if the numbers are written with words or numbers.

Error 8: Use Hyphens and Numbers

Your domain must be a word or a set of words. Don't go around or try to invent hot water.

It doesn't matter how tempting a domain name may be that is already booked and got hyphens or numbers to it. Don't name with hyphens or numbers.

It is difficult to verbally communicate a domain name that has a hyphen or a number. When someone hears one of these domain names, it is possible to doubt if a script is required and if the numbers are written with words or numbers.

Error 9: Paralysis by Analysis

Don't give too many laps to this. It is important, but it is more important that you take action.

Not deciding or taking too long is a grave error. You can't choose a perfect domain name. It is better to select an appropriate one.

So, How to Choose an Appropriate Domain Name?

And above all, don't get obsessed with the keywords when choosing a domain name, because the search engines don't give much importance to this topic.

Here are some practical tips:

Easy to Remember, Pronounce, Write, and Understand!

Choose the most straightforward name possible. If it's easy, people are much more likely to remember it and access your page. Ideally, when someone reads it or hears it, will be able to recognize it without problems, either to enter your site or to recommend it to someone else. You should opt for words that do not lend themselves to confusion.

The Brand or Keywords?

The brand or name of the company can be used directly as a domain, primarily if they are already settled in the minds of customers. Regarding web positioning, it is more beneficial if the domain contains "keywords," for example, "auto" if it is a car dealership or "rent" in the case of a real estate. These words achieve the positioning (the location) in the search engines, although they don't directly represent your "brand."

No to Special Characters!

Scripts, numbers, limited use letters, abbreviations, foreign words should be omitted in your domain name. The objective is always that the clients remember you easily, creating domains with these characteristics will only bring confusion! 

Was it a medium or low script? Customers don't know where to put the symbol or do not remember if it is there or not. Is it written three or 3? The number is advisable to use it only when it is very representative of the brand, for example in Also, avoid using words with "ñ"; Although it is already admitted, people tend to get confused and can complicate the access of foreigners.

The Shorter, The Better

  In practice, long domains can be registered. The domains allow up to 19 characters some international ones even more. But always keep in mind: the goal is remembering, and a long name is harder to remember. The general recommendation is not to exceed 12 characters and, ideally, to consist of a single word or, at best, two. ( is more memorable than

Registration of Similar Domains 

Salome, salomes? Perhaps it suits you to register both domains, singular, and plural; that allows you to have control, always redirecting traffic to the correct page. It is also ideal to register domains with the most common typographical or orthographic errors or overlapping letters as in The same happens with the genres. 

Keep in mind that a typing error can lead your client to a different page, and even to one of your competitors.

Registration of Several Extensions 

.Com,, .net, .org? The .com is already installed in the minds of people (that's why it's more than convenient to take it into account), but there are many extensions available. Different pages may have the same domain, but with different extensions: and turn out to be different sites. 

Therefore, it is best to register your domain, in the various extensions in which you qualify, for redirections then to the main extension. The idea is to prevent your customers from getting lost along the way.

Register It As Soon As Possible!

Finding a name that suits you may not be an easy task since many domains have been registered, even when there are no associated sites. When you decide on an option, and it is available, register it right away.

What are the Best Options when Choosing a Domain Name?

There are four best different options for choosing a domain name;

Option 1: Personal Brand, the Power of Your Name

 The first, and the simplest, if you bet for your personal brand thinking of positioning yourself as an expert profile in your niche, is directly your name and your surnames.

This is interesting for consultants, coaches and individual profiles who want to sound by their name.

What problem can you have?

If you have a famous name, it is possible that the domain is already reserved. In this case, it is always better to try to maintain the choice of a domain that is either .com, .net or. org and avoid special characters such as hyphens or underscores, which make it difficult to understand the domain.

It gives a little trouble like this domain is very long, as long as it perfectly reflects what your name and your surnames are.

For example,

  • It does not help the position on Google
  • It can complicate the sale or transfer of this platform, is so linked to the original owner of the project

Option 2: Branding, an Indelible Stamp

In this case -I am already thinking about a company, a center, a school or a professional that intends to scale the team - the option is to bet on the branding (the name of your brand) in your domain name

To make it work better, look for something like we've pointed out before:

  • Easy to remember
  • That transmits benefits for a collective
  • That is not too long.
  • These would be the main characteristics that you have to confer to your domain name.

It will have to do with the mission of your company, the values and surely with your unique value proposition to be able to capture, in 12 characters at the most, all your ideas in a domain that will be here to build your brand.


  • It is not explicit
  • It costs a lot of money to position a brand in the market, even if it's digital
  • It does not help to the position on Google

Option 3: Keywords, Call Things by Their Names

Another option you have is to integrate a keyword in the domain itself. It is explicit and functional. The first thing you have to do is a study of keywords, to know which would be the keyword of reference for which you want to position yourself. The most logical thing is that it is something related to your solutions, your specialty or your profession.

