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Founder and Head of Ideas of ThemeXpert. I love building engaging and impactful products! A Joomla! enthusiast and web tech nerd, I love helping people to solve problem in a lean and elegant way. Proud father, husband and family guy love reading and eating own dog food.

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ThemeXpert hacked and survived

This Saturday I found some suspicious activities on our server, everyday we monitor a lot of suspicious activities on server but this time we found something special, some file injected to our server root directory. Story just began, I immediately contact to our host and instruct them to deny all incoming connection to our cPanel, WHM, FTP and sFTP.


Sunday morning, I started scanning all files using with Admin Tools Pro and found lot of c99 shell script injected here and there. Then immediately run server scanner and mean time started deleting all c99 shell script found by Admin Tools, took backup of our documentation site, forum and affiliate software and deleted every files from server, so we can examine each and every file of these sites and upload again.

Steps we've taken to save our site

I'm documenting the steps we've taken to save our sites so others can be benefited from here.

  1. We disabled this functions 'exec, shell_exec, system, passthru, myshellexec, popen' on our system.
  2. Blocked all incoming access to cPanel, FTP, sFTP so no one can access the site, also accessing via cPanel proxy.
  3. Examined all files using Admin Tools Pro and replaced/deleted suspicious files.
  4. Backup all child sites docs, forums, affiliates and demo to examine in local pc and deleted from server.

We do not store any sensitive data such as credit card number, payment details on our server. All data are protected and save.

Current status


As i mentioned earlier our forum and documentation site are down and we are only providing ticket support to our customers. We really appreciate your patients and support. I want to make sure we are working hard to fix all sites and glitches on our mainsite. We are almost done checking all the files individually and manually you can see from above picture.

Here is our priority list for bringing the sites up

  1. Documentation site - Done
  2. Demo site - 50% Complete
  3. Forum - Done
  4. Affiliate site

We'll update this post to keep you up to date with our recent activities.

Update-5: We restored our forum and phpBB get update to latest version.

Update-4: We bought Amazon SES service to deliver the email, so you will never see an email goes to spam box!

Update-3: Demo site site is UP and running with 2012 templates only. We've migrated to a new server and working hard to restore all our template demo. Extension demo is down also.

Update-2: Documentation site is UP and running on a new powerful server.

Update-1: We open some Paypal IP address to connect our server, now auto subscription creation process is back to normal for paypal payments.

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A crispy responsive template - sneak peek

This August we've been quiet for a long time where we tend to release 2 templates each month. Rest assured, we’ve been toiling away behind the scenes, preparing for a very big template, which will be Responsive in manner with HTML5 markup!

In our previous blog post, we mentioned that Expose 4 is coming with fully responsive implementation and it just took a little more time to cook with HTML5. Finally we managed to cook them all together and going to serve a delicious crispy template called 'Crisp'.


Crisp is a business/corporate template boiled nicely with EasyBlog, K2 and Kunena extensions. K2 has 2 in built templates for blog style and portfolio, which we already implemented in Untitled template.

Desktop view


Tablet view


Mobile view


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Expose Get Responsive!

Expose Get Responsive!

It has been just 1 month since we released Expose framework 3 with FREE bootstrap template. We immediately moved ourself to a new branch to bring responsive awesomeness into Expose. We are really excited to announce that our next major version of Expose framework 4 will be totally responsive!


Smartphone and Tablet users are increasing rapidly and everyone wants to fit there website on all devices. This is where responsive really shines!

In this blog post we will give an inside look of Expose 4 responsive features and what we've done to achieve this.

Before Expose 4.0, we used our own CSS framework for our templates but once we started thinking about responsive design we looked all the popular css frameworks including Boostrap , Foundation, Less framework, 1140 Css grid and many more. We finally settled on Bootstrap framework by Twitter.

There are 2 reason behind this choice:

1. Bootstrap is now the most popular framework among all choices and backed by some very talented developers from Twitter

2. Joomla! 3.0 is coming with bootstrap integration.

Responsive Breakpoints:

We've implemented Bootstrap 12 grid system in Expose 4 but with modifications for backward compatibility with our prior templates. We removed gutter spaces from grid and the negative margin from row and re-calculated the grid values.

