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Founder and Head of Ideas of ThemeXpert. I love building engaging and impactful products! A Joomla! enthusiast and web tech nerd, I love helping people to solve problem in a lean and elegant way. Proud father, husband and family guy love reading and eating own dog food.

[Preview] Finnix - Education Template For Joomla

Here is hint for oure next template:


Elegent Blog Style:


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ThemeXpert is ready to Welcome Joomla! 1.7

ThemeXpert is ready to Welcome Joomla! 1.7

Joomla, one of the most popular Content Management Systems, is releasing its latest version 1.7 on July 10, 2011 and, solely for testing purpose, Joomla 1.7 Alpha 1 has been released on June 6.

ThemeXpert’s Preparation

ThemeXpert is ready to welcome the upcoming release. The current framework version of ThemeXpert, Expose, has already been tested on Joomla 1.7 Alpha 1 and it worked as expected.


Hence, we are delighted to announce that all the Expose based templates and upcoming products will be compatible with Joomla 1.7 as well. So clients who already purchased our templates can easily upgrade to Joomla 1.7 without any trouble. Clients who are considering buying our product and confused about the new release, you can purchase the product and it will work fine on 1.7. Our developers are now looking for the possible problem which can occur with upcoming product so that we can be prepared to tackle any situation.

Further information mentions that Expose and Expose based framework are expected to be compatible with Joomla 1.8, the 2012 product of Joomla CMS. If you have any confusion about our product compatibility with latest releases, you can be tension-free. Enjoy the features of Joomla 1.7 and later with ThemeXpert’s product. All our templates are secured, SEO optimized and cross browser compatible. And Exposed added more and more shiny, attractive features to the recent templates which are easily customizable and more powerful. So choose our product, enjoy the power of domination and be upgraded with Joomla as well.

You can upgrade Joomla1.7 using Joomal1.6 extension manager.

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Vivify Gorgeous Corporate Template For May

Our May 2011 ThemeXpert template, Vivify, is almost ready. Powered by our very own, super solid framework Expose, Vivify is truly vivid with its mind-blowing color combination, pretty textures, different layouts, strong structure and the brilliant typography styling which is the main focus of this brand new Joomla! theme. As usual, it is both Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 supportable with cross-browser compatibility. Let’s have a closer look at the features and properties of Vivify.


Eccentric Color Schemes: Vivify is available for you in 8 different color schemes with 4 dark and 4 light versions available. With the use of excellent color, appropriate shading and highlighting, all these schemes are so much appealing and attractive. Choose your color presets from the available options.


Style with K2: The gorgeous style and beauty of K2 is undeniable nowadays for a super cool content display in Joomla! empowered websites. Vivify is no exception to this.


Brilliant Typography- Lift your site’s face with typeface: The design of vivify mainly focuses on the beauty of typography and the usage of it. Content is always in the central attention and an attractive content display can totally change the mood of any site. For the business world, it is so true. So you might want to choose vivify for elegant typography and the brilliant use of it in every nook and cranny of the template for your next product or portfolio.

Best for Corporate Sites: With Vivify’s solid coding and clean designing, integrated with decent typography and color presets, any product display is sure to be much more attention seeking if presented with it. So if you are conducting a corporate site, there is no better option than Vivify. It can also be used for design gallery or showcase.

Here is full preview of Vivify


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ThemeXpert Goes Full Club Today With Big Discount!

ThemeXpert Goes Full Club Today With Big Discount!

ThemeXpert is going to rearrange its selling and distribution method. From now on, any single distribution of templates is closed. It is due to some technical facts and inconveniences raised by the single product selling and updating, such a decision has been adapted. It is only be club purchase which should available for the users. It helps to keep things in a decorated manner. Single sale often creates some problems when updating which influence some other problems to rise because single sell and club downloading updates are quite different techniques. Therefore, for better customer service and satisfying update through time to time, club sale is the best solution.


So what about the ones who purchased single templates before?

The good news for them is that, ThemeXpert will continue their service to them with regular update and security solutions upon the submission of their download id. Only no more single sales and distribution will be available. From this moment, ThemeXpert is a complete club with a target to better client service and user satisfaction.