An example would be

And it is beneficial if your goal is to be a reference portal on a subject, or you have, for example, an online store where the keywords are even more critical.

Google increasingly gives less importance to that topic in its algorithm, but it is logical that it influences when positioning the first articles.

I'm not saying that this is done overnight because the time scale on Google is very slow. Be clear that when you launch a project, the first three months you will have to prove to Google that you are severe and meanwhile they will ignore you.

But it is true that if you use keywords in your domain, in the short and medium term, it will be noticed in the positioning.


  • Hyper-specialized names sometimes present a partial reality, since often a store sells more than one category of products
  • It sounds shabby, publicist's device or SEO: it removes credibility the reputation of the business
  • Obsolescence risk


Having your web platform is an essential aspect for every web businesses, but naming is a necessary decision for that platform. Every web designer knows the great importance of naming in other to integrate the focus of the platform in the website design. 

Domain naming should be something approached with strategic importance to avoid futures issues we have mentioned above in this article.

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Prioritizing Keyword Research & Grow Your Business


Today  I am here to discuss about researching prioritizing keywords. Research is a process that requires step by step process and time. But all of your research can go vain if done in wrong way.

There are no lack of tools for keywords and no lack of metrics you can attach to those to evaluate the potential of them. But how you can turn your gigantic spreadsheet into something which will enable you to take action? You require a process for prioritization.

Keyword Prioritization

Criteria of Prioritization 

There are several ways to think about segmenting and prioritizing keywords. You should use this according to your business, and your goals, rather than some arbitrary score spit out of a tool. Every single search query has several unique qualities - some tools report dramatically regional differences, different volumes, and even 2-3x swings rate in conversation by simply going to plural from singular.
They all are different, and audience intent is also different. One way to think about keywords is to make a segment of each of them across three types of different criteria.

  • Competition or How many people are trying to rank for?
  • Volume or How many
  • Buyer Intent or How close is that searcher to a commercial action?

For your business one of this can be important than others.
Posit you have a celebrity gossip blog than volume might be a great deal for you rather than buying intent. By contrast, if you have an e-commerce store that buyer intent will be the most important criteria rather than anything else.
Every business is not the same, and your mileage may vary according to your business. So let's take a deeper look at what these criteria mean volume vs intent vs competitiveness. 

Volume: Quantity has a Quality of Its Own

Volume is the clearest and easiest way to prioritize the search terms - after all, everyone wants traffic.
The Google keyword planner provides a very helpful estimator for volume, which also includes Term explorer

Before you get excited, it is very important to understand a few big things about volumes and keyword research tools. 

Volumes Are Often Seasonal

Most of the business has some sort of seasonality. In many categories seasonality is straightforward and obvious - people look for warm clothes in fall and winter, water slides in summer, flower delivery in valentines day and again in any special day.

Even B2B categories often have mid-month, quarterly and yearly demand cycles. And keyword research for blogs is a different beast altogether. It is very possible that a big number of searches are fully seasonal and you might find yourself waiting a great deal of time for those searches to return.
You can use Google trends to check out the search volume results regarding seasonal and yearly demand. 

Volumes are Often Local 

Local differences in pronunciation and language filter through to search volumes, along with differences in demand. In some places, a water fountain is a bubbler, and a truck is a lorry. Understanding these local differences is the main key - you want to optimize according to how your customers are searching - not how someone that's out of your target market searches.

Or you might find yourself on the wrong side of a cultural misunderstanding. 

A brand name in one place might not be a brand in another place, and this information is also not worthy. And what Google sees as a transactional or local query in one area might not be one in another area.

For example, Google serves dramatically different results in Austin, CA, and San Francisco, Texas to searchers looking for "ThemeXpert." You have to make sure that you understand implied intention and local behavior in your SERP. Is something is a general/event query in one geography and a local query in another, that should deeply affect your strategy.

Volume Can Change Over Time

At the risk of business cliche, you should follow Wayne Gretsky's advice and skate where the puck is going.
Search volume might change dramatically over time - not only seasonally, but simply disappearing:

Additionally, there are often very large, consumer behavior driven searches to big, event-driven spikes.

In this case, that blog about low carb diets you started might be better positioned for the future (and the New Year's spike) by talking about paleo diet recipes instead of Atkins diet recipes.

Buying Intent 

In several business models, traffic by itself is not that much interesting. Traffic that subscribes to email lists, purchase things and represents the right sort of potential customers, by contrast, is very interesting.

To that end, you will want those keywords that converts - not only the drive traffic and certainly not only the ones that come from Google Keyword Planner. Often the long tail phrases do not drive tons of volume still drive many interested new customers - specially on aggregate.

Buying intent is different for each and every business, and ultimately a keyword will not be that much interesting to your business which is relevant to someone else's transaction.

