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Introducing Form Element: Now Build Custom Form With Visual Page Builder


Have you ever thought of a form builder inside a page builder? Did you ever think of getting a complete pro form builder with high-quality designing options without installing any external plugin or extension?

Well, we have.

For the first time, Quix has embedded Form Element that will allow you to create beautiful, astonishing and eye-catching forms using your very own Quix, that too WITHOUT installing any sort of extension.

To be more specific, for the first time, there is a real form builder inside a page builder.

This idea is developed by ThemeXpert and the team made a very useful element. The form element is very own of its kind. There are a lot of page builders available. But none of them carries this kind of element in it. The team designed form element with all the necessary features in it. You can design every bit of it using the settings option.

Let's dive a bit deeper. Shall we?

Form Element

We all are familiar with different types of forms. A form is an information collecting system where numerous empty fields are provided with labels for users to provide information for a certain reason. It can be a survey, registration form, login form etc.

And then the collected information's are stored in the database for later use. Most of us use contact forms to collect intellectual data of users, customers etc for newsletter purpose. 

Creating a form was never an easy work. Back in the days, coders had to struggle with it. They would get tangled if they had to create more than one forms that too in different styles. But thanks to ThemeXpert as they solved the puzzle.

The team built Quix page builder with astonishing elements and features. Among them, form element is designed with a simple look but dashing working system. You can easily create thousands of dynamic forms with a few clicks. All you need you to do is select the element, bring the changes, set a field destination and save it. That's all.

Necessity of Form Element

A form is a necessary element for any website and everyone needs it. And it plays a vital role in the contact form. You can hardly find a site without a contact form.

Nowadays, forms are used for different purposes. You can use it for newsletter information, survey purpose, registration fill-ups, online shopping cart etc. Forms are used in many ways.

To create a form via raw code is tough. You have to write the tags, placeholders, add proper padding, attach CSS for styling and much more. But not now. Now you can create any type of form with the help of Quix form element and it would take only a few minutes. 


Quix form element is created with all the necessary features. You'll find all the options in it to create any kind of form. These features are listed below:

  • Acts just as a Form Builder
  • The number of field addition is unlimited. One can add fields as much as he needs.
  • Supports 11 field types
  • Smart Grid control
  • Message customization options
  • After form submit hook
  • Maximum control over styling form options
  • Multi-select field type support
  • Email response customize support

Loading A Form Inside The Joomla Article


One thing I love about Quix is, "it can flexibly adjust with Joomla article". If you have a few previously created articles in Joomla and if you want to display a form in those articles then what will you do? You can go for either copy-paste option or create a new form inside the article editing field.

But what if I say you don't have to do either of these… Cause now you can insert any kind of Quix form with just a few simple steps. All you need to do is, create the form and save the template. Now go into your Joomla article and from there insert the saved form template. Click on the "save" button and preview the page. You'll find the form in your article just where you inserted.

Why would you choose Quix for Forms?

You might think, "There are so many plugins out there in the market already. Then why did we included it in Quix? Was it necessary?"

To tell you the truth, until now there is no Joomla page builder that has dynamic form builder in it. But this discovery was made by ThemeXpert team. And this form element is designed to give you the best form building experience. Besides, creating a dynamic form requires a big size extension. This extension would not only take a large portion of your site but also hamper other elements, extensions, and settings.

Well, now you are free from all the troubles of external form builder. Quix has the most possible feature you need with best UI-UX. It's not HTML/CSS based. It has been made by ReactJS to give the users the best experience of building real-time pages as we care about your experience of page building, reliability, controlling and more of UI/UX.

Some Lucrative Form Designs

With Quix, you can design the forms in any way you want. You can add as much as the field you need. Allow me to show some demos. 

Contact Form using bold background colors 

 Create form adjusting the column size

Create any kind of order form 

 Adjust column width in accordance to background

Design creative forms for any event 

Add social network buttons underneath 


In the end, all I can say is, do not make yourself confused with just any buzzy form extensions of the market. With Quix's form element, you can create any type of form with all the options of editing including placeholder, help note, designing box shadows, animations etc. What else do you need?

Well, Quix is full of surprises and it's every element is designed with elegant features. Try Quix today and share your experience with us.

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Introducing Testimonial Carousel: Earn Customer Trust


Are you ready to get introduced with the brand new elements & features of Quix 2?

Standby as we represent the best ever Quix embedded with New Elements, New Features, New Look…

Quix 2.1 brings you a new element, Testimonial Carousel with some ravishing editing features by which you can creatively design your Joomla testimonials. 

Introducing Testimonial Carousel

Testimonials play a huge role in increasing clients trust and building a new relationship with a new visitor. It's the perfect way to show your clients potentiality towards work. And if you represent a bunch of testimonials designed in animations, beautify with sorted colors in your Joomla site, then this page builder is the perfect choice for you.