Last but not least

We are giving 25% discount on all club membership. Use this coupon code FullClub when purchesing a membership and enjoy 25% discount!. This offer will be valid till 18th may 2011.

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GRAVITY - Super Cool Template For Joomla1.6 Released!

We always listen to your requests and try our best to deliver the goods in a timely fashion. As a result, we have been busy giving Gravity a gigantic facelift. We are delighted to introduce the new and improved version of Gravity with powerful Expose Framework.


Key Features

  • Flexible Layout system, gives you more control over your layouts.
  • Stunning Administrator interface
  • 52 base module positions. Easily add more!
  • Up to 3 layout combination
  • Mobile platform support includes iPad, iPhone and Android.
  • RTL support.
  • CSS and JS code compression allow you to leveraging browser loading speed.
  • Domination over Typography.
  • Full control over Styling.
  • Many built-in features such as to top smooth scroll, Image lazy loader, Modernizr, image fading, google analytics and much more
  • Easy integration with any third party scripts, extensions and styles.
  • Google Web Fonts, load custom fonts from Googles's Font Directory
  • Built in jQuery.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.

Gravity for Joomla1.6

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Jaunty Joomla 1.6 Template now released

This is just a quick note to let you know that the Jaunty template for Joomla 1.6 is now available. This is our 2nd Expose Framework powered Joomla Template comes with ton of features. We are converting our previous tempaltes with Expose Framework and hopefully we'll able to release some of them in this week.


Club members can download Jaunty from the Club download page and Single Template Purchaser can download Jaunty using their Download ID. 

Jaunty for Joomla1.6

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Are You Doing A/B Testing? Check Before Launching Your Website

Are You Doing A/B Testing? Check Before Launching Your Website

There are many strategies and techniques you have to develop when it comes to business and marketing. The online e-commerce business is not different but much more prominent if you judge it from the level of adapting tricks because it is vast and ever-growing. You have to stand out of the crowd with unique styles if you want to survive in this cruel competitive place. To help you, researchers and experts are working constantly to develop new and more active strategy. A/B testing is another term has been included in this list not so long ago but its success rate for promoting business sites is undeniable in this short time. May be it is not much heard-term like SEO but A/B testing is being implemented by the leading companies and skillful marketers with a gorgeous result and now the small business websites are also trying for this.

What is A/B testing?


Well, the definition is simple. A/B testing is running a comparison among some test samples for measuring the response rate for each sample according to a metric and then later using the one which has more success in the real world. The concept is fairly is. You just think about the sign-up form position or the number of queries in the form or moving the ad banner to a different position or change the dialogues of “buy now”, “follow me”, “thank you” etc. or even changing the full theme of your site. The method is to direct visitors to different samples using A/B testing tools and after a reasonable time compare the result and choose the one for promoting your business which is the winner. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, BBC, eBay are some of the companies using A/B testing.

Is that really important?


Research shows only changing an icon to a human photograph increases the click rate immensely. Moving the position of a single element changes the traffic behavior in a dramatic way. Taking a new color, using a different word, display of the contents etc. are valuable elements to run an experiment on. There is no way where without a legal proof you can say that one strategy will be the best or it will fail completely. Though no A/B testings are the same but the elements tested are somewhat match. A list is given below on the terms worth testing:

  1. Layout and style of website
  2. Product tagline and description
  3. The call to action’s (i.e. the button’s) wording, size, color and placement
  4. Form’s length and types of queries
  5. Product pricing and promotional offers
  6. Images on landing and product pages
  7. Amount of text on the page

From where should I start?

In order to start testing, first you have to select the element you want to test. Next you should select a tool.  A/B testing can be set up in one of the two ways. One is replacing the element before the page loads and another is redirect to another page. First one is like testing a variety of heading or buttons powered by HTML or CSS codes. Second one directs to texting the whole format. The tool will redirect visitor to different samples under consideration. A lot of tools are available online. The core-test is somewhat similar in all of the tools. But the features offered and the complexities of using the tool differentiate one from another.