You can monitor this by using:

  • Paid Search Data - Currently, this is one of the most accurate sources of conversion data by the query which rate approach 1. If you are running any extensive paid search campaigns, use intelligence and try to understand how keyword searches are turning into purchases.
  • Existing Organic Search landing Pages - Using a tool like Longtail Pro, SEMRush, or one of the enterprise level SEO performance management platforms.
  • On Site Search Data - If you have any internal search engine in anywhere on your website, check out the conversion rates of different terms internally and try to get an idea what converts and what doesn't.

You can also use external data - cost per click on paid search is often considered as a good indicator in more robust verticals. As pricing is auction based, for this method to work you need to know what your competitors are doing, at least two. In some areas, I might not get dependent on this, but in other verticals like travel, that tend to have several extremely savvy paid search advertisers this might be very accurate.

Words and Buying Intent 

One of the more interesting aspects of search marketing is often the direct relationship between the level of buying intent and length of the query (there is of course exception in this rule like - "emergency locksmith" is a short query with lots of intent.)

This makes an interesting scenario - where there are often more revenues available for optimizing specific, low volume high intent searches rather than broad keywords with mane more searches per month.

Generally, more specific modifiers signal more specific intent, e.g., "Mens Polo Shirts" has nothing near buying intent associated with "white mens Versace shirt size 4".

You can also check this pattern with: 

  • Plurals - "Plural term possesses much more buying intent than singular" this is often founded by e-commerce store owners
  • Discount code or Coupon terms (often these visitors are literally on a shopping cart checkout page)
  • SKUs and Manufacturer product code
  • Product names with descriptive modifiers
  • Exceptionally specific searches with vertical modifiers (e.g. "email marketing software for a restaurant")


In addition to buyer and volume intent, when you look at the keyword, you have to look at competitiveness. Will that juicy high intent, high volume keyword take a year of dedicated work from a team? Or is it something else that you can get with your existing authority?

Through SERP analysis and looking at existing link metrics for rank potential, you can calculate these - how many links would you require to rank for one of these terms? How authoritative are these sites that rank for these queries today?

By using your favorite spreadsheet tool, link data set, and source of cheap labor, you can do this by yourself. Or you can use a tool like TermExplorer's Keyword Analyzer handle the heavy lifting for you:

​At here CPC can also be very helpful - Though it is not a strict measure of organic competitiveness, but it can be a very helpful way for gauging search competition.

Prioritizing: What to Tackle First 

You can categorize and segment your search terms based on these 3 metrics - Volume, competitiveness and purchase intent.

  • High Volume, High Intent, High Competition - the "Whales"- These are terms that have significant volume and significant purchase intent. Because of this they also have significant competition.

These might take a very long time to rank for (and may be impacted by new Google ad units). While this is a part of your plan, don't exclusively hunt whales - after all, if your budget is cut down or your client ends your engagement, it won't matter how great your plan is.

Another point about these terms is that alternative search-driven marketing strategies than "develop a page and rank it in search engines" might be appropriate for these terms. Can you purchase a website that already ranks for these terms? A website with this traffic, can you enter into an affiliate partnership? Can you do some digital Press release and place an article which ranks for this sort of term on a high authority publication?

There are many ways to influence people searching for keywords and bring those searches back to your website.

  • High Intent, Low-Medium Volume, Medium-High Competition - the "Deer" - These are terms that you can rank with some work and have some content value. These are good medium-term goals - and a very great way to start building out a footprint you can continually expand.

Generally, I try to think of keywords along these criteria:

  • What we can do in the near term which will help us show finance future investments and success in search visibility?
  • What we can we turn on in the next sprint and see an ROI from? What's the low hanging fruit?
  • What we can do in the medium term - attacking more competitive terms - and build the machine which will allow us to pick terms, target them and rank for them?
  • And what long-term 'whales' can we take on eventually and aspire to get to?

Conclusion: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Effective prioritization is the key between "an ever-increasing stream of traffic and revenue from organic search" and a spreadsheet full of numbers and strings." By prioritizing your keywords by researching their competitiveness, volume and purchase intent, you can find great opportunities and structure your work for maximum effectiveness.

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Introducing QuixRank - The Future of Joomla SEO


Today we are extremely excited to release the brand new SEO feature for Quix. With this new SEO feature, you can analyze your web page seo performance, optimize it for better search engine ranking. Our SEO feature is unique and incredibly easy to use. You can check and optimize your page seo without leaving the visual builder.

With our guided SEO tool, no need to be or hire any SEO experts. Now you can get more visitors from Google, Bing and any other search engine by following Quix SEO suggestions.

Focus Keyword 

Enter your primary keyword and check your SEO score real-time. Your page title and meta description are key factors in improving your website's search engine presence and click-through rate. With new SEO tool, you'll be guided to create best title and meta description.

SERPs Preview 

 Forget the guesswork and see it live, how your user will see the search result in Google. You can customize the result realtime without touching a single line of code.