LabelLayout widthColumn width
Smartphones 480px and below Fluid columns, no fixed widths
Smartphones to tablets 767px and below Fluid columns, no fixed widths
Portrait tablets 768px and above 62px
Default 980px and up 80px
Large display 1200px and up 100px

Media queries:

  1. /* Landscape phones and down */
  2. @media(max-width:480px){...}
  4. /* Landscape phone to portrait tablet */
  5. @media(max-width:767px){...}
  7. /* Portrait tablet to landscape and desktop */
  8. @media(min-width:768px)and(max-width:979px){...}
  10. /* Large desktop */
  11. @media(min-width:1200px){...}

Also Bootstrap provides a very handy and useful utility class set which allows you to easily show/hide modules from your template. You will able to add this class in the Module Class Suffix Class table.

ClassPhones 480px and belowTablets 767px and belowDesktops 768px and above
.visible-phone Visible
.visible-tablet Visible
.visible-desktop Visible
.hidden-phone Visible Visible
.hidden-tablet Visible Visible
.hidden-desktop Visible Visible

Features and Improvements:

  • Fully responsive
  • Dropdown menu for mobile devices
  • Separated all Less files into less folder and compiled in Css directory
  • Removed all mobile platform checking code for better performance
  • Built in Update Notification System
  • Removed vender prefix from all areas (tx/ex)

Backward Compatibility

The Expose 4 HTML is re-written to match with the Bootstrap grid system which means updating your Expose 3 based site to Expose 4 will break your site. With that case in mind we decided to release an updated version of all our Expose 3 based templates so that it can take advantage from Expose 4 and also responsive at same time, wohoo!

We are little behind our schedule for 1st template of August because of this responsive feature and we think it is worth it. We will release our 1st August Responsive Business Template next week named 'Crisp'.

We are expecting to release all updated versions of our templates in the last week of this month and we really appreciate your patience. We'll release an update version of our Bootstrap Template based on Expose 4 next month.

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The Rocking Joomla Bundle - Save 85%!

Due to popular demand, I am extending the promotion till the 4rd of August, 2012

Its celebrating time again in ThemeXpert with Rocking Joomla Bundle!

Get the uber cool Joomla! Templates and Extension with $97 worth of $665!

Here’s what you get when you order before Monday, July 30th:



2 Premium Templates by ThemeXpert ($30 value)

In this bundle, you get access to 2 of ThemeXpert’s latest templates. Infinity and Sanity.

Infinity: Infinity is an optimized and streamlined theme and serves as a blueprint to build your own custom themes. It offers 4 different theme styles to get you started right away. Every bit of code is well documented and least amount of files are added to make your customization faster.

Check Infinity Demo

Sanity: Sanity is an ideal choice for business or corporate website. It brings you a clean layout with a broad range of options for customization. You can choose from various color backgrounds, patterns and is fully customizable from the backend.

Check Sanity Demo

What you get: Sanity and Infinity for Joomla 2.5. Please note that you don’t get any updates or support with these templates.


Professional Training for Joomla by Video2Brain ($19.99 value)

Trainer and consultant Laura Gordon teaches you everything you need to know to build a site with Joomla!, from installing the software, to adding and editing content, to working with components, modules, menus, and templates. You’ll learn how to create articles and categories; customize the appearance of text, images, and links; and maintain and update the site once you’ve built it — all without having to rely on outside experts!

URL: http://www.video2brain.com/en/courses/getting-started-with-joomla

URL: http://www.video2brain.com/en/courses/adding-dynamic-functionality-to-your-joomla-site

What you get: 7 day access to both of Laura Gordan’s courses on Video2Brain.



Joomla Cloud Hosting from CloudAccess ($134 value)

CloudAccess is a premium hosting provider for Joomla. With their Platform-as-a-Service, you get - hosting on premium equipment, managed backups, Joomla! phone support, email, and lots more.