Here is the list below of some A/B testing tools:

Google Website Optimizer: Google provides a free website testing and optimization tool, Website Optimizer. It offers the marketers to test different headlines, images, text or design alternatives provided to it using its web interface. Then the tool will show the alternatives’ conversion result and also its intuitive reports will help the marketers to choose the best combination.

Visual Website Optimizer: It claims to be the easiest website optimizing tool. Visual Website Optimizer offers “point-and-click test designer” and “WYSIWYG Editor” to create variations. It also provides “tag-less integrator” that reduces the time of testing and dependency on web development and IT. It is a flexible multivariate testing program which can cover any rate of conversion process.

Optimizely: Optimizely is not free but it is worth paying for. It has specialized itself to create an experiment in minute by using its easy-to-use visual interface. Simply create a website and use the offers Optimizely is providing to find out the right choice.

Vertster: Vertstrer is another optimizing tool. It uses a fast algorithm and eases the whole process of testing to achieve the right result. It needs no page tagging or DNS changing. A/B and multivariate Taguchi testing pack in one package is available only at Vertster.

OfferMaxima: OfferMaxima calls it optimizing rather than testing. It offers more robust A/B testing, finds out interrelationship between variables, requires minimal traffic response to get a trustworthy result, reduces the likelihood of “false positive” and many more. E-commerce sites, leading generation sites, campaign sites can be benefitted by this cool tool.

SplitAnalyzer: SplitAnalyzer is a scientific testing tool for achieving a great sample testing result. Its test result is constant for the same user all the time. After buying the product, the service is unlimited. Connecting via the FTP server to the database will do the magic. SplitAnalyzer is strong enough to handle millions of hits per month.

Technology is advancing day by day. We cannot but accept the changes and follow the trends. May be a change of the color, replacing an image or simply reducing a mouse-click can multiply the number of hits you are receiving. So give it a try and find out the result scientifically through A/B testing tools and increase the profit of your website.

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Iambus- Powerful Magazine Joomla! Template for April

Our April Joomla! Template, Iambus, is a solid powerful template perfect for news/magazine style website or your personal blog/portfolio. We are really excited about this template as it is our first template based on our newly released Expose framework. We’ve combined a lot of stunningly innovative technologies in this template. Iambus is the tomorrow’s template today fabricated with all lovely new features, necessary options, solid texture with cool designs, enhanced security and compatibility with variety of browsers and mobile devices.


Slideshow (Empowered by XpertScroller)


A stunning slideshow based on our super cool Xpert Scroller module has been integrated in Iambus. It will allow versatile presentation of your content in slideshow. This template is the best option for you, if you are looking for the most gorgeous template there is with powerful slideshow to put up your best works or the recent news and the latest updates in a dynamic fashion!

Scroller and Newsticker- Again XpertScroller!


Scroller and newsticker module are also empowered by Xpert Scroller module to show you how strong this module is. Newsticker is sure to add a new dimension to any magazine sites and scroller is also there for you to make your very own showcase. XpertScroller- the ultimate Joomla! extension is the single extension which rocked Iambus and associated it to reach a different level of quality. You may have always dreamt of such a diversified extension to be true but now Themexpert brings you the supreme add-on in reality for your site.

Flexible Floating Content


We’ve used masonry to show blog article in more beautiful way but you can easily change back to default Joomla blog style. We are using only a class name to change the presentation. Choose your style, classic or unorthodox. The choice is yours and expressing yourself in the best way is only a click away.

Some new extensions

We have made a super clean highly configurable lightbox login and register module which will take your site design to a new height. All the little wonders of handy features will make your site more aristocratic and your users will certainly be mesmerized by Iambus’s charisma with better user experience and high quality security.


What about Joomla! 1.6?

Over the last few months we have been working on porting the framework, templates and extensions across to Joomla 1.6 but due to few inopportune factors, it has taken a little longer than we had anticipated. The good news is we have successfully developed our rich, powerful template framework Expose and this template will be available for both Joomla 1.6 and 1.5. Enjoy the beauty of Iambus by choosing the suitable one for your site platform.

What’s more?