 30+ Assessment Checks

 Combined with 30+ assessment rules, Quix will make sure that your page is properly optimized for search engine ranking. Quix utilizes Yoast assessment checker that is, proven, powerful and up-to-date. Some of the major assessments are:

Internal Links 

Internal linking is very important for your site. Both search engines and users use links to navigate through your site and search the content they want to find.

This assessment will give you score for internal links within your content. Moreover, adding internal links will allow search engines to find out the type and value of your content. The more links your page has the more important it will be to search engines.

Outbound Links 

Outbound links are those links which refer to another site from yours. This assessment will check if you have any outbound links in your content.

Outbound links help one site to relate with other and helps to found easily by users & search engines. By helping each other a little we will be able to connect the dots of the web. This will allow Google to increase the authority of your site.

Length of Focus Keyword 

This assessment checks whether your page has focus keyword and whether it is too short or long. Google likes long tail keywords rather than short ones. Posit, "page builder" is a small keyword with two words and "best free page builders" is a keyword(longtail) with 4 words.

As the first keyword is already available in the second keyword and it's a long tail keyword, Google will give more value to the second one. It will help you to boost your SEO. It is wise to use long tail keyword but if it doesn't go with your content then you can use short ones.

Length of Meta Description 

The meta description is very much important for two reasons - 1. Increasing ranking, 2. Increasing click-through rate. The more good meta description you have, the more your traffic increase.

In meta description, you can put as much as the character you want. Then what is the need to maintain the length?

Actually, if you put more than 140-155 characters, extra characters will be cut up automatically. If you put less than 140 characters, your meta description might not attract any users.

Therefore it is important to maintain the ideal length of the meta description.

The Length of SEO Title 

The length of your post's SEO title is checked with this assessment. When people search in any search engine they see the results with a matched title and description. This title is called SEO title.

This title needs to be ideal(60-70 characters) in width and contain the focus keyword. The more optimized the title the more quickly this post will rank higher in the specific search term. Title catches the eyesight of the users and when they are attracted they will click through your page.

Function Words in Keyphrase 

Function words in keyphrase assessment checks, whether your text consists of keyphrase and warns you if there is not. For example, you might get distracted while typing your keyphrase and you only entered "the" instead of "the best page builder". Quix SEO option will warn you that, the keyphrase choice of yours is suboptimal.

Including Focus Keyword in Introduction 

The first paragraph of your content is the key location for both your search engines and users. It grabs the attention of your users and Google also considers this as an important one. The focus keyword in the first paragraph gives specific clues about your article to search engines.

Sometimes Google uses the first paragraph of your content as the meta description of your page. This assessment makes sure to use the focus keyword in the introduction. Make sure your content introduction reflects accurately what's it about and include the focus keyword there.

Balancing Keyword Distribution 

You have heard about the focus keyword. The ranking of your post depends pretty much on it. Google uses focus keyword to understand about your post, you have to put the keyword throughout the text in a balanced way. This will help you to rank your page for a specific term.

Quix SEO's this assessment will tell you whether the keyword is distributed throughout the text. Green signal means, distributed correctly and read signal for wrong distribution. You will be able to see all your specific keyword with a single click in this assessment. Then you can increase or decrease the density of the keyword.

Image Alt Attribute 

The image alt attribute is also known as alt tag or alt text. It shows the description text of the image. Probably you have heard a saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", your article will become a lot more attractive to viewers with images.

But how google will read it? If you add an alt text to the image just describing in a few words, any search engine will be able to easily read it. It will improve the ranking of your image search. That's why it is important to add an alt tag to images.

Text Length 

To rank well in the search engines, a blog post should contain at least 300 words. Long posts will get easily ranked rather than short posts. From posts more than 1000 words, search engines get more clues to determine what the text is about.

This assessment will make sure that you write the minimum words and will give you a green, yellow or red signal.

Add Knowledge Graph Metadata

Knowledge graph fetches the necessary information from your webpage and presents them in a beautiful way. With Quix's enhanced SEO plugin, you can provide all information in one place so your website rank for more keywords and command a larger area in the search result page.


 We hope that this brand new feature will ease your workflow and save your money. In future updates, we will enhance this feature much more. Don't forget to tell about your experience and thoughts, just express it all in the comment box.

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5 Gutenberg Ready WordPress Themes of 2018


Developers always come with new tools and features to amaze us, and this time they have arrived with Gutenberg WordPress editor. Gutenberg is similar to other visual content editor and made to give an opportunity to experience enjoyable and simple web design creations.

Gutenberg comes with a number of blocks, which you can use by simply dragging around the page. It is a magnificent choice for content creation as it comes with intuitive drag and drop interface for all users. Today we will provide you with a list of premium WordPress themes that come with the compatibility of Gutenberg editor and other premium plugins.