URL: http://www.cloudaccess.net

What you get:

  • Joomla installed and perfectly ready in the Cloud 
  • Free Daily Training Webinars
  • 3 Free Months of Joomla Hosting (Standard Hosting Plan - http://www.cloudaccess.net/pricing.html) 
  • Phone + Ticket Support for Joomla + Hosting
  • Free Install of any JoomlaArt Template
  • Free site Imports - with go live support. 
  • Free Setup of Google Applications


Sidebar extension from iJoomla ($77 value)

iJoomla sidebar makes your Joomla site sticky. Want to make your article pages more exciting? Want to pack more information into a single page? Place ads? Videos? RSS feeds? Or tease readers towards another article? SideBars are the perfect solution... and with the iJoomla SideBars Extension for Joomla, they're now a breeze to use.

URL: http://sidebars.ijoomla.com

What you get: You get the latest version of Sidebar; please note that you only get the download and no updates and support.



EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento from StackIdeas ($128 value)

EasyBlog: Start blogging professionally with this out-of-the-box solution without breaking a sweat. EasyBlog is the top-rated blogging component for Joomla! It works seamlessly with wide range of other Joomla! extensions and integrates with many social media addons. Learn more about EasyBlog.

EasyDiscuss: EasyDiscuss is a multi-purpose conversation tool. Use EasyDiscuss for Q&A like StackOverflow, user voice, or simply a modernized discussion forum.  Learn more about EasyDiscuss.

Komento: A powerful and advanced comment extension for Joomla to manage user comments in articles, blogs and more. Learn more about Komento.

What you get: You get the latest version of EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento; please note that you only get the download and no updates and support.



eCommerce, Event and 11 other extensions by RedComponent ($91 value)

Redcomponent is a premier Joomla shop. They have over 200 extensions with some of the top highly rated extensions on the Joomla Extension Directory. In this bundle you get the following extensions by RedComponent: jUpgrade, redMEMBER, redSHOP, redBOOKING, redEVENT, redFORM, redLIST, redITEM, redCOMPETITION and others

URL: http://wiki.redcomponent.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

What you get: You get 12 month subscription to Redcomponent. Check this link to see what you get in that plan: http://redcomponent.com/download



Social Media Syncing Extension by TechJoomla ($45 value)

Broadcast is a Social Sync tool for Joomla & JomSocial websites. With Broadcast, you can: 

  • Push the activities & updates from your site to various supported Social Networks 
  • Pull activities &updates from supported Social Networks to your site. 
  • Import RSS Content Feeds into your site's Activity stream. 
  • Users can use Broadcast to update all their Social Statuses from one place - your site !
  • Users can connect their Social Accounts to Broadcast & all their activity on Major networks can be synced to your site & all your activity can be synced to the networks. 

URL: http://techjoomla.com/broadcast.html?view=xml

What you get: You get the latest version of Broadcast for download. Please note that you don’t get any updates or support with this.



12 Joomla eCommerce extensions from Joobi ($140 value)

You now get applications that allow you to create your online shop and sell your products. You can manage products, give coupons, manage multiple currencies, and more. The Joobi Power Pack includes these products:

URL: http://joobi.co/marketplace/catalog/category/eid-24

What you get: 3 months access to Joobi Power Pack (which includes all the 12 Joobi eCommerce products).

ALL this for only $97? Wow!

How it works:

  1. Buy the bundle before Monday July 30th, Click here to purchase
  2. After the payment you will get an email contain download link.
  3. Download the package with instructions of how to access each item

Note: We do not offer refunds for this bundle, all payments are final.


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Expose Framework finally in air

Expose Framework finally in air

Wohooo! finally we are pleased to announce our most awaited Expose framework v3. We've been working on it since October and started releasing our template based on this version from March. Since then we produce 8 high quality joomla templates and fixed a lot of bugs. Now the framework is stable enough to goes public!


We are releasing Expose framework with Bootstrap based responsive joomla template (aka base template) which is great starting point to start your own template. Bootstrap takes full advantage of all the latest Expose features and blue print for your next web project. Bootstrap template fit for your all purpose just need a proper vision.

More good news is, we are allowing you to fork the framework, means you can fix any problem by yourself without waiting for us to fix. Also you can contribute to the bug fix or enhancement you made.

Documentation is heart of every software and we are really working hard to finish the Expose documentation. We will appreciate your patients in that case because our documentation is not finished yet and it is our next major milestone to reach.

To get support of the framework or Bootstrap template join our Google Group and don't hasitate to ask any question.