We designed Quix 2 in a new way. From internal system work to stylish outlook, everything is changed. And to make your workflow easy, we added some brand new elements.One of them is Testimonial Carousel. This element will help you to create more than one testimonial in one place with highly customizable options.

A testimonial carousel is a slider based element containing multiple testimonials of different clients. If you want to provide more than one testimonials in your site then you must go for testimonial carousel. It will save the space holding more than one testimonial in one box. 

Testimonial Layouts

In testimonial carousel you'll find 5 layout options by which you can design the contents differently. You can also align texts left, center and right which way it suits best in your content.

Image Inline: Image appears next to name & designation 

 Image Stacked: Image appears above name & designation

 Image Above: Image appears above content

Image Left: Image appears on left of content 

Image Right: Image appears on right of content 

Add Multiple Testimonials in Width

Carousel slides can be easily customized. You can control the number of Joomla testimonial you want to show in one slide.

These settings can be changed according to display device. You can set more than 3 testimonials in one slide for desktop, less than 3 for tablet and 2 or 1 for mobile. It's up to you. 

Carousel Designs 

Design your creative testimonials in your own way. Take a look at these marvelous testimonial examples.

 Try clients image instead of old dot navigation

Design testimonials using bold colors in the background. 

One background for all testimonials with highlighted colors. 

 Try this carousel along with a header

Try double background to attract viewers 

Autoplay & Animation

Autoplay will help you to set time in the slider. You can use the classic arrow navigation for visitor to click and check testimonials. Or you can set some time for automatic slide change.

Sometimes animations make a great impression. That's why we included animation field in testimonial carousel. Try testimonial carousel along with some animations. I'm sure you'll love it.


Getting a perfect testimonial is not an easy task though. You have to make sure you provide the best service to your clients. In return, they'll compliment your services with best regards. But try to get those only from the right person.

After collecting the best one's, design them in your site by adding animations and set to autoplay. This will give your site a dynamic look. Make complete usage of Testimonial Carousel and let the world know the quality of your services.

Try out this amazing new element and let us know how you feel about it in the comment box. 

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Quix 2.0.9 Arrived With Video Element, Border, Shadow & Much More


It's been just three weeks of Quix 2.0 Joomla page builder release. And today we are here with some more exciting news for you. We are releasing some more elements and features only for you guys.

Our first priority is client satisfaction. On our clients demand, we are working day & night to implement new elements, new features, new methods along with bug fixes.

Though it is a bit tough job but not tough for us, as our sincere developers are always ready to work on and make Quix better and better day by day. So with today's announcement we declare the release of Quix 2.0.9 page builder.

You'll find some brand new elements along with some cool new features. Let's check out them in details. 

Brand New Elements

Video element

A website without a short explainer video is rare these days. A short knowledgeable tutorial video is better than an detailed text explanation. That's precisely why we included this element in Quix 2.0.9.

Now you can include all your YouTube videos in video element. It comes come with complete user control like - auto-play, player control, mute, showing related video etc. With the upcoming releases, we'll improve it more.


Raw html element is specifically designed for coders and developers. This element will allow you to insert your own html code. You write any kind of html code in it including table, layout, iframe etc. So if you do not like any default layout or anything, customize it by your own with html codes. 


Alert box are used for the attention of users. It can be a warning note or information note. The alert box attracts the viewer's focus as it contains an important note for them. 

Brand New Features

Box shadow

Bow shadow feature is one of the best features I must say. It gives a 3D layer to your section and it is available within Quix 2.0.9.

Now you can give your site a 3D effect as New Box Shadow has been included in Quix Joomla page builder 2.0.9 which makes the design of your site more unique. 

Text shadow 

Want to catch eyesight of more viewers?

Choosing the right font type, size, text color, line height can be done by anyone. Talking to a next level is one important thing. A 3D effected headline draws more attention than a flat headline.

Now with Quix 2.0.9, you can make an eye catching headline which is bound to draw attention to you site visitors. Not only in header, you'll find this feature available in text element too.

Background Overlay

Background overlay feature is one beauty enhancing feature. You can easily add a new layer over background image. The new layer can be a solid color or another image. It makes the image or video a better fit with the rest of the design.

You can create the fusion of image with this incredible feature. Or just add a new design to your boring image. You can insert any element over it. 


Quix 2.0.9 is being released with a few important features. One of them is border. This border feature is used as frame. Now you can add custom border to every section, row, column and elements. With this update, we are giving you the complete control on beautifying every element.

Quix makes it easy to manage border options for all sections, rows, columns and elements. This awesome decorative option will allow you to design the border frame with type, color, width and radius. 

Multiple Units

CSS units determine the measurement of an element along with specific background field. These units include pixel(px), percentage(%), viewport height(vh) etc that defines the measurement of screen.

Quix 2.0 was released with 2 units only. But now it has more units in different elements. These elements will help you to fix the area of an element. You can choose the measuring unit and set the element just the way you want. 