Let's check out these themes. 


Are you are looking for a theme which will help you to develop an excellent website fully dedicated to teaching, learning, & selling? Well, then Edumodo can be your greatest ally. With edumodo you can manage your courses and students very easily, as it comes with the support of the three most popular LMS. These are LearnPress, Sensei, & LearnDash, you can choose any of this lms you prefer.

Edumodo comes with all the latest features and functionalities. The developer team is always ready to include the latest functionalities and therefore Gutenberg is supported with this theme. 

3 Most Popular LMS

Yes, you heard right. Edumodo comes with 3 most popular LMS support. Choose one that you prefer to work with or previously you have worked with. You can easily create, manage and sell courses with Edumodo. If you do not like to use any LMS, you can use the default course management system of Edumodo named "TXCOURSE".

Enroll new student or remove student is just one click away. Your students will be able to see their progress and will also be able to study by themselves. The most interesting feature of Edumodo is you can sell your courses as products, and also physical goods.

Edumodo lets you schedule and grade quizzes automatically. All you need is a little configuration and you are done. Rest will be autonomously managed by Edumodo. 

10+ Amazing Layouts 

Currently there are 10 + layouts come with Edumodo, more are in the way. These layouts include - University v1, LearPress v1, Sensei, LernDash, University v2, LearnPress v2, Language School, RTL, Fitness Trainer, and Kindergarten.

Each of these layouts are built for a specific purpose. You can build any kind of school, college, university, kindergarten, language school and any educational institute site with Edumodo. Choose one layout and import the entire layout with a single click. 

RTL & Multilingual Ready

Every inch of Edumodo is entirely mobile responsive and can adapt perfectly to any sized display. Besides responsiveness Edumodo also comes with RTL & Multilingual, that means you can give any language support to your website. Give your international users a home feeling with RTL & multilingual option.

Amazing Performance With A Dedicated Support Team

Not only with beauty but Edumodo also assures the performance of the site. All the codes are written in Edumodo are fully optimized, no vague codes are used in it. Besides Edumodo is fully SEO optimized you don't need to work much for getting your site ranked.

If you ever face any trouble just knock at the support team of Edumodo. They are always ready to solve your problem and help you. 


MagMax is one of the best themes for developing news, magazine and blog sites. It comes with the compatibility of Gutenberg and all the latest features. It will help you to create a straightforward website within the shortest time.

5 Elegant Layouts With Unlimited Blocks 

There are a total of 5 elegant layouts that come with Magmax. Each of these layouts allows you to create a unique site within a single click. These layouts include classic, fashion, sports, tech, news week and default layout.

When you create your site with any of this layout, you are not limited only with it. There are a huge collection of blocks come with MagMax. You can insert any blocks at anywhere you want, use them according to your need. 

SEO & Speed Optimized

Magmax comes with amp support, therefore your site will be instantly loaded on devices. No matter which devices your users use, your site will be loaded within a blink of eyes. Besides, to boost the performance, highly clean codes are used in MagMax. All the codes of Magmax are written by the developers with 9 years of experience.

SEO helps you to stay on top of the search result, for this reason, MagMax comes with SEO optimization. You will be always one step ahead of your competitors. 

Megamenu & Multiple Post Formats

Megamenu helps your client to jump at specific content very easily and faster. It's entirely up to you to arrange it with multiple columns. Your clients will be able to browse specific section quickly with help of mega menu.

In earlier, creating different types of the post was might be difficult, but now its no more a reason for anxiousness. You can define your preferred post type with Magmax theme. Your website and everything is under your control.


If you're looking for a hosting theme then Hostzine would be the perfect choice for you. With a clean design, responsive by nature and integrated WHMCS, Hostzine is the perfect theme to build hosting a website with. It comes with drag & drop Elementor page builder and an array of homepages, pre-set pages and much more.

Hostzine is compatible with plugins, frameworks and other add-ons. Moreover, it supports almost every browser including IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. 

SEO Optimized 

Nowadays, everyone wants their site to be SEO friendly. No one wants to fall behind. Hostzine cares for its client in the same way. That's the reason the developers made it SEO optimized. Hostzine follows Digital Marketing discipline and has growing visibility in non-paid search engine results.

SEO helps your site to rank up in Google search. And since Hostzine is SEO optimized theme, you don't have to worry about ranking up. It will do its work in that field.

Plugin Compatibility 

Plugins make the working system more flexible adding additional features to the template. It's no use to work on a template if that does not support any plugin. That's where Hostzine makes it easy to work with. As reported it supports Gravity Forms 1.9.x, WooCommerce 3.2.x, WooCommerce 3.1.x, and Bootstrap 3.x plugins. And it is compatible with other frameworks too.

Mobile Responsive 

This is a smart world and everyone uses a smartphone. What's the use if your site does not show up on the mobile screen? Not everyone likes to surf in desktop or laptop, right? To overcome this problem, the developers ingested mobile responsive feature to it. This allows Hostzine to act in accordance with the size of the mobile screen.