We are not limited within these features we highlighted above. Here is a list of the key features of this template that it ships with

  • Highly configurable module structure
  • iPhone , iPad, Android compatible
  • Beautiful typography
  • 65+ module position
  • 40+ module variations
  • 3 content layout style
  • RTL Support
  • 4 built in style
  • And many more…

Expose Out Of The Box Framework!


For you who don't know what the Expose is please check details about Expose Framework.

We are doing some last minute testing and we will release this template either last day of this week of first day of next week. Stay with us and grab your copy just after the beauty views the daylight. Furnish your magazine or news site or show what you can do with the most powerful, artistic, secured, feature-rich and stylish template, Iambus.

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Introducing Expose - The fast & flexible theme framework

Introducing Expose - The fast & flexible theme framework

Expose is our next generation template framework for Joomla!  While creating this framework, we used our experience and considered our user needs all together.  We carefully reviewed user demands and the unfortunate problems they had to face with our templates before. We fully devoted ourselves to make this new framework and after a full month of hard work we are proud to introduce Expose.

This framework is for novices to professional means that you really don’t need to code a single line to make a beautiful, rich, user friendly website for modern devices like iPhone, Android, iPad and all browsers.

Often people think framework means lot of bloated codes which slow the site down, but we assure you that expose comes with a structured code base with necessary features to make cross platform themes.

Here are the key features of Expose Framework:

  • Style is fully customizable through admin panel
  • Completely new architecture of module positions which will take your experience to new height
  • iPhone, iPad, Android ready template
  • Controlling modules- each module width adjustable from template admin
  • Typography divided into many sections and you have full control over each section
  • Code your typography from template admin (advance user)
  • Inbuilt jQuery with many versions. No more conflicts with jQuery!
  • Fully restructured semantic html coding
  • CSS and JS Code compression and optimized for speed.
  • RTL Support
  • Revamped CSS framework
  • 3rd Party Extension Integration
  • Easy Update and maintenance.
  • It's completely built on the latest web techniques like HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.2+, jQuery 1.5+
  • Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 compatible.


Styling a template is nightmare for novice users, so we make styling easy with visual color editor. Now you can style every major part of your template without writing CSS code! We know too much features create confusion but we hope you would really enjoy Expose admin panel as it is easy to use and thoroughly documented.


Expose comes with new module architecture and will give you a new delightful user experience when editing module width via expose layout settings. You can structure your modules with many styles which in impossible on other frameworks. We built an intelligent module parser so if you accidentally do something wrong on its settings, it will automatically structure itself! Expose also support 3 different layout styles. In our upcoming post, we will try to describe our layout features and how it will make your template life easier.


Content is king and we really care about our content styling. Now you can expose your content with more fashionable way and you will have full control over your typography. Expose gives you an easy to use typography panel, using this panel you can easily select your fonts, fonts selector and custom CSS.

Mobile Ready

Every website owner now wants to make their website mobile compatible and it is very difficult find a template which beautifully renders on mobile. Expose supports iPad, iPhone, Android platforms so your website will not fail on mobile platform ;)

Expose comes with many mobile positions and these positions will become visible only on mobile devices while others module position will not load that means our website will load on a mobile device very faster.

Compression and Optimization

Expose offers CSS and JS compression engine which will cache your CSS files and compress the code. All CSS files will compress into one file so it will reduce many HTTP requests and compression will make your file size very small. All files will load from cache for faster performance.

RTL and 3rd Party Integration

Expose presents you a perfect RTL property integrated facility. Stylize your website with trendy fashions by positioning the text in beautiful alignment thus making your page more catchy and cool. ThemeXpert always welcomes 3rd party extension and Expose is not an exception from this perspective as always. Combining our themes with foreign extensions is quite easy as clicking the mouse few times.


So that’s what Expose is! For a better user experience integrated with rich, high quality, modern facilities grab a theme built on Expose framework. If you want to add, remove or modify Expose is ready to serve all your purposes without any extra hassle of coding. A stunningly strong amalgamation of faster performance, compatibility with every platform there is, cross browser compatibility, easiest customization, user friendliness, Expose templates should be your choice for your next project or your current site if you are looking for something fresh!

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