New Color Picker

We are constantly thinking of improving user interface. Our target is to give you complete control over Quix page builder with all the accessibilities in better way. That's the reason we improved our color picker.

This brand new format of color picker will allow you to set your chosen color as preset color which you can use later whenever you want. You can set upto 6 colors and change easily. 

Animation Feature

Animation feature is implemented with brand new 13 different types included in every element for now. Now you can style up your elements with different types of animation effects. This animation was demanded by a lot of our users and now it's time to deliver. You can set the animation appearance time and speed.

These animations work as transitions. You can even repeat the effect. Included animation types are -

  • Fading In
  • Scaling: Up, down
  • Sliding : Top Small, Bottom Small, Left Small, Right Small, Top Medium, Bottom Medium, Top 100%, Bottom 100%, Left 100%, Right 100%


 Quix is the best free Joomla page builder helps you to create your Joomla page smoothly and easily. You can make your website even if you have no idea about coding.

We are trying our best to improve Quix in every manner. We are building new elements twice a week. We'll be back soon with some more elements and features, till then let us know what do you want us to implement for you in the comment box. Take care. Chao...
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How to Make Your Joomla! Site GDPR Friendly


Thanks to Joomla for introducing the new privacy tool suit in response to the rules such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Joomla 3.9. In this following section, you'll find all the information about how to set up these new extensions and make your site GDPR friendly.

ThemeXpert is always concerned about clients privacy. So we updated our system to maintain clients privacy with their consent. Our policy stands for both old and new clients. 

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the new rules design to give European Union citizens more control over their data. It is needed to set cookies under users consent to make sure the privacy of the user is not compromised.

How to make Joomla Website GDPR Friendly?

1. Privacy Dashboard

The privacy dashboard provides the summary of information requested for the website representing the status of actions to be taken. The privacy dashboard is situated right under the 'User' Menu link.

a. Request Count

The request count is more like the privacy dashboard. It represents the summary of the information on a website.

b. Health Check Module

With the help of health check module the status of several actions recommended to site owners is checked, as it relates integrating the privacy tools regarding the website, including:

  • Privacy Policy Published - it will check if the privacy policy has been configured and published or not. Developers can check the integration through onPrivacyCheckPrivayPoilicyPublished event.

  • Request Form Menu Item Published - this will check if the front-end information request form has a published menu item or not to the authenticated users submit valid request.

  • Outstanding Urgent Request - This option will check for any pending confirmed requests, which are older than 14 days and it will be alerted to the owner of the site for any such requests which requires urgent attention. 

2. Extension Capabilities

This screen displays the capabilities of privacy policy related informations (such as cookies to set on browser, information shared with the third party for future usage, personal data processing etc) to assist the user assessing extensions regarding privacy policy related concerns and preparing documentation of terms and policy service. To know more, checkout Report Extension Capabilities in Privacy Component.

3. Information Requests

Processing and managing user information request is located here. You can know more about in Information Request Workflow in Privacy Component.

Privacy Consent​ Plugin Setup

While collecting personal identifiable information, you need ensure the following terms:

  • The user is informed about the need of the information in clear understanding word.
  • The user should be informed about the exact data you want to collect from them
  • The user should know in what purpose you'll be using their data
  • The user has actively agreed to your terms

But let me assure you one thing. This plugin DOES NOT make your website legally complaint. It's only just a step to the process.

After enabling the plugin, any new user registering on your site will be needed to consent the privacy policy. By this process, the date and IP address of the user will be recorded. And all the existing users will be redirected to their user profile for their consent.

1. Plugin Configuration

Now the plugin is installed but yet not active. To active it you need to follow these steps, Extension -> Plugin -> look for Privacy. Once you've located the plugin, configure it before enabling. 

2. Short Privacy Policy

This is a brief notice that will be displayed above the privacy consent checkbox. You can customize it to your own text or just leave the way as it is.

3. Privacy Article

If wish to have a longer Privacy Policy, you can create or edit it right in this section which will be displayed in the modal window of the user.

4. Redirect Message

This section is used for the existing users who have entered their profile first time right after privacy policy plugin has been enabled. You can use the default text or just use your own customized text.

User - Terms & Conditions​ Setup

1. Plugin Configuration

The plugin is installed but yet not enabled. To active it you need to follow these steps, Extension -> Plugin -> look for Terms. Once you've located it, you can customize it and enable it.  

2. Short Terms & Conditions

This is a short notice that will appear right above the Terms & Conditions checkbox. You can leave the default message to display or edit to your text.

3. Terms and Condition Article

If wish to have a longer Privacy Policy, you can create or edit it right in this section which will be displayed in the modal window of the user. 

Content - Confirm Consent

This plugin will add a required checkbox to a form (such as the core contact form). 