The mega menus will be adjusted, the demo contents will response in a step by manner. Overall, you don't have to worry at all. This elegant template will do half of your job. All you need to do is, select the desired demo, edit the contents and make it available for your visitors.


Deviox is a very trendy and stylish multi-purpose business WordPress theme that comes with a fresh, clean design. You will be able to create a dazzling business site by yourself within minutes. This theme is entirely optimized for such plugins as MailChimp, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid and other add-ons.

Entirely Mobile Optimized 

Deviox comes with mobile responsiveness, your developed business website will be visible in every small device. You do not need to work hard for and make your site responsive separately as the Deviox do it for you. The desktop site comes with swipe effect in all scrollable section. This swipe effect is also supported in mobile devices.

This theme uses most popular "Revolution Slider", so you don't need to worry about page breaking. Develop in the way you like in the shortest time and relax in the rest of time. 

Header Footer Builder 

With the Deviox theme you get ThemeREX Addons plugin absolutly at no price. You can maximize the features of this theme with this additional add-ons. One of the great feature of this ThemeREX addon is, it lets you build header and footer. It will take only a few clicks to create and customize your header and footer.

WPBakery Page Builder 

Deviox comes with the full compatibility of WPBakery Page builder, you will be able to build any sections in quickest time. You do not need to write any line of code to develop your website, only drag and drop is enough to develop the site you want.

Professional Support

Deviox theme is developed by ThemeREX and comes with an awesome support team. They are ready all the time to provide you support. If you ever face any problem just knock their support and they will solve your problem as soon as possible.

This theme also comes with proper documentation, so at first you can check out the documentation and then ask for support. 


If you are a professional dentist or want to develop a site which is dedicated to dental or any other medical services than ProDent is the best choice for you. This theme aims to showcase your skills in the best light.

One Click Demo Import

 Prodent comes with one click demo import option, therefore you don't have worry about importing demo. Just single mouse click and a few moments will be enough to import an entire demo. It's a very easy process, after installing the theme and required plugins all you have to do is select the demo and click the import button.

Mobile Device Optimized

If a website is not same on different devices then that website is not responsive. But your site made with Prodent will look exact same on each and every device, no matter how small or big that is. From top to bottom, everything of the layout is optimized for mobile devices.

Even the sliders of Prodent is also responsive as the sliders are made with Revolution slider. All scrollable sections support the swipe effect. Your site will look amazing on mobile devices. 

Easy Customizability

This theme comes with easy customizability options, there is no hard procedure or settings involved in this theme. You can easily configure this theme in no time and if you need any kind of help you can check its documentation or knock the development team at any time.

Enhanced SEO 

In Prodent, the integrated html code meets the best SEO approaches. It will be very much easier to rank your website in the search result. Every code of this theme is written by the expert developers and optimized in a way to provide you with the best performance for your website.


Lets welcome the new editor and adapt new functionalities. More Gutenberg related posts are on the way, stay tuned. If you have any queries don't hesitate to ask, just drop your comment on the box below. 

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Email Marketing Automation-Follow These 6 Effective Strategy


Marketing automation has been a hot topic in recent years, and with the deployment of new, less expensive and more accessible solutions, SMEs can now take control of techniques previously reserved for large groups. But besides being a fabulous time and energy saving opportunity, marketing automation is also a way to spawn more leads and move your small business to the next level.

In 2015, Insight estimated that 80% of the users of automation solutions had seen their amount of leads increase and that an increase of 417% of the average revenue had been recorded for the companies having implanted this type of marketing. No doubt this type of practice can be beneficial for any business.

There are, however, varying ways to implement automated marketing actions, but here are some ideas that will put you in the infernal machine. 

What is Marketing Automation?  

The term "marketing automation", also called "automated marketing", is a set of techniques and tools that enable a company to automate certain marketing actions and marketing campaigns throughout the task of prospecting, lead generation on the web and sales.

The Principle is Simple: make the most of the traffic generated by the various web supports to maximize their efficiency, by setting up automated mailings or other lead nurturing techniques, and also automatic statistical follow-ups.

Concretely, marketing automation supports sales forces by providing new prospecting opportunities, but also by optimizing the resources of existing customers to generate more sales. It makes it possible to reach the prospects in a more precise way and especially at the right moment of their reflection, and consequently to provoke a commitment faster than if one had a "manual" approach of things.

 What Tools?

One of the main logic, why SMEs are reluctant to implement automation strategies, is a lack of financial resources to implement the various IT tools needed for the effortless orchestration of operations.

However, some relatively inexpensive solutions can quickly integrate some campaigns of automated emails or social networks, also statistical follow-ups. In addition, and if you aim to integrate more complex automation solutions, it is better to address a specialized and reliable partner who will put the processes in place for you to avoid errors or technical failures.