Our next milestone version is 3.5 which consist:

  • Implement Responsive design pattern
  • Bringing more widgets in core
  • Utilize Joomla 3.0 goodies
  • Field chaining in admin, so all the subsets remain invisible when the widgets turned off

We are thankful to 'corePHP' team specially 'Jonathan Shroyer', who comes to us with great positive attitude and suggestions. They help us to test the framework and fix the bugs.

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Celebrating our 2nd Birthday: Its discount time

Celebrating our 2nd Birthday: Its discount time

We didn't expect someone to keep track on this, but its great to announce that yesterday was our second birthday. It wouldn't possible without our loyal user and today we want to celebrate our birthday with you. We've learned a lot of things in this short journey and we love to thank all of our users, bug reporter, support member and who contributed us with there valuable suggestion.

A few highlight from past year includes:

  • We released 11 Premium joomla templates and 1 Free joomla templates
  • We developed next generation template framework for Joomla called Expose
  • We released 9 extensions and some of theme are top in its own catagory at JED
  • We have added 3 members to our team.
  • Grown our community to over 40 000 members.
  • We started affiliate programe from this year.
  • Launched 2nd version of our website.

Please understand that this statistics are not to show our ego, rather to remember our responsibility to our community we have.

In this short time we faced some difficulties which lead us to delay the template release but shortly we recovered it and releasing 2 templates per month from March 2012.

Hope you enjoy this birthday with us… Whilst you get your teeth into some extra ThemeXpert at amazingly low prices. Subscribe now with a 30% discount, valid until 13th July, 2012. Just use HAPPYBIRTHDAY as your coupon code during checkout.

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ThemeXpert brings 15% OFF discount on all Fastw3b products!

As always we try to bring something awesome, something good to our community and today we are excited to announce the beginning of the joint promotion of ThemeXpert & Fastw3b. From today and till June, 1st, every customer subscribed to any of the plans from ThemeXpert get 15% OFF coupon on all Fastw3b products.

Coupon Code: themexpert15

Just take a quick look at Fastw3b Extensions and do not miss out this great deal! This special offer is valid till June, 1st.

About Fastw3b

Fastw3b created in 2005 is an expert in developing Joomla real estate and photo gallery extensions. FW Real Estate is in top five components on JED and has a great choice of add-ons and templates. FW Gallery is distinguished with Popular mark on JED and has already more than 10,000 users!

Visit Fastw3b site >>

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Untitled release party - enjoy total 40% discount!

Untitled release party - enjoy total 40% discount!

We've just released our 2nd April theme Untitled and we are excited to share some thought about this template and goodies with you! This template is built with our next generation theme framework Expose and we are really close to release this GNU/GPL framework to public.


Untitled designed you with in mind and its best suite for personal blog, portfolio or even your corporate business site. We did some usability research on a lot of personal blog or corporate site and ended up with a blog, portfolio, support forum, contact form and a well organized home page.

So we decided to go though every elements and tried to present an elegant versatile theme to community. We carefully picked the best extensions for our need and decided to go with mighty K2 for portfolio, EasyBlog for blogging and Easydiscuss for support.

So what is EasyBlog?

You can now start a blog in your Joomla site with a complete blog system! EasyBlog works instantly upon installation and you and your users can start blogging right away. Whether you are a single blogger or a group of bloggers, EasyBlog has features like social sharing, RSS, built-in comment system, multiple templates support, private blogging and even team blogging.

It is highly configurable and works in most community websites like JomSocial and Community Builder. The best part is, EasyBlog blends into your ThemeXpert templates smoothly!

And what is EasyDiscuss also?

This is a versatile questions-and-answers tool that works in Joomla to boost better interaction between users. EasyDiscuss provides a platform to gather user experiences and feedback, which also can be shared in social networks. It could work like Yahoo! Answers or StackOverflow, EasyDiscuss becomes a valuable 'fountain of knowledge' powered by content contributed by users.

If you are using themes from ThemeXpert and wanting to start a discussion forum, EasyDiscuss is all set for it.

More reasons to start NOW as you can get EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Untitled 
at 20% off each, for a limited time.

BUY EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss with coupon THEMEBLOG20

BUY Untitled template with coupon code         THEMEBLOG20

This offer valid till 30th April GMT +0. Grab your copy before it expire!

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