1. Plugin Configuration

The plugin is installed but yet not enabled. To active it you need to follow these steps, Extension -> Plugin -> look for Consent. Once you've located it, you can customize it and enable it.

2. Short Privacy Policy

This is a short notice that will appear right above the Terms & Conditions checkbox. You can leave the default message to display or edit to your text. 

3. Privacy Article

If wish to have a longer Privacy Policy, you can create or edit it right in this section which will be displayed in the modal window of the user.

Privacy Modules​ Setup

This module provides the summary of the information requests received for your website. This module is installed and enabled by default in Joomla 3.9 installation. To add it to your dashboard on an updated site, go to Extension -> Modules, change the site filter to Administrator, add a new Privacy Dashboard module, assign it to the cpanel position, and set access to Super Users


 The output will mostly look like this,


Follow all the steps described above and make your Joomla site GDPR friendly. If you still find any problem, please contact us. None are expert here but we all are trying our best to get to know GDPR better.

You can download Joomla_3.9.0-dev-Development-Full_Package.zip for testing new privacy tool and report any issue.

Post your comment below and we'll do our best to reach out there and answer it.

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Inside Quix Background Settings, Gradient Effect, Video & More With RC2


The era of flat solid colors are coming to an end. Now it's time for fusion. A twist of color fusions can give the background a bold look.

Gradients have really come back as a trend. Now most of the templates use gradient effect either in the background or over an image. The shady effect attracts eyesight of most viewers.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs

In real life, the natural beauty what we see is always in gradient. Why to use regular colors when you can do much more using gradient?

Most of the websites are bringing back gradient in their own sites and templates. Like - 

And most of the page builders support gradient effect in different field.

Gradient effect hypnotizes the eyesight of your users and make sure they get impressed. Gradient has the power to make the dull color interesting, which will definitely increase the visual beauty of your site. Your site will stand out in the crowd of competitors.

Gradient effect produces three dimensional color look by blending one color with another. Multiple colors can be used, where one color gradually fades and changes into another color.

You can set gradient image as a background, over an image, over video etc. To be straight forward, I can say, you can play with colors. If you do not know how to use gradient, you can check out this guide and design gradient by yourself.

On Quix 2.0 we are bringing this amazing "Gradient Background Effect". We want to make Quix more irresistible and give you the experience of ultimate pagebuilding. You stay updated with technology and get the best out of it, that's what we desire.

You can decorate your Joomla page with a Gradient Background effect combining two colors and give a new look.

Our Background Gradient setting is designed in the simplest way. With Live Frontend Editing, you can see the changes instantly and set it in your way.


Adding gradient is super easy and I'm sure you'll love it. Just follow these simple steps and you'll land up in making an awesome gradient image.

  1. Select the settings option from the mini-toolbar
  2. Go to the background option
  3. In the background type you'll find the Gradient option
  4. Now select the two colors you want to make fusion of
  5. Add the gradient type which comes in two options - Linear and Radial
  6. Set the directions
  7. You can even set the starting and ending position

You can set the Gradient effect in the section very easily with the control of angle & colors.

This gradient is also available for columns too. You can redesign each and every column with the blast of different colors situated in the same section.

Setting Gradient Background

You can set the background gradient not only inside the section but also inside the column. Setting a gradient background is super easy, just follow these steps.

Menu Bar > 'Settings' option > Background > Gradient Section > colors

The Gradient Type comes with two options, Linear & Radial.

  • Linear- colors will combine with each other horizontally or vertically.
  • Radial- first color will be in center and the second one will surround the first color.

This element also comes with some additional settings, like if you want to set the directions of gradient and specify the starting and ending position etc.

If you find any problems then don't worry just let us know about it. We are still working on it to make more irresistible and bug free.

Future Work

To give your site an awesome look, we'll be adding the gradient effect to some other things too.

  • Over an image
  • Over video
  • Include opacity option

Now why is that? Gradient over an image gives it a classic shady look. You can set it like retro or other filters. 

Upcoming Elements

In the upcoming days, we'll reveal the details of other major elements so that you can get to know all of them along with the way of their work.

  • Media Manager
  • Toolbar
  • Icon System etc

These elements are important to make a ravishing site. So, we've added every small details and wish to add more according to your need.

Quix RC 2 Is Here

Quix 2.0 is much sorted and improved. More features are included with details and settings. Now you'll get more background designs along with the column decorations. Most of the bugs are fixed and now Quix is getting prepared for its final release. Stable release will be announced soon.

Just give it a try, reveal the secrets by yourself and let us know how you feel about the new looks and changes. Don't forget to tell us about the changes you wish to see in the best free Joomla page builder. We'll try our best to implement it without any doubt. Let us know your suggestions and advises in the comment section below. Till then take care. Chao...  

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Quix 2.0 RC Is Here - Joomla Visual Builder Got Huge New Features and Improvements


Day to day we are improving Quix page builder, making it better. Better in structure and performance. Now we are ready to launch our Release Candidate of QUIX.