Automated marketing has a lot of advantages and can be used in different ways to support the growth of your SME. We have identified 6 effective practices to tailor this automated marketing to your small business:

Automation as a way to Welcome Your New Registrants

The first thing we can say is that one of the goals of marketing automation is to support the sales funnel that you have designed for your site and for your web content in general.

At the base of this implementation, it will be necessary at first to imagine a way to retrieve contact details to build a qualified database. This can be done by setting up a newsletter registration form, or providing downloadable content such as a white paper, or downloading your mobile application to retrieve certain information from your target audience, and of course their emails.

Sending an email to your new subscribers is typically a case where marketing automation can help: instead of generating your welcome emails manually, you will be able to create an automated email that will be sent automatically after each registration or download to validate the registration of the prospect and communicate the benefits that it will have to be part of your community.

As a result of this registration, do not hesitate to automate a series of emails every few days to support the prospect and bring him relevant information for him. This can be for example an aid to the purchase or the use of your mobile application. The goal here is not to lose contact with the person, and it is precisely this automation that will be able to meet his needs quickly and efficiently.

Automation as a Stimulus within Your Sales Funnel

Nothing prevents you to go further in automating your marketing to reach your prospects at all stages of their commitment to your business. To do this, you will need to segment your database in a relevant way: it is now possible to automate its segmentation in an evolutionary way according to the evolution of the relationship of the consumer with your company. This dynamic segmentation will make it possible to adapt the actions so that the client goes to the next level in his commitment.

Lead scoring will allow you to spot where the prospect is in your sales funnel; this consists of assigning a score based on different criteria based on the demographic or behavioral data in relation to your content that characterizes the lead.

For example, a prospect who has opened your last email campaign or viewed your last blog post is a qualified prospect who will likely be converted to a client quickly. It's up to you to spot these different opportunities and create automated campaigns based on your own sales channel.

This principle can, for example, be adapted in the context of an abandonment of purchase: a prospect who would have abandoned the ordering process after the validation of his basket. You can automate a specific campaign for this type of prospect by sending a discount coupon or a limited offer in time.

In this context, marketing automation will make it possible to convert a "lost sale", and if possible within two hours of abandonment.

Do not hesitate to set up complex scenarios specific to your activity and to match DRIP campaigns to best adapt to the behavior of Internet users. DRIP campaigns are understood to mean a series of messages sent after a particular action of the prospect.

This can be for example an email after an order, then a raise 6 months later to encourage the customer to recommend on the site. These automatic channels can obviously concern emails, but also other media such as messages on social networks for example.

These are closely linked with the sharp monitoring of your leads through specialized software.

Automation for Relevant and Personalized Communication

 Email marketing has evolved significantly over the years and now offers new marketing opportunities that must be taken advantage of, especially if you manage an SME that communicates essentially through this channel.

Personalization is one of those opportunities because a well-designed, personalized and smartly directed e-mail campaign can easily increase your opening rates and conversions. Today, personalization goes far beyond simply specifying the recipient's name: your emails can deliver personalized content in real time.

You will be able to integrate the content of your target's residence, the opening time and even the type of device used by your target to read your email. This is all the more important as the content of your emails can adapt responsively to the user's screen.

The customization goes even further: it is also possible to offer products to users based on their browsing history or purchases, making the content of your messages even more relevant and dynamic. All this is of course aimed at getting the prospect's attention and creating a commitment and a purchase even more quickly.

Automation to Promote for a Future Event

Another way to implement marketing automation is to develop communication around specific events you want to promote. A very good example would be to create a succession of emails to communicate on a webinar or any other event that you want to set up.

We can imagine in this context, a first email to encourage registration, then a reminder a few days later for prospects who have not yet registered, even an offer for those who have expressed an interest in your content without going through the registration process.

We will have the same logic for the promotion of an eBook, the communication of a special sale or participation in a trade show. This practice can also be adapted to the commercial relationship: for example, by offering some "hot" prospects a date of appointment to make the link with the sales force.

Combining your campaigns with your own CRM tool can also be a great idea for automating customer follow-ups.

Automation to Offer Privileges to Your Loyal Customers

 Why not give your loyal customers the benefit of automated referral systems? Rewarding its customers helps to increase the rate of re-purchase and the phenomenon of word of mouth. Automated communication with discount coupons can also prevent your loyal customers from going too quickly to competition.

Some companies even send e-mails to wish their customers a birthday. This is indeed the perfect time to send a personalized email with a special offer on this occasion.

This type of campaign generally has conversion rates much higher than a traditional email campaign by its exceptional nature and limited in time.

Automation for Updates on Social Networks

Marketing automation is not just about email campaigns, it can also be used to manage your presence on social networks. In this case, automation will help you provide consistent visibility and consistency across selected networks. Thanks to some tools like Socially Map or Buffer, you will be able to plan for a certain chosen period of your publications, while applying yourself to stay natural to avoid any "robotic" effect on your publications, and always make sure to offer interesting content and qualitative.