It is far much better than the first version of Quix Joomla page builder, as we brought some significant changes. Not only the outlook is changed, but also the inner section is much improvised and sorted.

During Alpha and Beta release, a few issues appeared which are now solved. Our experienced developers are working day & night to improve it more and take it to the next level to reduce your workload, and the result of your hard work for building a site seem flawless.

Without delaying further, let's check out the improvements.

New Installer

Everything starts with an installations process. We took our time to give you a good installer and tried to make the first impression look good. We have enhanced the installer of Quix. It is now easier and more reliable than ever.

We have given rollback support to Quix installer so that after installing new version if your site breaks or you face any kind of trouble, you will be able to rollback to the previous version. Nothing will be lost, and you will not face any kinds of trouble. 

The installation process is kept simple so you can easily install Quix. Everything needed to set up will be done automatically. You just chill for a moment while Quix installs. We have added a requirement checklist, if it matches with your system the installation process will move further.

If your system doesn't matches the minimum requirement consider altering the system settings. Still, if you find any trouble, just let us know. Our support team will be right next to you in a minute.

[New] Icon Picker and SVG Editor

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. SVG images are composed of fixed set of shapes.

The main benefit of SVG is, you can make it smaller or bigger any size you want and you can add any color you want. In one sentence you can customize the SVG as you want which is only just a dream for general images.

With the new version of Quix, you will be able to upload any images and SVG images to the media manager. But if you like you can also use SVG icons which comes by default with Quix.

We want our client to have the best of Quix page builder. So we added the SVG icons with the new Quix to make it look more flawless. In this version, we are providing you 1000+ awesome SVG icons which are located locally in media manager, and we are going to increase that number as we release an update.

You can upload your own svg files update it on the fly. Whenever you select an SVG file you will see 2 new additional controls right after the media picker. You can resize the SVG and give it to any color you want. Isn't it awesome ? 

[New] Copy/Paste Section, Row & Element

Copy-paste are the two most older keywords on the internet. The copy command creates a duplicate of the original text/image and stores in a temporary storage tool called clipboard. Later the data in the clipboard is inserted in the position where the paste command is issued.

Earlier in the previous version of Quix, there was cloning option. It was great, but it would create a little bit trouble if the page length is very long. You had to drag the item entire way to the very end.

To reduce your trouble, we've upgraded the copy-paste techniques. Now you can command copy-paste your elements, row, and even section.

When you want to copy a section, just click on the copy icon of that item and after finding a suitable place, click the paste icon. There is no more trouble of dragging all the way down. You can create the duplication of them and reuse. But if you like to drag and make clone, don't worry we have kept this option for you.

[Improved] Drag & Drop Interface

Quix is the ultimate Joomla drag and drop page builder. It was built that way. But now, to make the drag and drop option more smooth and clear, we have brought a slight change. We've upgraded it a bit.

Now while dragging a column or row or even a section, an icon will appear, and once you drop the icon in the destination, content will be moved. You don't have to get confused if your content is big enough to move. Just click the drag icon situated in the mini-toolbox and drop it wherever you want.

Huge Core Improvements Makes Quix More Fast

Quix was made fast. But in our everyday routine, fast is turning a boring word. Nowadays, everyone loves supersonic speed. The circling of buffering has turned annoying for everyone. Now everyone loves the instant result.

So, we made some core improvements and made Quix super fast. Now all the changes you bring to your site will appear without any delay & buffering. Now the changes will appear instantly. Don't believe us? In the stable release, you'll get the proof.

[New] Page Settings

Page setting or document setting is the parameters defined by the users that help to determine how the page will appear. To be specific, you can control some basic and useful settings of an entire page.

To find the page settings element all you have to do is, click the 'settings' written button situated in the toolbar. Inside the page settings, you'll find some additional settings like status, language, color preset, CSS, etc to set the basics of a page. 

[New] Link Quix Page to Menu From Visual Builder

Linking a page is not tough anymore in Joomla page builder. Now you can add a new page to your menu bar with more flexibility and trouble-free.

Right after creating a page and saving it, you can set it to your menu bar of the site. In the center of the top toolbar, you'll find the setting options. Click it, and it will offer you four more options. From there select 'Link Page To Menu'. A popup box will appear with some more additional settings. Just set the name and position and other thing and click the 'save' button. And you're done here. 

[New] Customizable Section/Row Height & Flex

Quix comes with some default settings. Like section height, background, padding, etc. But now, you can change most of the default settings. One of them is the height of the section.

You do not need to calculate margin-padding for your section anymore, as you can directly customize it. Just go to the section setting and customize according to your will.

You have two options, - fit to screen and custom height.

Fit to screen will automatically detect the size of your screen. With one click on it, section height will be adapted perfectly according to your display size.

And if you need to customize the section height in our own way, just select custom height. In this option, you get to increase the value of section height by the slider. You might have gotten used by pixels, so we haven't forgotten it. As you modify section height with the slider, you will be able to see its pixel value as well.

After modifying the section height, you can set the alignment of column position directly to top bottom or center as you wish. You do not need to set it by pixels; you will be able to set it with just one click.

You can also increase of decrease custom height for row and column also.

As you increase or decrease the height, it will be instantly updating in real time. You don't have to go for a preview button. It's up to you now, how you want to change the height of the section and give a new, different look.

[New] Disable Mode

One of your very important features is "Disable Mode". You can disable any section, any column, any element at any time you want. You might be thinking "what is the necessity?"

Consider you are developing a section on you live site, and you are just in between completing it. Would you like to show the incomplete section to your viewer? Definitely not.

With the help of disabled mode, you will be able to hide the incomplete section until its completed.

You can also disable any section or element, device wise. Disabled section or element will not be visible for the selected device until you enable it. A disabled unit will not be able to customize until you enable it. So make sure you enable it before editing. 

[New] Custom CSS For Every Element (PRO)

With all the ready-made options, we've also kept an option for custom CSS. Now, why is that? In case, if you want to include any different options other than ours, you can do it.

Custom CSS allows you to add raw code in any field you want and it won't conflict with other elements. You can your own style to it give your site a new look. Every developer has their own taste, so you can decorate your site with your own taste.


It's never-ending for Quix page builder as we are improving it every day and in every possible way making it the best free Joomla page builder. With the final stable release, we'll unleash all the hidden tracks and solve the unsolved mysteries cause 'the good one comes at the end'.

Stay connected and let us know how you wish to see this Joomla, page builder. We always look forward to your suggestions and advice.

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Inside Quix - Flexible Layout System Powered By Bootstrap 4


Quix Joomla Page Builder is much more upgraded and sorted than it was ever before. Cause now Bootstrap 4 has been included in Quix making Quix page builder unstoppable.

Today I'll talk about the Layout System of Quix. Earlier, we used Bootstrap 3 for layout system. It consists the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The preprocessor of Bootstrap 3 is LESS which is written in JavaScript. The popularity of LESS among developers is 13.4%. It uses 4 grid tiers and they are xs(phones), sm(tablets), md(desktops) and lg(larger desktops). And many more things.

You might have got a question, "What's the need of moving to Bootstrap 4?" Right?

Why lack behind when you can work with latest features of Bootstrap. Latest version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap 4. It has new components, more flexibility, and more responsiveness. It supports the latest, stable release of all major browsers and platform except Internet Explorer 9.

Bootstrap 4 offers many new flexible features and it appeared to be the better than the best. So, not delaying further we used Bootstrap 4 for Quix 2.0 page builder.

Reason behind migration to BS4

As you know, bootstrap is the world's most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites, and applications. It has high quality HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make any project easier than ever.

Bootstrap includes a powerful mobile-first flexbox grid system for building layouts of all shapes and sizes. It is based on a 12 column layout and has 5 tiers i.e. xs (extra small), sm (small), md (medium), lg (large) & xl (extra large) breakpoints. Now, these breakpoints are fixed as the pixels are specified. These breakpoints make sure not to break the websites as the changes appear in different devices. Now you don't have to worry about fitting to the screen. It will adjust by default.

Moreover, we choose Bootstrap 4 over Bootstrap 3 for these reasons:

  1. Popularity
  2. Flexibility
  3. Responsiveness

Let's get into a little bit deep. Shall we?

1) Popularity

Bootstrap 4 got its popularity just after arrival. A Bootstrap team made a survey in Tweeter about Bootstrap 4 and they got a very high response. Most of the developers loved it because of its exclusive features.

Around 3.5% of the entire internet uses Bootstrap. Because of its flexbox, form control, appearance & look, mobile-first, and most importantly, the migration from BS3 to BS4 is really very simple.

2) Flexibility

Bootstrap 4 is way more flexible than ever.

The Grid System consists of 3 main parts. Container, Row, and Columns. A fixed container is set by default. Inside the container, rows are set and all you need to do is set the column. And moreover, you can change the size of columns just the way you want.

3) Responsiveness

When it comes to BS4 nothing can beat its responsiveness.

The Grid system consists of 5 grid tiers. The 12 column layout is developed with percentage which makes the drag and drop more easy and smooth. The 12 columns are not a must. You can use 2,3,4,6, and max 12. You can set different column numbers for different devices and make the websites more flexible in display screen of any device. It can adjust from extra small to extra large device screens.

Now that's what I call a revolution…

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Quix 2.0 Beta Is Here - Makes It The Most Flexible Page Builder For Joomla!


 It's been an awesome week since we released best Joomla Page Builder Quix 2.0 Alpha. With all the excitements and achievements we are here with a remarkable progress. We are just in time for our next launch. Appending some more clever features we release Beta version of Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder.