The automation of your publications on these networks will allow you to save a lot of time, but especially to have a strategic reflection of the content that you broadcast.

Now we have discussed market automation, let us dive in really into email marketing.

Automated Email and its Thousand Possibilities

Mailing is still today one of the most powerful marketing levers known. But even though it doesn't start from yesterday, it is the way to use it that has greatly changed. It is no longer a matter of painstakingly compiling a shipment per year to its entire database, but of setting up scenarios to automate the sending of targeted emails in a contextualized way. Discover all the issues related to the use of emailing in our dedicated section.

You Software and the Machine will do the Rest

CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management), marketing automation serves to:

  • Prospect new customers.
  • To retain current customers.

Unlike traditional mailings, the automated email campaign can be programmed upstream and once. It lasts the time you want. The software will ship it whenever a parameterized case occurs.

The Simplicity of Implementation

You think about your scenarios and write type emails once and for all. They will be able to broadcast without you having to worry about it. Rather simple? Yes. Now concretely how to develop your scenarios? No ideas? Here are some to inspire you.

Examples of Scenarios 

The Welcome Mail 

  Align the navigation on your site for the user to create an account, or subscribe to your newsletter. Then schedule the sending of a welcome email. A warm and individualized way to make contact while testifying to your attention.

The Nominative Offer 

On the occasion of this first email, why not slip a special offer or a promotional code? The person has shown interest, give him the boost that will make him decide to consume. Bridging the supply over time can enhance the incentive of your proposal.

The Free Trial 

In some areas, prospects will tend to buy if they could test. They will be reassured, convinced. And once you have opened an account, they will be likely to stay home.

The Punctual Promotion 

Do you know the birthday of your customers? Give them a gift! A common practice and always welcome.

The Reminder Email

The reminder email is useful in different cases:

  • For an Event for Example: It is crucial to promote events to ensure that participants come. Hence the need to send. Save the date and reminders upstream.
  • In Domains with Recurrence, as in Health for Checks up for Example: Schedule an email to send each year to your patients for example. A beneficial action for you as for them: playing the role of reminder you make it easier for them and take their follow-up to heart.
  • For Subscription Logic: Your customers are used to benefit from your services. But the subscription will expire. It's also your role to remind them earlier so they know it in time.

The News Mail

In your business strategy, email automation is a support to maintain a strong link with your customers. Loyalty is not innate, we must give news, take it. By scheduling the sending of an email to all those not contacted for x weeks, you make sure not to leave anyone.

The Mail to Know the Customers Opinions 

  Your customers will be happy to hear from you, they will be more than happy to return. Brand consideration, this email may take the form of a survey or an evaluation. A great way for you to understand their expectations, to better meet them.

The Remarketing Email 

When you sell online, you have a lot of information:

  • So-and-so was not until the end of the purchase.
  • So- and- so has selected such and such products in his wishlist.
  • So- and- so has bought such a product but no such accessory.

Take the opportunity to personalize your approach, with an automatic email for:

  • Revive basket abandonment.
  • Offer a discount on an item of the wishlist.
  • Offer a complementary product to the one purchased.

So, inspired? Do you see any application cases to adapt? Very good: Now concretely how to proceed?


Once you have established your automation scenarios, you need a marketing automation tool to manage them. You need a very efficient emailing tool, it should be used to:

Collect Emails: via a web form or registration pop-up, to associate with your site, blog, or a landing page.

Create Campaigns: a drag and drop feature ensures you create newsletters, mailings, landing pages, and even polls. Some templates elegant and responsive make your content compatible and attractive with any device.

Segment Targeting: a variety of attainability's should be offered to you. It would be unwise to send the same email to someone twice, especially if they read it the first time.

Optimize Shipments: the A/B Testing feature consists in testing different variables, either on:

  • The object.
  • The sender's name.
  • The catchphrase.
  • Or the time of sending the mailing.

Expand the Means of Action: the SMS can display much better rates, for information calling for answers or quick reaction, or invitations. Some email automating software declines cross-channel to make the most of the different channels.

Automate: You can fashion your automation scenario directly in the platform as you have created your campaign - drag and drop - to better automate your customer journey by adjusting it to the timing and behavior of each. Thus each email or email cycles will be more precise, better targeted and therefore more effective.

Program: With the predictive sending system, the software should be able to use big data to automatically send each of your contacts your email at the most optimal time.

Analyze the Impact: each of your shipments displays statistics, to evaluate their performance, it is necessary to compare them. The tool performs this tracking draws recommendations for your next actions.

For prospecting as for loyalty, an automatic email is a quick, simple and effective lever. Given its thousand possibilities, you create scenarios that reflect your image while boosting your business strategy.

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