This version is much more improved and this time the layouts are far better than the expectations. But we are still developing Quix 2.0 Joomla drag and drop page builder for better performance and new functionalities. Quix is still on the lab and there might be some minor bugs, which we'll be fixing them in the upcoming versions.

Please go through with each new feature detailed below of Quix 2.0 Beta. Just give a quick scan and get familiar with each of them.

In the meantime we'll work on with our next release. Together we'll make Quix 2.0 the best Joomla Page Builder one's ever known.

Array of Pre-Made Column

Quix Layout system is crafted with the array of Pre-Made column and now it is more easier, more flexible and much more powerful than before.
Right after entering in the world of Quix you'll find the Add New Section Button. Just click it and you'll find 11 Predefined layouts which are designed just for your website. Use the layout which suits perfectly with your need.

Add Column On-The-Fly

Once you've selected the layouts and while working on them, you feel like you need to include one more column, at that moment you have to go through all over the working process again.
Well, now you don't have to do it. Right on the top-left of the column you'll find an Add Column button. Just click it and a brand new column will appear just right next to the selected column.

Duplicate Column

A creative mind creates a masterpiece once. And if you wanna make another one similar to it, you've gotta go through the hard works all over again. Why repeat the troubles when you can do it by clicking a button.
Just click on the Duplicate Button situated in the top-left mini toolbox of the designed column. The clone of the column is ready. Now all you need to do is, just change the contents.

Column Resizing

​Column Resizing means to resize the the default column layout. Quix page builder gives you the ultimate power to resize the column to your desire. It was never so much easier as now. The new version of Quix offers pixel perfect layouts and now you can resize them easily and smoothly.

The columns are built on percentages. Just drag the side of your column and expand or shrink it just the way you want and we promise, it won't break the row. Don't believe us? Why not try by yourself and test it.

Column Setting

​Quix 2.0 has transformed completely as the settings are much more easy and flexible. After the section selection and column selection, you'll be able to edit the column settings.

At the top-left side you'll get the editable options in a mini-toolbox. Here you'll get 4 options- General, Styles, Animation and Advance. These settings will allow you to change the default settings and make your own creative styles for the developing site.

Nested Columns

Quix Joomla page builder makes easy to create beautiful responsive page layouts with the fast drag-&-drop gesture.

But most people get stuck while creating complex layouts. To be more precise, we can say nested layouts. Like- if you want to create multiple rows of different numbers of columns, but all within the same section, you can do it. This new feature will allow you to create new columns inside of an existing column. You can build the websites both simple and complex at the same time and of course all in the same section.

Responsive Columns At Its Best

Controlling the column layouts for responsive different size screen was not so much easy and promising. Some obscure settings would make it more hard to find and set, still not great.
But not with Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder. We've redesigned the responsive function to a new extent. Now Quix 2.0 will be responsive to 5 different types of screen as we've extended it to Bootstrap 4 which supports 5 tiers: xs (extra small screen), Sm (small screen), Md (medium screen), lg (large screen) and XL (extra large screen).


Quix is the best free Joomla page builder that gives you the total control from designing to managing, everything can be done easily with Quix.

Till now you have been customizing the typography from templates option.

Now, you do not need to worry whether the template will provide you typography options or not. Because Quix will allow you to do so.

Typography is an element that is a must to ensure flexible readability and for this reason we have brought Typography Options with Quix 2. You will be able to customize and change the look of your site with 1200+ google fonts along with changing size, height, weight, style, etc. Choose the one that fits you best and give your visitors ultimate reading experience from design to managing, everything can be done easily with Quix.

New Elements

Quix 2.0 appends some latest elements which are new and most efficient for a user. Right after the selection of column, red circle naming 'Add Elements' will appear which will allow you to select the elements from the list 'Element List'. These elements are sorted and you can modify each element in details. These elements are:

Column Element

The column element is present to help you to create a new column inside the existing column. Which means you can give your website a creative look with various numbers of columns in one section.

Button Element

A form cannot be submitted without a button. It not only links to other sites but also enables to store the data in database. So, we customized the button settings with ready-made buttons with editable functions. You can change the style, font, size, shape etc as it comes with 3 different settings- General, Styles and Advanced.

General setting has all the primary settings including types, outline styles etc. Style setting offers different types of styling like- typography, background, text color, border & spacing. And Advanced setting has background, element style etc

Heading Element

Headings always attract the viewers. If the header is not attractive then you might have less than average traffic in your site.

Quix 2.0 is designed holding each and every element in details. The heading element has all the functions to make a header bold and attractive. It has styling, linking, color, typography, element style, background etc. Make the full use of it and let us know.

Image Element

Image is a necessary element for any website. It is proven that images works better than texts. Your explanation directly hits viewers mind faster with images rather than texts.

With quix you can insert an image directly or generate it form any external link, that's totally up to you. Besides we know everyone like it a bit unique, so we have provided elegant customization's along it. Hope you like to use our new element.

Text Element

Text element is very much important. It helps to get more traffic via SEO. Text helps to describe anything in details. If the text is not appropriate and attractive then it does not increase viewers interest.

We know how much text element is important for you so we tried our best to make it better. Our text element comes with advanced typography, so that you can customize text in your way.

Cache System Updated

"Faster and quick response" is the first expectation a user expects from a website. And a site can be made blazing fast by improving the cache system. Cache shows the web pages without pulling them from database every time a user asks for them.

Quix Joomla page builder is 3X, faster as we updated the cache system. Now the buffering won't bother you and keep you waiting as the pages will load in seconds.

Release Timeline

  • Alpha 1 -​ 1st March, 2018 ✅
  • Alpha 2 ​8th March, 2018 ✅
  • Beta 1 & 2 Release - ✅
  • RC 1 Release - 29th March, 2018
  • RC 2 Release – 3rd April, 2018
  • Quix 2.0 Stable Release - 10th April, 2018

The better is getting best. Quix 2.0 Joomla Page Builder is very much sorted and improved. We are still working over it but we promise not to keep you waiting up late. Meantime why not give a test drive and send us your feedback.

If you wish, you can check out Quix releases and what new is introduced with each release, from below.

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An Interview With Joe Sonne Founder & CEO of JoeJoomla.com


Joe Sonne living in Canada , is one of the most popular person who joined Joomla! from its initial position when Joomla was a project named Mambo. He got involved with Joomla in 2005. And from there, his journey with Joomla started. From a user to volunteer to board member to fundraiser, he has done a lot for Joomla from behind the scenes. He is the owner of JoeJoomla and Joe Sonne Marketing.

Moreover, he was the former Secretary of Open Source Matters (OSM) and currently he serves the project as the Capital Committee Chairperson and also a team member of the Marketing Member Group. He's a trainer, speaker, and writer about all the things related to Joomla.

Luckily, we got a chance to know him more closely and he shared his Joomla journey with us. We are going to share his journey and some of his untold story too.

Tell us something about yourself

"I studied commercial art and advertising in school. I spent some time in the advertising department of a large national mass merchandiser but not as an artist. I went to the production side of the things and really loved being the guy that could communicate well with the art directors and production suppliers. 

My next big move was to sales. I worked for one of the largest graphic art companies in Canada. I was one of the first salesman in Canada specializing in digital marketing.

After this period I transitioned to management and was the Director of Communications for a national non profit organization. This is when I discovered Joomla and became involved in the project. I went full time with my own Joomla based business in 2009. 

I've been privileged to serve on the board of Joomla(Open Source Matters) and today I'm still a volunteer with the project serving as a Team Leader."

Products and services of your company

JoeJoomla produces great and award winning websites. They provide website content management solutions, web hosting, Joomla training services etc.

In Joe's word, "My digital brand is JoeJoomla. We specialize in Joomla"

What do you think about the future of Joomla?

"Joomla is a leader in open source content management website systems(CMS). Joomla is the first open source CMS to adopt php7. This tells you a lot about the project. It's been the best and will stay so because of forward thinking. 

There's opportunities for bright and innovative developers to make a name for themselves in this project since anyone can volunteer their time and skills to make Joomla better."

How our product and services was helpful to you

"I use a ThemeXpert template and Quix Pro for my client project site. The people at ThemeXpert are friendly and willing to jump in and help when needed. I Like That! "

If you  recommend ThemeXpert to others what you'll say ?

"ThemeXpert will help you to create great looking websites that work well"

Your experience with Quix

"Quix is fun to use. To improve Quix is to simply keep it working well with Joomla and continue to add things that today's modern websites need and want."

Joe in Pixpro labs live show

Every week Sarah Watz, the CEO, co-founder and co-owner of Pixpro labs hosts a live show with the successful entrepreneurs who have built their business around Joomla!. Guests share their Joomla journey on the show and provide suggestions for the beginners. Till now 27 guests have attended and shared a glimpse of their lives.

Pixpro Labs LIVE Show #2

Join the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show's second episode with host Sarah Watz and special guest Joe Sonne. A conversation about life, business, and Joomla!

Posted by Pixpro Labs on Monday, July 3, 2017

Your suggestion for newbies

"New developers and startups getting into the Joomla space should make themselves personally known to the Joomla community as well as their own customers. Align yourselves with good people and get involved with the Joomla Project as a volunteer. Make sure you can be found here."

Joe is an awesome person. He is very generous and helpful. I wanted this interview to be helpful for the newbies, to inspire them and get them introduced in the Joomla market. And your question is also very much important to us. So, please use the comment box to write your questions and suggestions. 

And if you want to get connected to Joe Sonne then here are the links:
LinkedIn, Twitter, JoeJoomla, Joe Sonne Marketing.

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